6 Best Website Builders for Musicians for 2020

Also, your computer would need to be running and hooked up to the internet 24/7.

You choose a domain name (the name of your website), purchase hosting and install WordPress. It also includes One-click installation tool for installing WordPress quickly. The price is $12. (Instagram, Twitter or Facebook), there are some other interesting channels.

Again, this is exclusive to Moving Pictures, so switch to that theme and give it a shot! (95 monthly paid upfront) is the best if you want to start a musician website, because this offers plenty of disk space and bandwidth to support your site. You might notice the strong quality differences between plans and the absence of custom mailbox. BoldGrid is free to use, but in order to get access to this powerful WordPress extension, you need to purchase a hosting plan. For any musician that wants to make it big, they will most likely need a website. However you don’t need to hire someone to make it for you. Because there are many different products in the ecosystem, it’s easy to scale up or down as needed.

However, this involves some modification and expertise to set up.

Building a Music Site with WordPress

You can find even more info on HostBaby widgets here. There are three plans in the Shared hosting option, the cheapest starts with the aptly named Starter plan at $4. These three platforms all involve similar steps. These days you don’t have to be a developer, even a musician can build a website. While this particular website builder doesn’t offer huge options in terms of design tools and functionality, if your goal is to get your music online quickly and easily Difymusic is worth a look, particularly if you also want to sell music or merchandise. In past years, users might have been looking for an “experience” when they came to your site – I remember (not fondly) sitting through so many overlong Flash intros just so I could see tour dates – but today, they’re not hoping to be wowed:

Of course you want to feature your upcoming shows so your fans know where to see you next. With just a click, you can relocate your website to a dedicated server or a VPS if needed. It’ll give people an idea of what your live show looks like, let them know you’re actively playing out, and give you content to use for promotion, artwork, or whatever else might come up. Dns hosting service, and these claims aren't just reassuring words on a website. You can learn more about each hosting company by reading our in-depth reviews. Especially, if you’re a small band and don’t expect a lot of traffic to your site. Yes, you can hire a web designer to design and build your site for you. However, a number of functions that will greatly simplify the work with the site, as well as make the site more visible and popular, must be paid. They have both a theme and a page builder which you can install as a plugin on WordPress.

They “actually offer real” customer support.

Example… Create a band website like a rockstar: from U2 to U3

AmpJuke Use AmpJuke to stream all of your favorite music. 27+ best web hosting of 2020 (biggest guide + pricing). As I reported above, the core WordPress has not enough features to create a music website. Same goes if you want to upgrade from one plan to another since the upgrade won’t have any discount applied to it. What they could improve: As long as they can keep getting new shmucks to signup faster than people are leaving, they keep making money!

But that essentially makes HostBaby an overpriced hosting provider with a few extra apps that are no different to free WordPress plugins. With your band growing, you can always upgrade the plan and be able to attract even more visitors without your site collapsing. Endorsed by the crew responsible for the planet’ s most-used content control system, Bluehost is actually the long time requirement of WordPress throwing. For putting videos out there, it will take up approximately 560 MB of data. Singers and DJs who are in the business for a while can go straight to the more expensive packages.

There is a limited number of themes to choose from, which you can customise easily and also bring over your own custom domain name. That said, it would be a shame to invest too much into one platform as musicians spent tons of time and effort cultivating their social media presence to lose that connection to their fans once the platform went out of style. My favorite is obviously BlueHost! You control it.

Best For Sites With High Sales

I didn't make ANY changes to my website. Don’t feel like you have to fill every header category suggested to you in your template. Especially with the hosts I have chosen for you, which all have easy installation, good support and competitive prices. We expect to start migrating sites around the end of 2020.


For existing users, we’ll communicate more details about what you can expect over the coming months. Your music website will always be in motion with InMotion hosting. Needless to say, their store service ain’t perfect. (I’ll discuss this more in Step 2). Since your website knows what day it is, it automatically removes your past dates. You can watch the simple step-by-step instructions here. Right, over the internet. But, as usual, there are a few things lacking.

But even if things are still under construction, no worries.

Anything you can think of on websites can usually be found in WordPress plugins. The format of the created site is close to an informative blog (it’s convenient to introduce fans to the group’s biography and notify them of upcoming events). On top of all that there are a host of themes to choose from, some of which cost money, but many are free, and a lot of them would suit a musician's portfolio. The company offers drag-and-drop site builder, with lots in-built functionality and customization options. There’s even image editing tools built-in so you can fine-tune the style of the pictures on your site.

If the wacky title doesn’ t offer you, the free domain name enrollment (permanently!) If they don’t, you can either purchase the domain name at an additional cost (roughly $15/year) from the hosting company or purchase it from another company. Emu hosting the best web hosting in au, i have used this same principle to find my picks of the best web host Australia picks that won’t disappoint! Too many visitors in a short space of time might call for a collapse if hosting is not powerful enough. In fact, she became a fantastic professional violinist using all sorts of devices (e. )Their price is the most affordable our experts’ ve discovered for a common throwing plan that includes all kind of totally free additionals: By the way, the number of songs and photos available for upload to the site has no limits. 95 per year for an additional custom inbox. The cheapest starts at regular monthly payments of $9.

Users also can’t make any major changes to the site’s layout:

Like This:

It’s ok to make mistakes during the writing and recording process, but when it comes to showcasing online you need to make sure your musicianship is on point every time. For musicians looking for the best hosting options for their websites the above 10 companies I have selected could all be a potential winning choice. As difficult as it can be sometimes, do check the small print as some sites will spring extra costs on you, or mention in passing something that may not sit well with you like site shut downs for example. 99 and Unlimited at $8. And much more! I’m including them in this review because they have a website builder, called “Site Builder” and it comes up frequently when searching. This makes Spotify a king in the world of mainstream music streaming.

HostGator – Setup and Grow Your Music Site

Totally unacceptable! Along with the beautiful designs and carefully selected eCommerce features, your website will perform with great speed. Wordpress managed hosting, it just means your bill can be discounted in the event of any unplanned downtime. There are a handful of things to discuss here in regards to the above tweet:

Weebly is another good alternative for creating your band’s website. I personally have had different websites hosted over the years with lots of different companies including Bluehost, Godaddy, Hostgator, Siteground & more. Best wordpress hosting providers in 2020 compared, wordPress optimized servers Website:. Two, in my last request as to why my site had been experiencing discrepancies in page loading time (sometimes taking just a few seconds and other times taking nearly 15 to 20 seconds), all I was told was that it was my files.

Music Templates

When you start adding custom designs to your site there is also the option to buy premium themes. HostGator also offers one-click installation tool that makes it quick and easy for users to setup their WordPress music site. [march 1st – review], also, many providers utilize optimization scripts to minimize performance issues as much as possible. A bad web designer can make a grown artist cry.

I use WordPress for all my websites and blogs and also recommend it to my friends and clients. The website builder for musicians allows you to add media files of various types, including images, audio, and video. Being a musician is important to have a website. You can get extremely hands-on with building out your WordPress site or just tweak certain things. Got questions? And all allows meets the right needs for all small – mid sized websites.

While the templates aren’t the most refined, it’s the features you can offer your fans that really set BandVista apart. For even more information, make sure you read our full InMotion Hosting review. As you can imagine, this is quite a bit pricier than Shared Hosting. It’s not just the support though, their hosting speeds have been tested to be some of the best and fastest in the industry. Facebook, learn more [email protected] A website will have personalized information, pictures and video available to everyone out there therefore proving that the musician is absolutely passionate about his/her music and that he/she is serious. (99/month regular price) and includes a free domain, 1-click WordPress installation, free site builders, unmetered bandwidth, and 50 GB storage space. Finally, add imagery and build you beautiful gallery page displaying the events you have participated in. It also has excellent customer support and though only a 30 day money back guarantee it does have both types of servers and an uptime promise.

David Cross

9% uptime promise and the usual money back offer of 30 days. View detailed stats of music plays, shares, sales & downloads. There are personalized fonts, thanks to which musicians can create beautiful covers for their albums. Doing so will increase your site’s speed and performance while still allowing you to take advantage of the industry connections you can make through music sharing sites. Depending on your web hosting plan’s storage limit and bandwidth rate, it might be beneficial to host your large music and video files on a music sharing platform, such as SoundCloud and embed them onto your main, hosted website. This could range from $300 to a few grand depending on what you want done. If you choose to create the website using WordPress, I recommend checking out the linked tutorial.

What I like about Bandzoogle:

Out-of-the-box Optimization

Those MP3s appear as streamable files for visitors to your site – they can listen to the tunes in their browser, no plug-ins or extra software required, so it's a great way of showcasing your talents without paying anything. If you choose one of the above mentioned hosting companies, the installation of WordPress to your site will be easy. So long as customers are satisfied and happy, an artist’s music track sales would continue to grow no matter which stage of stardom may be. Your managed cloud hosting platform, web hosting services offer varying amounts of monthly data transfers, storage, email, and other features. An online store will also let you sell tunes online and even tickets to your upcoming shows. You can get tracks organized into entire albums if you really want to go to town, or just share (or even sell) single tracks. As a consequence, it becomes easy to attract a massive fanbase and supercharge sales. Let us know in the comments. This is even more important if you run a directory or host sites for other people.

You can add posts with updates, news and any general information you want to share with fans.

Music Hosting - Need A Different Solution?

You can choose from hundreds of free templates and customize them for your needs. It has various types of hosting options like WordPress, Cloud, Dedicated and VPS. However, these issues may not be huge deals to you. Setting up WordPress with iPage is also easy. That’s why choosing one a web host that offers you free tech support almost any time of the day can come handy with professionals looking after your website. But it's as fast as I'll ever need! 9% network uptime. The platform offers a 30-day free trial which means you can get everything ready before you even spend any money.

Just like stumbling across the upcoming excellent guitar riff, uncovering the best host for artists ensures to get you on your feet as well as jumping for joy. Let us know in the comments! The price is $8.

Upload images directly to your site, from anywhere.

Feature it up front on your site and make sure to let your fans and friends know about it. But every time she needs to update something, I get an upset call from her telling me it’s too difficult. Best free hosting, remember, if your website goes down and you have no backup, there is no way you can get it back. The main disadvantage of the service is the need to purchase a domain name for a fee of $14. Upload your songs and customize music player. I’ve seen many many Wix sites that look horrendous. For those needing dedicated hosting resources, InMotion has plenty of other hosting configurations to meet specific hosting needs. Whether you are musicians with web experience or musicians with no experience whatsoever, any of these sites can be navigated easily. It eventually became too much!

I’m lumping these two into one (so I guess I’m including four options) since they are owned by the same parent company and are set up very similar.
This plan allows to host up to 10 sites as well and includes $150 worth marketing credits.

Distinctive Features of Bandzoogle

Building a site isn’t limited to only tech-savvy designers and professionals anymore. Otherwise, the platform is an excellent option for creatives who want to get massive exposure and grow a large fanbase from their work. There are gazillions of freelancers and companies that will love to bid for your project. The rates and functionalities of music sharing sites can vary across brands and subscription levels. 45/month, you can even get yourself a free domain name to make your site look more professional, and if you run into any problems then their dedicated customer service staff will be more than happy to help.

When did you last made a visit to book a Music concert? Anyone who is used to using WordPress or Tumblr is going to balk at HostBaby’s blogging setup, and in many cases, it probably won’t even be used. Your suggestions will help us improve the system. If people want to get a FEEL for you, they find you on the social sites and interact with you there. To make your life even simpler, Sansar theme comes with a number of pre-built pages, so you don’t have to create them from scratch. UPTIME - If your site or email is down, you can't make money! So, the overall idea is to encourage users to commit for a longer subscription term.


Alternatively, Bandzoogle has all that functionality and more - share your music, host a blog, embed video, create event calendars, sign people up to your newsletter and sell stuff, all from the same site. My sister, on the other hand, turned out to be pretty good at music. A free domain name is included with all their plans.