What Platform Should You Use To Host Your Online Course In 2020

That way, your videos stream from whichever server is closest to each viewer’s device. Trending now, you'll enjoy a robust and powerful feature set to manage your community. You can upload content in any format and create learning courses online. Pick the wrong flavor for your online course business needs and you will have headaches. Not only that, but you can also choose whether a video would be available on Vimeo (to the public) or if the viewer needs a password or even a private link to watch it.

  • There’s a 30-day free trial (no credit card required) and the month fee is $79 ($65, if paid annually), for unlimited learners plus a 10% processing fee per course sold.
  • A very simple platform to use (create your course in under an hour).
  • And there are also a number of premium add-ons – including a connection to the GrassBlade LRS (for you e-learning geeks out there) – that look quite useful.
  • You can check and copy a previous course and run it again.

Here's some more info on Thinkific: Design courses quickly. 92 per month and an anytime money-back guarantee, site owners looking for an effective Moodle host have nothing to lose by giving A2 a shot. I have had a go with the software and it’s ridiculously simple. They can even create quizzes and surveys, which is helpful if you’re doing a beta launch and need feedback to improve the course before launching to everyone. Get started on InMotion now. For example, a yoga teacher can only provide a set number of classes to a set number of students at a studio.

For eLearning businesses, growing and engaging viewers take considerable time and focus. Video, audio, and PDF courses are all supported through the Ruzuku platform, and you can run webinars and engage with your customers through live chat. Then I remove the video from there and move it to Vimeo Pro (changing the embed source on my site, of course), because it's a lot cheaper to host it there than on Wistia. Are you creating a course to engage your existing audience?

LMS Hosting Loaded With Features!

Just fill in the fields above, then localize your school & name it. Whether it's about how to successfully garden in an urban environment or tips on how to build a business from scratch. Moodle has a drag-and-drop interface. Instructors at Coursera teach at some of the world’s top universities (it isn’t a simple program to get accepted into). They believe that everyone has valuable skills to share and so created a way that anyone could easily build a beautiful course to share those skills. ” Then you pick a template that is most suited for your content and proceed to follow all the steps. But as with any piece of technology, there is always room for improvements. Not to mention it’s the second largest search engine.

SCORM is a standard used by most major e-learning tools, plus supporting software; it lets these tools exchange data with each other. It can be sued by solopreneurs but it's designed for educational institutions, such as colleges, academies, and universities. Free for creating a premium class. You can also talk to your hosting provider about their included script installations. What video hosting servers should I use to serve videos ? Simple and easy-to-use course builder. You need to integrate it with a payment gateway that accepts credit cards, processes customer payments, and delivers access to new customers.

Today, the only way to sell lots of your online courses and rank them in the Udemy marketplace is to carefully choose your niche and allow their discount pricing offers of $10-$20 for your course. Kajabi is trying to be one of those all-in-one service providers, offering you pipelines (funnels), email marketing, webpage builder, domain hosting, etc. Want email marketing built into their course creating platform. If you already have content, simply import it into your eBook from Microsoft Word. Skillshare gives you access to a very large marketplace of creatives seeking creative education. Note on the graphic at the end of this post, it was created when Podia was named “Coach”, so keep that in mind when comparing the chart! Are interested in teaching a wide variety of quick tips and trick. It has a ton of cool features such as PayPal payment gateway, MailChimp integrations, everyday backups, etc.

  • Includes full API access on all plans.
  • The affiliate marketing feature allows you to have your own sales team because you can issue a unique URL for promoters of your course to use.
  • It gave you very few formatting options and you ended up with a very basic-looking sales page.
  • Create the perfect online environment.

From Teachable to Thrive Apprentice

On the other hand, the virtual classroom module works for video and audio calls, breakout rooms and polling. Trending now, 9%, plus a no-questions-asked refund within the first 30 days if you’re unhappy with the service. Do you want to create an evergreen course or have a series of launch periods each year? 10 billion by 2025. As a creator, you can earn money every time you sell your course(s) to a student, and you get paid monthly via two top platforms, PayPal or Payoneer. Each time a video is played, bandwidth happens.

You’ll also need to provide a phone number. You can import content from Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox. And, unlike Thinkific and Teachable, Kajabi’s designed for in-depth courses and those with larger teams. With a low cost of entry starting at just $3. This site allows users to review questions and answers. Uses the Amazon CloudFront and Akamai CDNs. I have my preferences, but depending on your specific needs, any of these could be a good fit. You can send a course announcement to others in email.

Are you building an online course, a membership site with video, or a larger LMS? He has created quite a few successful ones himself and has taught many others how to do it. From $99/month for the Bootstrapper plan for a single instructor, unlimited courses and students, payment gateway, and coupons. This will give you higher performance for your Moodle website than iPage plans. Colosource.com, with this new version two new major features were introduced; VM Auto-Scaling and Load Balancing. Embed codes are also lovely. Deliver an Exceptional Learning Experience. Are the plans scalable?

LearnDash is the most user-friendly and flexible LMS plugin for WordPress users.

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Mobile learning is a huge plus, and the course management includes an interactive whiteboard for sharing with students. But for other people this might be a big advantage. Kajabi says it’s “the one system you need to market, sell, and deliver your knowledge online. And I use their page builder, Thrive Architect, to create my blog posts. A fast, intuitive online course builder. It has both free and paid addons available, which allow you to extend the features. Teachable has a great builder which helps creators brand their courses. From $129/month for the Basic plan for one site, five products, 25 pipelines, and 25,000 marketing emails.

These include IP restrictions, country-based restrictions, domain restrictions, and more. When you join Ruzuku, you get access to a team of people dedicated to helping you serve your students at a high level. Gumroad’s check-out process is super simple, and you can integrate the platform with ConvertKit (check my current email marketing recommendation from the resources page), and that makes Gumroad one of my favorite platforms. If you prefer to use this template rather than designing your own course structure, Eliademy offers the tools to help you build one—and share it with the existing audience of 40,000+ students. Shared hosting plans may not provide the power needed to host large websites for online learning, such as university courses that experience large enrollments.

10 Key Elements of Successful Membership Sites

” From what I can tell, they have been doing a pretty good job at it. It’s your job to give it to them. In terms of pricing, users already streaming with Dacast’s live streaming solutions can contact Dacast 24/7 for special pricing options. The rest of the process can be completed by following instructions on Moodle’s website. Let’s take a look at four of the best video hosting sites you can host your video course material on. It's probably one of the better choices when it comes to making courses online. But be sure to do the math—the platform charges $5 per sale and monthly subscriptions start from $24 per month.

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Coursera is a professional online course marketplace with virtual classes from some of the world’s best companies and universities like the University of Michigan, Duke, and Stanford. Their catalog includes some of the most popular and highly rated online courses: By setting a learning path and clearly defined end goal, your students will stay more engaged and active with your content. Best wordpress hosting sites for podcasters & bloggers. Another helpful feature of Pathwright is a course-specific discussion feature, helping you to create a community based around each course. There are many broad benefits of video eLearning in various contexts.

If there weren't enough course purchases to warrant your receiving a payout, then you'll receive an invoice for the amount you owe. How to switch your website hosting without affecting your seo. This feature comes in handy when you want viewers to watch the full length of the video and not skip ahead, for example. The company massively upgraded its Web page builder capabilities in 2020, making it more powerful than ever for creating Web sites and courses. For $499 per month, you’ll get all of the features available in lower-tiered plans when you get the Premier Thinkific Plan. In addition to allowing you to create courses, you can also use Coursecats to creating sales pages and opt-in landing pages to grow your email list. You can create a video, quizzes, surveys, downloadable tutorials, and more.

There is piracy protection in place, but I would like to see more of it. While I do like Kajabi as a company and how they are at the forefront of online course development, some of the features like the webpage builder is lacking quite a bit of possibilities, compared to Elementor Pro, for example. You can use a standard receiver, lavaliere mics, or even a headset, but I recommend a USB microphone. They'll also show you how to run your own webinars and help students track their own progress, and you'll be able to receive payments directly via PayPal or Stripe. Another feature that is on my wishlist is watermarking videos, which is another feature that would help us protect our content. Teachable allows anyone with a skill to create a course and sell it to the network. Some may not play at all, and if you are charged for bandwidth over a specific minimum, you may find yourself facing high charges.

LMS Hosting Solutions On Fast Servers.

With a robust rev share model, a vast audience to tap into, 24/7 support, and marketing offerings, you can’t go wrong with their platform. You'll also need the right set of tools. There is a great Teacher Center available that’s full of resources to help you through the process. The perfect way to share your expertise and create a new income stream. With more people learning on the go, this is a missed opportunity to engage students no matter where they’re at.

Can not test students with quizzes, etc.

So if you're not going to use either of those options…you've likely heard of these two options. This whole process ALWAYS comes back to your customer. Best wordpress managed hosting 2020, some hosting companies, such as SiteGround, boast managed WordPress hosting on their website, but they aren’t really ‘true’ managed WordPress hosts. Finally, they offer social media integration, analytics to optimize your sales, a strong knowledge base, and 24/7 support. What other file types should you include? Auto-generated sales pages allow course creators to add testimonials, and custom blocks, and the dashboard lets you see enrollment numbers and a broad array of other course features at a glance. So when an issue does arise, you want to feel confident that your chosen video hosting platform will support you in real-time.

It’s a great course, but you just haven’t had the time to promote it! Instead, you should relentlessly focus on online coaching, creating accountability systems and experiential learning design to create a framework and testable experimental process to get your students the results you promise them in your marketing and sales. To make sure emails are processed correctly, you’ll need to set up the cron jobs from your Bluehost control panel. Your online course should have one focal point and not stray away from it or go off-topic. Another often discussed option is Amazon S3 – which offers very inexpensive hosting.

Finally, you return to your CMS to add that video into the course.


In fact, A2 Hosting can speed up your website’s load times by as much as 20 times faster than the competition. Not all online learning platforms offer integration with a web conferencing tool for live courses, though. That's right, at this point I have 30 videos on Vimeo Pro, another 200 for my blog at YouTube, and 4 or 5 still being tested at Wistia. LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda) is another online course marketplace tailored to business professionals. The first thing to consider is capacity. To be successful, you need to be able to create, organize, and deliver your course content efficiently. Other plans include the Pro plan that is $369 per month, billed annually. It's very simple to use.

Note that if you use a WP plugin to sell your online courses, you would need to sign up for a video-hosting platform. Jess frazelle, see our article on migrating projects from SVN. With the right knowledge, you won’t waste your time and you won’t lose your money. Share your latest updates on Twitter and Instagram. CONS of course creation software: Unless you want to become the next EdX, you have to specialize and be the best at an exceptionally focused niche. While it does offer a 28-day free trial, Kajabi doesn’t provide a free plan for users. Kajabi was designed as a course platform first, whereas ClickFunnels was created as a sales funnel builder first. But that's just our opinion.

You can personalize project advice from the project reviewer. The best online courses are those that help someone (rather than trying to be something for everyone). 27+ best web hosting of 2020 (biggest guide + pricing). This tool helps you to create your own online customize course with ease. In the future, you will also be able to follow up with email leads after they have opted in to your list. So what does it mean to host an NHI training? They provide beautiful templates to help save you time and a step-by-step building system that allows you to create your whole course in a fraction of the time (compared to other online course platforms).

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24/7 live chat. You can also integrate the platform with Google Analytics in the way that Analytics shows you sales and eCommerce data. You probably haven’t heard much about Flora LMS yet, and that’s understandable because it’s spanking new. They have a large user base of creators and entrepreneurs. There is intense competition with other courses. Knorish offers three packages, starting with the free package. API access is available throughout the Kaltura platform and is one of the strengths of the system. You can try it out with a free trial through my affiliate link.


As a solution for video hosting for online courses, vzaar is available in addition to Dacast’s live streaming solution. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress video tutorials. The 9 best wordpress hosting platforms, it is a good alternative to other hosting companies specializing in WordPress such as WP Engine. You will still need to purchase separate digital marketing tools like landing page builders, email list software, blogging tools, etc. Focus on your niche and provide the absolute best content with a focus on your unique value proposition (UVP).

The main benefit of hosting your online course on a marketplace like Udemy is that you get instant access to an established community. And when you're done with that, you'll come to your dashboard: If you’re looking for more advanced education, you can even take part in university-recognized online degree programs. Supports SCORM. Streaming technologies take more resources and bandwidth than rendering a standard HTML web page.

Hosting & LMS Customization: Considering Your Unique Learning Needs

The platform states that their mission is to help people change the way they earn by allowing creators to use a range of great tools to monetize their unique knowledge. You’ll also have access to affiliate management, so your students can earn a commission for referring others to your course. As you can see from this list, students are looking for highly informative, impactful education. Because of this, students could take a course, complete it within 30 days, and get a guaranteed refund – decreasing your sales.

From Thinkific to Teachable

Ideally, there should be further measures taken to limit unauthorized downloads or block sharing capabilities. This may ore may not be an important consideration in your plans to sell online courses. In this article, we’ll start by explaining how membership websites are different than regular WordPress websites and blogs. As an online course creator, there are a number of ways that you can use videos to improve your students’ learning experience. Also, instructors know little about students. Additionally, you’ll get to reward students for completing their course by giving course completion certificates. A2’s hosting plans come complete with around-the-clock support and a comprehensive online knowledge base, so site owners can easily get assistance if they run into any issues. How to make money on Podia:

In these training partnerships, NHI provides superior training materials and subject matter experts to instruct the course, while our "hosts" provide the training facility and equipment. However, what Udemy enables you to do is sell your course with zero worries on taxation. You can get started with a 14-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Your videos will get more search traffic if you're hosting them on Wistia. Multi-language support is a plus, and the integrated blog gives you a better chance of improving SEO. ATutor ATutor is a free learning management system software solution. The basic plan is $39 per month ($33. )And, in early 2020, Kajabi released Kajabi Email, featuring a powerful visual editor to to create attractive, high-converting e-mails fast. To get the pricing for your customized plan and to sign up, you’ll need to call LearnWorlds directly.

LinkedIn Learning.

Hopefully it will save you some time and help you make your own choice. Free for selling a paid course. And it can be fully integrated with any marketing software such as MailChimp, Mixpanel, Infusionsoft, etc. Are representatives helpful? I’m hosting one of my online courses on the platform, and so far, people have enjoyed the course with zero complaints or refunds. If you are ready to sell online courses and just want to get started fast (or already have, but are looking for new technology), be sure to check out the free Teachable Quickstart Webinar (offered weekly on Thursdays). Teachable is the 800-pound gorilla of platforms for hosting online courses. Themes can be downloaded from the internet, or created according to your own color and branding needs.