Elon Musk To Host Meme Review?

An ally of Pewdiepie in the war against T-gay. PewDiePie posted a “diss” video that mocked the Indian people, including references to defecation in the street. Musk even asked his Twitter followers in January if he should host it. The commonalities between PewDiePie’s viewers and older Tesla fans are even more pronounced when we look at WHY the fans are demanding Elon Musk appear on the show. The development comes at the heels of another mysterious exchange between the Pewds and Musk on February 11 where the billionaire seemed to renew his interest in hosting Meme Review. He said that in return for Musk appearing on PewDiePie's video, he would pay him $5 and also buy a Tesla.

Brownlee, an avid Tesla fan, spent the majority of his interview with Musk talking about Model 3 production, technology, and science. Words by Miranda Unwin Social Media Editor Another Australian in Berlin. 10 best managed wordpress hosting services for 2020- compared, when it was online, DreamPress’ performance benchmarks matched up really well against the competition, with a 501ms Average response time and an 615ms Max response time. Among the Tesla devotees is Jeffree Star, a popular creator and multimillionaire makeup mogul, who did his makeup while relying on Autopilot to drive. This is not the first time Mr.

What a time to be alive! You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Now, it was known to the world about the long-running tussle between the two most popular channels on Youtube for the first two ranks with maximum subscribers. “The past couple years have been, particularly last year, meme city,” Musk said. @jonjlevesque @heyitsliore @asmallorange i've been using aso for years and have always been happy with them. Keep safe, be healthy, and stay creative during this uncertain time. Let us know in our Facebook comments, or tweet us @wetheunicorns. This isn't the first time Musk and PewDiePie have interacted on Twitter.

Taking note of his tweet, PewDiePie quickly responded to Musk's tweet.

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By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. By dealing with Brownlee directly, Musk helped reinforce his image. The up and down roller coaster of Musk hosting Meme Review seems to have taken its toll on some. 72 hour money back guarantee, from the creators of ARK Survival Evolved comes- a massively multiplayer first-and-third-person fantasy pirate adventure. Musk is known for his active presence on Twitter, where he's revealed breaking news about his companies, clashed with high-profile figures, and sent out "false and misleading statements" that landed him in major trouble with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. PewDiePie's Meme Review is a popular mainstay for a lot of the Bro Army, but the appearance of Elon Musk could attract many more eyes to the Pewd's channel. PewDiePie responded enthusiastically, asking Musk to “please host,” suggesting that an Elon Musk episode of Meme Review will happen.

His channel’s featured video has over 120 million views.


But it’s Musk who will walk away with even more fans and, quite possibly, way more Model 3 orders. PewDiePie fans have been asking for Musk to appear on Meme Review for a while now. This sparked hope in the eyes of many 9 year olds.

One of Musk’s Twitter followers even likened the flamethrower-wielding tech wizard to Hank Scorpio from The Simpsons, posting a side-by-side photo of the two on Twitter. At the time of publication, T-Series was trailing PewDiePie’s more than 86 million subscribers by less than 20,000. Free webinar services: 7 platforms to host your next webinar (+ how to pick the platform for you). Check out a selection below. 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 pic. After surviving a near-fatal experience from the bombardment of the darkest memes known to the humankind, the billionaire is determined to step up his meme-game.

Aligning with PewDiePie, who has stirred controversy in recent times, seems like it could end in disaster, but in equal measure, it also seems like a perfect fit. Updated on Feb. The content creator currently has the most subscribers on the platform, but India-based music company T-Series isn’t far behind. While word on the street is that Elon Musk doesn’t always appreciate the comparison to Tony Stark, it does show that Tesla’s older fans and owners have much more in common with PewDiePie fans than they might think. 10 best multiple domain hosting services 2020, people often think that a web host is the main cause of a slow website but, this is often not the case. PewDiePie has anywhere from 3–20 million viewers per video, with many landing between 5 and 10 million. As many as 5,000 smart TVs and Chromecast devices were hacked and showed messages encouraging people to subscribe to PewDiePie. Contrary to Musk’s previous internet appearances, this one substituted dank blunts with meta memes.

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So, I sat down with the kids and got up to speed on it. The most likely scenario though, is that his fall from the top spot, like a SpaceX Crew Dragon launch, has only been delayed, ever so slightly. Once you confirm your privacy choices here, you can make changes at any time by visiting your Privacy dashboard. Check the video above to catch all the antics between these two geniuses. Every time he tweets, dozens or even hundreds of people respond with “host meme review. A YouTuber with millions of subscribers himself has also been heavily promoting PewDiePie. I can’t know why for sure, but my best educated guess is age demographics. By appearing on Kjellberg’s show, Musk keeps up his cred as a sort of influencer himself.

For the latest Product & Delivery updates, check these FAQs. The CEO also seems aware that some of his previous Twitter behavior crossed a line, from the unfounded accusations to the handful of tweets he’s tried to wipe from the internet. Inmotion hosting, when searching for an ecommerce host, there are certain things to look for, including both ecommerce features and general web hosting features like cost value, customer service, and reputation. Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the YouTuber PewDiePie. ” YouTube creators love Teslas, and they are a market Musk can tap into: Needless to say, the tweet set the Internet on fire and a possible collaboration of Musk and PewDiePie would only mean one thing - more memes!

The competition, however, has inspired a campaign by PewDiePie not to let T-Series take his top spot, resulting in massive increases to his monthly subscriber count. We are experiencing a disruption with email delivery. While most of the memes received a mid-rating from Musk, the tech CEO appeared most excited about seeing his face placed on top of musician Post Malone’s. The audience was in for a treat when they realized that Musk had brought a friend to co-host with him – Justin Roiland, the creator behind Adult Swim’s popular TV show Rick and Morty. Best web hosting for india, as of now (Jan 2020), PHP 7. Yes, the 29-year-old, known for his peculiar sense of humour, is back to being the most subscribed user on YouTube. Pivoting to memes is a way he can continue to put out weird content that turns heads and gains him more fans online, while also stridently avoiding statements that seem likely to attract unwanted scrutiny or attention, particularly from the Wall Street crowd. Fresh puro from my meme dealer pic. What, that actually happened?

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PewDiePie, real name Felix Kjellberg, and Musk both repeatedly joked about the tycoon’s possible appearance, and fans were ecstatic to finally see them together, reviewing memes for the aptly named Meme Review show. It’s something that Roiland asks Musk about in the video, too. ” The tweet refers to SpaceX’s famed Mars-colonizing rocket – the former BFR, now known as the Starship – whose prototype was unveiled by Musk earlier this month, as reported by the Inquisitr at the time. Best game server hosting providers in 2020 - bought & tested. Things got concretized when on 22nd February 2020 the video was uploaded.

He helped to facilitate over $10 million in Tesla sales, according to NBC, with more than 100 people using his Tesla Referral code. Since the race between the two popular channels started, PewDiePie has found help from fans and fellow YouTubers that want the star to keep his crown. Musk first floated the idea of hosting PewDiePie's meme-focused show in a January tweet. Many fans anticipate the day he hosts meme review and believe it could be the turning point in the war. How to choose the best wordpress hosting in 2020 (compared), that’s a fantastic deal. The duo can be seen discussing a wide-range of memes surrounding everything from Sen. In the replies to this tweet, fans reacted with glee, expressing their excitement at the potential for a Meme Review episode starring Elon Musk.

Last month, @ElonMusk teased the idea of hosting a segment on YouTube star @PewDiePie's "meme review" show. Unless this is all an elaborate troll, it sounds like Musk finally found time to host the show — with some help from the "Rick and Morty" cocreator Justin Roiland. 30 onward, discussing the hilariousness of various memes including one about the Queen and debating whether or not you would step on Stuart Little for a grand sum of money. Beast – who offered Musk $5 and to buy a Tesla as compensation for hosting meme review. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Musk’s meme commentary will likely result in a jump in subscribers for PewDiePie, helping the Swedish YouTuber keep his crown just a little longer.

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Are you onboard the Millennium Falcon? Fans documented the moment of victory in real time. PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, has a history of making offensive remarks in his videos.

  • PewDiePie now has about a 20,000 subscriber lead.
  • 2020 on the internet is a fever dream, and I'm not sure how we wake up.
  • Watch the full video of the episode here.
  • As of Tuesday afternoon, PewDiePie held the lead above T-Series by about 15,000 subscribers, according to Social Blade.
  • Tesla tycoon Elon Musk has officially broken the internet, appearing on PewDiePie’s YouTube channel to judge memes and back the blogger in his desperate battle against the Indian record label T Series for the #1 spot.

Elon Musk’s Net Worth Plunges $770 Million USD After Botched Cybertruck Unveiling

If you are not receiving emails from us, please try after 8am EST. It seems to be slowing just as Tesla is ramping up production, according to Jeff Schuster, a senior vice president at the forecasting firm LMC Automotive, who told The Associated Press in January that “demand for Tesla’s lower-priced Model 3 has been artificially high. Best web hosting services for 2020, limited server resources, limitations in site security. The show, which was trolled with the title “Will Smith Hosts Meme Review,” takes on regular PewDiePie video fashion where he rants and discusses current topics and memes before spinning the “wheel of Elon” in which it lands “Yes” signalling that Elon would, in fact, be joining his show. With all of this in mind, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Facebook group members were really excited to see Elon Musk appear on 60 Minutes in December, with little to no mention of PewDiePie. For this reason, I think Elon Musk should seriously consider appearing in an episode of Meme Review. We already won. The episodic series usually picks up the most famous trolls and memes going viral online and rates it along with sarcastically funny reviews.