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In fact, 2 out of 5 of the most popular YouTube channels are focused on gaming. As stated above you can use your slot quota in any configuration. You also do not need to have experience with making sites, as SquadForce ensures a very beginner- and user-friendly atmosphere. Your imagination is encouraged to race wild with this clan website template. You can provide gamified features, such as the ability to level up or gain rewards and points, based on discussion participation in your forums. What is the minimum amount allowed by the Clan Pay (Group Pay) system? It’s your first impression on future members, and hence a critical recruitment tool.

  • November 5th, 2020 2765 The minimum amount allowed by our system is $2.
  • Astra has a free & premium version.
  • It is created for pleasure and superiority over your game competitors.
  • Hi there, I heard about this website trough another website I visit which has a bunch of Templates.

Check it out here! However, you sure do need to know that Eldritch is compatible with bbPress, rocks Revolution Slider, has a full-screen menu and integrated search option. There are a few routes to go with this.

Youplay has working Twitter and Instagram feeds, functional AJAX contact form and even coming soon pages to announce the big launch day early. No wonder video games are becoming an inseparable part of many people’s lives worldwide. Advantages for gaming communities: We are offering our gamer clients a free tier, which is fairly limited on features, but it has what you need to get started with setting up your guild's web site! But is it the best choice for your site project?

  • Clan or guild websites are mainly needed by avid gamers who are looking for sponsors.
  • Using a website builder simplifies the development of your own gaming website.


Webhosting made with you in mind We know the needs of gaming websites, and try to offer as much support for them as possible. Gaming websites is an umbrella term that refers to all forms of niche resources dedicated to gaming clans and guilds, gaming fans, communities, servers and web developers, and game reviews. Official uTemplate Store – Apart from multiple website templates belonging to different categories, uCoz also offers a pretty rich assortment of premium themes available in the official uTemplate brand store. And wouldn’t you know it, that is a big part of the clan experience.

– The system grants full access to code editing options. Whether you would like to start fresh or you are looking to redesign your existing website, with SquadForce, you can do it both and then some. Finding a free theme that allows you to set up your site easily while it still looks great can be extremely difficult. This is one of those things that distinguish good players from the best ones. In the kit, Arcane carries a lot of pre-made layouts which will cover everything, from team wars and tournaments to gaming news and clan wars. Click here for the full feature list. I know, I know, I said WordPress plugins, but not having access to actual game data is a big mistake! At the start of next month you'll see me as a gold patron.

  • You can use your gaming website to create clan specific leaderboards.
  • To promote engagement in your community through gamification, make use of Ning’s advanced Member Ranking System, introduce Leaderboards and Achievements module.

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Still, if you do not find it a perfect fit out of the box, feel free to improve it, modify it and, before you know it, you have the exact website you always wanted ready. ClanHQ Hosting will host any website, however we specialize in hosting gaming websites such as clan websites and gaming communities. The code is well commented what makes existing demos simple to improve and creating new designs easy as pie. What else do I need besides buying a domain/hosting service and having a template ready to use? You won’t have to learn anything.

  • Several ready-made blocks, practical navigation, tournaments, eCommerce section, gallery layouts, blog, forum and an array more specialties come with SquadForce.
  • We uses cookies policy to improve the user experience.
  • An unbeatable support team run by people who care.
  • They are created to provide relevant information on this niche topic as well as provide support for enthusiasts.
  • 99/mo) and the Maximal Plan ($15.
  • Clan or guild websites are websites dedicated to gaming.
  • The more professional groups compete in tournaments for money and prizes.


All of our game bundles come with Game Slots, Voice Slots and Webhosting thus providing you with the complete package. There is also FTP access here. Sick of high cost unreliable hosting? Start trying this clan website template and you will never go back. Instead, you usually need to assign a specific date and time to make sure everyone shows up.

Plenty of headers and footers, different notifications, Disqus commenting, sticky menu, you name it, PLUME has it all. Which platforms can ensure great result without any serious effort, money and time investment? Divi comes with a calendar you can use to plan raids or practice time. Our websites are perfectly engineered for all clans & guilds of any size, any game and on any platform.

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Finally, you can start working on your clan website template. When it comes to the creation of gaming websites, it makes sense to pick and use the following extensions and plugins: With relative ease, you can have a fully functional website up and running in close to no time. The tool is effortless to use, as well as comes with many striking demo layouts. The installation will be handled by our Script Installation Team. Bluehost, since 2020 we have been providing hosting services all over the world. TOP Clan Website Builders Reviewed: 4 billion people. Add a favicon to reinforce your brand.

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The theme is free & comes with lots of features. The thing is that only genuine interest helps reach global goals and create the right image against the background of less lucky gamers. All in all, there are 37 modules here. Dot net rules, that instance is then used to create the service host effectively making that instance available to the . With it, you can implement and maintain inventories of virtual goods in your game. There is more gaming communities than ever. This is possible if they are going to find and choose an affordable web hosting that still offers all the features that they need.

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Which service stands out from the crowd in the long run? But that just isn’t true. They are made by avid gamers who want to show their accomplishments, connect with fellow gamers, recruit gamers and look for sponsors. Ning offers an impressive array of features that will let your gaming website truly stand out.


Create your very own gaming community with bbPress and take CSS3 animations and styling to your advantage. Connecting your website with Twitch or YouTube to make it easy for clam members to find your streams is a great way to engage with your audience. With three different home variations and a whole bunch of inner pages, you can launch your project right away and start attracting new users in an instant. The new crop of hosting providers will have to watch this market carefully in the future if they want to hold on to their customers or hook new ones.

The design elements fit exactly what a clan website would need. In addition, Good Games also has plenty predefined elements aka shortcodes to quickly and efficiently create something one-of-a-kind. When it comes to the cost aspect, you won’t face problems as well. Youplay comes ideal for managing clan wars, creating a community and even as a blog or online store.

This makes it a perfect opportunity to create your own clan web designs and build your own site dedicated for enthusiasts. We know the needs of gaming websites, and try to offer as much support for them as possible. Few simple commands is all you need to know and all this is explained in details on our site, so any PC user can understand it. If the written and video knowledgebase files don’t solve your problem, Enjin’s user forums include a section dedicated to support requests and assistance, either from Enjin staff or from other users. The systems offer quite versatile approaches to the process of creating gaming websites. Also does anyone use reddit. The IONOS MyWebsite package includes hosting on a server with ample webspace and your desired domain name with an associated email address. Work on the sections where your content will sit.

  • Also, it is pretty easy to get a website up and running even if you don't have much experience with websites.
  • If you expect to avail a truly professional and full-featured gaming website that will eventually bring profit, then it makes sense to invest money, effort and time to master WordPress.
  • – Statistics for your sub-site, See your visitors and how they reached your site.


If you decide at any point during that time period that Enjin isn’t the right fit for your project, you can cancel without any further obligation. Once a clan has it’s core members, then it can form around the activities it does and will be sculpted by that gaming culture. You can still get the website name that you want as long as it has not been taken by another gamer or gaming group on this platform. It has a bunch of cool ready-to-use demos for both sports and online gaming worlds, plus additional two color presets. Sharing is caring! Other killer features include responsive editing, full control over text and colors, undo/redo function, sliders, forms, social icons and more.

If you have the required skills, you an of course code an unique website from scratch and integrate any content you wish into it. 10 best cheap web hosting services reviewed & tested, all you have to do is accurately answer the questions in the widget below:. SiteGround provides excellent Guild support and super-fast servers. Get started with a killer free clan website and recruit!

You will pay first for the Domain and then the Hosting Fee. The game industry moves quickly, and hosts will have to constantly update their offerings as the industry changes with new games, new game genres, new systems, and new players. To make your own game website, it is enough to set up a domain name, choose a design theme, and fill the site with interesting content.

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Thanks to the amazing functionality of the platform, you can achieve remarkable results even if you have absolutely no experience in website development. Having a theme that specializes in planning can help you go a long way. Just add the features and functions you would like to use and construct your site utilizing the tools readily accessible from the dashboard. Having a website is just not enough in 2020. .68, i have asked some of the technicians on duty very high-level questions and they are able to answer them thoroughly. Couple the prepayment term with Enjin’s two-week free trial period to evaluate the top-level plan’s features to find out for yourself whether Enjin is right for your needs. Determine what you want to focus on because your choice of clan web template will depend on the type of content you intend to put up. We're looking for a guild website service, and a guildie sent me the link to Guildtag. Do you have to be tech-savvy to make your own gaming website?

Contemporary design, optimized for performance, speed, search engines and browsers, a header and footer builder and a ton of custom layouts, you will find nothing missing with Gamezone. (Loving the site by the way :) The theme is fully responsive & works on all devices. Who is it for? I was a member of there for years but never used it because I never ran a website, until now. Most popular games are team based now, making the social aspect is an important part of a game being fun. We are working on an automated install, but we will also install this for you, free of charge, just ask! This is why we will host you on nothing short of the best stable, and secure systems.

This will allow you to share thoughts and opinions on the games you have played, get involved in the world of gaming, and discuss any related topics with visitors to your site. The theme became popular quickly, so the developer chose to make it a multi-purpose theme. You can connect up to 20 modules, a forum, an opportunity to get donations, full integration with social services and even an online store.

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There is a chat and personal messaging available , so you can easily communicate with other gamers at any time. PlayerX is a unique theme in many ways, it’s one of the only themes with lots pre-built websites you can import. It should come with special symbolics, creativity, achievements, galleries, videos, communication etc. And this can aggravate the more competitive clans. Making sure your website is a resource to clanmates can help you get a reliable amount of traffic. However, you will avail positive experience in both cases. Despite the fact what type of a gamer you are and/or what kind of a website you need to develop for your clan, below you will find only the most encouraging templates for your needs.

With eSitesBuilder you’ll get everything you need to, no web design skills or web development skills needed!

This HTML template is powered by Bootstrap 4 what provides full flexibility and extensibility. Cod4 is a very popular game & a friend asked me to make a COD4 theme for his clan website running PHPNuke Platinum 7. In many cases, Discord has actually replaced clan websites as it makes it easy for clan members to communicate with each other and team up. To cover most of the work, Team comes with tons of inner pages which you only need to put into play. Ning is a simple and affordable solution when it comes to creating websites for both players and game developers. Most free themes will work perfectly well if you don’t have any special requirements. This website uses first and third party cookies for advertising purposes, to better understand your preferences, to offer you an optimal user experience, to keep track of statistics and to be able to collect your feedback. One thing is for sure, no matter the site you plan on building with PixieHuge, it sure will not be anywhere close to hard.

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Without the need to code, you have the ability to customize it to your preferences. By starting polls , you can get feedback from your network members and ask them for opinions. When checking out, just select the slots you want for your Teamspeak 3 servers, and it will be created along with your clan/community package! And due to its sheer popularity, creating a gaming website has become a common sight. In some cases, the developers give this information out on their own website. Enjin – is a specialized website builder, which was specially created for gamers, professionals and fans.

Parallax effect, Font Awesome icons, Isotope and compatibility with the majority of browsers and platforms, Youplay thought of it all. – You can stream your favorite channels from the most popular streaming gaming service at your website. Overall, I would recommend getting some type of webspace for your clan. We are even ready to install custom addons and plugins on your website! The packages are designed to give you full complete control over your environment and what you host in that location. 95/mo Free Setup Ensim X/Powertoys AntiSpam/Site Stats WebMail Redhat Rhel v4 From $24. It allows you to turn normal site activities into challenges and achievements for your clan members to earn. Forum sections are important in clan or guild websites so that website visitors can connect to their fellow gamers.

From then on, you can either use Plaxer as is or fine-tune it further. Enjin offers several task-based video tutorials. It’s easy to create and manage clan websites without any specific skills. When your audience grows and your content becomes popular, you’ll want to monetize your website.

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There are paid and free variants here, which contributes to the efficacy of design customization process. But if the layout suits your taste as is, lucky you, as you will experience almost instant site realization. However, as the complexity of online games increased, many guilds sought after more advanced management features and turned to specialized services to accommodate their needs.

You are also free to post any content you consider useful for your online community, including game reviews, guides, tips, cheats, and recent news from the industry. There is much you can find here! Otherwise, you can probably find a better, more customizable, and less dated-looking solution elsewhere. Making it a great pick for just about any type of website. I'm an admin in a clan and we are growing and spreading to more games now and are looking for more options. But you don’t need superior web development skills to put up your own clan web site. If you are indeed the clan leader, providing your Steam account details, i. There are numerous content management systems, design templates, and tools available for creating and setting up your clan website, all of which work intuitively via drag and drop functionality.

While a clan website is hosted just like any other site, hosts in the gaming community often offer a number of specialized services. Still, there is no need for you to use it exactly as is. We have made this simple as well. Since 2020 ClanHost have been hosting websites and game servers for online gaming teams. As mentioned above, there are different types of sites and content under this niche topic. This will give hosting companies an opportunity to appeal to a dedicated market. The future looks bright for companies willing to expand into this niche.

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However, the service supports sites associated with a number of different popular games , including guild-based games such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: Enjin claims that it’s committed to no-hassle pricing structures. 000 in just a few months. Most gamers understand the importance of appearances, which is exactly why we dress our characters in the most bad-ass outfits available. Which of these systems are the most trustworthy, affordable and feature laden? The website builder initially focus on the development of clan/guild websites and, thus, its feature set and tools are geared exclusively towards this very goal. Creativeily is a great multi-purpose theme, it can be used for most types of websites, gaming is one of them.

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You can take a look at their available themes here as well- http: The benefit you could get out of a team website is well worth the cost. Divi is good for any sort of purpose. The installation will be handled by our No matter what games your clan plays, we support them all! There are many reasons to have a clan website such as clan exposure, a place to recruit, and a place to converse such as forums. Create your gaming identity, join guilds, clans and gaming communities or start your own community. It comes with one-click demo import, page builder integration and a bunch of great plugins such as BBPress, BuddyPress, Revolution Slider and much more. There is of course games too that cuts it out, especially mobile games, but we are not going to talk about those in this article.

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You can use our Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal to create an advanced and good-looking websites with minimal effort. Having chosen the niche system, you will also avail unique functionality right from the start. As long as you pick the right platform to build it one, you website will look just as good. It just doesn’t work. Just shop around to pick quality plugins and appealing theme for your WordPress website and enjoy the result. What are the differences between gaming guilds, clans, guilds, or factions?

If this is your first time being a web server admin or admin period, you have found the right place to start. It promises no hidden fees or surprise costs for any additional functionality, and an all-inclusive package of features. Simple enough for beginners to use, powerful enough for pro's.

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Many games have APIs available that allow you to collect information directly from the game. I wish more people would support this site and your work. Best wordpress hosting 2020 – siteground vs wp engine, the baseline Economy plan gives you a free domain name, will migrate your existing site, includes 50% discount on Standard SSL and has no limits on bandwidth. An application for scheduling and organizing raids, tournaments and other gaming events. Also, features that enable website admin and visitors to upload large files and load of images and screenshots should be considered in choosing the best web hosting plan for a clan or guild website. That makes it a great pick for clans that have a lot of events. For example having an event calendar you can use to plan raids, or having a forum so all of you can communicate together easily. I also love the platform and thank you for all your hard work! I will gladly spread your patreon and other forms of support through my community as well!

With a gaming clan website, you can have fun when it comes to choosing domains or website names. The only downside about this theme is that it doesn’t have forum integration, that’s a bit downside if you want a community going on your website. Look no further! But it also means that they will need to stay tuned into what different hosts are offering. Game servers at their finest Complete Clan Solutions. Cdn for dummies – a stupid easy guide, with the help of the admin panel, you can not only set the site settings, but also receive statistical information about the site, for example:. Thanks for any replies!