Best Hosting Options for Bloggers

With VPS hosting, despite sharing resources with other sites hosted on it, you get more power and flexibility. Christian web hosting, 75 per month, it’s very hard to beat. It is probably the only control panel you’re familiar with. In general, Joomla has a flexible interface that can be used not only for blogs but also for more complex websites (you can choose from a variety of templates and extensions to add custom functionality). I asked my fellow bloggers who they use to host their sites with and here are the real life, no fluff answers from bloggers like yourself. As a microblogging tool, Tumblr makes it easy to quickly blog videos, GIFs, images, and audio formats. However, it’s not easy to get approved, you need lots of traffic, in reality, you need thousands of daily visits to get approved from what we tried.

Do they have a limit in terms of bandwidth, and can they handle occasional or frequent traffic spikes?

Since then it has gone on to host over 300,000+ domains. With the help of this information, you will be able to find the best blogging site for your needs and create your own blog. It is also a platform that lets your expand your services which is a great option if you are using your blog for your business. After our reviews, we found that Bluehost is the best blog hosting company on the market.

Now that you’ve decided on a blogging platform, it’s time to see which hosting providers are the best for hosting your blog: It’s an interconnected but independent network. Easy to use interface, 95 (£1,498) with unlimited accounts and connections. InMotion Hosting offers 5 ways to get your support questions answered:

John O’Nolan, who was working on the WordPress user interface, realized that WordPress is overly complicated for running a simple blog back in 2020. Yahoo! web hosting review: should you choose this web 1.0 company? Plus, even their cheapest plan includes unlimited data. Additionally, there are a number of plans that fit a range of budgets — each of which offers a year of a free domain name and Office 365 email. Convinced that you should host your own blog? It’s a huge number, and one that’s worth noting. Such A Place Is ModulesGarden Blog.

Do You Need WordPress-Specific Hosting?

Fortunately, Ghost offers paid hosted plans as well. Plus, you can customize your site with dozens of templates and 3rd-party apps. 99/month if you pay for 12 or 36 months. Bluehost is also officially recommended by WordPress. That way, you can restore it anytime you want with one click if you make mistakes for any reason.

I definitely like SiteGround more than Bluehost when it comes to customer support and server locations, but Bluehost has an edge with their unlimited bandwidth and traffic. You cannot use custom themes and plugins for customizing your blog. A web building platform with a funny name, Weebly’s free hosting package is a great starting place for the blossoming blogger on a mission to push a point of view. If you are wondering who the best web hosting companies are, look no further. Because you’re hosting the WordPress software yourself, you have full control over how your site looks and functions, as well as how you make money from your site. Ecommerce features are restricted to higher plans only.

  • Weebly’s free hosting plan is quite robust, with unlimited bandwidth, no ads, website templates, a drag-and-drop builder, and 500MB of storage.
  • You will also be able to accommodate larger amounts of traffic.
  • Blog hosting is all about the features that allow you to install and/or use a blog-software such as WordPress, Typepad, b2evolution, Nucleus, etc.
  • It’s a simple blogging platform with a pledge that they will last forever, are not looking for investors and have a self-sustaining business model.
  • Moreover, without a powerful WordPress caching mechanism, you won’t be able to run a WordPress blog smoothly.
  • Before we dive in, it’s important to understand that all the platforms on this list are self-hosted CMS.


That being said, there are a lot of bloggers out there who love their free host. Most companies on this list offer free migrations. After that, you’d likely need to consider upgrading your plan. 94% and their average load time was 515ms which is very good.

  • In an article for Forbes, “Is LinkedIn Poised To Be The Next Big Social Network … For Brands?
  • Look for anything that lets you get the feel of what you’re getting into.
  • Below, you’ll find some of the most popular free blogging sites and alternative options (with short descriptions, pros, and cons) available for new bloggers.


Top 3 blogging platforms for March 2020: As with most paid plans, the more you pay, the more storage, bandwidth, and features you receive. Users love Joomla for its feature-rich platform that can be used to create any website including blogs. You’re in luck, though, because we put together a list of the best blogging platforms to make your decision a ton easier. 99% - this allows for just 5 minutes of downtime.

You can use the caption field for your text, and users like a long caption. There are also blogging sites that provide both free and paid services, which can be useful when your small blog turns into a big hit. This comparison and review post will help you figure it out! All plans are paid annually. Which hosting is best for WordPress? However, Joomla! Wix sites are completely free, but you have the option to upgrade to a Premium Plan which gives you access to additional features such as connecting a domain name, removing Wix ads and additional storage and bandwidth. Hosted means that you will have a blog name in this form—blogname.

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Learn more in our Interserver review. — Glenn Leibowitz, “10 Tips for Writing LinkedIn Blog Posts That Expand Your Influence” for Inc. When it comes to monetizing your blog, hosts that allow ads are crucial. Godaddy vs. google cloud platform 2020, you can directly affect your page load speed by optimizing your website content. You can build practically everything you had in mind and there are tens of thousands of themes and plugins. (Calendar, Drive, Maps, etc.) The ranking is clear, the first one is always the best. The big benefit is that it’s totally free, but the downside is that you’ll be subject to their rules and this form of the blog name (subdomain) is the sign of an inexperienced beginner who likely won’t be taken seriously.

Data, put simply, is your text and your settings. Bloggers taking advantage of Wix’s free plan enjoy access to the platform’s huge collection of stock art to illustrate their sites. You can find a list of the most reliable hosting services here.

They start at $13/month for 2GB of bandwidth and 3GB storage plus the ability to connect a custom domain (which you need to pay yourself). Choose the free service only for testing and don’t invest all your time with a service that can shut down all your blog for any reason. The themes are not as flashy as what you can get from WiX or Squarespace, but they’re not too shabby either.

Weebly Free Blog Hosting

Starting from $12 per month. What’s incredible about A2 is their “anytime” money back guarantee. Newbies will find it a little challenging at first, but it has a shallow learning curve and a lot of ready-made plugins to choose from. Within the WordPress Dashboard under the Tools section, you will find the following options on the Import list: The above option is our recommended way to setup your new blog. 95 per year for the premium version. Servebolt HQ is in Norway, but they have data centers around the globe to ensure that as many users as possible have the best page load experience on your site. What makes this web host different is the security first.

Sponsored posts, premium content, and selling your products are other useful tools to make some dough.

The Takeaway

– Helps to mitigate any potential DDoS attacks. While most shared hosting plans claim to offer unlimited bandwidth, the reality is that you’ll have usage restrictions and are required to adhere to their terms of service. In addition, the platform offers an app market with hundreds of plugins to enhance your blog and customize it to fit your brand. For example, while many hosts will offer free SSL certificates, some will have Let’s Encrypt or AutoSSL.

Or you prefer looking closer to see what features the web host offers compared to other companies and if you can pay per month, per year or even for free? The dashboard allows creators to see where traffic originated from too. Apart from its massive library of add-ons, WordPress has the advantage of a thriving community. New bloggers need an easy to use solution that they can handle without any technical skills, learning web development or web design. Pricing for the hosted plan starts at $29/month and includes 2 users with a 100K pageview limit. 00ms Uptime 99.

So, if you want to migrate it one day, they’ll ask you to pay lots of money for that and that’s not a good thing for beginners who need the help. This stuff can feel pretty overwhelming sometimes, maybe you feel the same? As another alternative for those who are looking for a simple site builder. But if you hope to grow a more long-term, full-featured blog, Weebly may feel limiting. Even if you don’t want to spend time setting it all up, or if you don’t want to spend any money on it or even if you don’t have any technical skills. The nice thing about Wix is that it has free hosting included, so you just need to arrange the layouts, pick a template, and you’re all set. This hosting plan offers four times more performance and is also PCI compliant. Features an advanced site builder with innovations such as the “Artificial Design Intelligence” that builds a website for you automatically.

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However, after 15 or so years later, it’s still alive, kicking and doing well. It’s a minimalist blogging platform with features designed to keep you writing blog posts. You want to pick a hosting company with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you want to build something more advanced, you may need to look for a different solution. Unlike other blogging hosting providers, this one gives you a ready to use WordPress blog without doing any technical operation. The service does not offer users any live support. If you are asking this question, chances are that your blog is currently hosted by the website you made it on, such as WordPress. As per our data and customer feedback, we recommend that the best web hosting for WordPress Blogs is Bluehost.

Option to subscribe from $5. Along with this, they also offer a free domain name & free website migration. What is a free hosted blog? 22 posts/yearFacebook fans 2.

Helpful Tips for Bloggers

If you are syndicating your actual blog, use the Import feature. Their business model is freemium and I can immediately see some people rolling their eyes. Since my area of expertise is WordPress, I have compiled the best WordPress hosting companies you can choose from, depending on your budget. After you check these options, your site is automatically created based on your picks. The best web hosting services for small businesses - 2020, how web hosting works is that the website owner rents the space by paying them either monthly or yearly. Is there enough information online? So I’ve come up with a trusted & updated list of the best web hosts for blogs. A self-hosted blog means that the task of purchasing a domain name, finding a good web hosting, and dealing with the upkeep and management aspects encumber the blogger.

What’s the one thing that will really make your website experience awesome?
All sites benefit from a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, free managed backups, and unlimited staging areas where you can develop and test changes safely before pushing them live.

Best blog hosting providers (FULL COMPARISON)

One of the most popular is TypePad. Again, the platform takes great care of newbie users and makes their first website-building experience as effortless as possible. Just like WordPress, the software is free but needs hosting and a domain. 95 per month with features like free data transfer, free domain and site migration. The best web hosting, you simply copy the address of your website from the search bar and past it in and hit enter. Plus, it can be overkill if you just want to set up a simple blog. There is a 14-day free trial to test the waters.

Business plan pricing starts at $18/month (annually). 9 best cpanel hosting providers, this is simply an unparallelled speed that’s hard to match. For a faster web experience, WP Engine is partnered with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform and optimizes them specifically to run WordPress blogs and sites. What’s more, you can drag and drop the page elements as you like. How much does it cost to start a blog? If you have the time and inspiration — go for it! Cloudways offer unlimited websites and if you run out of resources on the lowest plan, you can simply upgrade your plan to suit your needs. The minimum plan starts from $29 per months for a single site, but that’s the top quality that you can get in the market. Does it come with a free drag-and-drop web builder? – Best for Self-Hosted Blogs

I hope it helps you to pick the right one for yourself. Commercial and proprietary platforms are all-inclusive and low maintenance so you don’t need to worry about a hosting server, software updates or security. The best blogging platform for most people is definitely WordPress or Wix. Best web hosting services, its two data centers are cooled for free via natural air through optimized architectural design. Malware removal alone would cost $15/month with Sucuri. They have been constantly adding new features and they are one of the few host that offers PHP 7. Can I earn money with free blogs?

For those that need a host, there is integration with Jekyll to host the website for free on GitHub. Remember me Sign in Forgot your password? Once the software is set up, it has to be easy to manage. For those who want a turnkey solution for their business. Blog - wordpress, shared hosting is perfect for blogs, portfolios, personal/business sites, and database-driven sites. How many of those active users will make it to your page or your post, now that’s another question.