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97% per month.

Trust us, you just don’t want to be there. The company had pledged in the past to support green environment; hence, the ‘Go Green’ program came into existence. Web site builder – I know web site builders generally are pretty poor for creating a good professional looking site, but I needed a quick start and a builder that would get me up and running quickly and easily. So, if you are not happy with their service then you can ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase.

  • Hand over your cash in the usual way, and moments later, an email arrives from Just Host with all the relevant details.
  • They have an outstanding reputation for their super-efficient response times and a particularly knowledgeable staff team.
  • 46/month for shared hosting, JustHost is ideal for those looking for low-cost affordable web hosting.

With PLUS plan you get hosting for up to 10 websites, 150GB disk space, and 100 email accounts. According to JustHost their web hosting features are closely integrated with a customer control panel and make it easy to work and improve a site. While this is a decent effort on JustHost’s part to educate customers on how to run successful websites, the blog lacks updated content since it is not frequently updated. In our review of Just Host, we found them to be reliable and affordable. So, what to choose instead? 99 monthly for Standard/Enhanced/Premium/Ultimate. 18pm et monday update], you also get a free SSL if you need to secure an online store. 95 per month and supports unlimited websites. This exposure will greatly increase our customer base and our conversion rate which is one of the highest in our industry will continue to grow with our customers.

36 months are highly recommended at this price. Also, if you decide that the service isn’t for you within the 30-day grace period JustHost provides, getting your money back can take longer than you might expect. You’ll get unlimited MySQL databases for your WordPress and data storage needs, as well as CGI-BIN and CGI Library support. This is includes Google Adwords and Yahoo/MSN Search. JustHost Datacenter operates on quad processor servers and is supplied with a UPS power back-up generator. If you have purchased a dedicated server, you can get in touch with the JustHost team using a phone line available only for use by those with dedicated hosting plans. Justhost is owned by Endurance International Group (EIG), same group that owns prominent hosting companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, iPage, Fatcow, A Small Orange etc.

Why Go With JustHost?

For faster scoring web hosts at similar price points see: JustHost performs 24/7 monitoring, so it can respond proactively to any issues. They even have a single website plan that is much cheaper than Just Host at renewal rates. 24 Months Term — $10. Just host does not provide any uptime guaranty which already became a standard in the industry. Free web hosting, all of this is backed up with live support, based right here in the USA. Or skip to the conclusion.

36 Months Term — $5. The domain registration and setup process is very simple as well. Marketing offers such as Google AdWords credit. You are currently in position 1 Thank you for your patience. If you prefer to manage your website via SSH (Secure Shell Access) for further protection, it's available for $19. That last point can be better understood with a simplified example. In fact, JustHost clearly states that no backups performed are guaranteed and that it assumes zero liability for failed backups, lost data, or data integrity.

Apart from getting free domain you can also get to host unlimited domains, making the management of multiple websites easy.

Final Word

Streaming audio or video can be easily incorporated, and support exists for MIDI files and customized types of MIME. We have placed JustHost in one of our top position rankings due to its superior reliability while not having to sacrifice on the affordability aspect. Our content is free because we may earn a commission when you click or make a purchase using our site. Most customers will only leave a review if they have an extremely positive or extremely negative experience, so it’s normal to get mixed reviews. If you want to launch an e-commerce shop, JustHost has you covered. Except that it’s not: You can cancel your service at any time and receive a pro-rated refund for the remainder of your term. JustHost was founded by famous UK entrepreneur Chris Phillips in 2020 and has kept growing consistently since inception.

In fact, the only mention of any legal entity behind Just Host is found deep in the Help section of their website: Their aim is to make hosting your website as simple as possible. There have been some reports of occasional downtime at Just Host, but with 24/7 monitoring, this is being addressed. Standard, Enhanced and Premium. In contrast to uptime, JustHost’s response time is a bit below what we typically see in world-class hosting companies.

Advanced features are similarly easy to utilize. You might want to find a plan B just in case. The company has been pumping out cheap and efficient shared hosting for about as long as we can remember, catering to the entry-level market while also offering a full roster of options for the seasoned veteran. It has a single data center in Utah, USA, and is owned by the Endurance International Group known for wearing trustworthy hosts down. Will google domains kill godaddy?, you’re free to use any website builder you want to. • Free use of a web host administrator (WHM) administrative control panel for use by the reselling manager, as well as individual control panels for use by clients.

Hosting Plans & Packages

They’ve got Dual Quad Processor Performance servers, and though we aren’t sure exactly what model those performance servers are, we’re willing to bet they’re pretty solid. If you want to build your own site with Just Host, templates are available in a variety of designs and color schemes to match whatever kind of project you’re working on. Yes, we’re sorry you forgot to un-tick that checkbox, but it was there on the page, wasn’t it? JustHost does not charge penalty fees for leaving their network in case of server downtime. 1-click WordPress install. Website hosting rating, it's nice to know that if help is needed, it's available at all times of the day or night. The thoughtful, caring, and professional service of the support staff was even available in the evenings and on the weekend.

Sounds like a bargain to us! By signing up for your own server, you’ll get access to one of Just Host’s dedicated IP addresses along with all of the oomph that comes with hardware exclusively geared to keep your site online. Since we’ve dealt with Endurance-owned hosting providers in the past, our first reaction was to ask the support for real prices.

It seems that JustHost has used the same approach on Twitter as they do in their live chat service. It depends on your plan. The top-of-the-range Ultimate plan offers 4 CPU cores, 8GB RAM, 120GB storage and 3TB bandwidth for $59. Whsr web hosting reviews, reading the fine print on a company's Terms of Service (ToS) will give you a clearer definition of the limits they impose for unlimited hosting services. As expected, dedicated hosting is the most expensive service that JustHost offers. If you choose to go with chat options rather than submitting support tickets, we believe you should be ready for some long hours of waiting. 95/mo (news at $22. )To the point where they look like a single template with just minor differences in content.

Support Options

All you have to do is check to ensure it’s available. Managed hosting explained, without a proper internet connection, you will be unable to access the cloud and this could prove troublesome in case of emergencies. • Unlimited number of email accounts associated with each user. You would figure they would have a answering machine to tell me that they are not open and when to call…… if they were not open. Although other hosting companies provide an unlimited amount of storage, 50GB is still generous if you just have one website in your account. At the same time while they claim being 10 years old to their affiliates on commission junction, their domain registration says the domain was bought in 2020. They offer 30 day money back guarantee, so if you are not happy with their service then you can ask them to refund your money with 30 days of purchase. In addition to this Just Host utilizes top-level firewalls and a multi-layer security system, making them one of the most reliable web hosting options on the market today.

99/month, but currently they are running a special promo under which you can enjoy JustHost professional web hosting for $3. Yes, you read that right. Visit the "Key Features" section of our Expanded Comparison Chart to quickly compare JustHost with other top 10 web hosting companies. So is the company any good? No matter which hosting plans you decide to go with, new account sign-ups will receive a free domain name. Best php hosting: comparison & reviews, while the initial deal might be incredible, the cost of transferring your site (or paying the added fee) in a couple of years may be something to consider. JustHost is owned by Endurance International Group (EIG).

Notable Features:

You don’t need any technical skills to start using website builder tool. ’ They will also submit your site to the various search engines and give you $200 of free advertising credits to help increase your website’s exposure. 5% is estimated to be JustHost’s uptime value. JustHost offers weekly backups. Its headline prices aren't bad, with a starting point of $79. Like any web host, Just Host has disadvantages. This makes it easy for you to extend your website's functionality and feature set and marketing capabilities without having to write a single line of code.

You’ll get the award-winning interface for which cPanel is known, but JustHost has made some changes that make the overall product even easier to use. With anytime money back guarantee, you can always cancel your account and get your unused portion back so there is really no risk. JustHost even refunds any unused portion of your hosting plan. Virtually eliminates downtime, as sites are available on multiple servers. They pride themselves on offering fully featured web hosting for individuals and small businesses, backed by 24/7 technical support. For any website, slow loading speed will kill engagement and conversions. JustHost is sincere towards its uptime assurance but no figure is published on their website.

There are good hosts, there are mediocre hosts and then there’s JustHost… at the bottom of the barrel. This platform is also a great choice for those who wish to build their website by using the world’s most popular content management system, because on Just Host, WordPress is a breeze to install. You can rely on their technical team for any of your technical problems.

Website Building

Then again, getting the tech support staff to actually hand you your refund may not quite be a picnic, but we’re willing to give JustHost the benefit of the doubt. Additionally, the high quality of the company’s customer support enhances the simplicity of using the service. They perform 24/7 network monitoring, so if an issue does arise, they can address it immediately. As we mentioned earlier, the number in the huge font size on the dark-grey background is a promo price. To begin with, every hosting plan comes with a free domain name for one year. Are you thinking about using JustHost to use for your website hosting? 24 per month if paid on a triennial term. 95 and features include 75 GB disk space, 600 GB bandwidth and unlimited domains.

JustHost provides four types of web hosting plans. As a JustHost user, you can easily enable Cloudflare for your website. There are three tiers custom-tailored to meet the demands of the casual reseller, as well as the heavy duty business magnate. A good control panel is one of the most important features that a customer should look at when choosing a web hosting company. Also, please note that we initiate the transfer of domain only if you place a request with us for the same. However, JustHost specifies no number on their Network and Server Uptime Agreement page.

However, I will say that they do deep discounting for the first year across all their products. Can I buy Windows shared hosting from JustHost? (95 per month with a three-year commitment) ups the email total to 100, storage to 150GB, and domains to 10. But you do get to keep your domain name. JustHost provides a free domain name and a 30-day money-back guarantee on its hosting plans. However, it wasn’t enough to boost up their average uptime during our testing period. However, you will incur a fee, which is a letdown considering that some web hosts such as GreenGeeks, InMotion Hosting, and Web Hosting Hub offer free site migration services. 9% uptime guarantee as well as anytime money back guarantee.

Cancellation within the first month comes with a no-question full refund.


Here's what we found out. Rackspace: what's it like to work here?, okay, so who is Rackspace perfect for? The company must be aware of the complaints on its service. Website uptime is one of the most important aspects of a hosting service.

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The monthly price of this plan is $24. Just like other name brand web hosting companies, JustHost offers live chat, phone and email support. This means you can easily create and manage your website using the latest version of cPanel (the most popular web hosting control panel) and add a blog, forum or other "sticky" feature from the Fantastico scripts library. They also offer upgraded servers in a “Pro” package.

Justhost Deals & Coupons

We were especially enamored with the platform’s 1-click script installation, different types of SQL databases and the amount of support JustHost offers for complex functionalities including flash and streaming. Some other goodies included in their package are free website builder, cPanel, $25 MySpace advertising credits, $50 Google adword coupon and a number of other advertising options. Our testing of JustHost Up-time: We’ll break down the major details below: Everything takes some amount of time to learn, however JustHost really streamlines everything to the point where an amateur can fully understand and navigate the control panel within just a few short minutes. You will receive a receipt on the email address you provided in the account information section.

Well, the only difference you will spot here is the fact that premium offers you more ‘free for life’ domains option than the regular plan offers. The bulk of my look at Justhost. 12 Months Price — $19.

December 2020 average uptime: