Top 10 Best Minecraft Server Hosting 2020

Premium server setups are relatively affordable, beginning at $1. After you have set everything up, link your friends with the server and enjoy the game! In terms of graphics, it uses 8-bit block style graphics so it won’t compete with games like Call of Duty.

In the Select action section, select Delete and click Continue. With our unique panel, your Minecraft server hosting will be installed in seconds. If you are all about the mechanical side of things and see yourself as an engineer then Scrap Mechanic is an awesome game to get into. It all started with one main person leading the project named Markus Persson. We cannot promise you when it comes to reliability and performance of the servers. That precious time you are wasting could be spent playing on the server that you are paying for. You will have tons of plugins at your disposal and several customization options, bringing you much wider boundaries for setting up your server. If your current hosting services doesn’t use SSD drives then you are missing out.

They place 50% less users on a server node than the competition which means that: ServerMiner’s prices are fairly high but you do get what you pay for. Start resizing your Server in just minutes.

The hosting company has live chat support but is exclusive to existing customers.

Server Hosting Features

Donations are a great way to help paying for a server, especially when it uses a lot of resources. There should be two indications of whether the mod pack has been installed or not: · 24/7 Monitoringsystem. This should make connecting to each other a lot simpler than it may have been otherwise. Prices start at $2. Best cloud web hosting plans, their servers are powered by MaxIOPS – their proprietary storage technology built on enterprise-grade SSD hardware which is 2x faster compared to industry-standard cloud hosting. Hosting a Minecraft server is affordable.

Cloud Computing Can Give You An Edge

The following table compares an assortment of their different servers and price points. This ensures you can get your server back online in case of faults. You can also pay an additional $5 per month for premium support which allows the support to do more for you – we’ll cover that in a second. ” message or the checkmark on the “Server console” checkbox. All prices are listed in U.

Please add any other comments or suggestions about this content: Server locations include Chicago, IL; Phoenix, AZ; and Amsterdam, NLD (great for players in Germany, UK, France, and greater Europe). After your SSH terminal opens, create a new directory named minecraft in your instance's home directory:

GO, Conan Exiles, and more.

Minecraft Dungeons

They have built their own Minecraft host that is intuitive and easy to use so setting up your server and game will be an effortless and smooth process. Everyone should feel welcome in Minecraft! Microsoft are currently putting the work into making thecross platform. High-tech SSD drives, cutting-edge processors, a robust infrastructure and a powerful network. Their four distributed server locations include Montreal, Canada; Miami Florida; France; and Los Angeles, California, giving wide network coverage. My recommendation is to start with a cheaper plan.

If you’re in need of guides and tutorials, on the other hand, you can always check out the knowledgebase, though it’s worth noting that most of the articles there are about the Java edition of Minecraft. Follow us, what if I am not pleased with my account for some reason? 99 for 2GB and 50 player seats, and includes some modpacks. Do you have any additional recommendations for setting up a Minecraft server? Much like the real world, Minecraft would feature rough 3D objects set up in a fixed grid pattern. No more files upload, just search and click and start to play ! It’s nice attention to detail for sure, and relatively un-invasive as far as Minecraft mods are concerned. The whole thing becomes less fun and more stress. Also, Game servers are now in stock.

Although it has some FAQs available on its website, many customers will find this vendor’s knowledge base quite unhelpful, since it has only two articles available.

The Lord of the Craft

It offers Minecraft servers with decent and nice features, they offers a demo server, where you test the server and if don’t like leave them easily! For every server, there is a group with a specific preference. Its customer support center is available 24/7/365 and customers can only contact them via support ticket. You also need to ensure there are no interruptions to your internet connection. Do I need to buy Minecraft in order to play on someone else’s server?

Plus, with our streamlined app, you can easily manage your game server from your phone. As expected, the premium ones are quite expensive but they also include a few key features that you won’t get with an affordable Minecraft hosting plan. And if you’re in for long-term then you should know you can get 25% off for life on all Semi-Annual and Annual billing plans with the coupon code INTERSTELLAR. However, if you want to enjoy everything it has to offer, make sure to choose their paid plans. Moreover, the company has a YouTube channel where it regularly posts tutorials and other useful videos related to Minecraft. Python hosting, greenGeeks has 4 data centers around the globe. You can also pick a theme and edit it easily, so you can launch your website as soon as possible.


You have two options when creating a Minecraft Server , you can set it up on your own computer, or you can pay a small monthly fee and host one online. CraftBukkit maintains a forum of add-ons designed specifically for their server software, creating a solution for managing the effects of many add-ons together in game, without causing conflicts or reducing performance. If you want to build a large community around your server you can go all out with the $47,74/mo plan, which includes 10 GB of RAM and support for up to 100 players. Finding the best wordpress hosting of 2020: an honest guide, because they don’t consider them as authoritative. There is a minimum of 20 player slots as well.

The location coverage isn’t that great (only 4 regions to choose from) but it’s not the worst we’ve seen either. For more information on Minecraft visit Minecraft. ServerMiner’s customer support is not very impressive, with users being limited to contacting agents via email or ticket. This game has enjoyed a large player base that keeps coming back again and again. On the bright side, you can find a lot of good step-by-step tutorials on the company’s website and you can also check out ServerMiner’s YouTube channel for instructional videos. The hardware of their services are equipped with powerful Xeon processors and they also feature SSD drives for super-fast speed. The game lends a lot of its constant success to the ability it has to morph into whatever game people want it to be. If only this was a real Pokemon MMO, but it's close as we're getting for now, and that's incredible.

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Beastnode has six datacenters located in Chicago, New York, Seattle, Orlando, Phoenix, and Amsterdam. You can resize your Server depending on your needs, like scale-up your Server when you are expecting more traffic or your team is in developing mode and scale-down during off-sales seasons or during long holidays. They boast 99.

How To Add Mods

MelonCube support is great, available when you need help, with expert advice from fellow enthusiasts (not just from IT nerds). Most hosts offer dedicated RAM and shared processor power on entry-level plans. They have all of the standards that you’d expect from a host, and they also offer custom packages if you need a larger amount of resources. Their support is available to help you around the clock, however, there are different tiers of support. As your server becomes more and more popular you will want to add more resources to your package.

One little drawback worth mentioning is that the Asia Pacific servers are twice as expensive as their NA and EU counterparts. As such, it should only be used if you are mounting a new persistent disk. · North America. For example, a plan that is regularly $5 per month will only be $4. Read more about them after the break! We are very proud to offer you that in our minecraft server hosted by us. Other notable Sites for Minecraft Server Hosting are:

  • The object of Minecraft is very simple, Eat, Craft, Survive!
  • This is thanks to the way that the game allows modding.
  • They have provisions for a number of games, Minecraft being the most popular of the bunch.
  • And, users now have the option to upload their own custom plugins, giving admins even more control over their Minecraft server.
  • It is not a worthwhile idea for all gamers.
  • Microsoft saw an opportunity to be able to milk the game for money if they bought it.

Easy-to-use VPS Hosting Control

How many people play Minecraft? Especially when packed with lots of mods and plugins. A Minecraft world can host several players. The pleasant Minehut control panel makes it easy to make customizations. If you are playing online, then latency is one of the major things you need to keep in mind. How much does it cost to run a Minecraft server? · DDoS Protection.

The specific type of persistent disk you will use in this tutorial is a persistent SSD. Once again, our customer service team can give you advice about this. Later in the tutorial, you'll use this tag to create a firewall rule that will allow external Minecraft clients to access your server. Request a quote, lots of companies make do with VPNs and Terminal Services, without Citrix. A VPS company that emphasizes their line of Minecraft Server plans. As a rule of thumb you should really be within the same continent as where your machine is kept. Bluehost provides easy setup and powerful VPS servers for gaming.

49 per month from rest of the competitors mentioned on this page. Plans start at $4/month for the 2GB Anvil plan, or the 1GB Gold plan. You get a choice of a near 300 “Installation Packs” for your server. We are the custom modpack specialists. Some of them have automated setup, so you have a running Minecraft server as soon as you pay for your account. They sell preconfigured Minecraft server packages. SSD Storage SSD storage is standard on all services. A few of the names that sit at the top of the price list include Enderman Hosting, Rox Servers and Host Havoc.


If you have your own Minecraft server you can host a game, controlling every element from total users, who gets to play and who is banned, host online parties, and much more! We will most likely be playing a relatively big mod pack; something like FTB Infinity Evolved, All The Mods, or Project Ozone. But if you want to take things up a level, you can order their dedicated servers. Tons of lags, scarce resources and a bad performance. A Minecraft server is simply a form of a dedicated gaming sever, specifically designed to host Minecraft online play.

Get the geography right if you are targeting a global audience. They offer you a selection of main packages: With several games on your Minecraft server list, you can host your kids, friends or distant blood relations on any kind of game which is soothing for their fun. If you’re all on the same network, you can simply find your IP address and share it with your friends. Depending on your priorities, you can pick either option. If your PC or laptop seems to be causing high latency to your Minecraft server, our customer service team might be able to give you some help and advice on how to solve this problem. There are a lot of Minecraft Server Hosts you can access to play the game.

There are two separate Realms versions available, one for the original classic PC edition, and one for the cross-platform Bedrock edition, which lets players group up across iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Windows 10 to play together. Here’s a breakdown of microsoft exchange online features. · A Control Panel for customizations. Paste the following script into the file. With over 100,000 customers served for Minecraft hosting, VPS cloud hosting, and more - everyone is treated with the same amount of care and dedication no matter their project size.


· A maximum of 10 Players on the server. It is connected to tons of payment methods like 2Checkout and PayPal, so you can capture payments without writing a single line of code. The total servers go over 90,000 servers, with a near 150 JAR extensions still available. If you’re looking to play Minecraft or Minecraft Java Edition in a hosted environment, Apex hosting is the way to go. While it may sound like a crafting game (which it is), Minecraft isn’t all about mindlessly building things (although that’s where the fun is!) The 26,000+ plugins offer a wide range of customizations. Best web hosting providers, at some providers (SiteGround, DreamHost) you’ll need to manually enable your certificate after you activate your account, but most web hosts enable it by default. The servers come with a 100% uptime guarantee, so it should always be available for players. You can even upload your own custom plugins so you really can tailor the entire experience as you please.

See what else is available on ScalaCube using the link in the Title. ServerMiner uses a very unique control panel known as SMpicnic. What is web hosting, exactly? everything you need to know. 99/month with 2GB RAM multiple locations to choose from. In the Storage dropdown, select Read Write. This is Minecraft at its strongest:

If you are looking for an established game host who knows the games they offer then Havoc is the best choice. Therefore, a hosting your own Minecraft Server is desirable in 2020. 50 instead of $44. You can rent your own Minecraft now. ServeroMat is a popular game server provider for various games like Counterstrike, Minecraft, GTA, Left 4, and more. Meanwhile, none of the cons can be considered deal-breakers, especially if you’re looking for US-based servers.