Top 6 Free MySQL Hosting Services

However, note that we experienced a few instances where the dreaded “your connection is not private” popped up on our screen when trying to access cPanel. ScaleGrid provides the only DBaaS that lets you have full superuser admin control over your MySQL deployments. It is equally important whether you’ll tell us about a school, a church or a university. 99 per month and WordPress hosting where the starter package costs $3. Need more information? For business websites, this can be critical, since customers rely on a website being available all the time, and if it’s down for any reason, they’ll just go to a competitor’s site. We liked the fact that FreeWHA, as it is also known, is active on Twitter. Also, it is one of the high speed, most powerful and high-performance database engine, which makes it unique.

  • MySQL is more flexible, cheaper and uses several storage engines, and MS SQL is more secure and fully featured for Windows systems.
  • The cheapest shared hosting plan costs $2.
  • If you are building a dynamic website with a content management system like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, there's more than a big chance you'll need MySQL database.
  • AwardSpace is where ideas turn into websites.
  • You’re at the right place!

Whether it is a high-speed transaction system or a website with high volume like billion queries in a day, MySQL can handle everything. Released in 1995 (first version), this open-source database management system has turned into a crucial part of a website. Azure is the go-to cloud provider for organizations running on a Microsoft infrastructure, and AWS is commonly used by organizations leveraging Amazon products. Tight restrictions they place on bandwidth, storage capacity, server speed, and uptimes can make your new site all but unusable. You just need to pay $3.

Why do web hosting companies offer free hosting?

Expert Guidance for Your MySQL Databases

A great thing about MySQL is that they kept the API (Application Programming Interface) of mSQL, which enabled developers from all around the World to easily switch to this new database. When you shop around for web hosting, you’ll see a variety of database types mentioned in the specs. MySQL has a unique architect of storage engine, which allows database technicians to configure its server for a particular application. If you want a VPS, the entry level plan will cost you $29. You just have to fill up your details and you will be provided the details of your database along with the option to change them. Their marketing strategy is to stand out of the crowd and offer something different to their audience. 2020 fatcow reviews, pricing & popular alternatives, however, some users have reported prolonged wait times of over five minutes, or even times when their 24/7 support was unreachable. Unfortunately, the live chat option is only available from 5:


92 for a month. The provider offers 1 MySQL database of 5 MB per user. You can still access your data via the public internet, by whitelisting the necessary inbound sources. Also toll-free and international phone numbers are available. Cloud and managed services online summit 2020, the sector as a whole is growing and the rising demand for skills has caused a surge in the level of merger and acquisition activity as successful MSPs aim to pick up less fortunate rivals and other types of reseller outside their home regions. The hosts above don’t charge extra for the MySQL and developer-friendly tools we love — offering a value that transcends dollar amounts.

Though the fact that it’s free and open-source accounts for some of its widespread use, it’s also an especially secure and customizable RDBMS. Whichever package you go for, you'll be able to make use of developer-friendly database languages like PostgreSQL and MariaDB in addition to MySQL 5. MySQL is the most widely used open-source database engine in Linux and cloud-based platforms. However, their best seller is the CrowBig shared plan which costs $5. Best ecommerce hosting providers: the top 6, the design is clean and straightforward, which is what you need when building a site. This is thanks to advances in technology and competition in the marketplace. The web+database hosting combo is a preferred option for new or low traffic websites since the combo frees the system administrator from all the hassles of managing diverse services. Here’s AwardSpace free plan average uptime and load time in 2020: You have 1-click installations of MySQL applications.

It runs on the majority of web hosting accounts and desktop computers, unlike MS SQL and MS Access, and it’s known for its excellent security features.

Server Customization

There is no way to add custom CSS or to even add fonts from their own Goole Fonts catalog. Interserver reviews, if they fail to meet these standards, you can request a refund from support which can be up to 50% of your hosting fee. If you want a LiquidWeb managed dedicated server, you can choose from five different plans in three locations. MySQL databases are offered as part of almost every shared hosting plan, but a cheap plan alone is not enough to get on this list. Speaking of MySQL, it is a Relational Database Management System (RDMS) that utilizes the Structured Query Language.

Have you used these Drupal hosting companies earlier how is your experience share below in comments. Single-click installations of WordPress will help you get your website up and running very quickly, and management of your site remains that simple throughout all of the hosting period. While the company says its focus is not on winning awards but simply providing the best web host solutions, they are still proud of being recognized by industry experts for their achievements. If you’re looking for reliable web hosting with free MySQL hosting, Hostinger is a sure bet that you don’t want to miss out on. If you love Hostinger as much as I do, their premium web hosting offers unlimited MySQL databases for just $2. You can get a shared hosting plan for only $3.

Conclusion: List of Best Cheap MySQL Hosting Service Providers of 2020

In their terms of service, they place significant and ambiguous restrictions on the types of content and files you’re allowed to upload. Thanks to the many years of hard work, they became one of the leading names in the web hosting industry. There are several other hosting issues to keep in mind when comparing hosts. However, it comes with tons of useful features. If you like to always go with the best of the best then you might like to host with Oracle cloud. Using a database means that you can easily update your website content and take advantage of CMS tools like WordPress.

  • Unless you are using a static website to promote your business, you’ll need a database.
  • Then, as MySQL came out, it started to run under the General Public License, meaning that every user was able to change the source code.
  • SiteGround has a balanced price and feature deals that give you unlimited databases, free SSL, and Cloudflare CDN.

Get a Cheap MySQL Hosting Service That Can Still Deliver Results

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you can build an unlimited number of websites, but it does mean that you can experiment to your heart’s content with MySQL databases. They have their own drag and drop website editor that also gives you access to thousands of templates. We discovered that the websites of some free web hosting providers were not properly secured, which doesn’t generate much faith in their ability to deliver the level of service you’d expect from paid-for providers. Generally, their uptime is pretty good, but this January, for example, we experienced over 40 hours of downtime. Web hosting service, where do I rent a web host? Siteground has a very good reputation with the WordPress user community, routinely garnering strong customer reviews such as one provided by Social Karma Marketing, “Very happy to be a new hosting customer.

They also offer three dedicated server plans that you can manage with cPanel. The provider gives you many reasons to choose their free MySQL web hosting. If you cancel your plan within this period, you will be automatically refunded. Best web hosting for small business (2020), a2 Hosting - fast and unlimited small business hosting. We like to see the most features for the minimum cost, so any host that promises unlimited MySQL databases and supreme uptime rates (99. )The final speed of your web project depends on many factors,.

The login section no longer works. So, let’s jump into the list. With the cheapest plan, you are limited to only 1 domain name, but the storage space and bandwidth are unlimited from the start. Download the PDF to see our full web hosting portfolio: If you choose one of the companies listed on the page, you can’t go wrong with hosting and managing your MySQL databases. Since the main idea of this provider is simplicity, they offer only one shared hosting plan that costs only $7. Best video hosting sites for bloggers, vloggers & website owners – 2020. You can create a server in as little as 60 seconds, and then scale up and down without limits. For starters, free users are limited to only 1 GB of disk space and 5GB of bandwidth.


It also eliminated the need to choose between different plan tiers – there’s only one shared hosting plan, and it’s got everything you need. It would not be wrong to say that they have everything a PHP MySQL hosting provider must have. As is the case with any hosting package, we like to see the maximum bang for minimum bucks.


And the end product results in incredible performance. The provider has an overall good reputation for both affordability and general performance. It’s very easy to set up a new WordPress website, and you’re instantly given access to a wide array of tools, third-party integrations, and a number of different educational resources. If you just want to set up an application and forget it, you only need to create the database, the user, and the password; usually, your script will handle the rest, and MySQL will tick over in the background unassisted. FatCow divides VPS and dedicated services into three plans each. The lowest tier StartUp plan will cost you $3. 0 out of 10 for reliability, and 8.

Even though you will undoubtedly experience some problems with their service, this reputation is well earned.
You can entrust on our world-class Turbo Server that provides multi-fold page loading speeds.


MySQL is also popular for its constant availability and reliability. 10+ can easily be hosted with InMotionHosting. Please let us know about other great services by commenting below! Other hosts like Awardspace and Oracle are great for starting out for free, but you’ll need to upgrade when you need more disk space or bandwidth. Being able to view exactly how many resources you are using is essential for cloud hosting packages, as they normally charge per hour or use. Price-lock guarantee – Meaning that the low price you sign up for will always be the price you pay. After all, no company can survive so long if they are not up to the standard.


99 a month for a service that includes a single node, 2 CPU cores, 2 GB RAM, 60 GB SSD storage, and 60 GB for data backup. We were surprised to see that its features list include 400 MySQL databases (where others give only a handful, if at all), a free DNS service, free SSL and free Cloudflare CDN. SiteGround is well-known for its high availability and for providing powerful web hosting services worldwide. Every great idea deserves a great domain name., if you want to learn more about GoDaddy’s customer reviews, skip to the last chapter of this article but make sure to come back! Want to get unlimited MySQL database? 95/mo and offers unlimited databases, 50GB SSD storage, and unmetered bandwidth. It’s the most human thing to want to share your opinion, to give another point of view, to tell your story. 95% with no single point of failure grants you continuous operation.

However, the common purpose is creating a web database. Of course, if you're new to the whole web development world, the concept of databases might sound too complicated. A2 Hosting For extremely developer-friendly host services, I recommend A2 Hosting. Finding a reliable web hosting PHP MySQL provider is tall order but not with Tech-Recipes! MySQL is the most popular feature-rich open-source database, known for its amazing speeds, true customization, flexibility, and reliability. The service is fully managed by Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), which automates demanding administrative tasks such as hardware provisioning, database configuration, patch application, and backup.