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SSD Shared hosting:

You don’t have to worry about DMCA complaints. Hostinger is an extremely popular web hosting company founded in 2020. It has highly scalable packages across the full range of hosting services, and its prices are competitive, though far from the industry lowest. OffshoreDedi offers affordable shared hosting, starting at around $19. They cannot forcefully take their site down either. One example is if you need hosting for alcohol, gambling, tobacco or pornography.

8 CPU cores, Free SSL certificate, and Free domain are included. The company’s servers are located in Amsterdam which is a big thing in terms of privacy. Best web hosting services 2020, 95/month Term:. In this case, it becomes important that only industrially and technologically prosperous areas be chosen. Cryptocurrencies are a great way to pay for hosting when you’re attempting to stay under the radar. 80/m Business – $25. Fiat currencies can be tracked. The most common types include:

  • Cloudways gives you various options for support including a Knowledge Base, Ticket Submission, Live Chat, Platform Status Page, and Online Fill-Up Forms.
  • With virtualization software, the web host protects your resource allocation.
  • Not only this but there are also some other Laws & Acts to protect your digital content theft.
  • VPS, a single physical server is split into multiple virtual servers offering guaranteed resources like RAM and CPU.

In simplest of terms, offshore website hosting is a hosting which you get in the country or the continent which is far away from your own country. The biggest con is that Exoscale is slightly more expensive and offers less of a bang for the buck specs-wise than a lot of their bigger competitors, but if you just need a small VPS for a low traffic site, they're a solid choice. Further on, Shinjiru accepts multiple payment methods including Bitcoin & Ethereum. They recently got bought by Hostopia and while the switch was a bit rocky, everything looks to be back normal… including their fast support. You can make payment via eWallets and your bank credit cards.

Some plans being as low as $0. The downsides are that they don’t offer much advanced functionality, and domain registration and SSL certificates are both extra costs. Business shared hosting is Hostinger’s best solution for unlimited web hosting plans for multiple stable sites and businesses. They specialize in DDOS protection and offshore hosting. New methods are emerging as the industry is evolving, but here are the purchasing methods currently available:

  • Technically, it’s supposed to be installed after renting a hosting service.
  • For example, we allow the expression of one’s political views in a country where freedom of speech is not tolerated, or sharing sensitive and relevant information in a country where freedom of press is not permitted.
  • One is that they have high physical security and power redundancy thereby securing customers data with high security.


That is, they provide privileges and additional control to certain owners – without the price tags of dedicated servers. Bluehost went downhill fast over the last few years, which definitely hurt the company, luckily, lately, they’ve been improving their services and support, to the point where they might start moving up our list again. This contest based on promotion, you guys have to help us to grow so that we can recover our server cost and in favor of this we will bring more free services. It is also easy to upgrade and downgrade between plans as your demand requires, with only minor fees for going over bandwidth limits. This is the cheapest option of shared hosting and it costs from only $0. Another example of a one-stop shop for Australian businesses. Its low costs allow for quick “trial and error” projects that come with low risk.

Also hailing from The Netherlands, Anonymoushosting. They offer multiple Linux operating systems and SolusVM VPS Panel. LiteSpeed Web Server is up to 9 times faster than Apache Web Server, processes PHP 50% faster, and is 3 times faster at processing SSL than Apache Web Server. If you have VPS offshore hosting, then you don’t need to worry about DMCA complaints, otherwise, you have to stop your illegal content websites. Whereas in Offshore hosting a user takes the hosting plan from the provider who has his data-center in different countries. Bypass legal transaction criteria – You can bypass certain transaction legal criteria. I am currently using Exoscale for a school project and it has been great so far.

TheOnionHost TheOnionHost is another DMCA ignored, bitcoin-accepting, offshore hosting provider that offers Shared offshore hosting, VPS offshore hosting and dedicated offshore hosting services. And while this might hurt the site’s loading speed and traffic capabilities – it still allows it to stay online. Why you may ask? Offshore hosting can provide a protective layer of anonymity for the website owner, but this is hardly helpful if its security lineup is subpar. Site5 hosting review – for serious web designers, the key to choosing the best hosting provider is to figure out whether they come with the right set of features you’ll need. The price for this service is between $3. A Small Orange was acquired in 2020 by Endurance International Group (EIG), the same conglomerate behind the more popular (and straight-forwardly named) Bluehost and HostGator. BlueAngelHost is a good all-round hosting provider. You can pay less if you decide to pay for a longer period of one or more years.

Another well known offshore host company is Shinjiru.

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An offshore VPS plan is a web hosting plan that uses virtual private servers located in a country (or countries) foreign to the one that the customer resides in. Money-back guarantees are huge because you don’t have to feel uneasy about committing to a web host only to find that you don’t like their services and features. It and software service businesses for sale, this ownership means more guaranteed CPU, memory and disk space allocations which can translate into better performance, speed, and ROI. That’s why it allows you to host any legal or illegal content website on this server and get rid of all DMCA Complaints.

(9%), which gives one day of service for free in compensation for every hour of downtime a customer experiences. They are created for startups and personal websites that desire the utmost privacy. You also get a user-friendly access manager, two-time WordPress-optimized speed, and a free domain name with the annual plan. There are many situations in which you might need to host your site outside the United States. Shared vs managed wordpress hosting (explained in plain english), hostGator's dedicated hosting is comparably inexpensive, with its most basic service starting at 9 a month. In my honest opinion, they are one of the most trustworthy providers on this list.

Although relatively new, their client base is growing very fast due to their low prices and robust hardware. 80/m VPS Linux – $25. Offshore web hosting providers give the privacy of their customer’s data and the laws of the country in which they are located. Protection and privacy seem to be the main concerns of Shinjiru, whether that’s the privacy of their clients, domains and data or steps to prevent DDoS attacks on their servers and sites. For example, let say, we want to set up a gambling site, we know that running a casino is illegal, but we can host our online casino site somewhere else, were doing that legal. They actually took the time to speak with us, unlike some other web hosts we have reviewed in the past.

Offshore Hosting in 2020 – The Contenders For the Best Service Around

The company’s data centers are located in the Netherlands, which means they operate under Dutch law. Oh, + they have a 30-day money-back guarantee too. Offshore web hosting is the practice of hosting a website on servers located outside of one’s own country. SSD storage isn't available except in the most expensive dedicated hosting package.

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DMCA-ignored hosting is offered by a company that allows you to publish plagiarized or pirated content on its servers. PalexWeb PalexWeb is probably one of the most DMCA provocative offshore hosting providers. Also, their VPS services run on 1 Gbps port speed and LiteSpeed servers; this guarantees you rapid site loading. But still, most hosting providers choose to follow DMCA from other countries.

It is not essential that the web hosting companies with servers in developing countries are actually from those countries. Does the host handle any of the tasks required to secure data, and does it offer you the tools to do so? However, if you’re looking for anonymity, features like WHOIS privacy make their way to the head of the line. Moreover, VisualWebTechnologies hosting plans come with emails, FTP, and sub-domain. They also had some bad reviews lately, and quite a few complaints popped up on different fora. Companies in countries such as the US, UK, or other European Countries pay higher taxes, higher wages due to a higher cost of living, and consequently minimum wage, in these countries, and must generate higher income to remain lucrative. Read all the fine print carefully to learn what is restricted and whether your content fits the provider's terms and services. The key features are:


A good choice for Offshore hosting that is budget-friendly even for dedicated servers the prices are competitive and you get unlimited bandwidth with every plan. For more power, you can get Shogan plan for $9. Best dedicated hosting & server providers, as the shared hosting model developed, the trend towards gigabyte or total bytes transferred, replaced the megabit line speed model so dedicated server providers started offering per gigabyte. You can also for the more advanced ones if you wish to. Also, writing up this bitcoin hosting guide took a lot of effort and time. If you are going to host controversial content of any sort, there is a possibility you will run afoul of one or more country’s laws, regulations, or cultural norms. Their data centers are located in Luxembourg, Netherlands, United States, and Sweden. And they include unlimited SSD storage and bandwidth, so you won't need to worry about exceeding any arbitrary caps. It is 100% DMCA ignored.

Their support was pretty responsive though (after our tests crashed our site). Colocation hosting, once an affordable colocation site is chosen, you can then get the bandwidth, IP and power to your servers from there. As for hosting options, InMotion offers shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and specialised WordPress hosting. The best offshore hosting company for you all comes down to the needs of your site. Stable & Secure: This hosting provider has a simple and intuitive user interface, while update settings run extremely quickly. Softaculous available for one-click installation. However, they don’t provide any refund or money-back guarantees.

  • They have been in business since the year 1998 in Malaysia.
  • But along with shared hosting, offshore VPS and dedicated hosting plans are available.
  • By all means, if you are considering offshore hosting, be extremely cautious.
  • In this post, we showed you how the main cryptocurrency works and made a list of top 5 companies to buy hosting with Bitcoin.
  • 50/m Dedicated Servers – $175.

Why Choose OffshoreDedi As Offshore Host?

Your banks cannot also pry into your private life. What is file hosting service?, it’s especially important to be aware of security features when you’re dealing with a free file hosting service since those companies typically require less personal information from a user on sign-up. You are aware that ranking affects the amount of traffic you get to your website, so before finalizing the country where you would want to host your website, think about the audience you want to target. A company that started as a Domain Name Registrar and ended up being a powerhouse offering Hosting and VPN services among others. The host not only offers you security from government interference but also independence. There is a US law that provides you with intellectual property globally. Unfortunately, there aren’t any viable offshore hosting options that are free.

All the hosting packages include free everyday backups, unlimited domains, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited E-mail accounts, etc. Hosterbox is ideal for people new to dedicated hosting or who need advanced packages with little additional support. Some of the features that people look for when choosing anonymous hosting services include Country the company’s servers are based out of, Payment forms accepted (bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies), Types of content not allowed (the lesser the number of restricted contents, the better), Price, Anonymity, and Speed. The credibility and reliability of its services is not in question; Unicef and World Vision are some of its top clients. The host offers anonymous shared and VPS hosting and domain registration. Any use of or publishing of pirated content is illegal and punishable by law. Most of the people are likely to prefer to choose the Offshore hosting plans.

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Sharing sensitive information with the public also requires protection rights. How to install .net framework 3.5 using powershell, dism, and more. Escrow services such as LocalBitcoins allow you to buy digital currencies directly from a peer. Offshore hosting is a trend in the information and technology industry. It comes with 5 GB storage, 50 GB bandwidth, unlimited domain names, 24/7 email, and live chat support.

Offshore VPS Servers

For example, it allows sharing sensitive and relevant information in a country where freedom of the press is not permitted, or the expression of one’s political views in a country where freedom of speech is not tolerated. You can see the updated pricing table (updated weekly) below. Or just look at the other sites listed on this page.

Their datacenter has multiple features including redundant power, 24/7 physical security, and SSAE16 compliance. Its plans offer unlimited bandwidth, which is ideal for users who have no concept of what their needs will be. Their services include web design, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, etc. If you are still figuering it out, check out web hosting customer reviews at https:

MediaFortress – Great Australian Web Hosting

All of BlueAngelHost’s plans feature 1 Gbps uplink/downlink connections, Xeon processors, SSD storage, free domain registration, unlimited bandwidth, cPanel, DDoS protection, Softaculous 1-click installations, and Weebly Site Builder. We have offshore VPS hosting, private email hosting, bitcoin hosting and all the tools you need to secure your identity. One of the big disadvantages of offshore hosting is that provider doesn’t have to bother about legality as laws and regulations are different for different countries. Best vps hosting solutions – flexible & affordable, that way, you can minimize downtime and get your site up and running again if issues do occur. It is Decentralized and Trustless – There will be no need for a middle man to verify payments between the transaction parties.