The Best Web Hosting Provider for Freelance Writers

Website builders are the perfect solution for individuals or small businesses with low budgets.

This combination creates content that is not just visitor friendly rather Google friendly too. It offers integrated payment solution called Shopify Payments. However, if you use Tumblr as your main site, it’s easy for other people on Tumblr to find you, follow you and like or reblog your posts via the platform. Nike, Apple, McDonald’s — you can quickly think of their logo just by seeing the name, right? Why you need a digital author portfolio? Furthermore, users even get the freedom to share their work across other platforms and popular social media networks. Higher renewal rates.

It was glorious, with a bright yellow font on a dark blue background, with flash snowflakes appearing on the screen. You can do it somewhat on Facebook and other social media sites, but your website is the only place you have complete design and editorial control. While we're not small business owners, we do like math, and this variable struck us as particularly important. Would you be selling more products on your website in the future? And best of all, you'll be able to change, update, and customize any part of it whenever you'd like.

You likely know details about your life. Your website's all set up! You will get the unattractive subdomain name of “website. You'll get the best results if you find a Web host that caters only to writers, authors, and freelancers who want to put up a web presence. GoDaddy Website Builder can be used for a basic website with a few pages. Web hosting side by side comparison, hosts with unlimited data transfer reserve the right to throttle bandwidth if they determine that your traffic levels exceed their “fair use” policy. You want your potential clients to know exactly how to get the info they need so they can navigate your site and reach out to you. Pay for WordPress premium.

  • The best part is their dashboard that lets you see the metrics to help you grow your business with confidence.
  • Include a clear picture on your about page so that clients can be confident that they know who they are dealing with.
  • These gorgeous designs are fully editable using Weebly’s live page editor.
  • People love to hack into WordPress websites.
  • Equally they can enjoy asking you questions and learning more about you and your culture.

Important Author Website Metrics to Monitor

If you register it, let us know what you chose in the comments! So have no more than about eight menu buttons, and then have submenus or links on the main pages to more detailed content. Everything’s finally starting to fall into place and look perfect. Already a Sitebuilder user? ❌ There doesn’t seem to be any drag-and-drop editor. Your website will help you land clients. Either way, we need to look at how your virtual home can be set up to maximize the potential of the right clients hiring you upon discovering it.

Include some testimonials, which are similar to review quotes but more oriented toward you as a writer, versus individual books. An easy-to-navigate and attractive landing page that can direct visitors and potential clients to important parts of your website. After writing a post writer may want to manage and edit the post. Take a look at our example “bad” author website: If you're a writer, author, or journalist, you need a website. Overall, for some that may be a bit on the pricier side. Readers, agents, publishers, journalists, TV producers, bloggers and podcasters will all visit your website – and they can tell a free site instantly. Customer service tried unsuccessfully to help.

More functionality.

The Best Web Hosts For Your Author Website

In this article, I’m going to share a step-by-step guide to building a simple author website yourself that will support all of your publishing efforts. You essentially use their real estate in cyberspace to keep your website online. Best wordpress hosting, where survey data culled from hundreds of real users is “broad but shallow,” good reviews are “narrow but deep”:. It’s an empty building waiting for you to fill it with your books and paint it with your favorite colors, which I will go through in the next video. Let potential clients have an idea of the kind of service they will be getting. All the person who filed the false copyright infringement notice against me had to do was send a simple email saying that I’d violated their copyright – and voila – down my websites went. There are also plenty of options in the middle. For writers, a killer freelance writer website is a make-it-or-break-it tool for getting you leads on quality writing gigs. It is available as a standalone WordPress plugin as well as a fully hosted website builder suite.

Super easy to sign up and use. From there it goes to $8 for 13GB of storage and online selling capabilities, and finally a $25 option that allows you to use custom themes and add-ons. Consider self-hosting as analogous to home ownership: Along with attractive templates and standard edits to your website (like adding images, pages, and text blocks), Squarespace also has some unique features for authors – especially if you like blogging. You should only choose VPS if you have enough technical skills to manage your site. Include it on your about page. Let’s take a look at the Bedford template. Let’s talk a little science.


Contact our web services department at [email protected] I wasted a lot of time on it. WordPress is the most popular software to create a website. We’ve had this test site for a few years now. There are also hundreds of beautiful free or inexpensive themes to choose from. So do your research and incorporate common search terms into your content. Here are some of the most important elements:

Once you find your perfect domain, don’t register it on this tool.

What Are the Disadvantages of Self-Hosting?

Now that you have a website, you need to make sure that you are getting traffic to your website. ‘Free’ versions sound great. Squarespace includes tons of website designs to get started. Downtime – I’ve had one instance in over the last few years where my site was down. The $16 domain was free as well. For example, a popular search term might be “western romance novels.

This is a big mistake, because using a free web hosting service is a lot like renting real estate instead of owning it—there are tons of limitations with free web hosting, and those limitations will dramatically limit your income and profits from your website. The bounce rate is the percentage of people who see one page and then leave the site or “bounce” off the page. Since all Wix templates are fully customizable, you don’t have to limit yourself to the Literary Arts category. And the only way to cancel your plan — in 2020 going on 2020 — is to CALL them. Wix allowed me to select the type of blog I needed (in this case, I chose a news blog), asked me what features I’d like to include (such as a subscribe form), and then gave me a theme to choose. Over 40 Billion dollars worth of products have been sold on Shopify’s platform.

Or you’d be able to pick it out easily if you just saw the logo’s telltale visual?


A freelance writing website is potentially the single most important tool you can have in your back pocket as you start freelance writing. Just a reminder, there are three videos and accompanying cheatsheets in this series. We know you’re out there, coloring the world with your beautiful language and lightbulb ideas. Bluehost, yes I agree BillEssley now it time of wordpress which give many feature and attractive free theme and free plugins and you can also get. However, once you pick a template, you can’t change your template later. Leave a comment to let us know about your web hosting company, and whether it’s working for you!

If you’re terrible at it, consider purchasing a theme via WordPress or build a website with a service that offers customizable templates. You should be proud. Start building your pages, your blog posts, and your portfolio. Generally speaking, you can get a good individual website built for around $8 to $10 a month with an annual subscription. How do I bring readers to my website?

The nice thing about Journo Portfolio is the wide selection of themes to choose from. If you use a free website service, you don't have access to all the cool functionality you do when you own the site. They have help buttons all around the website builder with written, image and video tutorials. On the other hand, creating a website on your own puts the power in your hands. Before comparing the top website builders, we recommend that you write down what you want to do with your website? Your site will have a Maintenance/Coming Soon notice on it until you activate it from your Bluehost account. Any time you have the chance to back up your work, or at the very least, curate links to your work, on a platform that you own and can essentially never be taken away from you, the better.

Market Yourself

Unlimited bandwidth and storage at a rather cheap cost: And their responsive design is rock solid — an important factor when prospective clients want to view your writing on their phones or tablets. Pages are for site-wide pages, like your About page, Books page, or Contact page. The platform is a simple, no-fuss portfolio builder featuring a customizable dashboard loaded with amazing tools for sorting your content as you want. And this is exactly why scammers and unethical people who resort to this type of behavior won’t go this route. Wix has one of the biggest libraries of site templates, boasting over 500 “designer-made” options.

You will also find high-end website hosting plans here such as the Managed VPS Hosting, which starts at $55 a month. Review of the best website hostings australia, the well-developed website with thousands or even millions of viewers definitely needs a different hosting website package from the one that was launched recently. Do you have an author website? Not even that tweet.

BUT — having an established site for your freelance writing (your services and a showcasing portfolio) is the best way to build a marketing funnel and establish a legitimate, cohesive, and authoritative brand. The editor is simple and minimalist, and it offers a live preview of your text on the right side of the screen. When I signed up, I was able to access a two-week-long free trial of the site. This number, according to one source, represents only 43% of all blogs, making the total somewhere around 160 million blogs.

How to build an author website on Weebly

Luckily, I hadn’t taken my site down from blogger (blogspot), so still had all of my content. Some even have templates created specifically for authors. Real-Time Visual Statistics We log "hits" to your pages (minus the annoying bots and search engines that don't count), the number of readers who subscribe to your mailing list, and the number of people who use the contact form. Whether you pick a cover page or a website, Squarespace provides 24/7 customer service to help you fix any bugs and answer any questions you have. However, it is not a good choice to build content rich websites. In fact, it will send potential clients to your competitors. Reliable, affordable & secure minecraft hosting since 2020. One of the worst things that happen is the server crashes in the middle of the game and they lost their hard earned points and level! Do they connect with you? Shopify’s basic plan will cost you $29 per month.

Mostly through web hosting. Why are author websites important? 99/month paid annually. Create a contact form here and then copy and paste the shortcode that it gives you onto a new page that you create and title Contact. Again, if someone gets to that page they want to know more.

To benefit from the traffic-building and engaging powers of excellent visuals, select quality images, a robust visual structure, and remember: Most marketers will say it can only help. Advantages of our valet hosting, (Get the URL at the end of this article). Now, you can go for a free WordPress theme if you’re on a tight budget – there’s a big ol’ list of them right here. The next question I get is, “Isn’t that too much? I often get this question from authors and my standard response is, “Anything you want! Pick a domain name for your business.

The Startup

GoDaddy Website Builder - great for SEO integration. If you want to build your website with the best website builder, then get started with WordPress by using Bluehost. So, they won’t spend two hours on a Saturday morning to research, write and upload a blog post (which I did for this post). Click “business” – NOT portfolio/CV.

My recommendation is to have as much ownership as possible over every aspect of your website. While books do help with this, other cues like website theme, color, font, and photo options can reveal your author brand. But despite the career he has followed, his first published article was about weightlifting. – Create buyer personas based off your different reader audiences, so you understand who you are talking to through your site. ” This means that anyone who has a grudge against you can just file a copyright infringement notice and have your site taken offline. You can either choose “Your Latest Posts,” which will throw up your latest blog posts on the homepage of your site or you can choose “A static page” and pick a page you've created to serve as the homepage of your site. Weak, lackluster copy will not earn you clients, build trust, or engage visitors.

The science behind coronavirus testing, and where the U.S. went wrong

The long one goes on your “About the Author” page, and this can be pretty long. Create a ‘Hire me’ page using the instructions in this lecture. The best web hosting providers for 2020, their top-tier data centers are the cornerstones of their worldwide hosting capabilities, with unparalleled security, network availability, capacity, processing power, and operations management are all at your command. The longer you prepay, the more you win. In high school, I took a website design class that more or less was a glorified graphic design course. You now have your own author website! With more templates than you’ll probably require, Squarespace gives you many ways to create a beautiful website.


Can you customize the home page to your liking? We know you're a smart and savvy business owner who pays close attention to the books, but we thought it would still help to remind you: For “live” chat?

By this time, she already had over 500 articles, blogs, and web pages for her portfolio. With great power comes great responsibility. The ecommerce plan costs $26. CONS of WordPress. But don’t worry; making one that your visitors will love isn’t hard to do. The complaints don’t appear to be valid as the complaining party is not following proper protocol. Wix is probably your best bet. How everything goes?

He has a very active career. Best web hosting for developers: in-depth review, the operating system settings are different if you have shared hosting, dedicated hosting, or VPS hosting. If you’re looking for reliable web hosting, sign up to get your HostGator site today. Indeed may be compensated by these employers, helping keep Indeed free for jobseekers. I think authors and writers should own their own platform and have the flexibility to do whatever they'd like with the content. Cloudways also enables customers to make payment on the go. The same happens with photo galleries, slideshows, and any other multimedia element.