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If not, it won't be a bad idea to learn a little bit about the subject. Its main goal is to be faster, smaller, less graphically demanding compared to other discussion board software like phpBB, vBulletin, and Invision Board. Each forum develops with the personality that matches a similar interest, style and approach towards life. This way they can easily find and follow subjects they are interested in and won't miss out on newly created topics since those go directly to the main page.

The DDoS mitigator's filtering system blocks almost all fraudulent traffic and ensures that legitimate traffic is allowed up to the largest extent possible. Therefore, it’s nearly always better to choose a company that offers forum specific hosting services optimized for this type of website. Proboards is a free, remotely-hosted message board solution that simplifies the setup required to get a forum up and running. 1 has been released with many improved features and better functionality, but it's still in testing and might have a few bugs. Special forum features include the ability to warn users and temporarily ban users, to create sub-forums, and to provide instant registration. How does phpBB compare to the commercial alternative vBulletin? The company boasts an extremely intuitive installation process, unmetered bandwidth, new email marketing tools, and supreme affordability.

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Builds a sense of community among your site visitors. However, there are some big advantages to using a paid forum hosting service. Since phpBB is so popular, there’s likely an ability to do a one-click install. HostGator is a phpBB forum hosting provider and one of the world's top 10 largest web hosting companies, with over 8,000,000 hosted domains. Numerous free forum hosting options are available. We’ve only just started to tap into its versatility. The single package offered by this company is quite comprehensive and comes with a good list of features.

While a host may come with PHP support but can have limited functions. Don't be afraid to remove people from the community or to block them if necessary. 7 fastest web hosting companies, in addition to customer service, performance is a significant benefit for SiteGround users, as they had an average 99. Everything from board settings to bbCode is controlled through this interface. Ning is a platform that allows you to create a forum website for building up an online community.

Whatever it is indicated as, all the members have the opportunity to post topics, that are organized by theme, genre, or other order and are biased upon a certain theme. Pricing does not include VAT. Social media networks and blogs are more likely to bring all the glory when it comes to communicating on the web. Cheap forum hosting is best for low budget clients who wish to host a forum of their own and to generate income through advertising and sponsorship but the client has to compromise on bandwidth or data storage capacity. As with many web applications, it’s the plugins that allow website owners to personalize the software.

They may be your competition trying to make you look bad or simply a snarky person.

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More about Codoforum is nicely wrapped up in their introductory article. This is a great way to host your forum for free, just add it along with your website. You might also want to check out MyBB. (0, the same as the phpBB project itself), and where avatars are located. While it can't compete with other popular forum platforms in terms of features, it certainly has its own niche. 9% uptime guarantee. Also, you can monetize your website with Ning E-commerce. Thanks to the popularity of online forums, there is no shortage of available bulletin board software — both commercial and open-source.

Actual forums need a decent space to store things such as avatars and small attachments. Best vBulletin Forum Hosting: The platform wasn’t built with forums in mind, so it requires a little work to get one up and running. Allocate from master plan Bandwidth:

  • Many prefer this method, as opposed to e-mail announcements.
  • However, those features including everything you’ll need to set up a modern forum.

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We hope you enjoyed this piece or article, feel free to suggest us more of free forum sites, we are happy to add it to the list. This helps keep your website online and your visitor’s safe and secure! In order to find the best forum hosting service for you, start by looking for these two main criteria from the provider (although there are many considerations to keep in mind, as listed below): What is bbPress? The software is licensed with GPU GPL. Best of all, they can usually be installed in just a few clicks, directly from your account control panel through its graphical user interface. It is a service provided by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). It’s not as powerful as tools like phpBB.

You won't have to worry about any of this when you choose A2 Hosting and our screaming fast SwiftServer platform! What do they do/know/want? You should also get access to a team of support staff experienced in looking after the technical aspects of hosting busy forums. Use this discount link to get the deal. The former is much easier for beginners to get started with, whereas Joomla!

Most of these MODs are geared toward making forum moderation easier. The company offers unlimited storage and transfer across all of its shared hosting plans, which is very attractive for first-time forum hosters in case a forum gets unexpectedly popular. Stick (to front) - Make the topic “sticky', which would make it always display on top of the list. In addition to offering free transfers of existing phpBB sites, HostGator includes a 99. 4 or greater (recommended: )Since 2020 when it was created, the MyBB Group has focused on developing the best possible forum software.


You may have moderators than can ban topics, create and delete threads, some of them may even eliminate undesired users. As we all know phpBB is a free and open-source forum software. But the actual database can reach up to a couple of gigabytes of storage once your forum builds in popularity. Most online forums are fairly straightforward. The forum’s functionality can be extended using plugins, known as modifications (MODs).

Anyone can create their own online discussion board these days - you simply have to pick one of the many forum scripts available, install it on your web host, and you're good to go. Wordpress hosting, will your storage requirements be fixed (same in 3 years as they are today) or will they progressively grow as you build the site? Today, it’s easier than ever to set up forum software and enable your users to interact with each other. Create a strategy, plan ahead and outline a clear objective for yourself.

If you install phpBB on your own, you will be responsible for maintaining it. If use exceeds the predetermined load calculation of a forum, this will likely result in overload. 1&1 ionos hosting review: is it the right hosting provider for you? In the hope that a free hosting provider won’t suffice the need if you’re looking to make a Forum. You can not go wrong choosing InMotion Web Hosting for your first, or newest host for your company of busienss.

As forums are message boards where multiple users can be interacting with each other at any one time — creating content and communicating — these types of websites can be very resource intensive.


80/month, making it affordable even for those on a tight budget. In general, phpBB has good security. Here are the things you'll need to look for in a hosting package for your forum: People tend to fall in the camp of loving online forums or thinking they are a waste of time. 23 or above (MySQLi supported) MariaDB 5. Host a static website, you will have to think about scaling up, by keeping a constant check on the traffic on your application. Due to this, it’s highly recommended that you choose a web host that’s experienced in hosting and supporting forums.

There are many different types of software you can utilize, and each has its own particular advantages.

Creating an online community has to be an easy and rewarding task by itself. If you're on a tight budget, there are a number of free and open-source forum platforms which come up to par with the commercial software and in some cases even outperforming them. However, the boards are free to job seekers.

With all of the plans, you also get weekly backups through Business Shared Hosting plan includes daily backups for your security.

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All our hosting packages come with 24/7/365 technical support from experienced industry professionals. Operating a professional online forum is therefore also possible for users without any previous forum knowledge. The best web hosting services for 2020, one of our team members will respond within 24 hours. – Members of the forum that create topics and make posts. How much bandwidth you need is directly related to how much traffic your forum will have. What do I Need to Know About Forum and Web Hosting Compatibility?

Localization is available in many languages including Spanish, German, Russian, French, Chinese and many more. Aberrant content is usually deleted and if the topic is considered as the source of the problem than the whole topic may be deleted or “locked”. Best free domain name registrars – 2020, 95/month and dedicated servers from /month. You’ll also get advanced forum security plus excellent customer support. Well for most new forums, the answer is yes. Put firm rules in place (no name calling, no cursing, no racial slurs, etc.)

Thank you for reading this article and I hope this was beneficial to you. Topics are displayed in a chronological order, with the most popular topics staying on top. While the majority of the market is made up of open-source solutions, one of the forum industry leaders is actually a commercial solution – vBulletin.

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While phpBB is fairly attractive in its default theme, there are many more that can be downloaded. But what do you think? Why should you not go with free hosting providers? Overall, FluxBB offers a fantastic experience if you want to use a simple platform without many frills.

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We're on the job 24/7 maintaining a completely reliable and secure environment for your forum. More than likely you have participated in a forum at some point. SiteGround, InMotion Hosting, A2 Hosting*. If you look back at the Warrior Forum example listed above in the excellent examples section, you'll see that they have some pretty general categories and then within those general categories the threads are broken down further into specific topics. Picking one is not as easy as seems, but we narrowed down the options to have the 5 best tools for your forum website. In terms of number of posts, Japan is in the lead with its largest forum “2channel” followed by China with its forum “Tianya Club”. ProBoards is home to over 22 million registered users with over 3 million forums created.

Forums are great for announcements as the relevant parties can be notified of any significant information.

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Advanced hosting provides FTP access to more styles, access to the database in order to make backups on your own schedule, and the ability to both create a website around your forum, as well as to create multiple forums and/or websites. You can install almost any forum script you need to succeed. 99 per month. Powerful VPS Hosting - If you need more power and resources, our VPS plan starts at $50 per month. However, there are other advantages of choosing forum web hosting. Default group for all new registered users. The admin panel gives you a lot of options for personalization.

It's also to know what web hosts are recommended for the forum scripts. PunBB is widely known for its simplicity, speed and consuming fewer resources compared to other forum software. Besides, it's FREE!

These guidelines specify things like browser compatibility, licensing (styles must be licensed under the GPL 2. )MODs use MODX, an XML-based format that describes how to install a MOD. Instead, we offer an amazing value offering at the low price point, so you can get inexpensive managed forum hosting without spending an arm and leg.


After all, there’s often a lot more going on behind the scenes with an online forum compared to a traditional website. ProBoards is actually one of the largest forum services with over 22 million active users and 3 million hosted forums. In phpBB2, installing MODs was a cumbersome process that involved lots of manual edits. Do you have a different view? A free option is available. Are you launching a new project in which you need regular Content Management features as well as a forum? It uses highly adaptive and advanced inspection technology to safeguard your data, website, email and web applications by blocking unauthorized network access.

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Provides access to the largest collection of themes and plugins on the web. Only from vBulletin 5. There are dozens of discussion board packages, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

This host is rated #1 by our readers. You can configure everything from attachments to automatic censoring. For example, if you go to College Confidential, you'll find both ways to interact and free resources to help you find a college, seek scholarships, figure out which college fits your needs best, and more.


A forum is made up of a branching directory structure enclosing at “threads” and inside them “posts”. Posting – People being able to discuss topics is obviously the main goal of your forum. Best 3 free minecraft server hosting provider in 2020, i think it should deserve a number one spot. Of all the bulletin board systems profiled here, vBulletin is the only one that is not open source.

You will have to do the legwork required in getting everything up and running by yourself, but the foundation on which you build your message boards is rock solid.

Just head over to our Create a Free Forum page to begin - it literally takes less than 30 seconds to have your forum up and running! You can customize answers to registration questions, create member groups and assign membership levels, change permissions for groups, make the group private, requestable, free and other options are available. However, when it comes to forums and bandwidth, the more the better. Plus, your users will get plenty of options for customizing their profiles and posts. An internet forum (sometimes referred to as a message board or discussion forum) is a website or an area of a site where people can have discussions with each other. Keep in mind that you should probably be an expert or in close contact with an expert on the topic as your members may have questions for the moderators and owners of the site.

If you transferred or registered a domain name, these fees are non-refundable, however you'll be able to continue to use them elsewhere if you wish. In order to run a forum without errors, you'll need the following PHP items: Many cPanel hosting control panels seems to have this report feature included. Offers top-notch performance out of the box. There are even theme and plugin systems included, although there aren’t that many options available for either. This requires a little more technical knowledge than other forum hosts in this list, so this isn't an option I'd recommend if you're not tech-savvy. Our own recommendation is that phpBB is the right choice if your target audience is: Whereas you are (generally speaking) responsible for hosting the other options on the list, Proboards is a cloud-based tool that requires no infrastructure-related setup on your part.

The information goes from basic to advanced.

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But before you begin, forums need good hosting just like regular websites do. Both have Facebook integrations, but phpBB also has integrations for Twitter and MySpace. 27+ best web hosting of 2020 (biggest guide + pricing), this is a firmly developer-oriented website building platform with support for numerous programming and style languages such as HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript. As it grows, monitors the site’s performance regularly. It integrates with an SQL database and is streamlined enough that it shouldn't pull extensive resources from your server. 9% uptime guarantee, which I personally verified in my 000webhost review. Getting contributors to a new forum website is not an easy task.

Just be sure to get answers to your questions before signing up and you’ll increase your chances of finding the best forum hosting for your project. Best forum hosting is provided by SiteGround and Inmotion which are ranked as best forum hosting sites. Sharepoint online vs. sharepoint on-premises: what you need to know. Some typical forum features, like user images and emoji (smile icons), contribute to a very cluttered user experience that may not be appropriate for your audience.

With an aggressive marketing plan, you will need more than just shared hosting or you will deal with constant complaints from slow load times, downtime and many other issues. This allows you to view a thread as a list where it’s obvious which item a poster is responding to. PunBB has over 447 official and unofficial plugins, so where the classic forum with its minimal features comes short, a plugin will fill in. Everyone deserves to have a voice, to share it, and to be heard. A2 Hosting is a regular web host that offers some excellent support for forum websites. While the usual requirements for a good web hosting provider apply, such as bandwidth, storage, decent uptime/downtime ratio, excellent customer support and pricing, some requirements are unique for a forum hosting service.

  • While everything you need to go from zero to hero is located in a clean and user-friendly documentation.
  • Forums can be setup in a very basic manner or can be more intricate with sub forums of sub forums and many advanced features to drive continuous community interaction and collaboration.
  • Posts can be created using BBCode; adding your own custom BBCode is also an option.
  • The default look is instantly recognizable if you’ve spent any time on the web at all.
  • Nowadays, many providers throw them into the price of service and they’re so easy to get through projects like Let’s Encrypt that there’s no reason not to get one.
  • But the price itself doesn't make a hosting provider a good forum hosting provider.

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Their servers are placed in next locations: As packets pass through our systems, they are fully scrutinized to determine whether they are legitimate or harmful. Styles – The latest version of phpBB comes with two already available styles, you can leave the choice for the users or choose just one to be the default one on the forum. 2048MB (2GB) Physical Memory:

Numerous templates are available from the authors as well as third-party developers that allow you to configure a forum without a hassle.

Your community may be smaller, but if it is stronger, then that is a positive thing as well. Unfortunately, bbPress doesn't allow for extensive interface customization and there's no easy way to do it. There are also certain PHP modules and functions you will need to have enabled, but phpBB will check for these during the installation process. SiteGround runs the latest version of PHP and MySQL. The key is to find an area people want to know more about or are passionate about and build on that concept.

Thus purchasing the best forum hosting 2020 is surely a top-notch and way to bring like-minded peoples together and the best hosting around. Now that you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to explore some of the best community forum software options. Just like profile customization, this option can help you increase engagement and gives users the chance to have a little fun. Simplifies setting up premium subscription options for your users. There are two sources of support for phpBB: The maintainers encourage potential style creators to look through the source of its existing themes. Uptime is not the only thing we guarantee, our support comes with a guarantee too.

That's why I've compiled this list of the top 10 paid and free forum platforms.


While usually web hosts support PHP, they might limit some of its functions. Vanilla brings many innovations into the world of conventional forum software. Lets you set up both regular websites and message boards. And while not completely free, Hostinger plans start at $0. So this is where you want to take your time considering the options. Why is phpBB a Popular Choice for Forums? For example, phpBB can be used with MySQL, Postgresql, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. For a couple of dollars a month (or less) you'll get everything any free forum hosting would give you and a bit more - a domain name, SSL, customer support, etc.

Whether you want to create a forum in a language other than English or you’d like to run a multilingual discussion board, the best forum hosting services are more than happy to accommodate your needs. We also provide you with MySQL 5 for your database storage needs. Of course you do! If you support international users, you’re going to want to install the language packs as well. HOWEVER - our inexpensive forum hosting is plenty fast enough. Vanilla spotlights its premium software on its homepage.

Plugins and Mods – phpBB comes with a number of preinstalled plugins such as Authentication Plugins, Search Plugins, Cache Plugins and CAPTCHA plugins. Since it's so popular, users are likely already familiar with its interface and won't have trouble navigating your forum. The humble bulletin board pre-existed many of these features, and phpBB has evolved since 2020 to serve millions of users worldwide. Free version includes a “powered by” watermark. While forums can be managed with open source software, those that don't have the time or inclination to work with this software can turn to a forum hosting service, which provides the additional benefits of delegating management, security and administrative updates to the hosting company. For a monthly fee, ads and copyright notices are removed from your forum, forums under 5 MB in size qualify for free transfer service, and you are able to provide your own ads on your forum, if you would like to do so.

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Cheap forum hosting is provided by Lotuses and cheap-hosting. Best linux distro for game server, it’s highly customizable, secure, and stable, which is also something to appreciate it for. With this, you can use to purchase a domain, remove advertising and much more. There’s more but. A limited number of members can be added.

Enables users to customize their posts and profiles. Take a little time to do some research and find out which free forum option will best meet the needs of your company, customers, and website visitors. For people with immediate needs, there’s real-time support using IRC. Forums were of the firsts socializing platforms where people could share thoughts, themes, talk, ask, or comment.

I have rated this as second, in the list of top three. If you already have a website or a blog, and you are simply adding a forum, you will want to make sure that your forum software option is compatible with the web hosting package that you already have. By clicking "I AGREE" below, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our personal data processing and cookie practices as described therein. The kind of hosting you want will depend on how you want to use your forum and how many people you expect to host on your forum. Throw in images and other media and a popular forum could find itself running out of disk space quickly. Lets you set up stunning forums using basic theme and plugin systems. They frequently post offending messages about susceptible topics in a recognized web community to attract users into a reaction. There are thousands of useful tutorials and videos on the Internet to reference and phpBB has been proven through time as being one of the most reliable forum platforms.

It's unclear from looking at the forum if these experts are reimbursed for their help, but the tactic is obviously extremely successful given how active the forum is and how many community members there are.

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The newer version 2. The following features come standard at NameHero: Admins can asing as moderators or admins to other users. Adding a forum to your website can have many search engine optimization (SEO) benefits, helping to bring more traffic to your site. Therefore, you cannot install and run bbPress independent of it. It is multilingual, i. Finding a niche is an important element in creating a successful online community.

There are hundreds of MODs listed in the official repository. Step 4: head over to route 53, if you return to your dashboard’s main screen and click on the Email button, you’ll see two options. In this article, we’re going to look at nine of the best forum software options, as well as: With its technology, forum hosting becomes so easy. Most of the basic bulletin board system functions are essentially the same. The platform is hosted on Muut servers, which is also an added bonus if you aren't quite ready to upgrade to a VPS. 000webhost servers come with a 99. Answer those questions and you'll have a better idea of the niche area your community should cover.

Make sure your hosting plan comes with the ability to create more than one database. You and moderators can also get notifications when something suspicious is happening like anonymous posts, or when a new topic or post is made. Unfortunately, it isn't completely free. Another way is going to your WordPress admin panel, under Topics and Replies you'll see the contents of your forum, it'll be displayed the same way as comments are usually displayed in WordPress.

More Forum Alternatives

The styles database has 100's of packages of styling and images that will help you further customize your forum. It is still in the Beta version and thus it has some bugs and incomplete features. If you really like to use the MyBB Forum Software, this is the way to go.