The 7 Best Free Web Hosting Options in 2020

You can create up to 400 databases and add as many extra domains as you wish.

Even with their free plan, FreeHostia is touting a 99. One of the essential things you need to know when using MySQL is that you need to have a MySQL specialized host (like FastComet). Microsoft office 365, we were thinking of using Ring Central VOIP services that Intermedia is pushing so hard and what a mess we got into. In no way that's a good result but that's not usual for the provider. In-built Easy Website Builder. SEO optimized plugins. 5 faster load times for any WordPress website, compared to the competition because of its superior architecture.

10 (MySQL or MariaDB) Other free perks: However, these top-notch companies provide much greater storage and bandwidth resources, along with incredibly low prices, 24/7 support, and trustworthy reputations in the database hosting industry. The best windows hosting platforms to take your applications online in 2020. Their plans are widely used by big and small businesses, bloggers and developers.

Since the programming language PHP is used to connect and manipulate databases, make sure your hosting provider supports this language. Hostgator also provides consultation services with some of their packages, so that you can be sure of moving into their environment and starting out on the right foot. Ark: survival evolved server hosting (steam version), in search of raw power? It’s much a better to get a good shared host at low cost, such as Bluehost. That said, the company’s website inspires little confidence.

Google’s service not only offers MySQL databases, but they also give you the choice of PostgreSQL and SQL Server and assure you will be able to connect to your data from any application and from any part of the world, without worrying about backups, replication or failovers. The best web hosting services in 2020, if you purchase the domain name and website hosting from the same company, you will not have to change your domain settings. For example, you must agree to limit your space to consist of only 10% image files, 10% archives, etc. It is the most widely used database application especially among web developers.

9% uptime guarantee, and all free accounts are supported by a knowledge base and FAQ.


It’s not such a bad score per se, but I am using the same bare WP installation on all hosts, and most of them seem to stack better results. Best web hosting providers, out of hundreds of web hosting companies I have narrowed it down to my top 9 picks for the best web hosts. On the other hand: Its popularity for use with web applications is closely tied to the popularity of PHP and Ruby on Rails, which are often combined with MySQL. I don’t like it one bit. Now, if it sounds just a little too good to be true – IT IS!

The forum community is incredibly helpful, and company members often address client issues quite promptly. It evened out at 99. Web hosting services pune india, at OMX Technologies we possess a team of customer service care executives who are there to receive your calls and assist you with perfect information. It seems the word “free” triggers a sort of genetic response that makes us sit up and take notice. If you know your way around code, Siteground's GrowBig and GoGeek plans are just for you.