How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting in 2020 (Compared)

Additionally, WP Engine does a great job of going above and beyond to make your store a success, with features like that WP Engine Ecommerce Toolkit, as well as page performance tools and the included Genesis framework. The service provides unlimited bandwidth and storage space, along with disaster recovery back up. What are the top blogging platforms? Using free themes and plugins, users can customize their site and extend its functionality. Using a CDN also increases site speed by allowing you to host your web files on their worldwide network of servers. We’ve covered the best shared WordPress hosting, best managed hosting, and a budget hosting.

It can drive significant list growth. SiteGround’s customer support is available 24/7 across all channels — phone, chat, and email — and its knowledge base is rich and well-organized. How we compare, although offerings start as low as . Regardless of the accounting, it is pretty much the same thing.

We were up and running in a short amount of time, and their server software was up to date with modern versions available. That's significantly more capable, yet still very reasonably priced at ~$7. It’s the best entry-point for users who’re just getting started with their WordPress website. You can use a free plugin to setup an automatic backup system for your website.

Anyone who plans to grow their traffic fast and sees regular spikes in visitors. The bigger you get, the faster you’ll want to be. We recommend Liquid Web for medium-large enterprise use.

  • That goes to show just how versatile, multi-purpose, and efficient WordPress is.
  • It was really a mess.


A staging environment is like having two WordPress Hosting accounts. Thanks to the inclusion of the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin, it only takes a few clicks to start editing these templates via an impressive drag-and-drop user interface. While their customer support chat isn’t ideal (took us ~8 minutes to get in touch with them), it’s available 24/7. Using turbo servers to give users a free 20x page load time, they help with speed – a major Google ranking factor. They can help you set up additional payment gateways, add new products, and much more.

With site speed being a ranking factor on Google, I would look elsewhere for a free host. This helps us see how the individual WordPress hosting company would perform during peak traffic times. – partnered with iThemes to provide easy various site management. We also tested out customer support by connecting with their live chat and asked several questions to evaluate their support team. Follow this guide to pick the right plugin for the job. Since you’re already using multiple servers, it’s really easy to add more or take some away. Further down the homepage layouts, you’ll find stylish tables that can be used to compare your products and plans in an easy-to-read format.

  • Plans start as low as $6.
  • Why would anyone do this you might wonder?
  • WP Engine is all about performance.
  • They are branded for the user domain and include email forwarding and autoresponders.
  • To make your life easier, SiteGround can automatically update the code for you.

5 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers

They have hired best hosting experts to provide you fantastic service and friendly technical support 24/7/365 days. Unlike traditional platforms, such web hosts come with WP pre-installed, doing away with the need to download and install the application. The powerful Visual Composer page builder tool is included too. Most sites aren’t actually that big, 10-20gb is usually plenty for even larger sites.

Reliable, lightning-fast hosting solutions specifically optimized for WordPress.

WP site owners can benefit from the availability of a reliable webhost with 24-7 technical support. Our goal in this post is to simplify the process and help you choose the best WordPress hosting partner for you. Many have special plans for these kinds of sites. The company has made significant progress in the past in selling domains. Plans for managed WordPress hosting typically range anywhere from $25 to $150 a month or more depending on the size of your site and needs. Bluehost offers cPanel, which gives you complete access to host multiple domains, set up email clients, and even customize scripts and CRM, so there is no issue when it comes to having control over your hosting account. It’s certainly worked for us and millions of others. Cloud hosting can be a little technical, but the user-friendly control panel does help smooth out the process.

Site5 is expensive. As you’ll see, most hosting platforms run regular security checks, and may actively remove malware. Cons of Shared Hosting: Security is also a strength, with websites constantly scanned for malware and if any is found, will provide the user a free install. (52 for four full years of hosting). Between the free domain and website, email address, and ad credits, you can’t go wrong at this price point.

Inmotion Hosting customer service

They’ll even help you with plugin and theme issues and make recommendations about best practices for your site. If you want a hosting plan that’s cheap and includes support, this is the host for you. – Helps to mitigate any potential DDoS attacks. The starter plan is the most cost-effective, and it gives you 10GB storage and can handle up to 50k followers every month. This type of hosting is great for new websites that don’t have a ton of content. Unlike other WordPress hosting reviews, we do not recommend anyone hosting company because what makes ‘BEST‘ for you depends on your particular goals, preferences, and resources. A2 Hosting (www. )

If you’re an agency developer that wants to host multiple client sites and scale as you grow, Kinsta is a great option. However, they have excellent average server response times under 350 ms and strong speed metrics. And, DreamHost offer a shared hosting variation of their WordPress hosting which is just as affordable, includes the option for monthly billing and no big price jumps after the first year.

This form of hosting is one of the most popular and cheap options out there, as many sites can share server resources owned by the web host. Copyblogger launched on WordPress. This would help you find the best service for your organization and enable you to build a successful website. And don’t forget to floss. WordPress runs you through the setup process, and then you’ll need to point your domain to your new site. HostGator is another big name in small business web hosting, and it’s a bit of a mixed bag. It also has redundant routers that connect its servers over multiple providers using BGP.

10+ Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2020 to Buy Quality Hosting

HostPapa has three main plans ranging from $3. This tool not only makes it easy to customize the existing page layouts included with the theme, but also creating your own designs from scratch is straightforward too. In the event users suffer downtimes, the service provides a credit of a free day’s hosting for every hour of downtime. SSD's also provide faster I/O (input/output) and will last longer before needing replacement. We hope this list of the best WordPress hosting services helped you find the right option for you and your site. Full disclosure:

These Are The 3 Best Cloud Hosting Companies:

The more pages someone visits, and the bigger those pages are (e. )This allows clients to start testing earlier and take advantage of free and instant performance gains. Next, you’ll also want to deselect Dreamshield Protection and 1 Mailbox if you don’t need email yet. During onboarding, we were able to choose from several data centers across the world. This stands for “Web Host Manager. 95 per month with the freedom to host unlimited websites. Eventually, with a shared host you are going to reach a point where they will simply force you to migrate to a dedicated server. In your opinion, which is the best hosting service?, our support team aren't trained monkeys - we know webhosting, and we love what we do. These hosts customize the hosting environment and manage a lot more of it for you.

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No other WordPress host provides this feature at this price. While all its shared hosting plans are powerful, SiteGround is especially well-known for its highest-tier shared plan, GoGeek, which is suped up with tools developers will find especially useful, including a staging server and Git repo creation. Hostinger has a custom, easy-to-use dashboard – hPanel. One of the cheapest starting plans among WordPress hosts. Pricing starts from $15 a month with rock-solid features. Well, there is no such thing in the real world as unlimited resources. WordPress Premium is a pricing tier at WordPress.

Better security – they provide account security like two-factor authentication, brute-force attack prevention, SSL certificate, and many other things to keep your website safe and secure from online threats. Yahoo! web hosting: big name search firm does hosting. but how good is it? Let’s take a look at a few different WordPress hosting plans: If you’re planning on building a high-traffic site, you’ll want a host that can maintain crazy-fast speeds on large sites. DNS average response time was 78ms, way out compared to all the other hosts.

However, you can refund anytime after 30 days, but they will give you only pro-rated credit for any unused service.

WPEngine Pricing

” A server is just a computer, usually without a monitor, that is stored in a large data center. For example, WP Engine has a list of plugins that it doesn’t allow on its servers. Siteground review – as good as they say? Believe it or not, your web host can make or break the success of your WordPress site. Obviously, you can’t build a non-WordPress website on your managed WordPress hosting account. Fast forward five years and GoDaddy has made some impressive strides with their WordPress hosting products. 95/month model.

Shared hosting: We’ve provided guidance to millions of online content creators, digital entrepreneurs, professional marketers, and freelance writers. The average DNS response time meanwhile, was 20ms. Intermedia exchange email review, intermedia says the service manages inbound call routing, and is designed ideally for small businesses with one to five employees. And here are some of the cons of managed WordPress hosting: And they’re still shared hosting. If you started a blog on WordPress.

  • We continue to believe WordPress is the best foundation for anyone who wants to build a successful home base for their online presence.
  • 99/mo for a 3-year plan and renews $4.
  • You will notice that almost every WordPress hosting company offers huge discount for choosing long-term plans.

Cheaper Alternatives

The service uses multicore Intel Xeon processors and RAID disk storage for data redundancy, resulting in a highly-secure and industry grade network that offers 99. Fast loading speeds. Choose a domain (or add one you own). To determine how each provider fared in this criterion, we went ahead and asked each one a simple question via live chat: Our goal is to help you make the right decision because choosing the wrong provider can have a negative impact on your website SEO, speed, and sales. All test were run on the web hosts entry level plans.

Having helped over 100,000+ users start their website, we have answered quite a lot of questions. Best wordpress hosting providers, ionos has dedicated resources that help you to build a WordPress site effectively. While you will pay a little more, it’s a robust and stable hosting option that can handle practically anything you throw at it in our experience. Their headquarter is in Los angles & they are popular for their superior support quality. DreamHost is unique in the WordPress hosting world. Author bio here: Your site is hosted on the same server as tens or hundreds of other sites.

We suggest avoiding free WordPress hosting. If you do check out the pre-built Hostiko demos, you’ll quickly see the wide range of different hosting sites you can create with this theme. WordPress Hosting Summary: The most eco-friendly hosting company on this list is GreenGeeks. Not just with our tests, but their hosting in general was in total disarray, with confusing offerings and outdated software/server stacks. There’s a few major advantages to getting specialized WordPress hosting: In fact, Kinsta released PHP 7. In cases where the users complain of the less than optimal performance of WordPress, the problem could be traced to the substandard hosting solution.

Additional Consideration: Hire a Genesis Developer

Also consider subscribing to the YouTube channel if you’ve not already done so. It’s a smart decision to seek a shared hosting company that also enables the use of Apache mod_rewrite and PostgreSQL which enables useful features. If you have a traffic spike, the cloud network of servers can easily handle the extra resources with no impact on your site. Before you choose your new host, take some time to brush up (pun intended) on these WordPress hosting considerations.

This article contains affiliate links, by clicking on links on this page and by making a purchase, we will earn an affiliate income at no cost to you. Don’t skimp if you’re going big. The uptime, site speed, and support are all pretty good too.

It gets faster than pretty much any shared hosting provider can dream of. SiteGround offer unlimited websites but you’d likely run out of server resources before long since their hosting is still technically shared. Buying website hosting is the first step to creating your own website. You can read my full affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy in the footer. Pressidium hosting architecture is built an enterprise in mind, so you get top-notch infrastructure reliability, high-availability, security, and performance.

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So if your website grows, you’ll likely need to transfer your sites away from WestHost. 5 Cloud providers – Choose from Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, or Google Cloud. How do I install WordPress on my WordPress hosting account? SiteGround support was very helpful and knowledgeable each time that we spoke with them. You’ll also want to make sure you turn off their other extras at checkout, which would add $39. It’s a pretty significant improvement over the six hours of downtime they reported last quarter. 95% uptime with 40 total minutes of downtime. Now think of inputting your credit card information to buy something.


Web users are notoriously impatient so the speed is vital. – Advanced users will appreciate the SSH, SFTP, and WP-CLI tools for developers. This period that spread across 3 separate short outages as opposed to one longer outage last quarter. Traditional hosting essentially means you are provided with space on a shared web server and some level of support.

SiteGround’s WooCommerce plans offer all the same features as their basic shared options. The money back guarantee is one of the main things that sets A2 Hosting apart from its competition. If you’re vaguely familiar with how web hosting works, you should be able to navigate your way through your host’s help files to figure out what you need to do. If you’re looking for affordable WordPress hosting with direct phone support, GoDaddy is a perfect fit.

They offer cloud-based hosting, shared, VPS, dedicated, and special best web hosting for WordPress users.

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Usually, these are people who are: What would you do if you suddenly lost everything? Configure the site name, slogan, logo, & other settings. – secure FTP to transfer your files to the server. Hosts need the right infrastructure, security, and overall know-how. All of the hosting providers on this list are excellent, but our overall recommendation goes to Bluehost. 95 seconds – a small but significant increase.

Starting plan is a bit costlier than other hosting providers.

Spark - Responsive WHMCS Hosting WordPress Theme

Some basic coding knowledge is needed if you want to manually change the appearance of your site, but WordPress’ plugins and themes ensure that the majority of users don’t need to do this. Not only do automatic updates encompass everything from your server operating system to PHP, MySQL, and more, but they also cover WordPress, itself! WordPress is undeniably one of the best content management system for creating websites and ecommerce stores. We also have support for your own custom New Relic tracking.

WP Engine ($20 Per Month at WP Engine) , for example, limits sites to 400,000 visitors and a relatively paltry 30GB of storage. We set up paid WordPress hosting accounts for each company. You are likely familiar with hosts like WP Engine, Page. 80/mo.), is it possible to find a web hosting service provider that can offer cost-effective services without compromising quality? Having development environments where development can take place in a “safe” place that won’t threaten the live site is a best practice that every development team should follow. Waiting times for the live chat often stretched beyond half an hour, and from our experiences, the staff isn’t particularly knowledgeable about WordPress.

However, they also have a High Resource Usage Policy, which allows them to throttle or suspend sites that are taking up too many resources. Software that is out-of-date is a magnet for hackers and scammers. You have the freedom to install any Content Management System (CMS) you want, but performance will never be as good as say a dedicated server (i. )In all cases, it is better to opt for a host that offers specialized ecommerce hosting. Nexcess is another great option here. WPXHosting is well known for its outstanding customer support and they at times help you diagnose issues with your WordPress plugins or themes.

HostGator Cloud Hatchling Plan.

There are, of course, plenty of people and companies out there with websites that really are big enough (usually with hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of unique visitors a month) to require the effort and expense of opting for dedicated hosting. Bluehost – Best overall WordPress hosting. 24/7 wisconsin web hosting, time to check out our list! This trend continued for three separate support tickets. This plan is for one websites only and offers 10 GB of Storage, with all of the desired features, such as unlimited bandwidth, database, ftp account, email accounts, and free domain name and CloudFlare CDN. Drupal hosting: This hosting typically costs between $20 to 150 per month. Their entry level plan may only cost $11. Those are just a few of the criteria you should look out for when you’re shopping around for the best WooCommerce hosting.

Email accounts cost $19. So you get your piece of server space, and there are fewer other websites sharing resources. Important note: The latter CMS has more in common with website builders than traditional website hosting. For a new WordPress blog (traffic less than 20,000/Day), a shared hosting like SiteGround or Bluehost is the best. They offer a decent service at reasonable prices ($16. )I also really like their free site migrations that come with every hosting package. They offer one click install for WordPress, and they are also an official WordPress.

We also recommend that you follow our ultimate WordPress security guide to protect your site. WordPress offers SEO-friendly URLs, RSS feeds, post categories, sticky pages, and media, and the interface is suitable for non-technical users. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) can combine the privacy and control of managed hosting while still using a shared server. They are a web host for established websites. Or you can start with a shared plan and upgrade to a managed plan later, depending on the hosting platform you choose. HostGator offers 24/7 customer support through live chat, email, and phone, and they have pretty good response times. You can then customize their appearance to ensure that they work well with the overall design of your site.


Shared web hosting means that your website is on the same server as other websites. If you want them from free, you’ll need to choose their higher-tier plan “Preferred”. One common issue though is that DNS providers typically set high TTLs, which to put it simply means that if one of those companies had added a 2nd DNS provider on that day, it wouldn’t have mattered much because the TTL was set to expire in days not minutes. That benefit, combined with their wide range of plans, makes them a good choice for anyone that’s looking for a safe, fast WordPress host. While there are hundreds of hosting plans and providers to choose from, choosing a dedicated WooCommerce hosting platform will make it a lot easier to set up and manage your store.

Take a look at our WordPress hosting review table for a quick recap. Cloud hosting is a little bit more expensive than shared hosting, but the performance is a whole lot better. Your website will get backed up automatically, every day.

It’s not for everyone, but if you can afford it, it’s one of the least troublesome options if you aren’t familiar with web hosting. They are one of the cheapest options out there, with plans starting at $2. Services, we do not allow race, color, religion, sex, national origin, genetics, disability, and/or age to be a deciding factor in employment with us. Everything with the onboarding went smoothly except for the SSL certificate setup. Free exclusive themes: A lot of managed WordPress hosting providers include one-click staging environments specifically to make testing a breeze.