The 8 Best Podcast Hosting Sites of 2020

Create a new page in WordPress for each, as well as any other pages you’d like and start filling them in with content.

They have three different hosting plans, dependent on your level and individual podcasting needs. What do I look for? Podcast directories are services that allow your audience to easily find your podcast shows on their phones and laptops with a podcast app. For a setup fee and a few extra bucks per month, Libsyn will create an iOS/Android app for you. One of the reasons why is due to powerful tools the platform offers users at all stages of podcasting, including a full-functioning website, different web players, one-click podcast publishing, and a number of advanced analytic tools. Additionally, Spreaker paid plans have excellent storage capacity. It’s user-friendly, has tons of options and gives you all the tools to get started, including numerous monetization options (with the paid plans). There are plenty of high quality services that do a fine job.

One of the reasons why WordPress is so popular is that you get a huge amount of control over how your website looks and functions. Once you upload your podcast, Libsyn will give you the ability to upload your podcast to over twenty different podcast platforms such as iTunes, Podcast Addict, and PocketCasts. Using the RSS feed integration, submit your podcast to places like iTunes. You can record in their app, host on their plans, and reach audiences through their other app. Every podcaster I’ve met via Skype or Zoom had a microphone with a boom arm, crystal clear video, and a nicely-designed background in their room or office. For serious podcasters looking for a premium option, Castos is one of the best. For starters, you’ll definitely need a podcasting plugin.

Last but not least comes Simplecast.

Podcast hosts with free plans are ideal for anyone starting a podcast for the first time. On the other hand, it also offers some of the best audience insights in the industry such as IAB v2. They offer you 15% of the purchase price and listeners get 20% off their first order as well as free shipping for purchases over $50. All you have to do is log in to your Spotify account (through Spotify or Facebook), submit your RSS feed and Spotify does the rest. Castos or Blubrry have their own plugins. Upload a maximum of 100 hours of audio. Pair these services with your new podcast hosting provider to grow your show: In typical fashion, the WordPress community has responded to its own needs by developing a number of WordPress podcast plugins that enable you to launch a podcast right on your website.

A 14-day free trial is also offered. One great feature is universal access to everything across all major platforms via your MyLibsyn account. You can also use the promo code INSIGHTS if for some reason the free month is not automatically applied.

Never underestimate the power of a good customer support team. Wordpress blog hosting – how to pick a host and what to look for. Before we get to the best options for creating a podcast website, here are some features to consider when deciding which one to choose: If you’re just hosting a podcast with your buddies this might not be the best choice. You can even set up donations for your cause and advertise your podcast on Podomatic. Worried it isn’t for you? Don’t get me wrong. BuzzSprout is one of the easiest to use podcasting hosting provider for beginners.

Sponsors expect podcasts to be hosted on professional sites, not public profiles like SoundCloud You can’t control resources – While SoundCloud is designed to stream audio, you have little control over, or even ways to analyze, the uptime of your podcasts You can’t control content – Unlike a website, where you can create whichever pages you’d like, or add show notes to your episodes, you have no control on SoundCloud.

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It is the easiest way to start podcasting. These features make their plans suitable for media hosting and serving. Get 25% off your first 3 months with code “discoverpods”. It’s challenging to record a large number of streams immediately after you start. They also have text-to-speech features, customizable players, sharing tools, and a lot more. Their core focus seems to be on creating a smooth experience for new podcasters. Whatever it may be, chances are another podcaster has the same needs and there is a podcast hosting service that is one step ahead of you and already has the feature integrated. Buzzsprout added an affiliate marketplace (to help you make money with your show) and the ability to add team members (admin or editor access levels).

This is a real advantage to the podcasts they host because they offer greater exposure in some regards than other traditional hosting platforms. Best cheap web hosting 2020 [review], 9% uptime, it's time to switch web host. With a bandwidth of just 2020MB, you can have over 60,000 downloads monthly. Episode builder helps you to structure and build your episodes intuitively.

  • There are so many choices out there, and many that offer similar-sounding features.
  • Just to make sure we are on the same page here, we’ll cover what file hosting actually is.

Simplecast – Best “Innovative” Podcast Host ($15/mo)

The best one to start with is the Audio-Technica ATR2100x-USB. You will need a clear, professional podcast recording software. Support 24/7 by e-mail, video or phone, as well as in-depth notes available from Blubrry site. A few standout growth features are their automatic podcast website and built-in calls to action. Here is what I found. Your cover art is used as the visual for the video.

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You get the same options that everyone else gets If it’s just a hobby podcast, using SoundCloud is fine. Guests and partners: First, create an account with the app (like Apple ID). Distribute over multiple apps.

Beginners can take advantage of the $10 a month plan. Just upload your media file and it automatically takes care of the rest. Plans start at $3/m that come with basic features like RSS feeds and iTunes integration. There are fair use limits but that’s applicable to all plans. And if you pay for the year upfront, you also get 2 months free. If you’re starting a podcast, you’ll need a podcast host to store your audio files. We provide a superior user interface (UI) and usability of the hosting platform as well as an unmatched service approachability aimed at helping novice podcasters.

You don’t need this, but if you want a really flexible podcast player for your WordPress site, Smart Podcast Player is the best way to go.

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First, determine which package suits you best. Though it’s still not ideal to put very popular podcasts on your website server. Get one month free on paid plans with my link below. What to look for in a hosting platform? PodBean is a household name in the podcast hosting world.

Embed code is provided on their site. Higher plans have stats, custom website design, and no PodBean ad branding in your episodes. The biggest name in the podcast hosting industry, Audioboom is the be all end all and the place to start for any podcaster looking to find a host.

The great thing about choosing Bluehost as your website host is that they provide one-click WordPress installation. One cool feature it offers is that you can cross-promote your podcast with other podcast shows within the platform. This can go a long way toward attracting new listeners. The platform offers a one-click publishing feature that allows podcasters to publish to directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever their audience is. They have 4000 plus happy podcasters on their books. You’ve probably heard of SoundCloud before, but it wouldn’t be at all surprising if you didn’t know it’s a popular podcasting host as well. For new and established podcasts alike, creating a website for your show has many benefits. Pricing starts at $19/month for unlimited storage and unlimited episodes for audio podcasts.

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The free ‘trial’ website also hosts podcasts, but it won’t let you submit to Apple Podcasts. In general, one decent quality minute of audio will be under a single MB in size. 3H of upload time, and basic statistics and embedding options. Fireside is a no-frills podcasting platform that gives you a website, an RSS feed as well as the opportunity to reach out to some of the biggest directories with a simple click. They boast a vast amount of podcasters, episodes hosted, and over 6. Starting from $5 per month with 50 MB monthly storage. Include a photo of yourself or team too.

  • But you can’t upload it just anywhere – these can only be published on special platforms.
  • Here’s a handful of useful services that I recommend for podcasters.
  • Their plan includes unlimited episode hosting, publishing and sharing tools, editing and audio processing, as well as analytics and monetization strategies.
  • Another excellent feature for PodBean users is a free YouTube version of their podcast auto-uploaded to their channel once they sync their YouTube channel during publishing.

Distribute Your Podcast Pretty Much Everywhere.

Worth knowing, your own website will most likely still be the place you Post your podcast, but you'll upload it to the podcast host, and then embed it on your own site. Revenue is gained by cross-promotion, donations, and sponsorships. 15+ best mssql database management tools – alternatives to sql server management studio. Think of it like another podcast directory. At a minimum, you’ll need a computer and a microphone. Even though they are new in the podcast hosting industry, they are one of the best podcast hosting platforms available. Podiant “makes it incredibly easy to start and grow a podcast” – with unlimited storage all for $12.

Most of these platforms come with an in-built data analytics tool that can help you track the number of downloads your podcasts have, based on numerous parameters, including date, month, day of the week, time of day, seasons, and more. You can also easily embed the Podbean podcast player directly into your WordPress posts and pages. For example, the excellent looking embed player automatically uses the colors in your cover art to set default player colors. Platforms that are popular now will go out of vogue in a few years (MySpace, anyone? )The downside is that even their paid plans have storage and bandwidth limits.

Coming from a single account, it might just be too much data transfer to handle for your host.
Blubrry's key is ease of publishing.

Podcast Hosting Loaded With Features!

In this article, we will discuss 3 of the best hosting platforms for your podcast. Having that set up in your hosting platform means one less thing for you to think about for your process. Now you may be wondering, couldn’t I just use my website hosting to store my podcast files as well? In terms of capabilities, the platform is simple and intuitive. If it just sits there on your computer, nobody will have access to it.

However, these are merely the tools I fully recommend when it comes to podcast hosting.

While you may find a way to do this and potentially save a few dollars, the storage space and bandwidth required to host a growing podcast will quickly add up and you’ll realize it is not an effective or reliable way to host your files. If you can record even more then go for it. If you run into any issues or want to find out more about how to use the Simplecast podcast platform, you can access a knowledge base, send an email, or communicate with the support team via chat. Choosing the best site to host your podcast can be a daunting and time consuming task. While most hosting platforms are pretty plain-vanilla when it comes to direct engagement with the listener, Spreaker interestingly enough offers an audience chat feature for direct interaction with listeners as they stream your episodes. Price wise, it falls right about at the middle of the pack and while it may not be flashy, Blubrry remains an excellent choice for podcasters. Best wordpress hosting: a beginner’s guide for 2020, , both traditional shared hosting plans as well as a number of managed WordPress hosts. Here are our picks for the best podcast hosting services. Has a nice plugin for WordPress integration.


It does not host your podcast website itself. That said, there are a lot of website hosts that offer unlimited bandwidth, and you may get low costs when your audience is limited. It still offers the basics with the free plan.


They also allow you to easily promote your podcast across different services. The large plan allows for an unlimited amount of storage each month. To start with, you need to upload your podcast to all top podcast directories. A great podcast with a large audience or one that hopes to develop one needs two types of hosting solutions: Many of them are free and some charge a small fee because they offer better support and tools. The social sharing tool of PodBean makes it easy for you to share your podcasts with the world right after you publish it.

The end result is that you can rest assured knowing your hard work will get into the hands of people that care. • a2 hosting pros, but it also comes with a whole bunch of perks for the price you’ll pay:. They offer a wide array of pricing options, so it is important to decide what your podcast future looks like before locking into a yearly plan. We give podcasters more control of their content and a say of where and when their content is released. And not just this, with Blubrry, you can also have great options for SEO, MP3 tagging, FTP and web uploads amongst tons of other features. Second, you can dynamically add your own sponsored ad campaigns into your new episodes to monetize faster.

Customer service Buzzsprout Cons Priced per show Buzzsprout Price: There is one host that submits to Apple for you – and then you lose control of your show and you can’t check Apple Analytics. They also recently included their Academy membership to help you learn with their video library. The best file hosting sites for podcasts on the web.