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Picking the best format to display your creative work can be daunting. It features a fixed left sidebar with custom background support and comes with different page templates for blog, portfolio, archives, and galleries. That’s why I want to show you some of the things you can do to take your site to the next level.

Are you a graphic designer looking for inspiration to create your own online portfolio? Not an HTML wizard? Whether you want to showcase your work to fellow designers, keep a personal record of your achievements, or quickly create a customized portfolio in order to impress a prospective employer or client, having an online portfolio is now an essential tool for every creative.

Example portfolio on deviantART. Peak is a modern WordPress portfolio theme featuring a tile based display of images in a responsive grid layout. At any time of the day SiteGround offers excellent customer support.

Skylab is a popular WordPress portfolio theme that you can purchase from ThemeForest.

How to Build an Online Portfolio

It’s still amongst the top 250 websites on Earth, which says a lot about a 16-year old website! On the right side of the screen, you’ll see all of the widget areas that have been created for your theme. If not, you can just use the simple site editor instead – picking colors and fonts is as easy as clicking on a side panel. So, you want to select a theme that matches the website you are building. Get your website online today, from our fully owned, privately operated secure data center in Canada and USA, we are able to offer complex e-commerce hosting, WordPress hosting services and scale-able VPS Hosting in Pakistan. Wix provides the user with around 30 templates that are specifically designed for portfolio websites.


As a result, the top question you need to ask yourself when creating your site’s pages, headlines, and biography is: They can then be accessed publicly on the Dribbble website, while highly viewed Shots are displayed on the Dribbble homepage. 20 best dedicated server hosting of 2020 reviews, the agent also asked about our plans with the website and suggested the best plan based on our needs and goals. A list of projects include websites, promo campaign, and even VR/360 experiences. However, if you read the fine print under the add-on, you’ll see that HostGator already includes a free SSL certificate. If you’re experiencing success and lots of people are visiting your online portfolio, make sure you include an easy way for them to reach out and communicate with you. Multiple pages and themes to choose from. Some of the features include portfolio image popups, multiple column support, responsive, supports all modern web browsers, and more. Your photos need to look great, but if they take too long to load, you may be losing your visitors’ attention and shooting yourself in the foot.

What’s more, when you purchase Adobe Portfolio ($9. )In the Front Page Displays section, click the radio button that says A Static Page Choose your About Me page to be the home page. Marketing is another thing that freelancers need to learn about, because without understanding your market, you’ll end up shooting in the dark. SmugMug focuses on photographers exclusively, and it has a bunch of interesting photography apps (e. )Some of these include a YouTube video gallery, popup support, responsive design and a product catalog. Selecting the right hosting provider for your portfolio website is an important job.

The Essential Elements Needed in an Online Portfolio

If you find that those files are buried in sub folders, you’ll need extract everything and create a zip folder of whatever folder contains those files. You can and absolutely should build your own portfolio site, but—even if you do—it’ll still be in a vacuum. Primarily, this is because the design and appearance of your website are far more important than normal. What happens when someone needs a logo for a new product, service, or company? Second, select the items that you want to showcase on your online portfolio. In their own words, “Dunked is for anyone without the time or skills to develop a portfolio from scratch. It is easy to set up and optimized for speed and SEO. If you want to get updates when I release more great content like this in the future, be sure to sign up for my email newsletter below!

And just like Mona Lisa, Squarespace won't come cheap. With a click on a mouse, you can edit and adjust the layout and make it follow your branding. Additionally, there are thousands of developers who specialize in each popular content management system. You’ll also have the ability to upgrade to a higher package to unlock additional features and be able to create a much larger site.

Once online, you can drag and drop elements and position them in a way that suits your needs best.


It may seem “obvious” that you’re a photographer if your online portfolio is a collection of your photos, but that still doesn’t answer every question. 99 a month, gives you unlimited image uploads, the ability to select other design themes, use a custom domain name and more. Here is some overall Portfolio advice you may find helpful: What’s cool about the tool is that you can freely start without the need to open your wallet. Ditronic software, fileMaker 15 & 16 clients can connect to a FileMaker 14 server, you will be hosted on a FileMaker 14 server. Scroll down on the page, where their portfolio is displayed, and you’ll see that parallax scrolling becomes one of the most prominent features on their website.

Your About Page

How do I get access to the course? The theme is schema friendly, optimized for speed, and of course, mobile-friendly. Allora8, this is definitely a machine that would be ideal as a bare-metal virtualization host for smaller departments and organizations, with room to grow. Always make sure to check out the documentation for your theme so you know what all your options are. As a consequence, the website feels dated and sometimes using it can be very frustrating.


Personally, I find the free Simple theme to be enough for my needs. You just might need to do a bit of Googling as you go. The first limitation of an online portfolio is that it will some time both to create it as well as update it. In short, as an online portfolio site that features for showing beautiful design photos, it is also a good choice for you to create perfect portfolios online. Green powered & energy efficient, gBB (Green Business Bureau - Get the Green Certification) - http:. This, along with several options for site creation services, is all a new site owner needs to get started and one important thing is that the cost is hard to beat.

Then, have additional examples available should your portfolio viewer request to see something else.

Are There Any Flaws?

If you’re already established as an online business and can expect significant revenue and traffic though, opting for the premium plans might be your best bet. Unfortunately, though, portfolio customization is limited. I hope to produce a new updated video tutorial soon. Instead of leaving all the money on the table, it is time to create a site with Fabrik portfolio website builder. When looking for a web hosting company, you need one that’s reliable and lightning fast. Search for Really Simple SSL. Page elements like contact forms, image slide-shows, marketing pop-up bars are pieces of your website that are usually created and added using a WordPress plugin. Or, you can use the image to the right for sharing on Pinterest!

Choosing the right platform for your portfolio website is crucial for the success. This may sound obvious, but if you’ve been working in this industry for a while, you’ll have many projects you want to include in your portfolio. Links – if you have friends who also have personal sites, it can be cool to link to them.

Still, some builders come completely free of charge, giving you access to the service just by creating an account.

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The most popular premium plan starts at $8. Others look for more specific information, comparing various website builders, such as Wix vs Weebly vs Blogger vs Squarespace vs Google Sites vs Adobe Spark Page and so on. If you find yourself in one of the following, it’s safe to assume that you need a portfolio like a book needs words: WordPress theme controls the visual aspect of your website: Click the Bulk Actions drop-down once again and select Delete. Whether you need an artist portfolio or a graphic design website builder, the following will apply. #19 – sina weibo, many network operations centers will be happy to guide you to the right locations if you plan to install your own hardware. Dribbble—which started in 2020 as a side project by its founders—is now a go-to resource for discovering and connecting with designers around the world.

Drag and drop editors are also known as ‘What You See Is What You Get’ editors (WYSIWYG), which means that any changes you make in the editor will be reflected on your live website. You don’t need to print new copies of it and send it out to your contacts over and over; you just update it. However, themes are not purely cosmetic. As long as you don't mind your portfolio having a Wix domain name and Wix brand ads then the free option should provide you with plenty of a value; if you want your own domain name, no ads, more storage and additional bandwidth, its paid plans are reasonably priced.

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Web and graphic designers who wish to freelance still need to think about their prospective business plan. How hard is WordPress to use? It’s also good to have a picture of yourself, and maybe even some quotes about your work from other people. The isle, save your changes, close out of the notepad and start that bad boy up by double clicking the Server_Start. Launched in 1998, Coroflot hosts over 1. What's more, its template options are some of the most well-designed that we've seen. Google picks up on those terms and feeds them into its algorithm. Knowing that you need an online portfolio is one thing, but how do you go about designing one?

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Interactive PDFs can be made with either Adobe InDesign or Adobe Acrobat. The best free wiki software compared, in the case of spam, the messages often include unique image URLs that are specific to that message only. One of the best portfolio website templates, Moonfruit, is awaiting you with its many assets and all the rest you need for your web space. It was fun, but it wasn’t enough. Think about the eventual direction you might want to take your site in the future and see if the existing feature set can help you achieve those goals.

Less Is More

A good portfolio can play a key role in your future success. Express your uniqueness through case studies. Thanks to the ubiquity of free hosting plans available from top-name platforms, everyone can now easily and affordably create an online portfolio. Most website builders will allow you to view the entire, or at least a sample, of the theme library before you sign up. The hosts presented here offer web builders and templates to ease the site design process and the affordability to protect bottom lines.

Some of the portfolios you can create include photos, graphics, videos, arts, and much more.

Services Desired

Here you can craft a free stunning portfolio to showcase your work. Applying for and then receiving a Cargo membership gives you a free service that’s fairly basic, and this offers 12 projects and three pages. Sungard launches managed hosting services capability for iworks prophet. For instance, Ultra includes 15 different header styles, which means you can put your logo and menu items wherever you want. You can find him at his virtual homes Wooden Writing and Counter Culturist. Flickr didn’t just gain its success overnight.

This helps us run makeawebsitehub. Once you have signed up for a hosting account, you will need to install WordPress. It focuses on a stunningly beautiful display of large images with elegant typography that allows you to add rich storytelling element to your images.

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Dunked looks after the servers, security, software and updates, leaving you completely free to concentrate on client work. Scorm cloud, udemy sells subscriptions of individual courses while Skillshare sells subscriptions to all its complete content. Carbonmade takes the arduous process of creating an online portfolio and submerges it in a world of unicorns, mustaches, and magic octopuses (or is it octopodes?) If the platform hosting your online portfolio goes out of business, imposes a financial charge, changes the conditions of your user account, or closes your account, you need to make sure that you can easily port your online portfolio to another platform or host. If you’re a budding entrepreneur looking to set up shop online, it’s imperative your brand is presented professionally. So ask yourself – What’s my website’s purpose? Even artists, designers, and creatives which aren’t actively looking for new work can benefit by having an online portfolio because simply having it available 24 hours a day on the internet can make their accomplishments publicly accessible and thus raise their visibility to potential future collaborators, clients, or employers.

Format is good for the code-fluent and code-averse alike, with the option to customize code or use built-in tools to change your page. This is where you lay out what you offer, so your potential clients can get a clear understanding of your services and packages. Why newshosting?, what do the updates mean for us? The free version's a little limited, but Portfoliobox has plenty of options (Image credit: )

Did you train at the top design school in the country? For example, if you’re a logo designer, ensure you show a great quality picture of a logo in different variations. It supports many popular free plugins out of the box and is fully compatible with Polylang plugin to build multilingual websites. Use bold colours to direct attention to your projects , unless more muted colours better represent your individual brand. HostGator’s revamped drag-and-drop web builder will help you build a stunning site sure to wow your visitors. (3) Not many people have one. Portfolio is more of a website builder than a feed, which might suit your needs better. But before you publish your site and go live, you can first see the changes you make real-time and investigate how your portfolio appears online in advance.