Does Where I Host My Website Impact My SEO?

WP Engine offers its subscribers the latest SEO tool and plugins that you can use to optimize your WordPress website for better rankings. Remaining in the results through downtime isn’t something to hope for, though—quite the opposite. The visual builder allows you to easily click-and-drag the different elements of your design into position without the need for any coding.

If you’re running WordPress, one of the most secure, cost-effective options is going to be a WordPress managed server. In addition to loading speed, your choice of hosting will have a huge impact on the uptime of your website. Virtually any website will benefit from search engine optimization services. The web hosting provider’s server type, location, speed, and uptime will affect your website’s credit with search engines. Yet, in our experience, hosting is often scrimped on. While understandable, it does make me a little bit nervous that we might be charged overage fees if we suddenly received a spike in traffic.

  • You’ve probably been there – you click on a link and get a blank page because it’s still loading.
  • However, these plans aren’t all created equally.
  • Avoid anyone who offers to give you free WordPress hosting, specially if you are serious about your site.
  • Along with DreamHost and Bluehost, SiteGround is one of WordPress’s three recommended web hosts.
  • In this case, it gives you a single score for your entire website.
  • Every extra dollar in an expense means one less dollar in their pocket.
  • A2 Hosting scored #1 in our recent speed and performance tests.

There are 7 main ways that servers directly affect speed: Hostinger's shared hosting fees begin at a ridiculously low $1. Cheap, low-quality hosting can make your site inaccessible or “down” all too frequently. Real estate website design & crm lead management for agents, brokers & companies. After (WPEngine): Developed by web hosting company HostGator, the Gator Website Builder makes it easy to create a simple website with just a few clicks. If GDN remarketing doesn’t sound precise enough to you, then you should look into remarketing lists for search ads.

Choose Hosting You Can Trust

So if you must choose a shred hosting plan for your website, make sure you choose the reputed ones. Renewal fees are higher. If you’ve exhausted all SEO efforts to no avail, it’s high time to reconsider if you’ve chosen the right hosting.

High ranking eco-friendly SEO pages. These options are good for SEO, as they allow for faster accessibility and improved uptime. They focus on WordPress Hosting and are #1 rated for it on Trustpilot.

The sooner you start building your list, the more value you’ll see in terms of leads and conversions.


Feedback and reviews on different (WordPress) hosting providers are more than welcome in the comments section below. We can divide SEO practices into two general categories: Here are the results from our Bluehost performance tests:

A2 Hosting

WPX wins yet another category. This package allows us to target more competitive keywords with higher search volumes. Despite its status as a mysterious strategy for marketing a website, search engine optimization is actually not that difficult to complete on your own — you just need to know the right fields to edit and the right keywords to put in there. However, it’s not unreasonable to expect a web host to provide – and to guarantee – 99. Though changing web hosts may seem like a simple task, it includes several cardinal aspects that can deeply affect the functioning of a website. Now that you understand your options for each class of website, and why they matter so much, you should be able to select a hosting company that will give you the experience that you really need.

But which web hosts make it easiest for your site to work its way up those all-important search engine rankings? You may not have the flexibility of a self-hosted site, but it is easy to use and you can create a website for free. However, it’s a piece you have to pay special attention to if you want your website to get the traffic it deserves. Search engines don’t want to display unreliable sites highly in their results because it reflects badly on them if searchers click on a result they provide and then can’t access the site. You can also read the reviews on WHreviews, a neutral hosting review website. If your hosting provider guarantees the same downtime, then you’ll fall smack dab in the middle of the pack. 22 best free image hosting sites in 2020, this represents an unsung perk of Dropbox:. For example, with the right plugin you can add: So if email accounts are being switched to a new hosting company, they need to be set accordingly.

The Host with the Most

If you run a high-traffic blog that runs on WordPress, I’d recommend considering using WordPress hosting. Monthly and yearly packages renew at $9. Their money-back guarantee is 30 days, but if you took their ‘free’ domain name offer, your refund would be deducted by $13. They offer just about every type of hosting that you can imagine and are also pretty decent on the SEO hosting front. 78/mo and for VPS customers at $25/mo. Once you use too many resources, they’ll throttle your speed down to a crawl. The support is incredible as well, both the live chat support and the thorough knowledge base. Terms of service, alternatively if you want to use IIS 7. They also have some decent shared hosting plans that are great for people who are just starting out.

VPS hosting starting at $29.

No you do not need cPanel, but it does make things easier in terms of installation, managing email accounts, etc. You can think of this service as a highly-specialized job board. On-page content SEO and off-site SEO activity. Godaddy ultimate hosting review and coupons for 2020. This will deal with search engine algorithms and when you can implement these SEO tactics or strategies properly, your website can become popular amongst online viewers. So filter your prospective hosts based on what you learned above. You’ll have the same IP address as every other website on your server.

Tsohost web hosting - 4/5 - Best for UK

Should I upload an XML sitemap? You do not need to use WordPress hosting to have WordPress. Pagely, for instance, is aimed at big brands with big budgets. In addition to a variety of other factors (content, backlinks, etc.) The web hosting provider got bonus points for its policy of performing regular daily backups, even on the lowest-priced shared hosting accounts.

One of the biggest changes since the web’s early days has been access.

It’s like renting a room in an apartment, where you share the available resources with all the other residents. Being hosted on different C-Blocks is the fundamental definition of SEO Hosting, but that’s not all it can offer. You want to know that you can contact someone (with expertise) quickly when you have any hang-ups that might slow down your schedule. One of the doubts most newbie website owners have is whether the choice of a web hosting provider or web hosting plan has any effect on search rankings. The company also offers 24/7/365 phone support option and free cPanel offering for most plans. As competition for rankings continues to intensify, major search engines such as Google and Bing look at other factors such as loading speeds, server location, security, backups, uptimes and accessibility to determine the placement of your website in search results pages. Most website builders provide an easy way to install it. This is hardly a cause of alarm when the next plan in line costs only a fraction more and even it will hardly leave a dent in your hosting budget.

Does web hosting include a domain name? • Unmetered Traffic 3 $3. Let’s jump right in! What separates InMotion from the rest of the crowd is its propensity to offer bonus features at no extra charge. They may add malicious or irrelevant links to its backend.

Other Hosting Providers

Finally, the company garnered extra kudos by driving all its hosting services with wind power. It’s easy to use Bluehost was one of the first web hosts I used when I started building websites. Ahrefs offers four pricing tiers starting at $99 per month, and a seven-day trial for $7. We use cloud hosting for Leadformly – a ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) tool we created to make it easy to build lead generation forms. A 1Gbps network link means that whichever bandwidth option you choose (all of which are generous) you shouldn't need to worry about traffic being throttled at your end. Two of our recommendations are Elementor, a fast, responsive website builder, available at $49 for a single site, and Beaver Builder (shown below), a live page builder which costs $99 for use on unlimited sites. WPX is particularly well-known for the 30-second response time of their customer relations (I’ve tested this multiple times myself)—something that should reassure any SEO-focused hosting shopper who needs an immediate response to their problems.

While WP Engine is certainly not the cheapest option out there, they’re definitely one of the most cost-effective when you take into account the value of the security and performance features that they offer as standard. To protect yourself from the worst consequences of these unfortunate scenarios, it’s critical to have backups of your site. Each tier offers different specs and features that you should take the time to analyze. Your host’s uptime guarantee is arguably the most important factor in whether they’re SEO-friendly.

The point is that Bluehost covers everything you could possibly need from a host.
  • After careful research of the best WordPress hosts on the market, we’ve found the three options below to be the most effective in the industry.
  • If you have submitted your site again and again to Search Engines but you are still unable to get it indexed, it MAY be your web hosting provider who is responsible.

How to Choose an SEO-Friendly Web Host

Once the DNS has been fully propagated, your site will continue to run as if nothing happened. Not only do these hosts work well with WordPress, but their plans are also chock-full of features made specifically to help you blast your words to the masses. The downside of dedicated hosting is that you need technical skills, and to know how to configure and maintain a server.

For the second part, this is something you can control but for the first part if the provider does not have good hardware then this will also affect the performance of your website and your only option is to migrate to a more trusted provider. – Another unexpected nice touch is that WP Engine can run weekly or monthly page speed tests on any page you specify. Google locates a website and classifies it depending on the state of its originality. If you get good web hosting, it will be much easier to manage SEO tasks from the very birth of your website.

Google Ads bonus

When changing web hosts it’s best to consider the location of the companies servers. Aimed at personal bloggers and first-time users, Bluehost’s WordPress hosting packages are a great alternative to simple shared hosting. You won't have to worry about any of this when you choose A2 Hosting and our screaming fast SwiftServer platform! Go to full review » Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name Cheap Hosting Plans 30 days 10 GB SSD - 30 GB SSD FREE (1 year) www. They offer this service free of charge, which can take the headache of moving to a new host out of the equation. This consists of several tweaks and PHP specific configuration settings.

Helpful Links:

Their cheapest WordPress plan starts at $3. Best reseller web hosting, i love the fact that you can outsource your customer service to Brixly, making the whole package so much more attractive as you wont have to deal with customers or be the middle man. Companies like GoDaddy and Liquid Web boast incredibly knowledgeable and helpful customer support squads—a fact that we confirmed in our in-depth reviews of those web hosting services. This helps because you can enjoy free SEO when you start of. Nonetheless, the shared plans are under the risk of downtime, and this could affect your website SEO. Unlimited bandwidth allows for fast access and quick loading speeds. What are the things one needs to keep in mind with their web hosting provider to ensure that it does not affect the SEO of a website? Monitor how Google perceives your website. You're much more isolated than in the roommate situation mentioned above; it's still possible that a neighboring apartment could causes annoyance for you, but far less likely.

9 percent uptime guarantee (or higher, if you can get it). VPS hosting starting at $22. When that renewal bill shows up, it can be shocking, sometimes hundreds or even thousands of dollars more than you expect. Our 3 favorite WordPress hosts:

9% Uptime Guarantee HostGator offers an honorable – 99. When someone visits your website they shouldn’t be waiting for it to load. If your target audience is in the United States, then this would hugely benefit your website. If there’s only one thing that you take away from this article, it should be this:

Weebly is better, but we’d like to see implemented a better system for heading structures (e.

Images and Media

Check this article for an extensive list of relevant On-Page optimization factors. MemberPress has a basic plan that’s $149 per year. I asked the same question on my Facebook and Google+ wall, and I got many answers which might help you to decide if you need to have Private I. If you’re a solo team, does your host provide installation support? It’s a “choose your own adventure.

However, the renewal costs are relatively expensive. Shared hosting provides an affordable way to get your website online fast. However, in less competitive environments you may very well stay at the top for weeks, months or even years, without too much effort. The single site plan only costs $2. 95/mo and are ideal for beginners and websites with less than 30,000 monthly unique visitors. Of course you want your website to be up 100% of the time, but server updates mean there will be unavoidable downtime. But because domain hosting (domain registration) and web hosting are two different things, it’s possible you’ve purchased your domain one place and your web hosting another place.

1&1 IONOS provides a wide range of hosting services, along with a full e-commerce stack, domain name registration, Office 365 solutions and online marketing programs. However, it’s a weak signal and there are other factors like the address and phone numbers on your website that are more important. Overall, the Keyword Planner offers a lot of the same functionality we’ve seen from other SEO tools on this list. So if you’re curious to learn more about why it matters, just click that link! Web hosting is not where you should save money. However, great hosting is a prerequisite to strong SEO results. Top 9 budget web hosting providers in europe: [march 2020], that means if you’re an international customer, outside North America for example, there might be a delay and a hassle when attempting to verify your new account. Free, with premium options starting at $59.

Even if this is the case, you can make a simple request to move your website to a different IP address and they will most probably do it considering the fact that you do not want to have your website hosted on the same IP address where a bunch of spammy websites is also hosted.
Other companies often ask you to pay upfront for the resources to support perhaps hundreds of clients, whether you need those resources right at the outset of your venture, or not.

What are the WordPress Hosting Requirements?

Businesses want to come up in the organic search results, preferably on the first page. Government compliance is also something you’ll want your provider to keep track of (such as GDPR regulatory compliance). OptinMonster also integrates with all the major eCommerce platforms and the industry-leading email marketing services.

If the themes are available to browse, make sure you can find one that will match your niche before you buy. SiteGround’s customer support is available 24/7 across all channels — phone, chat, and email — and its knowledge base is rich and well-organized. If your target audience is located outside these regions, then you might benefit from finding a server location near those regions. This gives website owners the freedom to choose a data center that meets their needs and preferences. Since most of the firewall uses domain+I.


Now you must be thinking: Of course, the other option is to consider upgrading your hosting plan. I-ologyweb designer in scottsdale, arizona, yet they all come to us with a common vision, to help them design an event that reflects their dream. For example, you can use the crawler to extract data from HTML pages on your site using CSS Path. The bottom line is simple: VPS hosting starting at $19. GlowHost also offers a number of different cloud hosting plans, with special attention to providing enterprise-grade services. The key to enjoying constant uptime is to ensure that your downtimes are as short as possible. With it, you can look up keywords and get traffic estimates about them.

They’re actually good at WordPress hosting

We have had no problems with Bluehost till date and their support is also very good, they will instantly resolve any issues without your website having to go through unnecessary downtimes. Those all have their own SEO strengths and weaknesses. Need helping start your WordPress blog? Very small businesses will usually opt for a shared or managed service as these are sometimes called. This drastic measure is to ensure that only trustworthy sites appear on the first pages of search results. Let's look at each of the web hosting companies below in a little more depth to help you find the best web hosting provider to meet your needs.

The power of cloud hosting is the flexibility it offers. Besides offering budget-friendly web hosting services, Fat Cow is renowned for its excellent SEO solutions. Of course, you should be worried about more than just the effect your provider will have on your immediate SEO efforts. Its features cover the full spectrum when it comes to SEO. If you get hacked then it impacts how the search engines trust you, and that, in turn, will have a negative effect on your SEO and rankings. Some hosts will offer a 1-click migration for popular site builders like WordPress.

The Best SEO Web Hosting for Businesses and Online Stores

They have a massive collection of free themes available to choose from and allow support for up to 5 sites for one price. It's our top pick for shared web hosting and for novice webmasters in general. I tried with a dedicated IP on HostGator Baby plan with the additional $2 for six months. The free plan even includes an online store with up to 3 products. The family-owned company gains points for understanding the importance of transaction security by offering free AutoSSL and Let's Encrypt SSL encryption for its plans. They are also one of the few hosts that offer dedicated WordPress solutions. Google and other search engines normally rank websites that have SSL certificates first, before considering other HTTP sites. You get $175 in offers 24/7 support plus free domain and site builder and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Deals & Discounts

45/month for 10GB and 100GB bandwidth - that's a very good deal. A responsive support team is good for SEO as it ensures that your site is online consistently. With automatic updates and strong security defenses, DreamPress takes server management off your hands so you can focus on what really matters: InMotion is an independent, CNET-certified hosting provider. WPX is a clear standout when it comes to all of these factors, enough that I’ve chosen them to host my own domain, DiggityMarketing. We ran the Load Impact test on HostGator servers where we gradually built up to 100 unique visitors at once to see how the server would handle increased requests from multiple connections at once. Managed VPS providers: It is virtually impossible to guarantee 100% uptime.

Best for Shared Hosting

That way, one provider going offline won't completely bork your business. Upload a copy of your website onto your new web hosting server – this can sometimes be done using an automated migration plugin provided by your web host. Servers are no different. Hostinger hails from Lithuania and is one of the biggest providers of free web hosting via its 000webhosting brand, They have well over 30 million users and some of the lowest prices thanks to low running costs and overheads. SEO-friendly is really the things you would normally look for in a website host. Take a look at hosting plans like the ones we’ve linked to above, or others that are found on trustworthy top lists online.

I have to clear out though that I am not affiliated with any of the companies below and there is no financial benefit for me if you choose those companies or if you click the links and go to their websites. The SEO professionals will try to include specific keywords into the content or text and get links which will redirect users to your site. However, more expensive (but competitively-priced) models offer multiple processors and up to sixteen cores, as well as RAM options that go as high as 82GB, making these potentially serious workhorses capable of handling the most demanding tasks. It’s a very all-in-one type of platform, and the sheer number of options it provides can be intimidating. While you won’t likely need a lot of space, you will need reliable performance, access to useful, free plugins and explicit compatibility for the blogging platform that you intend to use.

That’s because it’s flexible, extensible, scalable, and easy to use. The company has been around for over 20 years, but it was not until 2020 when iPage broke-even in the industry after its acquisition by Endurance International Group. If you have the need, you should definitely take advantage of it when it’s available. However they do have a 14-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out at no risk. Shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS, managed hosting, server cores, different RAM, CDNs, SSL certificates. This is because the website speed decreases with the increasing number of users.

  • This company has received a lot of positive reviews for being able to increase site speed by up to 3x for many customers who transfer over from other hosting services.
  • Many web hosting services offer a low "starting price," but require you to prepay for two or three years of service to get that price.
  • While some of these searches may be coming from web surfers looking for the latest and cutest cat videos, many of them represent people seeking to purchase products and services.
  • Share your experiences in the comments below.
  • Not using OptinMonster yet?
  • VPS hosting starting at $5/mo.
  • It turns out that where you choose to host your website matters too.

SEO Panel Hosting - Need A Different Solution?

It also offers a managed plan with more bells and whistles called DreamPress. It also allows you to increase your website speed when traffic surges. All these benefits do come with a higher cost. First, it’s probably the best host for leveraging Nginx with Apache. Notably, you want to find hosts that offer you an uptime guarantee of 99. Want to learn more about the downfalls of hosting company SEO?

OptinMonster has advanced targeting features that will help you market to the right audience at the right time, no matter which website builder you choose.

Ideally, you want your domain on its own IP address. Get a good web host by checking out our reviews here. It took under 15 minutes. And lastly, try and buy server space that you can expand into. If you've ever been worried about the tremendous amount of power large data centers consume, you might want to sign up with Green Geeks. In the early days, you need a host that’s fast “enough. Switching web hosting providers and changing the physical location of the servers powering your site can affect it in a number of ways. Our goal is to help you make the right decision because choosing the wrong provider can have a negative impact on your website SEO, speed, and sales.

WP Engine – from $35 per month

In short, if you can scale and predict your website’s growth, then I’d easily recommend going with a dedicated hosting provider from day one. A bad bounce rate (the percentage of visitors out of the total who leave without interacting with the content or visiting another page) can quickly lead to penalties from search engines. Currently, our sites use about a quarter of this allowance. WordPress support with integrated WP-CLI is also available.

The difference is that you have a certain amount of resources dedicated to your sites, so your website(s) won’t be affected even if other customers are using a lot of resources. Although that's all included in the starter plan, I recommend opting for Hostinger's Business plan ($3. )In the end, GoDaddy gives you an option to boost your hosting capacity on demand whenever a situation, such as traffic surge, requires you to do so. Our uptime and speed monitoring tool Pingdom showed us an average uptime of 99. If majority of your target audience i located in North America, Europe, and South America, then GreenGeeks is extremely fast and reliable. Dedicated hosting, on the other hand, is both powerful and pricey. So why WP Engine? How you manage and run the business is up to you, but SiteGround offers a simple control panel to review your accounts (there's a tutorial here), and a white label option and private DNS upgrade ensures you can use your own branding everywhere.

Don’t let a bad host ruin your website’s search engine ranking. Google provides search results based on geographic relevance. The free reseller hosting programstart your own hosting business in 3 easy steps. If you’re switching hosts and handling the migration yourself, look for an easy migration feature. Analyze your website’s performance, mobile-friendliness, security, and SEO. If you buy 20 plans now, for instance, they'll never expire. Google initially relied on TLD’s (Top Level Domain) to accomplish this.

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This section will serve as an in-depth examination of the factors that went into judging each winner. Set up your new account today! questions? call or chat now. For more online advertising tips and tricks, read the WordStream blog. Use this special discount link and choose better SEO today. As you can see the server load remained stable through out the test even at peak traffic. Latest update: Get started on InMotion now. WPX is stellar at this, which is one of the many reasons I chose them to host my own site. The extra cost is well worth it.

Secure Site

Google or other search engines do not like to send their users to a website that’s often not available. Sounds confusing? One thousand words later we are ready to talk about whether or not website builders can do a good SEO job, and, if so, which one is the best to use.

For instance, if a user is searching from the US, the search engine will display websites based in the USA in the first search result pages. A distant host location affects SEO by slowing down site speed, because the HTTP requests take longer to reach the host server, and the data takes longer to travel to your user’s computer or mobile. 9 ★★★★★ See Reviews Bluehost: You have an account on a server that’s shared with other websites. While many providers work with it, others are specifically designed around it. Bandwidth and website speeds are almost synonymous. If you're setting up one, you will need a capable and reliable web hosting service you can count on, that delivers value for money. Apache is good at some things, like flexibility and power.

Is the support team there 24/7 to assist? When we turned on the CDN the first time, it was ‘on’ in our control panel but seemed to make no difference to our page speed. It doesn’t matter how super fast your website is if it isn’t accessible! After the speed test, we ran the Load Impact test on Bluehost servers. Apparently, you have to pay a full year’s subscription upfront to enjoy cheaper perks. The search engines take into consideration the amount of time that your site is online. A "related" website link may not be the true vote of popularity to a website that Google is looking for. InMotion’s plans are really straightforward and almost identical.

  • No, you don’t need to submit your site to a search engine, but it is good practice to do so — especially if you have a new website that isn’t well linked.
  • Some hosting companies even offer free SSL certification and you’ll be able to activate the certificate on your domain within a few minutes.
  • One of the reasons why you’ll need to create an exact duplicate of your site when moving to a new host is that, Google and other search engines have problems when it comes to changes in website structure.
  • Popular search engines such as Google often take into account loading speeds in its ranking algorithm.

Learn more about Web Hosting

Furthermore, what’s quite nifty for those thinking of selling stuff online is that there’s also support for a web store (albeit a basic one containing a maximum of 10 products). If you own a business, web hosting is a necessity; it's no longer an optional luxury. In terms of load time (339 ms), they were only beaten by A2 Hosting. Frequent downtimes, database connection errors, Internal server error, too many unnecessary re-directs, frequent IP address migration are some of the hazards of going with a shared hosting plan and these nuisances are amplified when the company you have chosen is relatively new and not proven for success yet. If you can find a lot of them that look great, it’s a good sign that you’ve found a host that will continue to have good options later on, when it’s time for a redesign. So, when Sally from Company XYZ heads over to the Pitchfork website to see what music is getting critical buzz, she’ll be reminded of your web hosting services.

Ignore Free Web Hosting

Truth is, your hosting provider can make or break your search engine rankings. A CMS will help you generate and manage that content with great ease. Which is the best wordpress hosting? 7 hosts – 6 ruthless tests. The answer for optimal site speed may lay in SSDs (solid-state drives). And when they do, you want to talk or chat with technical support instantly. Make sure your web host is geared up for the technology you’re using. WordPress integrates with virtually every online platform or tool you might want to use, giving you unlimited flexibility to create websites of all kinds, from content-rich blogs to eCommerce websites with thousands of products. It doesn’t use the standard cPanel that most hosts use. The highest ranking sites are obviously the most popular websites and visited by maximum numbers of people; so, the time period required to achieve this feat can take anything between a month and a year.

If you want to understand how SEO works, you need to first look at the early stages of web hosting. I also don’t worry about chasing promotional offers to save a few dollars. Our test site loaded in less than a second for a server located in San Jose, California and was faster than 94% of all tested websites. 9% uptime means that it is down for about 44 minutes. And it has to do with Google crawling. The plugins you can install on WP are also very good for SEO. GreenGeek’s performance, especially speed (375 ms) is good, and uptime looks very reliable (99. )If your site is down, clients or customers will be unable to find you or access your products or services.

You’ve got a business to run. A2 Hosting does a lot of things right. Fast speed, great price, free domain, and free SSL. What should I look for in a web hosting company? The quality of a VPS can vary greatly between hosts. On the plus side, SiteGround offers free automatic daily backups, access to the Cloudflare CDN, high-performance SSDs for all plans, unlimited email accounts and integration of the free LetsEncrypt SSL certificate into sites. But there are situations where shared hosting isn’t ideal for SEO.

Keyword Use

If your site loads slow or is down a lot of the time, you better believe the search engines will take notice and react accordingly. Having professionals handle your hosting will take the burden off your plate. Some people buy hosting from a company that specializes in providing this type of SEO hosting.

It’s the most popular CMS and powers over 25% of all websites on the Internet. On the same breath, nearly all search algorithms take into account the uptime of a website. With that in mind, let’s focus on how it can help you tackle your SEO needs.

Bluehost (

In addition to carefully recording the monthly fees for each hosting options you’re considering, make sure that you search reviews for information about hidden fees. Wix was created entirely around website building, and the quality it delivers on that front makes it the best-in-class option for someone who is focused on website building. And people often forget that “trackbacks” can also be marked as spam.

But that's why the fact that DreamHost's ongoing offer to provide a free shared website to 501(c)(3) nonprofits is so notable. Unlike the more advanced web hosting companies, Bluehost keeps everything really simple. Enable server caching. When you move your website to a server that’s not as busy, or decide you’re big enough to move to a VPS or dedicated server, your page load speeds should dramatically improve because there are more resources available. There are multiple base options to select, which you can then customize according to your preferences.