InMotion Hosting Reviews: Is InMotion Hosting A Good Hosting? Ratings & Discounts

You won’t need to learn a new system when you move your site to InMotion Hosting. InMotion offers other shared options specifically for WordPress and website building. The verification process is even more tedious and time consuming for customers residing outside the US. InMotion Hosting is one of the best web hosts around and is the most popular choice among businesses for a secure and reliable experience. The company guarantees a perfectly adequate 99. But you are probably wondering, ‘Is InMotion a good hosting provider for my website? We are very happy with Inmotion Hosting! InMotion’s uptime is good.

The proof, however, is in the pudding as they say. They boast 50TB of monthly data transfers, too. Coolhandle web hosting coupon & review, averages are based on three phone calls to each web host. In addition to standard pages such as Contact Us and About Us, you can add special pages, such as Flash Intro and eShop. I’ve had my Business Hosting account since I first signed up with InMotion over 10 years ago, and I continue to use it for hosting sites and email.

  • This applies to Live Chat, which is the channel we use when we need some help.
  • They provide excellent customer care, solid uptime and high performance and feature rich shared hosting, in large part due to the fact that it is U.

A link promised to show us just that, but instead revealed a guide on 'How to make basic changes to MediaWiki skins. Instead of routing your data through multiple different networks, peering works by directly connecting you with the closest peer, which results in much quicker responses and loading speeds! To conclude, there is very little to complain about here. You forget to implement a backup mechanism. ● Unlimited isn't actually unlimited, which is also true for most other providers. The starting price of InMotion Hosting is $6. Here’s what we gathered on InMotion:

One of these is that they offer free website backups. If you're looking to expand and host more websites (more than 6 websites which the Power plan allows) then the Pro plan would be a better option for you. I am using a different provider and rerouted my web site, but email is working very spotty. This is why I created a tutorial video on how to speed up the process by doing the majority of it yourself, fast and easy. Not to mention a full cPanel and WHM license, granting you unparalleled access to the inner workings of your site—without even any need for complex HTML or CSS coding knowledge! InMotion Hosting offers FREE private SSL certificates on all Shared Business Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Server plans.

  • There is a great deal to like about InMotion’s web hosting services.
  • InMotion provides phone, email, and chat support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • It’s obvious that they put a lot of money behind creating helpful content.
  • You can try Boldgrid here.

InMotion vs SiteGround

I will do my best, Mike. InMotion offers monthly billing for all hosting plans except for the two lowest-priced Business plans. In our article, we won't be looking at common functions, we will keep our review with the real differences between InMotiong hosting and other hosting companies. BoldGrid is the website builder developed and offered by InMotion Hosting to its users. Each plan features WHMCS billing software, DNS clustering, private name servers, a free dedicated IP, and unlimited cPanel accounts. Companies with an A+ rating have shown their commitment to giving their customers the best possible care, resolving their complaints and acting above-board and ethically in their decisions. Java hosting: which company is best to host your java applets? Need an NGINX server instead of Apache?

While setting up a Google App integration to use your new domain with Gmail, Google Docs, Drive, and more isn’t exactly brain surgery, it can be a frustrating process if you’ve never edited MX records before. For perspective here’s HostGator’s test with the same “out of the box” no configurations. Overtime is expected, if you wish to remain a part of the team.

  • You pretty much have to pre-pay for at least a year of hosting on their shared hosting plans.
  • Think legal fee container.
  • However, the latter hosting solution is solely optimized for WordPress and its associated plug-ins.

Help And Support

SSH access – Manage your site files through a command line, a feature that not too many hosts offer. (99/mo) on your first bill. There is also a nice roster when it comes to e-commerce solutions, but other than that, the choices limited. Same with Drupal. You wouldn’t want to shell out 3 years worth of services without even knowing if it is up to par. There are features and functions to manage your Credit Card, Reset account password, purchase additional stuff, upgrade, ways of purchasing stuff such as an SSL certificate for your domain (if you're not happy with the free SSL provided), update it, download the BoldGrid builder, and plenty of others. While features vary from plan to plan, here are the features included at all levels: It’s intuitive to use and saves a lot of time if you regularly customize the design of pages.

Describing all of these functions is simply beyond the scope of this InMotion VPS review. Publish, after all, you wouldn’t trust YouTube to keep a video that held your personal credit card information — likewise, it is unwise to upload anything to a public video sharing site which may contain sensitive or proprietary information that you don’t want seeping out to the general public. For the higher Pro plan, they guarantee a 99. I feel that InMotion Hosting fits well in this category.

After that it slowed down as traffic kept increasing.

Cons of InMotion Hosting

There isn’t really anything wrong with this but a lot of people prefer to read an article rather than talking to customer support. No hosting company is perfect or “the best” – you’ll find plenty of InMotion Hosting complaints (and raves) around the web. Both speed and uptime slips have been disappointing, so they’ve fallen down in our overall rankings to the 22nd place. Every hosting plan on InMotion comes with a free domain name. Dedicated hosting While Essential, Advanced and Elite include a discount ($70 and up), the Commercial Class packages do not. VPS Hosting Plans: InMotion offers a 90-day money-back guarantee for 6 months+ for business, VPS, and Reseller plans, which is better than most providers.

Each plan includes backup drives and starts at 6TB of data transfer, 8GB of RAM, 1TB 7. A VPS plan will give you better scalability, clearly listed parameters and capacity of the server. To prevent fraud, InMotion doesn’t practice instant account activation. Web hosting specialists at InMotion have at least four years of professional hosting experience, and the support staff attend and pass a 160-hour training course. Pros of Inmotion Hosting:

  • No web hosting provider is perfect, and InMotion definitely isn’t an exception to this statement.
  • It offers great features with solid security.
  • In regular terms, it means that you get unlimited resources as long as your sites don’t affect the performance of other sites on the shared server.
  • There are three other plans under this category, namely Launch, Power, and Pro.

InMotion Hosting Plans & Prices

Here are my biggest gripes: 130GB, 3TB of bandwidth and 6GB RAM. Email hosting at InMotion Hosting is easy and painless to manage. InMotion WordPress Hosting provides PHP7. As a general rule, a database is what stores the information that powers your website (so 1 install of WordPress runs off 1 database as a general rule). But over the last few months, things have started falling off the rails a bit. In case something happens to your website, you can restore it based on a certain backup made by inMotion Hosting.

In the example above, I upgraded the memory and SSD drives. Will my website be backed up? Do we recommend InMotion for web hosting? For more information on InMotion Hosting, check out the videos below: There are additional backup options for websites over 10g, available upon request. Check out this video for more information on Boldgrid. Setup works exactly like with WordPress. I always look to see what a provider’s customers are saying about them online.

Live Chat Support

InMotion Hosting. We logged into our old Inmotion Hosting account, created a test site and went to town with it, just to see how they’ve been holding up since we last hosted with them, and boy oh boy we did not regret it. The available extensions are: Jump to rest of review.

I’d like to see InMotion Hosting offer clearer support for this or even a tool that gives you specific recommendations.

Instead of being a standalone website builder like Weebly, InMotion’s site builder is actually a set of WordPress plugins called BoldGrid which required a separate installation. One of the things we love most about InMotion is that it allows the user to choose their server of origin, an unprecedented level of control that we can’t match to any other web host. We own and pay for all the hosting accounts we use in our reviews and performance testing. Like most web hosts, a discount is applied to the first term (for up to three years). After a few minutes of holding our breath, we were ready to roll. Personally, I would also recommend A2 Hosting and SiteGround. A great asset to your business or personal online presence.

Best for WordPress Hosting

You even get a choice of Linux- or Windows-based servers for extra flexibility. You’ll find them all below, categorized by section, but before we get there, why not take a second, hard look at who InMotion claims they are? Small things, but they can save you time from having to configure other WordPress plugins to take care of them.

Simplify repetitive back-end procedures with automatic WordPress, Plugin and Themes backups. How to monetize a blog in 2020 (13 profitable ways). 5 Performance 9 Support 9. I put all of my knowledge and experience and will share it with you in this InMotion Hosting review.

They are definitely a tier above the cheapest web hosting plans on the market, but the cost is still reasonable. As your site grows, you might notice some slowing or inconsistencies due to traffic. You also get great support and environmentally friendly servers.

About minute after that, though, emails started to pour in, one containing the link for the confirmation.

Compare InMotion Web Hosting Plans

But most importantly, is it affordable? Free, as part of the account - you've got free data backups. Knowledgebase, once you are done, save the file in the Linux server files folder. The first is the Launch plan, which is designed for new website designers and simple blogs.

For some companies, you basically have to call because email isn’t quick. Once I had someone working the technical side, my focus on my blog was using Wordpress only to post blogs, not log in directly to the hosting site to manipulate my website. They’re so confident in their service, that they provide up to 90 days business, VPS and reseller hosting plans. 39 per month if you opt to pay a total of 2 years upfront. Inmotion do offer a full range of hosting packages. The company gives its customers a wide range of plans and services to choose from without forcing unneeded extras or additional features on them as other web hosts often do. I am happy with them despite the rocky start. A lot of companies do this these days and while it is a bit of a hassle, I do understand the need to cut down on fraudulent accounts.

Most Popular

The entry-level plan comes with the free version of the plugin. InMotion Hosting provides cPanel learning for first-time users with their cPanel Education Channel for tutorials and articles including FAQs, how-tos and much more. I look at this because everything else afterward is highly influenced by how your particular website is configured. Experienced users will appreciate how InMotion allows you to use cPanel to manage your site with standard tools like FTP, a file manager and SSH also at your fingertips.

InMotion offers three VPS plans from which you can choose: So we decided that enough is enough. You will get an update but expect your ticket to sit in queue until Thursday or Friday approximately 5pm (closing hours) eastern time for this Virginia beach office. not use them!!!!, in web hosting terms, Site A's traffic surge won't have nearly as much impact on Site B or Site C. Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions about IMH.

Custom advanced policy firewall. Our tests discovered that InMotion performs exceedingly well when it comes to consistent uptimes and fast load times. Click here for WordPress plans starting at $4.

Customer Service and Support:

In this InMotion Hosting review I'll tell you if that is really the case. Third, the staff are clearly not beginners who are there to handle mundane calls. This makes it ideal for e-commerce sites targeting US audiences, but their strategic location also helps their servers respond faster to requests from other countries, ensuring fast worldwide response times!

After calling their tech support, waiting on hold for half an hour I found out that not only it is not working at the moment, it is actually gone, no content can be restored. WHAT IS SUPPORT? However, it isn’t just features, or general overviews, that get our goat about the web hosting company. Here, you will find out many reasons why should you buy hosting services from InMotion. However this is only the case for the Launch and Power packages (the Pro package allows for unlimited addon websites). Note that neither option is PCI compliant, though the VPS plan can qualify you for PCI compliance.

Most web hosts will offer some form of security protection for their clients, but I think InMotion really goes above and beyond with their plans. Overall, I think InMotion Hosting offers great value for the cost of their plans. It’s especially convenient for projects that have changing resources needs (e. )According to InMotion, and internal testing they performed:

InMotion Hosting vs SiteGround vs A2 Hosting vs BlueHost

In fact, you can auto-install not just the common apps, but over 400 different web apps in total! On to the next parts of our article - why there is so much added value to getting this shared hosting package and why you don't have to worry much. InMotion is one of only a few select companies to recognize this fact, and to have taken measures to lessen their initial impact. How do I pay for InMotion?

What is InMotion Hosting?

If that isn’t important to you or average load times are okay then InMotion doesn’t have a negative in this category for you. InMotion Hosting also goes above and beyond expectations with a good deal of their free services and added features. Inmotion has the staff of more than 300 people with a massive network of 3000+ web hosting servers around the US. Speaking of buying things, you get a free domain name too. There are three methods to install WordPress on InMotion, either install WP using Softaculous (a one-click script installer) or you can manually install WordPress on your server. They offer variety of hosting plans which allows you to grow your business without worrying about moving to a new host. Set up your new WordPress website quickly with the intuitive BoldGrid drag-and-drop website builder. You’ll also get a 90-day money-back guarantee.

As for advantages, InMotion has a lot going for it. The cheapest hosts can provide poor quality, though this isn’t always the case. They have 2 datacenters, located on both the east coast and west coast of the United States. Favorite posts, 92/month) A2 Hosting is the fastest web hosting service in this list. You also have access to BoldGrid, a plugin for WordPress that acts like a website builder.

We found them to be reliable, with fast servers, good uptime, and great customer support.

One click on the signup form and InMotion preinstalls WordPress for you, leaving it ready for immediate use. Fast loading times aren’t just great for user experience. It’s outlined in their terms of service. Mission-critical sites that can't go down (or slow down) should be on dedicated servers. Website response times of slightly over 500 ms aren't the absolute best in the business - but it's very close. However, not everybody complains so do your homework before making a hosting provider decision. As a former CIO for large organizations, I know what good service and support looks like and the service and support from InMotion Hosting is sub par, at best.

I found In Motion Hosting through a client who was using them for their website hosting.

When to Use InMotion Hosting

Website builder: All in all, we’re really thrilled with the service we’re getting on our InMotion VPS. InMotion Hosting puts its customer service front and center in their marketing. InMotion passes both of these benchmarks, which makes it worth considering. Once your site grows sufficiently, you can consider switching to a dedicated WordPress package.

However, their support was inexcusably unaccommodating when I needed assistance. Once the database was fully set up, we ran through the Akeeba Kickstart procedure. InMotion is not the cheapest hosting, though their cheapest prices start at just $4. December 2020 average uptime: VPS InMotion Hosting packages go from $49. Here are the pros and cons of InMotion Hosting that we found.

RAID6 disk space, SSD drives, 4-8GB of RAM. For each type of hosting, there are different plans available. In addition to their free automatic backups, InMotion Hosting has designed a quick backup tool that saves the entire site, including the databases, e-mails, and files. InMotion, with its geek-oriented approach, goes for the whopping 400 installs across all plans. To migrate our site, we used the excellent Akeeba Backup. Since most small businesses benefit from shared web hosting plans, that's where we focused. This plan starts at $3. Find best domain names, a slow and often down server affects your website user experience and Google rankings badly. Shared hosting plans are only available with one or two-year subscriptions, giving customers perhaps the worst of all worlds; they don't get the convenience of short-term plans, and they can't enjoy the extra discount you might expect from a three-year product.