The 5 Best HOA Websites of 2020

It is the best deal I've had in years.

Maybe you respond in a quicker fashion, maybe in a heated fashion. Tatem web can move your website onto our servers for 24/7 support. Check out our guide for more information on property management software. So, here’s a list of 25 options to consider. Our visitors would benefit substantially from an accurate description of Buildium Association Management Software. Maintain a full contact database that's easy to search, filter, and update. New age HOA management software like CINC Systems have made old paper-based systems like filing cabinets and spreadsheets obsolete. HOA Manager Representatives:

What is the real value of an HOA website? In respect to our sponsor here, I wouldn't name it on the forum, but you can feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will share the info with you. Superb quality. CHOPAS is designed for associations that want to improve communication between homeowners and board members. The self-management style also has a few advantages, such as low monthly unit fees, transparency and reliability of community accounts as well as no interference of external management. Top 6 django compatible hosting services, always try to dig out everything about a specific plan before sign up for hosting. I wanted to drop a line to say THANK YOU for being so responsive.

A web portal for vendor invoices also allows you to track the HOA’s bills.

My web designer was very knowledgeable and fantastic to work with. But you guys have really nailed it. Your platform is absolutely incredible! I have no problem suggesting one for that purpose but will not post it on this site out of respect to the Sponsors (and the fact that it is against the rules). Now that we’ve set up the site, it has become obvious that the many interactive features of the site will also help promote a better sense of community within the development. It is clear to me that Vinnie is very passionate about his software and customers, as the quality of his support is only slightly one-upped by that of the software itself.

The forms are available in the Association Office or on the Association website. Starting your own mommy blog is easy with Doodlekit. So we’ve reviewed a LOT of websites and narrowed it down to the top 5 best HOA websites. Local businesses and private advertisers are always looking for more exposure and to reach new customers. It was a pleasure for me to work with HOA Sites and end up with such an outstanding result.

In spite of having “computer challenged” web masters to deal with you held our hand until we were confident we could manage the site. The usability of the site was also unbelievable. The experience was terrific. We are absolutely thrilled with our new site and look forward to being a future client. Contact us now to get started with your free HOA website demo. An investment in an AtHomeNet HOA website is an investment in the community as a whole.

Thank you HOA Sites.

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Our designer was awesome! HOA Sites is clearly the number 1 choice in the market when it comes to building a fantastic webpage that serves our community! But, your HOA Website is not only for your current items. Not having any web design/creation skills, having a personal web designer with me the entire way was extremely helpful. To learn how you can do this, explore the features of your HOA management software and talk to the customer service of your website’s hosting company. Board members can also request for their manager to create alerts that go out to all residents, for a simple and proactive way to manage emergency notifications.

Let them see what’s going on in their neighborhood including both the good and the bad, but just keep them informed with the details. We had a President that was a very professional IT guy. So try our Platform right now:

For larger planned communities (300+ units), we offer InstaPage® Gold, a standalone version of the product with more sophisticated functionality, packaged with the highest quality custom site design services, and full hosting and tech support.

Common Features of HOA & Condo Management Software

The benefit of doing a site this way is that you own it and can customize it and do anything you want with it. Although these vary from state to state, associations must ensure the enforcement of regulations. You've got a good feature set, great templates, the Admin panel is awesome, and a great pricing. Cache-Control: There are many reasons. A common feature of condominium management software and homeowners association software is a personalized, community-based website.

With HOA Sites, we got even more than we expected and we couldn't be happier with the value and the final product. Are you asking yourself what an HOA Website can do for you? I was able to edit all of my content and upload all of the neighborhood data. I was looking to replace an aging and unmanageable site that was 9 years old and had become stale.

All of those users said that HOA Sites was great to work with and easy to use.

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If you are thinking of a new community web site vendor, you gotta sign with HOA Sites. He offered advice on how to properly configure the site and was very, very responsive during the design process. This provides easy access to the forms and worksheets developed to aid homeowners when submitting requests for approvals on Exterior Changes. Our team has developed award-winning websites every year! We purchased the service and started development in early 2020. Lynne, Kachess Ridge HOA I looked at a lot of HOA websites beforeI chose yours. I looked on line and found HOA Sites. How to start a web hosting business, we have a Reseller Program that is a perfect fit for those looking to resell hosting. Remember, HOA Sites can be used for a variety of things, not just HOAs.

Walden Lake Community

The property inspectors can be identified by the AFHOA logo on their clothing and the word STAFF beneath it, as well as an AFHOA ID badge, identifying them as Staff Members/Property Inspectors. Using an integrated web portal for work orders is a much better process than the traditional method of filing paperwork in a physical inbox. Overall, HOA Sites has a superior product and a support team that made our HOA website fantastic! We securely host your website for you and send them to any custom domain you purchase.

However, not all Web-based software is optimized for use on the smaller screens of smartphones or tablets. Thank you to everyone at HOA Sites and especially our designer, he has been great! The final product gave our residents more than originally expected. The best wordpress hosting in 2020: an honest guide. The website features an interactive calendar that syncs with Google and Outlook calendar systems. See how this feature can dramatically improve your HOA management business by trying CINC Systems today! After they spent a year on it and gave us mediocre results, we decided to handle it ourselves. State regulations HOAs must comply with state statutes governing associations.

By Owner Relations

The directions that they provide are step-by-step and easy to follow. Missing or damaged gutters, downspouts, shutters, fence & railing pickets, windows, screens, etc. He had compared 4 different providers before his association chose HOA Sites. Best free minecraft server hosting?, scalaCube offers many top-notch features. We went with the standard website.

With your own customizedyou will be able to effectively communicate with your residents by providing news, documents, and forms on the worldwide web for easy access. I emailed Vinnie expecting a response the next day during working hours. Thank you for the quick service. We were extremely pleased with the structured and clear manner in which we were able to bring our new website live. Our web designer was also key in getting the site running quickly. I have to say this process could have not gone smoother if the company had an office down the road from me. HOAs (Home Owners’ Associations) and civic clubs are usually on strict budgets and have to account to their boards and the residents they represent for every penny they spend. Do you need a logo to create a striking website?

What is Homeowner Association Software? HOA Sites is definitely the way to go when setting up a site for an HOA. Board members have their own discussion portal that’s kept private from residents. Features include a message board, community calendar, amenity reservations, and dues payments. A Pixelita Design is more affordable than you think! Do you like Vinteum Post? Plus you're very responsive which is awesome.

Set security levels so you can decide exactly who can see what, so unwanted eyes on your sensitive documents will never be an issue.

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He was very efficient and professional, giving guidance and helping with our support questions. This is a great product that you have for HOAs and we are so glad we chose you. Updates and changes are completed when you send them to us. Located in Vietnam, Nhan Hoa is a veteran of the hosting industry.

That’s incredible! I am so glad that we decided to go with HOA Sites! First, the design process itself worked very smoothly from the beginning to the end.

I have to compliment our personal site designer. HOA Sites made my website development both quick and easy. That is everything that an HOA association website needs to be. A five star recommendation! Before purchasing software, you’ll want to know what kind of a buyer you are. NORD ENTERPRISES, INC.


The development process was very easy and our assigned developer was extremely helpful and responsive. Setting up a new website, especially for a Homeowners Association can be a stressful job; but HOA Sites made this an easy experience and they were with us every step of the way. As HOA manager, you’re the one who pays them. 00 4 years 6 months 1 week ago Last Modified: All complaints to the office must be made in writing-see resident Complaint Process below.

Manage your HOA’s financial needs with LegFi.

Plus, the responses to our requests were equally fast. It’s a very intuitive website, very easy to use and everything is well laid out. With TOPS, HOA and condo managers can save both tim. I was dreading doing this for our HOA but its turning out to be quite enjoyable. Not only does the site look great and will be helpful to our community, the added bonus is I learned a few things from the efficient staff as well!

I didn't know how well a support service would work with an email-only avenue, but every inquiry has been met with prompt, courteous, and friendly reply. Our designer's work is highly professional. He gave helpful advice, quick responses, and was able to accomplish everything we asked. There is a growing number of states where having an, HOA website is mandated by law; due to requirements for meeting minutes, by-laws, and other information essential to resident safety be available 24 hours a day to every to resident.

Website design for HOA Homeowners Associations

HOA and Condo Association Specific Features. His support team has been terrific. He explained everything thoroughly and in user friendly terms. Hosted systems boast a less costly initial investment than on-site servers. Your direction and guidance tools are simple, taking any guess work out of the process. If you are a valid 501(c)(3) non-profit, Doodlekit will offer you our Simple Plan for free.

I highly recommend HOA Sites!

We went through a number of modifications over the course of two-weeks and all changes requested were done the same day. Enable an easy method of online payment collection. You need only search the internet for 5 minutes, and it will become obvious that there are scores upon scores of companies trying to sell you Homeowner Association Websites. Give you an easy to build and update website where you can host a news section, notices, resources, member directory, an event calendar and more. Start your free trial of Wild Apricot now. HOA Sites has been the most professional and user-friendly company by far. Minneapolis, Minnesota SenEarthCo Representatives: We couldn't be happier with the results.

Users should be able to generate monthly reports that feature all the accurate financial records.

We were looking for a more beautiful, robust, feature-rich, and easy to use website for our community and HOA Sites delivered! Build a hair salon website for yourself. A Google search led us to HOA Sites.

  • I highly recommend HOA Sites to any homeowners’ organization wanting a professional, but affordable designed website.
  • The ARB members conduct regular and systematic reviews of all applications submitted by residents and site inspections of properties that submit an Exterior Alteration Application.
  • We're very pleased.
  • I literally could have built the site within a couple of hours if I had wanted to because it was so easy to use, though I probably took about one week during my evenings to get things just the way I wanted them, add content, etc.
  • Many HOA websites have a back end that allows only members to see.
  • To clarify - you're not really looking for a web hosting company (there are literally TONS of them - some more reliable than others), but it sounds like you're looking for a provider of HOA websites that includes hosting and the accompanying Content Management System (CMS) that is used to administer the site and it's content.

Send Email Bulletins & Announcements On Time Sensitive Issues

Display galleries of your work. Then, as the work begins, you can send electronic updates to the resident who opened the ticket. Domain registration costs extra, as do SSL certificates, and unfortunately, they don’t offer any money-back guarantee or free trial, although they do say that “We will refund 100% of the money we received on condition that the reason you are not satisfied is true or you do not violate our terms of service. Blog tips and helpful suggestions about legal issues. HOA Software Loading Community Reviews.

We are still discovering the many features and benefits of the HOA Sites application. The one thing that I really liked about working with our designer is that he always explained how things should be done - as opposed to doing it for me. Compare best free web hosting providers, hostGator Baby Plan. This helps you stay organized and ensure that invoice payments are always completed in a timely manner. Transfer-Encoding: Integrated accounting, 24/7 member access, easy to use BoD and Manager tools.

Development of the website with their tools was so easy and our web designer was always so quick to get back to us and so helpful.


We use google drive to hold all of our documents in pdf format. I have been in the technology business for many years and was asked by my Homeowners Association to look into re-designing our community website to increase the traffic and functionality. The help provided by our web designer during the onboarding process was invaluable. Had we known it would be such a painless process we would have done it a long time ago. He was very flexible in handling various tweaks and enhancements we suggested. Congratulations on the fine job that you and your colleagues do all around.

Our visitors would benefit substantially from an accurate description of Condo Manager. Please do not be intimidated. He made our transition a smoother transition than we expected. Association management An HOA is about more than just the individuals, it requires management of the association itself.

On top of everything, our developer gets a gold star for responsiveness from a customer service perspective! There was no doubt we had found the right place to build our new community web site. As standard, their shared hosting plans come with the following core features: HOA software is software that manages homeowner associations. 41 AM I can also give you the name of the super website builder that I used to do a website for our COA. We can't say enough about your design, the incredibly useful Knowledgebase and the skill - and patience - of our personal web designer. Our homeowner's website has been met with rave reviews and will save us a bundle in mailing costs. Since these areas are shared, a homeowners association (HOA) makes decisions as a group regarding the properties.

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And, finally, I cannot offer enough kudos for my web designer. I have now set up two condominium websites with HOA Sites. I wanted a beautiful design that would complement our beautiful coaches and HOA Sites fit the bill.

I can say without any reservation that they more than surpassed my expectations. I was pretty sure I had made the right decision with HOASpace. Get more from starfall—join today!, number 1 is also a character in the series "Artemis Fowl" by Eoin Colfer. They have obviously done this before because the setup process was well documented and very detailed in instructions. Anyone can build a great website with the services of HOA Sites. Many HOA managers find they have to rely on a community member to update their websites, and they find themselves frustrated by the member. This allows you to plan repairs more efficiently. Forums > Homeowner Association > HOA Discussions > Web hosting - recommendations. Your product was easy to use with enough flexibility to accommodate changing requirements.

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Time, convenience, and information are the keys to a happy and informed neighborhood. 1 United States dns2. HOA Sites offers a broad range of features in a bundle that can't be beat. Since you can select whether to make information public or private, ACM can customize the website to serve your HOA as your needs change.

There would be no competition. Web hosting service, namecheap has Supermicro rackmount-based servers. Some HOA managers can be very resistant to using technology for their HOA. An HOA website gives every member of your community the ability to share information and stay informed and connected to association and their neighbors. AppFolio is an all-in-one HOA management software that enables architectural reviews, dues and assessment collection, violation tracking, board member approvals, bank integrations, and more. With a web portal for work orders, residents can open tickets online, any time, 24/7.

I am pleased with our Board's decision to use HOA Sites. Bluehost review 2020: tested them for 2 years. here’s what we know. Follow-up after activation of the website has been extremely courteous and timely. We were really lucky to have him do all of that for Free. We are the experts in ‘Homeowners association websites’. We were able to go live with our site within 36 hours of signing on with you. This has been accomplished very quickly using the many features of HOA Sites' top of the line product. Though not super-cheap, Nhan Hoa does offer a good range of packages at acceptable monthly prices. Web hosting - recommendations.

Planning A Successful Ecommerce Website

I appreciated having the steps delivered a few at a time so I never felt overwhelmed. I took advantage of this and during our consultation, I had some questions the support person took back to the product team. Garcia agreed with White. My emails were always responded to within an hour. It took me many hours over a couple of weeks to get everything the way I wanted it to look, but it was worth the effort. Send an email to [email protected] The calendar makes condo community event posting easy and individuals who wish to reserve the club house post their claim to the resource there as well. Questions and customization requests are often handled almost instantly and with great skill and understanding of HOA needs.

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The website appears to reflect the community’s spirit, which is a really great tool to promote your HOA. As we take on more and more communities to manage, we simply do not have the time or personnel to learn website programming and hosting. And our Web Designer was outstanding and responsive. Add custom forms for email inquiries and questions. Free website hosting for nonprofits, letting local communities know about upcoming charity in the yearly calendar is a great starting point because they don’t need to pay the excess costs of printing and distributing leaflets around. With HOA Sites, we were able to obtain a customized website that contains all the necessary functionality without being overly difficult to navigate.