The Complete Guide to Hosting Your Service in China

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If you’ve got a company that is based in China or that sells to the PRC and you’ve decided it’s time to get that website up and running, then you now have an important question to ask- Should I host my website in China? Check out www. You may have gotten phone calls, emails, letters, calls from your local subsidiary affiliate telling you, "We're being told we need to move our entire portfolio to China," or, "We're being told that everything needs to be hosted in China now. "It's out of compliance for some reason. So, I think that really deserves a business discussion within your organization to understand if maybe now is the time to break off China from that one global strategy.

No one would deny that page loading time is obviously one of the most crucial part of any website’s user experience. For websites with large traffic , it is advisable to have both your Web Servers (serving dynamic content) and your CDN (serving static content) located as closely as possible to your users. That was great. Key risk factors that may lead to your site being blocked include having a website with politically sensitive keywords or being hosted on a blocked domain or IP range. Hosting plans of companies based in the U. These intermediate hops are one of the major factors of latency when it comes to the response time of a website. Our website is a good example. In a word, Bisend Hong Kong web hosting has all necessities to keep your business humming.

  • It would even be reasonable to assume that Baidu considers site performance in their ranking algorithm.
  • We run lots of country-specific pages off that and lots of other stuff, product specific, and all sorts of things off that main root domain name.
  • By hosting your website in China you will have to face some challenges.
  • And I would even suggest to give us a call and we can help you get that consolidated so that you're working with one party to guide you through all this, because it can be quite confusing.
  • However, managing hosting in Mainland China isn’t convenient for some users, simply because of the language barrier and some weird regulatory restrictions.
  • This will take you to the first page of the ICP application.
  • Are you going to just add Chinese as another language on your website?

Many hosting companies will not charge for the time delay caused until the application is approved. You’ll need developers that know what they’re doing when it comes to the Chinese web ecosystem. What can happen is they can go to the hosting provider and say, "Just take down that one page," or they could go to the registrar and say, "We want you to deactivate the DNS. "It is common knowledge that having your website hosted in China can help you a long way in achieving faster speed for your website, but how exactly?

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As we’ve mentioned above, you will need an ICP License if your website is hosted on a mainland China server. I often get asked the question, "Is this just a one country thing? "So, they were announced, in all Chinese, in September of 2020. The 8 best email hosting services for business, need to send bulk emails? The ICP commercial license will take substantially longer, generally three to six months. The headquarter of the company s is located in Shanghai, with branch in Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen. Baidu, Chinese largest search engine, doesn’t have the same situation in mainland China. Also, in China, I think a lot of people know this, but it stands mentioning, the number of mobile internet users in China rose by a little over 28 million during the first half of 2020.

Others do not have the option to host in China due to the impossibility for them to apply for the ICP license, and therefore should host at one of the locations mentioned above. We had a question earlier I think where people said, "Well, what exactly does that look like? "30 days money back guarantee is offered to lower risks. But still it needs to be reviewed, once found any violation, the account will be banned. The hosting of your website (CMS, online shop, web application, etc.) Daily backup service, free shared SSL, SiteLock malware removal, and WAF are some most common security features packed with industry-leading hosting companies.

If you're going to want to host content in China, you're either going to probably want a Chinese entity or potentially have some kind of licensing agreement in place with someone who might. It is the world’s most populous country and its inhabitants enjoy ever higher disposable incomes. You have to register a domain in China and buy hosting. In early 2020, Bluehost launched Bluehost China to offer more localized services to Chinese web hosting customers. These are the only TLDs right now that are authorized.

  • In order to ensure that none of your plugins or APIs are relying on blocked networks for execution, you are limited to utilizing the services offered by local providers.
  • These service providers above are the best web hosting company in China in recent years, they are different from the user scale, service capability, technical strength, product configuration and price, and also in the share of the market and user acceptance.
  • Azure can be helpful for running an internal business and looking to extend the cloud to China.
  • They then upload their headshot to Aliyun.
  • Different language and currency, same Gator service and customer ethos.
  • These are issued by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and are the prerequisite for any hosting activity in Mainland China.
  • So, it's not explicitly written in the domain name registration rules, but it needs to be the case to be able to host content in China.


Anyone that has not obtained an ICP registration is prohibited from operating Internet information services. I'll take that question as an offline question and reach out to you directly on that. Typically, this requirement was met when foreigners went to certain sites to have their picture taken. Qumin will be able to assist with the undertaking of the ICP license registration on behalf of brands – obtaining ownership of the domain as a representative of your company. How do I upload my web site? Further internet infrastructure providers, as I mentioned, should make sure all client website licenses are in place and operating in scope by the end of 2020. So, let me just mention a couple of other things.

It takes minutes, and does not require any of the complex administration processes that mainland China requires. 🔍 Custom Custom packages are designed based on your needs. How do they connect with those consumers? Let me explain what I mean by that. They are particularly important if your content originates from outside of mainland China. We're working with a Chinese registrar partner that we can manage the name through for you on your behalf, so you don't need to go find someone.

How to have your website hosted in China?

Differently, for the web hosts offshore, they can provide multi-language support in their interface and customer support both. For IP address, we strongly suggest you use dedicated IP which is not only safer but also good to SEO; For CDN, if you have ample hosting budget, you can also use a premium CDN service like CloudFlare, which can boost your site performance with faster more page loading speed. 9% uptime guarantee. Generally, internet speeds inside Asia are fairly slow with a few exceptions. If the Chinese government wants to block your site, they can do it. Take advantage of features such as:

In most situations, this entire process is completed within four weeks.

Wait for MIIT for Approval

So, we're going to put the ICP license in that company name. You can't have one of those without an ICP number. That may be a new phrase for many people, but we'll explain that. Jinshan cloud is one of the top three public clouds in China.

  • So, we could move that to our partner, but then what happens is we get an ICP number, we're going to have to change the registrant of that domain name from CSC Global here in Wilmington, Delaware, to an entity we may have in China.
  • Log into the Aliyun ICP Management System here.
  • Moreover, if you do not want to do it by yourself and you are looking for someone to do it for you, we will be glad to help you tackle this amazing market.
  • And then there's also some stream of information that will come in direct from your hosting provider.
  • That's really how most internet users in China navigate.
  • You must include a recent picture of yourself that meets certain criteria.

What Is Your Next Step?

These statistics are as of the middle of last year, so July 2020. ”, “Should I use a. Then that ICP applicant needs to also match.


Or you are dreaming about selling your products to Chinese consumers. So in 2020, there was the big application period for new GTLDs. So, if you don't know how to do that, certainly please reach out to your CSP, or your Strategic Account Manager. So, you can really see this is a very hot space. In other words, the shorter the distance between the host and its users, the fewer the intermediate hops and the faster the speed of your website. – Both HostGator and DreamHost offer excellent packages with plenty of disk space and bandwidth, and all the tools and options necessary for a modern website.

Strikingly and SXL pricing plans are not the same. There’s no getting around the fact that web hosting can be confusing at times—especially if your first priority is running the day-to-day operations of a business. This license is required if you plan to generate income from any of the following activities in China: This is because the internet infrastructure within the country may mean your site is subjected to incredibly slow download speeds, particularly if you will be using multimedia content like videos.

They really wanted to make sure that the registrars that were selling domain names that were either going to Chinese citizens or were hosting content within China were being regulated, were being licensed. Probably not something your organization is going to be super comfortable with. I care about speed and stability more than anything. The application of those changes really has impact on all TLDs.

If we didn't get your question, we will contact you with the response after the webinar.

Chinese Hosting - What Our Customers Have To Say?

If you search for (business managed or enterprise) Wordpress/Drupal/Joomla/Magento/Wiki/PhpBB/TYPO3 powerful applications, you have to manually check plans from best webhosting companies. China is really taking the lead and really is out front on this Cyber Sovereignty positioning. You would run out of luck in this case, and it would take you years to recover from such a blow as decisions are not taken fast in China – much less overrulings. By using a Mainland China CDN for a website hosted in a foreign country, the loading speed can be substantially enhanced for your local visitors.

China Hosting

This means that if your target audience is located within Mainland China, using local hosting and CDN at the same time is advised. Ultimately, having an ICP license allows you to have a better-performing website so that customers take your business more seriously. I think I covered them all. It's a very business friendly Province in China, particularly to western companies. As we have seen, ICP requirements and eligibility can vary from region to region and from business to business so talking with Alibaba Cloud is an important first step to finding the right path. Not all individuals or businesses can successfully obtain an ICP license. I got a response to my email within 48 hours — slow by web hosting standards, but passable. The company was established in 2020 to provide internet services which consist of website development, domain name certification, domain name privatization service, domain name renewal, and complain control panel.

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  • I offer optimization services for China as well.
  • However, it can take anywhere between three and six weeks.
  • A fast loading website can drastically increase your conversion and help your online business thrives.
  • If you decide not to locally host your website in China, then a CDN is the alternative solution for you to improve website speed.
  • If the business objectives set by your company meet the cost of operating this kind of setup, then we say go for it.


An example is a retailer that is marketing and selling directly via an online payment gateway such as Alipay or PayPal. Over the years, we have worked with more than 40 web hosting companies in and outside China. This allows the Chinese users to access your website with less restriction compared to faraway hosted websites. How to have your website hosted in China? Content delivery network (CDN) is the solution to enhancing the speed of your website. 4 million names of network addresses. Whilst the so called “great firewall” doesn’t seek to stop users from reaching most websites, there are some clear benefits that come with hosting your website in China.

I can talk to the others while we're keeping the poll question up here. A Bei’an or ICP filing is a license for non-commercial websites that provide information to people who use the website. I'm going to even recommend that you can consult with your counsel, obviously, because we can't provide you with legal advice, but we can certainly share our experience. Hello, looking through Google I found this forum as a perfect place to ask this question! If your site is already connected to a custom domain and set up properly, then you might be missing ICP Filing ('Bei'an' in Chinese). It provides a basic infrastructure for web application to run above, including: So, that's where the registrant needing to be a Chinese company or individual comes in. And on that grid that you saw a few slides ago, you saw a small list of the legacy TLDs.

The cost may vary if you want to migrate a web app or other web services. This is an important question for those who are seeking to build visibility of their website in hopes of reaching more Chinese customers. That domain name will work, but if you want to host content on that domain name in Mainland China, then you're going to need an ICP number. This blog will give you a starting point for hosting web services in China, but we should start by explaining that many of the applications you will be required to submit are only available in Chinese characters. Primarily, it’s going to make it a lot quicker for users to load your site.


But you are daunted by the level of bureaucracy that hosting a website in the mainland apparently involves? All international Internet connections from and to China cannot avoid the great firewall of China and must pass through it. It also offers free monitoring, SEO services, URL forwarding, and sharing of domain names. The obvious advantages are that your website is much less likely to be blocked (although there is no guarantee), and the site should load much faster for anyone in China. But we have found many instances where you're getting bad information from one of those sources, and we usually can help get you back on track. Second is more of something you should tell your organization. Local payment options like Alipay is allowed.


I was forced to move yet again. Go where the pros host., this includes ASP, . What’s excellent is the value to price ratio between the low-end and high-end price points. The best known effect of the Great Firewall is the blocking of various, well known foreign websites in China. It is a business unit under the world-renowned Alibaba Group and serves as its main cloud-computing arm. Thank you, Gretchen. This is the first thing you would do.

However, if your Chinese web hosting is outside Mainland China, then there is no need for an ICP license. Small business varies greatly in size and thus demands different web hosting solution. Non-Chinese individuals and businesses can register. It is best to use a. Want to sell a product or target visitors in China? If you are looking to do business in China, you better host your site locally. 📈 Business (Shared) Pricing: Simply put, many different domains share the same IP address.

In our case, we could put it on CSCGlobal. I see the questions piling up in the queue. We will make a quick comparison between hosting in Mainland China and outside Mainland China in below: There are two types of ICPs. Do I need an ICP? What is an ICP number? ICP Filing allows individuals to apply. The systems of Strikingly and SXL are not connected, neither do payment systems.

That's a good question. I

A little extra effort with your web presence goes a long way in China. As for the documents, due to China particular case, we recommend that you use Baiduyun (Baidu Cloud) to upload the file and add the link to your site. Now it's required.

Construct site structure according to the need so it is more adaptable to the rapid changing of community website, enterprise website, portal website station, the e-commerce websites and other Internet application. Three of the most used solutions are Aliyun (Alibaba Cloud), Tencent Cloud, and AWS China. What we saw here is that many of them were not prepared for licensing. You don’t need to worry about dealing with two vendors — all your bills in one place. This license simply states that you, or your company is legally responsible for data coming from your site, should you contravene Chinese information laws. You will be prompted to enter your question, then click on "Chat with us".

What Is the ICP License in China

However, we also acknowledged that to perform better in China’s digital environment, you will need to prepare and manage your website differently in order for it to perform efficiently. Also, the second bullet here talks about the domain name has to be registered through a registrar that's been licensed by a local provincial arm of that Communications Bureau of the MIIT. However, if you want to sell products or services online in China, you will need to be able to compete with local sites, ensure that your content is delivered fast and be able to react in case your website is taken down. Sometimes this hassle can be avoided, simply by hosting your website “outside the wall”. I continue to see questions come into the queue, so don't be shy. Local hosting and CDN are two good practices that allow your website to achieve higher speed in China, and it should be definitely be considered by any company that hopes to reach a wider audience in China. The other option is finding website hosting outside of China. Baidu will temporarily remove sites from its index if they aren’t accessible – this is according to their official webmaster FAQ.

But a lot of other domain name registrants will just simply go to web portal, put credit card information in, and they'll register a domain name all by themselves. The process with this government agency begins after you purchase your hosting but before the hosting account is unlocked for you. And then also the locals weren't ready to let the registrars know which TLDs they could provide. All hosts are required to ask for an ICP license before they can release server credentials to a business. This means that Hong Kong hosting is not subject to the same rigorous checks as hosting inside mainland China. First of all, when a website is hosted locally, it automatically reduces the time spent on domain name lookups (which is how we call the process of sending a request to the DNS) since the server will be based in China. And I guess to round it all out, throughout we'll explain how CFC can help.

It must be a Chinese company.

We're currently in line to get our license. What I've seen time and time again over the last several months is where the person who actually is going to do something about that compliance notice doesn't get the notice until many days, sometimes a week or so, after that notice actually gets received by the company in China. These new offerings are available at http: Above is an example from the Michael Kors Chinese domain www. What are you waiting for?

Emails China

If you post content on it outside of the U. It has a cloud data system (self-developed) for enterprise security. HostGator is the second brand from parent company Endurance International Group (NASDAQ: )You must submit your ICP application to the web host, which reviews them and then submits them to the provincial branch of the government branch. For example, joint venture companies in which more than 50% of the company is owned by a non-Chinese business can apply, but commercial ICPs are rarely issued to these types of companies. But let's first focus on the filing. China is the second largest economy in the world.

Asset inventory, put that on your list of things to do. Prices are almost similar so it is really hard to pick a hosting company whether you are in China and any country for that matter. You drive all your traffic to your main web property, and then you run microsites and other things off of there, but all that traffic comes to one place.

To begin, one of the most common roadblocks in getting a China-based hosting service is obtaining a Chinese Internet Content Provider (ICP) license. Basically, China is asserting that the law is intended to bring China in line with global best practices for cybersecurity and data protection, and again, in a lot of ways, looking at this cyber security law as their GDPR. You are not allowed with just an ICP filing to engage in direct online sales. In addition to reduced response time and the aforementioned short distance between you and your users, another benefit of using a Chinese hosting server is the ability to reside within China’s Internet firewall. First of all, if you want to target the Chinese market you have to follow some rules. So, for many small businesses this factor alone would put the brakes on any plans for a. Sino provides one-click software installation like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc.


Hosting in China would avoid this problem. I think there are a couple questions. So be ready to use translation if Chinese is not your language. You may find below information useful. So, it has many large companies both home and overseas putting their infrastructure here, meaning you can have many choices to put your server safely.

Once you are sure that you have completed all of the necessary information, submit it to Aliyun for approval. Thanks to the leading cloud computing technology and professional experience of the technical team, ucloud has successfully provided services for thousands of enterprise users domestic and foreign, dramatically reduced the user cost and technical threshold of IT infrastructure. They also partner with a hosting group that has a specific e-commerce focus. It got the rich control panel to manage cloud services and recently container services. Indeed, issues arise if your site or the host you are using become blocked.

As stated above, acquiring an ICP is necessary if you wish to host a website in mainland China. But it does come at a substantial cost too: These can all be accessed through https:

A Quick Comparison

I think we all know there are about 1,300-odd GTLDs out there alone, not to mention CCTLDs. Certainly, Europe has been very out in front with data privacy particularly. Therefore, you need consider web hosts with 24/7 customer service, and repeatedly live chat, call out and email major contenders with a barrage of questions. I went with HostGator because they offered a solid, affordable package, and decent speed in China. So, we've got the poll question up there. Unlimited hosting - refers to companies that provide packages with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, number of domains, databases or email accounts, etc. Niteco, based in Vietnam’s capital city Hanoi, just about 130 kilometers from the Chinese border and with offices in Hong Kong and other cities in the region, is in a prime position to help companies looking to enter China. But nonetheless, as this evolution online has occurred with this increase in the generic namespace, and that's what ICANN is responsible for governing, many countries have come to the table through a group called the Governmental Advisory Committee, which is part of the overall ICANN community.

NET web hosting at $2. With the second largest economy in the world and rapid advancement, China is increasingly becoming a coveted market for Western companies who are seeking to expand their global brand. Also, all plans require you to purchase SSL certificates separately, unfortunately. But in the meantime, we have a solution where we work with a partner and can manage that name for you through our partner on your behalf. China’s market is unique, and I hope the above helps you to find the best hosting for your business in China. Then, how should we choose between Hong Kong and China hosting? You have invested a significant amount of time creating and perfecting your website, and you're ready to publish it for the world to see! The position of qCloud is service Internet application developers public cloud platform, covering the three aspects of the cloud, the data cloud, cloud computing, including cloud servers, cloud database, NoSQL high-speed storage, compass, CDN, cloud monitoring , cloud security, etc.

What we find ourselves doing a lot, because we have pretty wide line-of-sight here and we're working with a lot of customers across the globe, is we're able to help connect the two. Some of them may have their own datacenter services (with green powered renewable energy), renting racks spaces, are ICANN or official domain registrars for specific country extension like. Several years ago, IX Web Hosting began to accept Alipay, the most popular online payment method in China. And they want the registrars, the hosting providers, and the registrants to all be following the rules. To learn more information about Host4ASP.

  • If you do not acquire an ICP when you need one, you will not be able to purchase hosting in mainland China.
  • I am not from China, and I don't have a company.
  • I know I worked with customers over the last several months talking about the names that they do host content on within Mainland China.
  • Saying that having an ICP is a ranking factor would be mostly speculation at the moment.

Business Hosting Plans

There's not a day that doesn't go by across the global landscape where we're not hearing about security threats online, data breaches. One is SinoHosting (www. Top 12 web hosting sites for 2020, wP Engine offers all these plans and pricing with a risk-free 60-day cancellation. )If customers want to get more information about Bisend Chinese web hosting, please contact its 24/7 customer support team via ticket and Live Chat or visit www. Here is an example of what the news reporting guidelines look like: ” and “Will my site get blocked? Site transfer(copy) does not include:

This means that if your target audience is located within Mainland China, For websites with medium traffic , it is still advisable to have the same configuration as above (Local hosting + CDN) , but it is important to consider the cost of this venture. CN domains and Chinese international domain names, but any domain or top-level domain that is web hosted in China, including. And those are only granted to companies registered in China, with less than 50% of capital held by foreigners. Scanned colour copy of identity card (driver’s license, passport, national ID etc.) Currently, AWS is available in the following locations. How do I stop people from being able to use the addon domain as a subdomain of the primary domain? Can I apply for ICP Filing ?

Did you like this article, or would like to add something? Some businesses take a chance and a site outside China hosts their website. We can probably squeeze maybe one or two of them in. As we mentioned, generally speaking Hong Kong hosting will deliver traffic to the USA and Europe with good speeds.

Balazs Fejes

In your dreams. We'd love to hear your feedback! A regular hosting service (no matter the location) does not guarantee excellent speed for your website. The price depends on which type of hosting plan you choose. Full web hosting features.

Similar to AWS, Alibaba Cloud offers a full range of infrastructure services like CDN, VM, load balancer, database, backup, storage, etc. The time difference is a big challenge for some. If you plan to enter China, it’s ideal to host your website on a server in China Mainland. I can't read Chinese, how can I use SXL to edit my site? First of all, the domain has to be a top-level domain that has been approved by the MIIT. Isn’t Hong Kong Now A Part OF China? Department of Commerce issued a response letter to that. Putting your Chinese website on a server in China makes a lot of sense – mainly because it will deliver faster load times for Chinese clients and customers.

One big difference is the Windows IIS server hosting is available for Chinese customers. They're watching very closely how China does this because they, too, adhere to the belief of Cyber Sovereignty, that they should have the ultimate control over what happens in their country's cyberspace. I call it the trifecta. So that's going out to ISPs, and hosting providers, and other infrastructure providers, putting them on notice. It’s more sensible and cost-effective to work with companies that have been active in the area for some time and have accumulated the experience necessary to successfully target the Chinese market. I have been dealing with Chinese companies, buying and selling since the late 90’s in the last century, days when even email was not stable and access to the Internet plainly illegal sometimes. The simple fact is that you don’t have to put your website inside China- there’s simply no need in most cases. Like many regulations, the requirements can be tricky to navigate but there is help at hand.

Business Hosting

Eligibility for an EDI License is assessed on the organization’s ability to operate as an EDI business in Mainland China. 这一切都归结为一个臭名昭着的芝麻:国际比较方案注册。 比较方案的代表 的互联网内容提供者. It will be the best way to reach your (potential) customers whether through website, mobile or social media. So, if you host your site within the Chinese Firewall, then you can run faster more than your competitors hosting outside mainland China. They are eligible to apply for an individual ICP. Many web developers point to the company’s premium services that generate a satisfactory user experience.

However, websites hosted in the West Coast of the US, Korea, Japan, Singapore etc. For every company (commercial or not) that successfully breaks into China, there are a hundred more waiting in the wings, intimidated by the heavy regulations and infrastructure challenges that the country throws up. While all these three providers do a great job, we are strong supporters of Aliyun. Our experts can tell you exactly what you need to launch your website in China. The whole process will take around three to six weeks, and once a license is arranged, it will be displayed on your site as proof of your compliance.

The good news is that you can save yourself from all that. Ultimately, faster speed time and decreased risk of being blocked in Mainland China are two of the major reasons why hosting your website within Mainland China will be tremendously beneficial to your business. This encourages people to opt for the yearly payment plan, which waives the setup fee.