Bluehost: How Does The Budget Hosting Heavyweight Stack Up For 2020

This is the most popular service hosted by Bluehost.

The mid-range Enhanced plan comes with a bit more and is ideal for a more established website. Overlapping with ease of use, Bluehost has really solid customer support, primarily in the ways you can contact representatives. I mean, what is a SpamExpert and what’s unique about CodeGuard Backup? Check out HostGator’s “Hatchling” here. I’ve used it on and off over a long period of time and I’ve been formally testing it since April 2020.

  • The relationship Bluehost has with WordPress is time tested and strong.
  • Bluehost is a good web hosting provider and I highly recommend it for beginners and WordPress users.
  • Furthermore, search engines take into account whether a site is secure or not when ranking results, so securing your site improves your rankings.
  • Dedicated hosting is a powerful form of web hosting that gives your site full server resources.
  • This offer include 60% off and FREE domain for all plans.

The starter package allows you to host one website for $3. If your target audience is in the United States, then this would benefit your website. Bluehost, by including an SSL certificate in its packages, is saving you money and saving you the work required to procure a certificate and then install it for use with your website. Tell us how we can improve this post? BlueHost data center located at Provo, Utah (USA) How much bandwidth does Bluehost offer?

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Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Review

Yes, Bluehost is better than GoDaddy in any way. They offered their hosting packages with content management system support. The link to be chosen is the one that allows changing of the domain name. Finally, we come to the most powerful VPS hosting plan offered by Bluehost, the Ultimate plan. Related roundups, by all means, ask your potential managed host and tell them your data usage stats, but you’ll likely be well within the limits in most cases. We like to call this “begging for up-time.

WordPress (WP) hosting is as a hosting service tailored explicitly to WordPress websites. But recently, GoDaddy has been showing a bit better performance. This plan gives you the option to host unlimited websites, and with it you get unmetered space for your site. FAQs — find the answers to the most asked questions about Bluehost !

  • Unlimited storage – this is helpful if you need to store lots of files.
  • It also has enhanced and premium plans.
  • If you are looking for a web host that's easy to get set up and running, however, you get much more for your money from DreamHost or HostGator, two Editors' Choice award-winning services, both of which are feature rich and simple to use.
  • 🤓 But Bluehost has made a few nifty little tweaks and upgrades to make their version even simpler for the website newbie to use.
  • What is Shared Hosting?

Is Bluehost Web Hosting for You?

All these plans are backed with a moneyback guarantee and a 24*7 customer support service. Bluehost plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you use Bluehost for a domain name or other add-ons, those purchases are final. Failure to keep these up-to-date will make your site vulnerable to hacks. It's a really cheap web host. No matter where you are in your website journey, learn more about how Blue Sky can take your website to new heights.

Don’t want to read all the details? Bluehost requires customers to comply fully with the terms of service and disk space and bandwidth in a manner consistent with the normal functioning of the website. You get 5 of these with a basic package, and unlimited with plus, prime or business pro packages. Designing your pages is one step. 10 best web hosting for small business websites. Read the unique and interesting pieces written by the experts of the Business on Tapp community that are not available anywhere else.

Top Recommended Hosts

The easiest metric to measure here is Time To First Byte (TTFB) – that is, how quickly the server gets the request and sends the first byte of information back. Adequate for those websites that generate tons of traffic and/or need a top-performing server. Remember, however, that they have certain fair usage policies (Bluehost limit).

You’ll be guaranteed your share of resources (RAM, CPU, and disk space), which means that your website is more stable and performant. But is that enough? Either way, BlueHost is a name that’s tossed around often, and for good reason.

A2 Hosting

And if you are more confused than ever, take my BuzzFeed-style web hosting quiz here. Even for UK based websites. To be honest, it did improve the speed, but for me, security is also on the priority list. Transfer your domain to Bluehost How to transfer your domain to BlueHost from some other web hosting service. And most importantly, the Money-back Guarantee Refund is valid for credit card payments only. Bluehost does not offer any assistance with restoring your site in the event that your site gets hacked, so it’s best to prevent such problems from occurring in the first place.

Website technical work like PayPal integration, blog set up, adding Google Analytics or a map to your site, etc.

The Bottom Line

It is a very good web hosting company. They offer different hosting types, plans, and options to meet the needs of any website. For a more detailed review on BlueHost, I suggest checking out WebHostingMedia, an independent hosting review website, which provides great information about various hosting providers, tutorials on how to set up a website, and resources to learn more about hosting and website building. This option is popular, especially for bloggers. That is what you will get. That's another win for Bluehost support.

Now dedicated servers don’t come cheap and aren’t something that most growing businesses can afford. Unlimited web hosting space & unlimited bandwidth transfer – Bluehost provides an unlimited amount of space on their servers at no additional cost to the consumers. No matter which dedicated hosting plan you pick, you will get: They gradually built up to 100 visitors to see how the server would handle increased requests from multiple connections at once.

About Us

In this complete Bluehost review, we will put their promises to test. All game servers, shockbyte is currently offering an out of this world deal, to take advantage of it, click here. Include hundreds of WordPress themes. Plus this is the plan that I have personally used. Any requests after 30 days will not be refunded.

When it comes to web hosting Linux is the most used operating system. Not every website has the same web hosting needs. As the increasing demand for higher hosting packages, Bluehost now offers another advanced shared hosting Pro plan, VPS and dedicated servers as well.

The mid-range Enhanced plan gets you (4) 2. WordPress users who are looking to dabble in the world of online sales have the option of trying out the number one WordPress e-commerce plugin: Their backend was redesigned in 2020, it’s an easy-to-use cPanel customized version. While no company is ever going to be one hundred percent free of malicious attacks or server downtime, it is worth noting that no significant data losses, security breaches, or server outages could be traced back to BlueHost as the cause, unlike many of its competitors. There are particular Bluehost nameservers and they are as follows Primary Server Hostname: 99/mo (and $39. )

Bluehost Review Summary

Therefore, you’ll not even need to take your questions/issues to Bluehost’s customer support staff. We will provide the answer as soon as possible. Your goal should be to have an uptime higher than 99. Best web hosting for small business, apart from that, they are middle of the road for pricing and performance. And they only “officially” recommend three hosting partners to use with a WordPress site:

Begging for Answers: Even if this is something most hosting companies pride themselves with great uptime stats, not all of them deliver on those promises. You can also get your questions answered over at the Bluehost Forum. You’ll also find in some places video tutorials that walk you through tasks like how to install WordPress. Dedicated hosting solutions only $79.

Build, Grow, and Scale start at $29. Bluehost’s easy installation and nice, simple interface allowed me to install WordPress in less than five minutes! Uptime and speed are the most important qualities of a reliable web host, but having your data secured is pivotal as well. Before that, let’s give Bluehost some credit. The latter still might get a bit disoriented though since the layout differs slightly from the popular cPanel interface. If you already have all your other web services at GoDaddy, then it might be more usable. As a general rule of thumb, if you’re not experiencing hundreds of thousands of website visitors a month it’s unlikely that you’ll need this level of hosting service.

Endorsed by WordPress

Whether you want to grow the next 8-figure eCommerce store with thousands of products, share your thoughts on gender politics and Jordan Peterson, or run a giant corporate website that generates millions of views a month, Bluehost has at least one plan that will get you exactly what you need. The fastest (and best!) wordpress hosting - updated for 2020! 100 GB of website space. If you need to host a resource-heavy project for a shorter amount of time, Bluehost’s VPS prices are probably a great option. I also like the fact that newbies can get support 24/7 in a variety of ways (online, via telephone or via e-mail). – 300% eco-friendly hosting, suitable for users looking for budget shared hosting solution. This special discount is applicable to all shared hosting plans – Basic, Plus, Choice Plus and Pro.

For the most up to date prices, check out the Bluehost sign-up page. The website space is reasonable, and you have various other upgrade options if your site traffic is causing slow download speeds. The problems were resolved quickly and the waiting time was never more than 4-5 minutes. For boosting website speed, Bluehost offers built-in caching and Sitelock CDN. VPS hosting is the middle man between shared and dedicated hosting. I have not tried to get a refund with them yet so I cannot say how easy it is.

No Website Builder

WhoIsHostingThis users rate BlueHost as 3. But the fact that Bluehost is one of the few officially recognized partners is encouraging. The first steps are clear—you need to install WordPress on your server and connect your domain. I had been satisfied for many years with [another] domain host, but my feelings changed after they outsourced their technical support overseas. But they lack a user-friendly interface for non-technical people. With the Plus or Choice Plus plans, you get unlimited websites and unmetered space and bandwidth, which is awesome.

Thanks to their features, low prices, great uptime, and unlimited options, Bluehost has slowly become a top-notch household name in this industry. And now you can see if your password is meeting security requirements in real time. Bluehost—like many other web hosting services—has introductory prices that are discounted from its normal hosting cost. You can visit the BlueHost and buy a good hosting or if you like to read this review about BlueHost for more info. No monthly traffic limit: Note that this is a monthly discount and not a renewal coupon code. 99 per month, $39.

What Kind Of Support Do You Get?

However, you can as well opt for the purchased SSL certificate that goes at $49. Minecraft hostingminecraft servers so blazing fast, you’ll be amazed., although, the special entry plans are only hosted in Michigan. This does, however, indicate that if you have a computationally demanding site, you may want to upgrade to a more advanced Pro plan that offers high-performance servers. Bluehost has created a name for itself with outstanding server performance & in the past 15 years, they have contributed a lot to the WordPress eco-system. If you already have an existing site, you can still opt for full service and have their team consult on your existing site pre- and post-migration.

  • Keep reading our Bluehost review and you will discover why.
  • They comply with all the modern standards for hardware and software.
  • However, I’d go back and think about what your end goal is.
  • Another main difference between these two plans is the amount of web space you are allowed to store on the server.
  • Both these plans also allow users to host an unlimited amount of websites on these plans.

Bluehost Hosting Packages: A Breakdown

If you make a purchase via our promo link below, you'll get up to 63% discount from your first bill. Thankfully, BlueHost has provided us with quite a few of them. They got loads of positives, but they do have their drawbacks as well. What security measures are in place? Also, they charge extra for site migrations, which other hosts throw in for free. Their company culture will evolve from there. 98% of the time in 2020 – 2020 – They rarely went down for more than 10 minutes. And there’s another hidden bonus a lot of people don’t know about:

20 Most Important Things to Do After Installing WordPress

Next up the ladder is the Plus plan (from $10. )Cons of Bluehost: This is essentially a support center that has how-to guides, tutorials, and articles with instructions for troubleshooting and FAQ. Plus plan is priced at $5.

To keep it short and to the point, Bluehost is the perfect choice if you are searching for a reliable and solid web host.

Ideally, it would be daily, but there is no clarification about this. In this most recent test – they are only slightly slower than Bluehost. We asked Bluehost, via live chat, whether they still build their servers in-house and they replied that they do. The main advantages of Bluehost Shared Hosting: Cloudflare is a top of the line content delivery network. 99 per month, boast unlimited email, website hosting, and cPanel creation across the board. For example, we'll take a look at shared hosting for smaller stores, the WooCommerce plan for companies implementing the popular WordPress plugin, along with the various WordPress hosting plans offered through Bluehost.

Excellent Uptime – 99.98%

Who is Bluehost? Databases run on MySQL 5. Yep, the cPanel. 10 best managed wordpress hosting services for 2020- compared. 30 Days Advertising Credit: We can’t help but mention that their services are versatile –available for investors such as entrepreneurs, website owners, service providers, and many others. And yes, WordPress themselves highly recommend Bluehost since the year 2020.

Although this hosting company gets a few mixed reviews, they come recommended by WordPress, which is one of the most popular blogging platforms. Rosehosting hosting review, as the world’s first Linux virtual hosting provider, they have proven their ability to innovate and provide a reliable service. Speed isn’t great : WordPress Pro is a newly added service by Bluehost. Below I will give you a more detailed description of the differences between these hosting options. Bluehost offers the ultimate WordPress platform. Users are guaranteed the resources on their VPS web hosting accounts. If you want to check on the status of websites hosted on them, you can go to bluehost. Such plans include WordPress-centric performance optimizations, free themes, and more.


Reading up on their policies, you’ll realize that there are certain caveats to their unlimited hosting, such as the fact they do not provide unlimited space for online storage. 99 per month you gain support for one online store, 100 GB of SSD storage, a storefront theme installation, free SSL, domain privacy, marketing credits, and a free setup call. Bluehost is one of the oldest web hosts around and they have become the largest brand name when it comes to shared and WordPress hosting. A hosting package designed specifically for WordPress powered websites. 15 best free image hosting sites to use in 2020. I will take you through the new Bluehost 2020 dashboard so you can see what to expect.

Bluehost only offers Linux hosting packages. If you cancel within 30 days you receive a full refund on your hosting service only. In fact, Bluehost is one of WordPress’ recommended hosts: It is possible to get Windows hosting through Bluehost India.

  • You can, of course, always access the traditional cPanel interface, if desired.
  • Bluehost has mixed customer service reviews.
  • Bluehost covers its plans with a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • GoDaddy and Bluehost both have large knowledgebases.
  • You’ll also get a security tool that offers spam protection for the email address associated with your website.

Infrastructure and Datacenters

Domains, email, and helpful tutorials: When I'm shopping for a product or service, I research it to death. WordPress Pro is more expensive then Bluehost's other plans and prices start at $19. Bluehost for best web hosting company for anyone looking for accessible, affordable hosting. For example, two years ago, MDDHosting decided to upgrade their storage to StorPool-powered clustered SSD storage.

To manage your databases, you can use the provided wizards, or you can opt for phpMyAdmin, Remote MySQL, or phpPgAdmin. You would pay for the ads using your credits and try to promote something like a new product or product line. Best web hosting services for small businesses in 2020, in some cases, you may even find a free option—though a heavily limited one—that can at least get you up and running. Dedicated hosting is the best hosting plan for customers with high traffic websites.

Full-Service Website

We can honestly say that Bluehost has the best customer service and one of the nices people working in the customer section. More than half a year later, I’ve come out with some mixed feelings. 5 GHz and 4cores @3. If you do experience uptime problems, you can move to a different host and get a prorated refund. I’ve found that every brand has tradeoffs – there is no overall “best” – there is only the best for you based on your goals & preferences. Dedicated hosting plans – It consists of 3 plans such as standard, enhanced and premium. In 2020, Provo, UT residents Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth founded Bluehost to offer customers web hosting solutions. Standard at $79.

It is the best fit for anyone who is just starting and wants to monetize.

Build it fast with Blue Flash – What is Bluehost Blue Flash Service?

What is Bluehost uptime guarantee? Although powerful, this plan isn’t the most affordable and is priced between $59. Hosting, it’s best to go with either Storm 4 or 5 (starting at ) or choose from one of their dedicated models. In what we like to call the big-brother effect, it appears that BlueHost will, at random, deactivate your account claiming a violation of terms and conditions.

Their default backup solution is fairly limited. Standard at $18. There are two default Bluehost nameservers and they are “ns1. This is when the website becomes slow, unresponsive, sluggish and creates a bad user experience which ultimately results in loss of Google search rankings and eventually, sales and revenue goes for a toss. Additionally, Bluehost boasts of excellent uptime, a clean intuitive control panel (called cPanel) that allows you to create attractive and functional pages for your business. You can count on Bluehost to be a dependable web host. In my year of experience with Bluehost, my site has faced a downtime of 4-5 minutes and the reason for the crash was a plugin. For further reading:

How Does Bluehost Compare to HostGator?

Yes, Bluehost offers SSL certificates on all of their hosting plans. Here’s my comparison of Bluehost vs. Do they offer all the features you will need to build your website? Find out what to expect from this web hosting provider by reading the following Bluehost review. After the first billing cycle (up to 3 years), it renews at $7. And for the price you pay, you’ll be hard pressed to find any hosting service that can beat these numbers. You’ll be able to use your RAM, CPU, and disk space, no matter what other users on the same server are doing.

For those just getting started, perhaps on their first website, we’d like to point out that Bluehost has revamped its user experience — beefing up the user-friendliness factor significantly in recent years. You can have free unlimited email accounts. This custom coding separated them from their competition because they were able to automate many procedures which left them more time to focus on sales and optimization. If your site becomes bigger, BlueHost gives its users plenty of room to grow with the ability to upgrade to different hosting plans at a reasonable price. However, most of it is spam, so you're basically removing all of this from your inbox.

This server hosts only your website; you will not have to share any of your resources with another website. Simply put, if they think your website is taking up too many resources, they might decide to preserve the server resources by freezing your CPU usage. Oh, sure, it’s not the #1 undisputed champion of easy hosting. But let me tell you the kind of influence WordPress has on the community, it is next to impossible that they will recommend a mediocre service provider. Thanks to cPanel, managing your account at Bluehost is a child’s play. Higher domain renewal price Their free domain renewal price is higher than average. Bluehost is dedicated to WordPress. Keep in mind this isn’t the only way you can do WordPress on Bluehost, but if ease of use is a priority, these plans are a great deal.

  • They are an official WordPress recommended hosting company since 2020.
  • 3 seconds is a solid result.
  • As for the price, the “Basic Plan” costs $2.
  • 99 your first month, $119.
  • That’s definitely not the case with all web hosting providers on the market today.
  • Are there any Bluehost deals that can save you money?

How Bluehost Was Born

If you’re looking for something longer-term, I don’t think Bluehost is bad, but not standout. 👀 👀 But don’t let this scare you… In the same way that you likely rented out an apartment with a roommate to help save money, shared hosting allows Bluehost to keep the cost of your hosting incredibly low. This list of pros and cons will hopefully help you to decide whether you want to visit the Bluehost sign-in page or not. We feel like putting up a billboard somewhere about this. You can sign up by going to their website, scrolling to the bottom, and clicking on the link which will bring you to the affiliate program’s page. Check out SiteGround (read my detailed review) if you're looking for a BlueHost alternative. Like every company, they come with both pros and cons. Besides, Bluehost is the official hosting provider recommended by WordPress.

Now, all Bluehost servers run on modern solid-state drives, which perform orders much faster. You can transfer files to your server using the file transfer protocol (FTP). We especially appreciated the fact that across plans it was easy to upgrade to a more advanced plan with just a few clicks, an important feature for small business with big aspirations. Great support - thanks! Once your site’s set up, it’s already integrated to your hosting portal.

99% uptime Technology to support fast page load times Cloudflare integration (speeds your site loading) Free SSL certificate Above-average security features.

The company can help you with: Sally (@Katking100) @bluehost has not given me a full refund even though I had 30 days to cancel and canceled the next day when they did not give my refund. As a WordPress blogger, whenever I evaluate a hosting company I measure its value based on several parameters: What is Dedicated Hosting? Last year, they had an excellent 422 ms page load speed with a static website using their Basic shared hosting plan.

What is VPS Hosting? Benefits and Limitations of Bluehost VPS Hosting Plans

BlueHost has discontinued all of its reseller hosting plans. Typically, cPanel comes with an unpolished, but straightforward interface. Let me quickly tell you what I think are the most important advantages and disadvantages of Bluehost shared hosting: So it’s a great deal if you’re in the market for a new affordable host. Unstable speed: They power a large number of websites with minimum downtime.

Hey, even WordPress recommends Bluehost. I’ve found Bluehost’s approach to be much more preferable. In-built caching feature: