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Well, anyhow, I hope my post could help some of you who is looking for a solid decent web hosting provider. I spoke to about a dozen or more people in support and they simply quote the usual lines "our support engineer is looking at it and will get back to you within 12 to 48 hours. "The company provides a feedback form for customers to provide their suggestions. With that information at hand you should be equipped to make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret. This list merely documents those features that we were interested in when we were looking for a new hosting provider and serves to help archive comparisons between different hosting providers that we have evaluated.

It even comes packed with a free CM4All website builder and AWStats website analytics tool for monitoring your site’s statistics. Trending now, also, most of them are paid ones that will set you back - (as a one-time payment). They said I was infected with malware on my computer. None of the plans offer unlimited disk space or bandwidth. Prompt and reliable support!

  • They also offer the most unique product offerings.
  • It then reverts to the full price of $12.

Their professional customer support is available 365 days a year via e-mail, telephone, or their ticketing system. All customers who sign up with their web hosting service are provided with a 30 day money back guarantee for the amount they paid for their web hosting services. Transfer rates from EasyCGI’s network will always max out your Internet connection. But if you take out a calculator, you�ll figure out that this is not the case with EasyCGI. Only objected when they came for me. 0 you'll want to go with Easy CGI as their are specialized in providing Windows hosting. May 10th, 2020 | EasyCGI now offers dedicated VPS plans for Linux Microsoft Partner, EasyCGI, is a rarity among hosting companies.

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  • EasyCGI specializes in the Windows hosting environment.
  • However, I did read that this doesn’t mean your website will be up 99.
  • 5 EasyCGI, a Platinum Sponsor and leading Dot Net Nuke Web hosting provider, recently upgraded this application framework to version 4.
  • Besides web hosting they also offer co-location, which shows that they are no small player.
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If the CM4all builder isn’t to your taste, there’s the “Website Builder” to try out instead. One can add/remove services, upgrade plans/features, view invoices, etc. Intermediate web hosting users and higher. 71% , weekly uptime is 0% and average response time is 0.

Doesn’t offer Linux/Unix environment. EasyCGI has broken its shared hosting into three different levels, but there isn’t much of a difference between the three. April 17th, 2020 | EasyCGI Upgrades to PHPBB 2. Without too many freebies or guidance, and without large-scale dedicated servers, the average website will make its home quite comfortably here. A big advantage is a 99. What about those people who do not know much about hosting, those people did not do, or were not able to do such research as I did to find out which one is good or which one is bad. Box 2998 Ann Arbor, MI 48106. I'm not an expert on that but that's why I count on hosting and tech support to be there.

I dug deeper in my EasyCGI review to uncover the answers. Best web hosting services 2020, the providers of these marvelous technologies are not only selling you the right to operate on the net but also put an expert team in charge to monitor your performance. While doing our research on EasyCGI, we found these informative reviews done by existing customers. This means that you will be able to manage your own web site; no more outsourcing it to a tech person.

Windows hosting environment only.

Review Easy CGI

The company’s two datacenters are located in the Boston, MA area. Arvixe wordpress hosting review 2020, the only time I got messed up by arvixe support was when a client of mine wanted to move his site from Hostgator to arvixe, the support’s person told me it’s impossible to move websites larger than 5GB to arvixe free, and didn’t border to give a clear “one-time fee” for such. In fact, they have some of the fastest servers I’ve tested so far. I highly recommend them as a hosting company. But if you need a specific script to work, like ASP or ASP. ORG Reliability Seal on EasyCGI's Web site proves that the customer focused Web hosting company is fully committed to the highest standards of customer service and product offerings, as well as fair and equal Terms and Conditions that BBB upholds all its members to.

Its web hosting plans include generous disk space and transfer, as well as MSSQL and MySQL databases. Most web hosting companies have Linux as their default system. 5 of the best reseller hosting providers for wordpress compared 2020. Pricing is about average for a budget host, The company’s Terms of Use is pretty standard, and there doesn’t appear to be any hidden or crazy things they get you to agree to or buy. Choose from hundreds of templates in order to create your particular website to be exactly the way you want it to be.

I probably have been their quietest and longest client they have ever had. For me, that’s a good indication that EasyCGI indeed have a stable hosting environment. What control panels are offered? From one-click installation to visual website builders, the process has gone from using FTP and custom code to something far more straightforward and manageable.


They also offer Linux VPS plans. A Linux-based server is the most popular choice for those who are looking to build a website using open source applications and scripts like PHP and Perl. If you would like to see HostGator's performance, we have a website currently hosted with them:

95 depending on payment terms and they even support MSSQL and ASP.

Hosting Features – Chart:

EasyCGI is a US-based web hosting company that claims to be one of the top 10 hosting providers in the world. I assume this might be a bit better to some. It is by no means an exhaustive list of features. Best web hosting services for your personal website or small business [2020 edition]. Also, they are under the EIG umbrella.

A lot of hosts say they offer 99. Best free image hosting sites guide for 2020, the site doesn’t give direct links, but you can right-click on your photos to copy the image URL, or you can use the site’s social sharing buttons to post your uploads to social media sites. Yes, EasyCGI does support cPanel. Its hosting plans are well priced and resource-rich. Easy CGI's control panel is very limited in what it is able to do.


If you require a fully managed server solution, then a VPS is the right choice for you. Additionally, they place a lot of emphasis on creating a customer support system that offers a lot of options when it comes to giving customers the answers they may want/need when it comes to hosting a website. I have no idea what they are doing because the website is still broken! Their prices are a turn off for me too.

My site was infected. POP3 Accounts - This is the number of POP accounts you get from an Easy CGI hosting plan. In addition to the various hosting plans, EasyCGI offers email only hosting, Web forwarding, and domain registration services. We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. Many affordable hosting packages are offered by Easy CGI. They provide complete automatic backup options for a small yearly fee. I had no plugins on my site. Active server pages (ASP)- Easy-Cgi supports Chilisoft ASP.

The support system at Easy CGI includes:

Most Popular EasyCGI Hosting Plans

However, it has received a lot of enhancements over the years and covers basic site management. I sent a strongly worded e-mail to customer support. Some features of the Windows shared hosting plans are: They have designed a platform that enables the scalability and flexibility individuals and businesses need in order to survive today’s fierce economy. All shared hosting plans come with their own EasyCGI Control Panel. They also offer one-click installations of OpenCart, Magento, and others. At the time of writing, the latest article was dated 2020, so presumably this is the point they were taken over by Endurance International Group. The billing functions are straight forward, easy-to-update, and simple enough.

Easy CGI does have live chat, telephone, and a support ticket incase you need to get ahold of tech to troubleshoot any technical problems.

Yes, their packages support audio and video streaming. Even so, just the claim is interesting, considering most hosts lock you into a single OS or a choice between just a few. I don’t really have any issues with their uptime. Again, EasyCGI is generous in terms of the amount of storage and bandwidth, but they may be a tad limited depending on your requirements. On the other hand, the Advanced X2 plan builds upon the Advanced X plan, but has 1000 email accounts and 100 MySQL databases.

The company currently offers 3 shared plans. This provides customers with 2 GB RAM (burstable memory 4 GB), 100 GB web space and 2020 GB monthly bandwidth. It was then that I learned that the infection was actually edits of my files. Wcf ssd hosting, that was working fine with a connection to a database, but the service was also going to open up some physical files in a specific folder on the Windows server where it was hosted. Advanced X costs $7. 96 per month and has a monthly data transfer of 1,000 gigabytes. These include escorts for all guests 100% of the time. For the record, EasyCGI have two data centers based in Boston, MA.

CPanel of EasyCGI

(96/month) offers all of the same great features of the X2 plan, but with 50 GB worth of disk space, 2020 GB bandwidth, and 1 GB RAM (2 GB burstable). The main difference between these plans is the amount of disk space and bandwidth with in a single hosting account. For example, EasyCGI offers: One slightly unpopular hosting plan offered by EasyCGI is their Email Only Hosting plan, which is ideal for those looking to get in touch with their clients and prospects for their online business before launching a site. EasyCGI offers 24/7 technical support, so you can reach someone with your questions, comments, or concerns no matter what time of day it is. They don’t offer a set refund or discount if they fall below this level, either. Complete blockage in attempts to extort more money for more space that I do not need.

Select the domain name which you’d like to assign your nearly-uploaded SSL certificate to and proceed. WP Starter $3. Shared web hosting, even how you pay (month-to-month payments vs. It’s not a low-cost leader, but it does offer a reliable service with a predictable feature set that is useful for those who are new to web hosting. EasyGCI maintains a strict uptime policy on its servers and systems. What demographic is EasyCGI best for?

A free plan comes with all hosting, but there are two other plans to choose from if you’re fond of it and want access to an e-commerce shopping cart, more pages, and some other features. Two types of SSL certificates. When we asked about Windows web hosting including version numbers of software and whether or not it would support our Windows ASP application, they were able to provide competent answers. EasyCGI was originally founded in 1996 and has more than 15 years experience in the web hosting business. Here is a breakdown so you understand the performance and resource differences side-by-side: Plus, with all the features that come included, I would say it was a bargain. All guests are accompanied by an escort at all times.


Still, others provide high-end servers for growing businesses. The quality and quantity of the databases again depend on the type of package you have bought. Gotowebinar, people pay attention! She is an expert in web hosting, design, HTML, and more. EasyCGI’s customized control panel puts their customers into total control of managing every aspect of their affordable web hosting plan no matter where they are. Is a domain included with the purchase of a hosting plan?

The rule of thumb is that a control panel must be user-friendly and packed with the necessary tools and services. After receiving an alert threatening to again condemn my site, they offered a premium site protection service. A web hosting company must have the knowledge to help its customers come out of their confusion through simple way. DataCenter The Easy CGI VPS Class A datacenter is situated on their 1. There’s nothing in particular that makes it stand out as great for new users, and plenty of other hosts give more freebies (but less freedom). This brings 512 MB RAM (burstable up to 1 GB), 30 GB disk space and 1000 GB monthly bandwidth.

Website – https: The control panel looks similar to Cpanel but there are a few differences in its usability and capability. VPS servers get only SSL, G Suite, and SEO tools. A full shopping cart through Ecwid. All of the hosting accounts from EasyCGI come with 24/7 live support. They are trying to ruthlessly put me out of business. These cheap extras may be of interest to some, and they all seem fairly useful.