Linode Vs DigitalOcean: Head-to-Head Cloud Hosting Comparison 2020

Unfortunately, if you’re a trendsetter, eventually you set all the trends. In the end, a normal user is affected. Some people may complain about their GUI but I actually like it better. It has a very low starting amount that is just $5 per month. Finally, the fact the company boasts a downloadable App should be noted. All of us can agree that it’s quite hard to imagine absolutely zero problems. Who offers the best value for your dollar?

Some cloud hosting sites offer static IP for an additional price, but at DigitalOcean, they come for free. Specialized mostly in cloud and VPS hosting solutions since 2020, Linode targets its own niche – web and app developers who budget their needs on a high scale. Who gives you the best return on investment? Linode have in 6 Datacenters across the globe in 3 different region.

Factor in the backup, imaging and rescue features, and we suspect you'll be able to recover from even major problems with minimal time and effort. For example, ten $5 servers can outperform a $50 server under the right conditions. I am honored to be part of. Each of the three VPS providers offers excellent feature-set. APIs and CLIs provide programmatic management of both DigitalOcean and Linode. When a site goes viral, like YouTube Instant did or EmuSpin did, I just migrate to a bigger Linode.

Linode VPS hosting overview

Neither company will let you put together a custom package, so if you can’t figure out which has an instance that’s right for you, maybe neither one does. Customers will be pleased to learn that Linode does offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. The best free web hosting sites (2020), the first time I called in, I received a real live human in 44 seconds. DigitalOcean No doubt, that Linode has extensive plans as compared to DigitalOcean. Storage increased by 20% Dec 14, 2020 ‘Tis the season for giving so we have just added 20% more storage space to all of our plans! That will show us which VPS provider offers the most resources in exchange for every dollar you spend with them. DigitalOcean, in fact, has three-tier Customer Support – Developer, Business and Premier.

The last six months alone have seen them roll out a new API, a revamped DNS and expanded IPv6 support. Not only this, but we also feel our partnership with Cloudways is from one specialist to another who both have a deep understanding of Magento and Ecommerce. …and the services you need, the environment is overall decent, but MilesWeb has a few things to improve. Other than that they also added payment methods to ensure better user experience.

  • There's a small issue with the content, as some of the general tutorials aren't always up-to-date.
  • 99% uptime SLA and a 55 second startup time, you should have plenty of time to play around.
  • Based on virtual machines, as opposed to physically separate machines, VPS hosting plans generally cost less than dedicated physical servers.
  • In the not so distant past, it was commonplace to refer to DigitalOcean as a plucky underdog - a company with a long way to go.
  • Managed was having a support guy available whenever you need to make changes or configure your server, etc, etc.

What Are Other Notable Web Hosting Companies?

However, their cPanel is nowhere near what you see in SiteGround or GoDaddy, which offers managed shared hosting at an affordable price. This particular company specializes in unmanaged hosting plans, so customer support isn’t their main focus. All of these prices are for unmanaged servers, which means you are responsible for installing applications and maintaining your server. Uptime statistics are perfect and are good for a website to work. I also found many benchmarks where Linode performed well.

But does one edge out the other in any of the categories we’re going to be looking at? Linode go as far as recommending appropriate backup utilities, frequencies, and locations. You can actively monitor your server status and ensure that it is working properly. Lots of great information in this thread.

Rackspace only offered “managed VPS” solutions which started at $150/month — too high for me. And even then, backups work at the file, not the block level. Lander makes building landing pages incredibly simple with a clutter-free interface.

Linode Review - Final Thoughts

For a first-time user, both DigitalOcean and Linode can be overwhelming since they are unmanaged VPS hosts – which implies that you have to set-up everything by yourself. They boast many guides, from getting started to migrating existing packages to the Linode platform. That was like massive speed improvement for mobile. They do each have slightly different feature sets, some dashboards may be more intuitive than others, they offer different backup options, etc. But I have to say that have changed from this year.

Linode unmanaged VPS hosting plans are a little bit expensive, which cost customers from $20/mo to $320/mo.

This includes both MasterCard and American Express. But keep in mind that this is quite expensive, the only price point for management is $100 a month, which is a hefty sum added to your plan. The company’s $250 million revenue run rate makes them almost comically successful by any measure. Google just has a form that you can fill out and the response is "we'll look into it, any changes may take two weeks to propogate". My exploratory email was answered after 24 hours, which doesn’t bode well for a company claiming to offer 24/7 support, but I’m not actually a current customer, and the response was satisfactory: The technical support that Linode offers has always been excellent.

Hosting plans — See which plan is best for you. In terms of usability, all three of them provide a superb user experience. All 4 of these providers offer full root access. Another free (ish) alternative to building a website is to use WordPress. ” If something goes wrong with your infrastructure, Linode’s team will handle it for you.

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And it has 10 data centers all over the world for even better performance. Board of directors, we are a team of lifestyle and design experts who have been producing legendary weddings and events for clientele for over a decade. What does this mean for you, the customer and blogger? The main reason I like using cPanel is that you can up and move from one cPanel host to another. For instance, if you’re generating over monthly traffic between 100,000-500,000, DigitalOcean’s 4GB Standard plan can take care of the proceedings.

  • Admittedly, the features included in Linode VPS hosting are quite attractive, such as 1 GB to 8 GB RAM, 48 GB to 768 GB storage, and 2 TB to 20 TB transfer, full SSH, full root access, dedicated IP address, transfer pooling, and managed DNS with API, etc.
  • However, it doesn’t mean that the other two providers DigitalOcean and Vultr have lousy customer support.
  • Keep in mind that Linode’s focus on developers and Linux means that you won’t find any of the usual site-building tools or script installers that one would expect to see offered through other hosting providers.
  • Which OS you are going to use?
  • What are the pros and cons of using Google My Business website builder to create a website for free on Google?


Chances are, if you’re shopping for a virtual private server, you already understand why they’re useful for web developers, app designers and everyone in between. If you’ve never had to use the command line for much before, it can be intimidating. It took me the whole day to get it set up as I’m having some network issues and slowness. In layman’s terms, bandwidth refers to the maximum traffic your website can receive. We have did lots of research online to get to know good and bad about Linode and as expected we learnt 95% good and rest can be ignored.

DigitalOcean offers an impressive 99. With regards to response time, Linode’s better, however, that’s only because DigitalOcean’s query solution is quite detailed oriented. There are also professionals who can help you install any control panel, including cPanel. The use of KVM virtualization also improves the flexibility that each of the VPS provides. 9% uptime in the real world. 32GB 32 GB 8 cores 640 GB 16 TB 40 GB/s 6000 MB/s $160. Not only that KVM is less expensive to implement and afford. DigitalOcean’s backup plan is simple.

For instance, a minimum system requirement for a cPanel is 2GB along with large HDD space. 99% uptime SLA for all the services provided. That means no CPanel or Plesk. This also means that you get software freedom. So far we’ve considered exclusively DigitalOcean vs Linode for cloud hosting, but the reality is that the market is now teeming with cloud computing infrastructure-as-a-service providers, from market leader AWS all the way to challengers such as OVH, UpCloud, and Vultr.

Security and Backups

Its plans run on Linux-only servers and developers are the main focus here. In the end, you should decide what you’re looking for first–connectivity, a full suite of add-ons, a cheap rabbit hole to fiddle with–then spin something up and try it out. Sounds good to us, but if you're unsure, Linode offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. It's Totally Free! It will be done in few minutes. Those much bigger platforms combine incredible power with the inevitable complexity that comes with offering services to meet an enterprise's every conceivable cloud need.

Web Hosting Company Database

It is the perfect solution for Linux experts who are interested in the root access and SSH. The company offers options in: Similar to DigitalOcean and Vultr, Linode also offers hourly billing plan Control Panel: All of these can be reflected in their price respectively as the entry-level CPU Optimized Plan starts at $1000/month whereas the flagship offering in this tier sits at $4000/month. As you can see, for shared CPU cloud servers, DigitalOcean and Linode are about neck and neck. Also, dedicated servers cost significantly more when compared to VPS as you are renting an entire server.

That has now changed, with DigitalOcean charging in the realm of $0. Linode specializes in high-performance cloud hosting for developers. Hosting company: host1plus hosting services. brazil. We were also happy to see that cloud servers include full root access, as well as easy scalability—you can add or reduce the number of IP addresses you’re using with a single click. It's easy to use, gives you automated daily backups, can restore images from up to 14 days ago, and supports a single on-demand backup which you can keep for as long as you need.


If another user has a really popular site, your sites will not be affected. They are providing their services in approximately 131 countries. However, you can add on services, like backups or managed load balancing for an extra fee. Thirdly, set up and customize your website.

And if they don’t agree with that, they can watch the Google Trend graph above. Azure has seen a lot of adoption lately, and its momentum means it could eventually contend with AWS for the top spot in the cloud computing space. Develop at hyperspeed with a Performance VPS from SSD Nodes. So, make sure you check out for that before opting for Linode’s managed solution. However, to ensure proper understanding, let’s go through it one more time. And also they have changed so just because you are on a plan where you pay monthly then you don's have access to all there vps tiers. Linode plans come with a 7-day money-back guarantee. 5 best web hosting for small business reviews of 2020, free site migration service for new customers. Moreover, the system is built in such a way that incomplete or corrupted back up wouldn’t replace a full data package stored previously.