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9% uptime guarantee, daily backups with multiple restore points for increased reliability, password-protected directories, IP blocking, hotlink/leech-protection for increased security. Siteground provides three levels of security for Joomla. Innovative approach of the system administrating team that 100% dedicated themselves to servers combining with downtime prevention software guarantee a real 99. In addition to unlimited space, bandwidth, and emails, customers can also receive multi-version of PHP (PHP 5. )Bluehost delivered far more than expectations and thus preserved its authority between the competition and its credibility among customers. Rochen hosting reviews are mixed. Would you like to host your Joomla application on a cloud platform but reluctant to spend time on setting up and managing them? Just contact our knowledgeable and friendly team via live chat, phone or email.

  • With its automatic failover feature, controlled backups and its tech support always available 24/7.
  • Many of them are premium, with some freemium options also available.
  • The core installation allows you to add pages, contact forms, change templates, create menus and customize the layout of pages with modules.
  • Cloud hosting plans that offer these advanced page caching options as part of a “Platform as a Service” product can save a lot of money for small businesses using Joomla for web publishing over hiring a development team to build-out a custom solution.
  • There are other options to choose from during installation by using their Advanced Install Settings.

You will be able to find out the true limitations soon enough while you are at the unlimited package. We are with you every step get started easily. We really like the option to try out GameServers and make sure you’re 100% happy with the service before committing. FastComet provides open cart hosting which provides a quick start to the e-commerce websites. From forums to online teaching platforms, the best thing is that you can learn it the way you want. Apart from the one-time outage, HostPapa performs splendidly. However, to get started with your Joomla website, you need to have a web hosting provider that is optimized for Joomla. It depends whether you ask WordPress or Joomla users. Joomla has over 8,000 extensions.

  • HostGator hosts 80,00,000 domains in their server.
  • Both free offers are great for the price we pay.
  • You do not need “Joomla Hosting” to run Joomla.

Our Joomla hosting reviews conclusion

Many providers offer Let’s Encrypt, which is free. All you have to do is sign up using the promocode JOOMLASHACK20 and upgrade your account to full. Moreover, FastComet provides daily and weekly Joomla backups via a web-based 1-click Restore Manager.

With the help of an open-source community, Joomla users are dedicated. The discounted price for each plan is as follows: Check out hosting features —Apart from obvious perks like top-notch speed and security, the best Joomla hosting providers give you a few extras. The price of a virtual server may vary between $20 and $80 per month. When not to use youtube or vimeo for business video hosting. You can get it started from $3. For the price you're paying, you can expect loading speeds around 100ms even in multiple locations.

Going with a non-Joomla hosting plan may save you a few dollars but using an optimized server will make your website more reliable thanks to the many tools and specific choices that go into Joomla servers. Go where the pros host., the amount of your refund for downtime can vary greatly from host to host. It is one of the few web hosting companies with a few numbers of the employee who are giving a tough competition to the big names of the same file. 80 a month, thats even cheaper than a simple cup of coffee.

For a longer evaluation period, the hosted version of Joomla is free for 90 days.

Joomla Hosting Reviews

Do you think there are some great ones that I've missed? For a medium to high traffic website, I would go with InMotion Hosting. The 3 types of hosting you can use for your pbn sites. Knowing the limitations of your account helps you understand two things: How well-supported is Joomla? If you ever have questions about hosting Joomla, we're here 24/7/365 to help.

From speed to support to dependability, A2 Hosting is the best place to host your Joomla site! Server work load – you should know that Joomla requires a good amount of server resources to run at a good performance. 2 × 120Gb SSD or Raid-1. SiteGround, one of the popular shared hosting platforms with all the features you need. Godaddy review: you’ve seen the adverts. we tested their hosting for you. Founded a decade ago, GreenGeeks are a green, eco-friendly hosting provider that powers their service by using renewable energy. They offer managed shared & cloud hosting solutions for both small and large Joomla sites.

So you will have to take care of that on your own. A Joomla-configured environment and a few custom features or services show the host goes the extra mile to provide quality service. Their customer support knows Virtuemart and JoomlaCB extensions very well.

HostGator Cloud Based Joomla Hosting for Uptime & Reliability

If yours doesn’t, ask pre-sales advisors to confirm Joomla compatibility before you sign up. Fast and secure web hosting, 95 a month for 30 GB of storage, unlimited sites and higher performance. A2 Hosting expert customer support is available 24/7 via live chat, support tickets, email, or phone line. CloudAccess attracts plenty of users, but it gets little attention in terms of Joomla reviews. Besides these, Bisend also offers rich-features in its web servers to support Joomla well. Joomla has over a thousand free themes available, many of which are customizable.

The Price

Bluehost accommodates both individuals and businesses alike. The hosting price from WebHostingHub is also quite affordable. By default we don't provide hosting as a company.

You can expect 24/7 customer support here by phone, live chat, or fax options. Some hosting companies take an active approach to speed and security of your Joomla website. Aws web hosting market share in the datanyze universe, quickly analyze across petabytes of data. Support is available 24/7 via phone and email.

You might also place an extremely high priority on speed & security where you want professionals to actively manage those aspects of your Joomla website. If you intend your Joomla site to handle a lot of downloads (music, videos, PDFs, and the like), you’ll indeed need high bandwidth (unlimited would be good). The best Joomla Hosting will have experts who are well versed in the workings of Joomla operations as a major part of their support staff. Joomla is open source, and it certainly has a lot to offer to your business or online store. So think twice before jumping. If you carefully review these review websites themselves, you'll see that there are certain features that stand out which makes it easier for you to find your next Joomla hosting provider. Also, we have some handy tutorials to help you get started with Joomla today! Focused entirely on performance and security, our Joomla plans are specially crafted to meet Joomla hosting requirements and deliver exceptional experience.

After our Hostinger review, I found that it averages around 288ms.


Joomla’s CMS is second only to WordPress in popularity. This is more than a generous offer considering the all-inclusive list of features we’re about to enumerate here for you: Installers of 1 click applications. Best hosting for small ecommerce – top 10 hosting for small business. FastComet gives you free Let’s encrypt SSL. And it keeps its promises.

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Users love the platform and the support that goes above and beyond to resolve their issues. If you have something in mind, your next step is to get a plan with one of the best Joomla hosts and test the platform yourself. Also, you might opt for a premium theme and some paid extensions. So look for a company that offers free or cheap SSL certificates. This solution costs $229. With years of Joomla experience, our team is here to assist you promptly and professionally to any Joomla related case you might experience. So if you already have a Joomla website you can transfer all the scripts and databases without any real trouble. Joomla is enhanced using extensions, which are discussed further down on this page.

Not only do they help each other, but they have a general interest in making the CMS constantly better. Bluehost customer support for low budget wordpress hosting, after our analysis, we find SiteGround to be a great option for beginners because their support is incredibly helpful. 1-Click Installer Automatically install Joomla with just a single click of the mouse. How can I decide whether Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress fit my needs? Its bandwidth usage is unmetered this plan is able to handle 100,000 views per month. If the only thing you are planning to do is run a blog, Joomla might be overkill. The 22 best wordpress hosting providers in 2020. Happy hosting ! Why is Bluehost included in the list of best Joomla hosting providers? Joomla’s advanced options allow for extensive customization.