What Are The Best Free Video Hosting Sites? (Top 6 in 2020)

HD video, a video player you can customize and brand, more advanced analytics, and the option to allow customers to rent, buy or pay for a subscription to your videos round out the paid feature set. Supported ad networks include Tremor Media, Adap. Whether you are a private, a marketer, professional or an entrepreneur some features meet all your needs. Analytics include data on which parts are the most watched, as well as what point in the video a user exits. Top options include: This is the right time to start focusing on videos, because by 2020, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic. You do what any smart person would: Some of these features may not be as important to you as others would be, such as unbranded video players.

Generally, the number of videos you can host will depend on the tier of your plan. If you are thinking of hosting your video on your own website, don’t! You can explore through its ‘WOW’ and ‘WTF’ section, which has amusing content hosted on it, but some of them may be NSFW. As understood from the Anonymous video hosting sites and those made for privates and businesses, one important aspect is the money-making idea. Adjustability.

There are never any ads around your content, and comments are usually constructive in nature, unlike YouTube where it seems anything goes.

Use custom colors and controls to match your brand. There are different pricing plans from which you can select the most affordable and then decide if you need more. The simple truth is that it’s really hard to host such multimedia on your own website. It is possible to download any number of clips without size restrictions. Wondering where to upload your videos? Let's say you added the fields for first name and last name. It’s an all-premium site that you’re paying for so that your users have a great experience. The brainchild of Adam and Jason Smith, both veteran educators, TeacherTube is a safe and free place to upload educationally relevant videos, view and interact with the community by leaving comments, ask questions and rate the videos.

If the decision was that easy, you wouldn’t need to research it, would you? Pick up a video hosting service and add a video to your site now. Let’s find out. If you find you only have four hours every month to devote to videos, you can use one hour to outline your topics and the next three hours to film a few videos. So it’s no surprise this is one of the first options to come to mind.

This is another video hosting solution that lets you keep the audience focused on your videos without being distracted by ads.

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It walks a line of being a social platform like YouTube, but carries a more ‘newsy’ vibe to it. Facebook gives you the freedom to upload and host videos right on the platform, allowing you to share them with the embed feature. Why use DTube?

Videos are not ad-free, but they play at the end of video by default, as opposed to YouTube’s more in-your-face model. It’s also the highest driver of online engagement, which isn’t surprising since 55% of people watch videos every day. It enables the viewers to directly share the video and spread the word. Videos as a whole will soon account for 82% of all internet traffic and the average business’s video library is swelling. Video files are large, and so hosting one directly on your website is likely to devour your bandwidth and storage space.

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You get fast priority uploading, as well as HTML5 support with the Vimeo Universal Player. Dailymotion is similar to YouTube in its function and layout. The informative platform lays out all of the details you’d expect to see, with security, analytics, and SEO at the forefront. Here are five of the most common questions you need to ask yourself before choosing a hosting site. It is to be a safe venue for teachers, schools and home learners to access educationally focused materials.

You can also add Live countdown to your videos. By exploring, one can find certain videos that are hard to come by on other platforms. Vimeo sets itself up as a platform designed for artists and creatives, with simplicity and user-experience at the forefront. The free account has a limit of 3 videos with features like custom thumbnail, Wistia branded video player, password protection, privacy settings, and more. It served as a kind of an avant-garde YouTube alternative for creatives and filmmakers. This will not only give you more exposure but will allow you a better analysis of results. As far as pricing goes, it isn’t the most expensive platform, but it isn’t free either. Dailymotion isn’t as flashy as many of the other video hosting websites on this list.

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It can, therefore, be used as a business and private video hosting site. You can also start uploading for free. There are several plans available, which is great for scalability. When we mention video hosting, YouTube is the first thing that pops to our mind. YouTube videos are incredibly easy to embed into most websites, and video publishers can go a long way without spending any money. If you want to remove it, consider going Turbo. Their analytics will show you how many plays your videos get, where those plays are coming from, which videos are popular, and where your videos are being viewed on the web. SproutVideo is one of the most popular free video hosting services with marketing features.

Statistics say that Snapchat has 186 million daily active users (and they watch over ten billion videos every day). In addition to video hosting, YouTube is also a social channel. There are four paid account levels: Now, video is almost a necessary component to any brand’s online presence, and is being used in virtually every industry (for evidence of this, one need only look at the popular Blendtec series “Will It Blend? )You can work on videos with the team and the whole process will remain confidential. In an interview with Jeff Vincent, the Director of Customer Happiness at Wistia, he reported that the most important metric for his support reps to aim for is, funnily enough, happiness! It is available to every Instagram user and intended for short video clips.

Over a billion users have made YouTube the most popular video sharing platform in the world.

Another video hosting platform that gets almost everyone’s approval is Wistia. This is because of the fact that there is so much more to the world of video than just streaming services such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. Uscreen's easy-to-interface lets you quickly set up a storefront and upload videos, plus supporting content such as documents, guides, presentations, and images. Starting at $199. Unlimited video length on paid accounts, making it a great fit for course creators or those hosting online conferences and summits. Poor monetization & Easy piracy.

Wistia Reviewed

It lets you create channels that allow a user to access a video library and a video they want to watch. Plus, there are several social features to take advantage of for further engagement with your audience. 264/AVC, MPEG-2, WMV9, DivX and H. Different formats and resolutions. If you meet the criteria to become a YouTube Partner, you can start earning money from the ads that are displayed on your videos. They aren’t the only players in this space, though.

However, it is not really optimized to serve videos.
  • But how does your site know which of those files to serve to each person?
  • It is completely free to use and there are no limits on file sizes or video lengths.
  • Because the platform is free, you may encounter some issues with the content and ad policy.


Wistia is the most expensive out of all the other video platforms. CAN’T HELP YOUR BUSINESS? Individual video sales are allowed only for movies and TV shows. These custom tools can be used alongside Google Analytics to push your brand even further. Wistia can be quite costly. It also offers lead capture and audience creation tools to assist your digital marketing efforts. UPDATED April 2020:

A huge plus is that you’ll never have an ad interrupt your videos. Uses speech recognition to help find content inside videos. That means that Wistia isn’t a site for users to browse videos as a platform, but a true host where you control how your content is viewed and distributed. The preferences of your audience should dictate the video platform you choose and its format. Twitch has a complicated system of broadcasting, still it’s a nice idea to use it for sharing your gaming videos.

Vidyard Video Hosting

Within these highlighted areas, Vidyard boasts a massive suite of tools like heat maps and graphs, social media integrations, Vidyard Pricing Vidyard is built for the enterprise, and as such, comes at a higher price point than other tools on this list. 99 a month or 109. If you decide to host on YouTube, then check out these awesome tools to grow audience, revenue, and more. One of the oldest video streaming sites, Metacafe, came into existence in 2020 even before YouTube went live. Similar to YouTube, Facebook circulates your videos to your audience and gives you extra reach.

The site’s content skews towards news and entertainment, but you can host any type of video on Dailymotion as long as it complies with the site’s rules. Even if you have a WordPress site with the Jetpack plugin installed, you might not know that it offers video hosting as part of its Premium and Professional plans. Superior asp.net hosting, all the hosts which offer free web hosting to help you test your application on it and once you’re satisfied you can upgrade your package to a higher level. That’s where video hosting sites come in.

Server Bandwidth

The maximum video resolution is 8K. Starting a web hosting reseller business, determine the price you will set for your packages. Get ready to snub your nose at the term “YouTuber” – Vimeo bills itself on catering to a more creative and professional audience. Dailymotion also allows users to monetize their content based on view count.

Due to the large amount of videos released on the platform, your content can easily get lost unless you try to enhance your video’s SEO.

Video quality is top-notch--it’s hi-res and high-speed, supporting up to 4k resolution. 100% customizable embed player. Even better, you can find upgraded services for very reasonable rates with just a little bit of research. As a video hosting platform, it is also easy to use. You’ll also be charged an additional fee if your bandwidth exceeds the 200GB limit which is highly unlikely unless you’re a highly positioned consumer product business with an extremely established audience. DTube uses blockchain technology to create a decentralized video database.

Other Video Sites without Upload Option

00 per month or $299. So this one is really only for heavy-duty sites. The bandwidth is unlimited.

So, if your videos end up going viral, it could cost you more than you bargained for.

Dacast: Feature-Rich, Affordable Price

The content management system also enables you to quickly categorize your videos for playlist or podcast creation. Wistia’s delivery speed and reliability, customizing options, video analytics and video marketing tools are by far the best. Wordpress hosting reviews: these are the best wp host available in 2020. trust us, we checked. As a content creator, Instagram TV is one of the best platforms to showcase your motion content to a larger audience without spending much. Starts at $19/month. Users regularly upload old documentaries, TV shows, and public domain movies.

You can login with your facebook account and start to upload your videos straight away. There has been a lot of piracy on the internet, and this platform’s Hollywood certified DRM completely stops that for your videos. Supported sources:

Why should you host your videos on Vimeo?

It is still one of the major platforms to promote your video content. After that, click your avatar and select “My Videos” from the drop-down menu. If your video content is likely to be appealing to that demographic, then Metacafe might be a good choice to host your videos. Want to know what's interesting? To reduce video hosting expenses, free video hosting sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Wistia would be the most suitable.

Kaltura requires you to have Flash installed in order to play Kaltura videos which can be insecure due to Flash vulnerabilities. Not a bad way to go if integrations aren’t critical. Where something like Vidyard or Brightcove is made for the enterprise marketing or sales team, Bonjoro is a lightweight option for SMEs who understand that personal video is their secret to success.

If you’re already using their free version, it wouldn’t be any difficult for you to adapt to the paid version. Create professional social media videos with Vimeo Create. It has more than a billion users and content creators who make careers out of recording videos. Siteground review: why siteground should be your first choice for shared hosting in 2020. Just upload any video file and watch how it's shared and the number of views grows fast. If numerous people try to watch a self-hosted video at once, the requests may also be too much for the site’s bandwidth to handle, resulting in a video that loads slowly or freezes. Once you take a look at the features offered on the paid plans, you really do get a sense that it’s a professional video hosting service for creators, justifying the more prestigious allure it gives off.

Other features are listed below:

8 Best Video Conferencing Apps In 2020 For PC And Smartphones

SproutVideo Price: Viewbix works as a video host only if you have an enterprise plan for $199/month. The site is rather simple to use even though it has a complex analytics suite. Every website has its own features and benefits. The limit of two minutes and twenty seconds doesn’t seem to stop thousands of videos being shared through the site every day. Twitch is a video streaming hosting service provider that offers live broadcast shows for gamers.

Video streaming service options can be broken down into two major categories; video marketing platforms and private video hosting platforms. “Cheap” Video Hosting Sites: I hope that you found our list of best YouTube alternatives useful.

Your videos aren’t really exposed on Google search results. We hope that this list has shown you that there are a wide range of excellent alternatives to YouTube available online. For security purposes, they offer single sign-on, password protection, and login protection. So, we’ll suggest a few free unorthodox services that can help you really zero in on a particular type of audience. Look out for things like HTML5, Flash, and CSS support. Reposting your video content on other video sharing domains that rank in the top 100 of Google for your targeted keyword phrases is not a required SEO strategy, but for the amount of time and money you invested in creating your video, it only makes sense to create as many opportunities as possible for people to view it. If your website content requires more than 5 embedded videos a month, upgrade to the paid plans.

Veoh is riddled with ads, there are pre-loading adverts, on screen contextual adverts and banner ads but so is Google and after all it’s a free service.

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You can add call-to-action links and lead capture forms within the tool. And its first-rate customer support and awesome training videos truly set them apart. Think about bluehost? read bluehost web hosting review [2020], it replaces your details with the contact information of Bluehost. Start on Facebook. Uploading a video to Facebook is as easy as sharing any other post on your timeline. It has limited analytics. Audience builder that integrates with Google, Facebook & Instagram ads.

Free for three videos and standard features such as a fully customizable player, lead generation tools, video analytics, and unlimited users; from $99/month for the Pro plan that includes standard features, ten free videos, and no Wistia branding. But what you get is superior service and generally more control over your content, as well as more advanced toold. The most important thing is that you're getting your videos in front of the people you want to see them. Best web hosting canada (2020), goDaddy is one of the largest ICANN-accredited domain registrars, and it’s pretty much a household name. After uploading a video, you can adjust the size of the display to make it look perfect both on a PC and a smartphone. Schools and universities start at 500 users minimum. Easily, Vidyard finds a spot on the list of the best video hosting sites because of the professionalism of the hosting services that it offers.

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So you create a new post in your WordPress dashboard and upload your video to the Media Library. A great thing about it is that you can profit from your content so, if you’re a young and aspiring video producer, this is probably the best place for you to start. Marketing integration:

Thirdly, the free plan is worth making your videos get thousands of views, shares, and comments in a day. MKV, 3GPP, etc. Another thing to consider is what browsers and programming languages the hosting site supports. Create custom playlists to create an engaging journey for your customers. You don’t want any interruptions to the storyline you’ve been putting together with your video post-production agency.

Out of the gate, to experience the true benefits of Vimeo as a video host, you will need to upgrade to one of its premium plans that unlock more storage and features. With a highly-customizable video player, detailed analytics, and a free video creation tool, Wistia is one of the best video hosting services for business, and is used by more than 500,000 businesses worldwide. Upgraded plans are available if you need more storage and functionality. Interested in switching to Vzaar from another video hosting site? You can create videos with each prospect's name, email, company name, and more—and then send them to as many prospects as you like, all at once.

The Best Free Video Hosting Services

If you’re looking to reach a huge audience, want to gain followers with your YouTube videos, or want to monetize your content, then YouTube may be for you. But the problem for your server is that video content is a lot heavier than text-based content, and puts a heavy load on your website servers. Benefits of a m, their IT specialists will also be in charge in managing and keeping it secure. They offer three plans depending on your needs, including a customizable enterprise plan. Vzaar integrates with Google Analytics to track advanced analytics for your video, including when it’s played and how much of the video is played. They have some amazing testimonials, so I reckon you should definitely check this one out. Their impressive list of features indicates that they might.

A free trial is available. Web hosting platform, 31 per month (. Web hosting sites offer limited space to website owners. Upload your video to a popular, well-established video hosting service like Vimeo.

Supporting customers? Password protection allows for private video streaming. For those hoping to find an NSFW equivalent to YouTube will be disappointed. Greengeeks, hostPapa also offers their own website builder with a drag and drop interface, hundreds of professional templates, and you can even create an online store with their Enterprise plan. Vimeo PRO is a completely different service than their standard, free offering. Some offer free services; others want you to pay for specific features. You’ve watched videos on other web sites and never encountered these issues. After uploading, a community of over 80,000 volunteers watch the video and decide whether to add it to the public Metacafe channels.

And… YouTube

Where can I host videos besides YouTube? What are the best video hosting sites besides youtube? No maximum size listed. Wistia includes some tools for integration with common marketing automation platforms like HubSpot. Once you know the answer to those four questions, you’ll be much more prepared to decide where you want to host your videos. You can download up to 500 MB per week, up to 5GB per month. 99% uptime and are already supporting the likes of 4K and 360 videos. What are you waiting for?


You just need to sign in with your Google account (assuming you have one already) and click the ‘Upload Video’ icon to start hosting your videos on YouTube: Your videos are guaranteed quality viewing with desktop compatibility. It was first launched in 1998 and now includes millions of digitized videos, including old documentaries and educational films. Vidyard provides you with a fast service; your video uploads rapidly and plays almost immediately when you click it. Web hosting, sharing is caring! What video formats will you use? Wistia's Zapier integration allows you to trigger actions in 1,000+ other apps whenever new videos are uploaded or users take certain actions on your videos. 30-day free trial.

The biggest downside to premium video services like these is their cost, often in the hundreds of dollars per month. Wistia is a unique platform that’s focused on meeting the needs of businesses. Best web hosting 2020 - recommendations for beginners, unless you have a high-traffic website, you very likely need shared hosting which will cost