12 Best website builder for a portfolio site as of 2020

Although we prefer self-hosted video options that enable users to seamlessly integrate their work into their websites, there are several sites that focus solely on delivering videos to the masses.

Wix has one of the easiest tools for creating an online portfolio because the entire process works on the drag-and-drop principle. And, as a tool originally used to make life easier for designer fellows, Carbonmade is much better for UX/UI designers who want to meet more talented designers, share design works and communicate with them there. How to choose the best domain registrar in 2020 (compared). If your talent expands over several genres, this is the perfect template for you.

  • This means using and creating a logo.
  • This way, you can promote your craft over and beyond, raising your potential to new heights.
  • Besides all of the features on the surface – including an online template editor that hits a nice balance between simplicity and customization – you get 6GB of image cloud storage, unlimited pages, unlimited bandwidth, the option to transfer over a domain name if you need to, and a ton of help and support (including tutorial videos).

All templates are mobile friendly out of the box, so your website will look great on all devices. What is 1&1 ionos hosting? To reiterate – the other hosting types are usually worth considering only if you know that you specifically need cloud or dedicated. One of the many areas where Weebly excels is in the way it calmly handles a lot of technical stuff quietly in the background: If this difference means nothing to you, well… all you need to know is that doing so makes your site appear more trustworthy and safe. 84 per month, $5. Most website builders are built for complete beginners, so you won’t have to touch a line of code in order to build your very first website. Finally, when examining different website builders look for scalability. Use that information to guide your decision. If you’re not interested in maintaining a site, you can use a service like Carbonmade or Dripbook to host your video portfolio.

So before you choose a builder, make sure you read the fine print about transaction fees. This isn’t the time to throw in everything you’ve ever done. Cargo users can view and comment on each other’s work, making it a terrific forum for engaging and networking with other pros. There are many reasons why WordPress is the most popular website and blogging platform (it powers over 25% of the web): That helps in the SERPs for sure. After you’ve done that, email me at [email protected]

Check out my girlfriend Anna’s site for an example. As you can see, there’s no shortage of options to create the best possible portfolio website, no matter what line of work you’re in. What's the best free-server host?, or begin on your own Minecraft server. When you can simply drag and drop your photos or artwork wherever you want, it makes designing a unique portfolio incredibly easy. But the secrets of the best portfolios are that the designers/developers/artists asked for those testimonials.

  • If you're paying your website host an extra 1% to 3%, that's another $100 to $300.
  • Dunked is a platform that helps you create a digital portfolio for displaying your skills online.
  • However, if you read the fine print under the add-on, you’ll see that HostGator already includes a free SSL certificate.
  • The plugin makes sure you get every penny from advertisement.

Best For Basic E-commerce

Personal websites may be more common in 2020 than they were ten years ago, but the vast majority of students and job seekers are still relying on resumes and job search websites. Js hosting platforms of 2020 (free and paid), if you want to use your own custom email address (like [email protected] It can also be a great solution to organize your travel videos and display them as a whole journey rather than as independent trips. (Behance, Dribble or 500PX). There are a lot of themes out there, so here are few to get you started on your search.

However, it will take just a slight moment more if you include your personal touch and adjust any of Crevado’s template to your liking. GoDaddy Website Builder is a simple and easy tool to create professional looking websites. Google uses small pieces of code called spiders to “crawl” the content of the internet and index it. So, how is a photographer supposed to know which sites they can depend on? Instead of a barrier, Dribbble’s Prospect/Player system can be seen as a challenge, and a chance to hone your abilities to network, sell yourself, and get your foot in the door in a low-stakes setting. However, you can easily customize designs to a certain extent. Other useful features include Google Analytics and social media integration. Fast and easy.

That’s a pretty cool feature and one that’s worth checking out.

Breathtakingly Beautiful galleries

Squarespace is without a doubt one of the slickest and most attractive website builders. You’ve got all your pages created, your menus set, an awesome theme, some great plugins, and a maybe a few widgets in your sidebar. Total design freedom is a key feature that users who want to build a unique portfolio will love. It offers a range of options for header styles, menus, slider layouts, post layouts, etc.

Using auto hot articles, your most popular content will be automatically marked ‘Hot’ in the title. As it is one of the most-viewed articles on College Info Geek, I keep this guide very up-to-date, and it’s current for February 2020. 10 of the best wordpress hosting providers for starting your own website or blog. If you’re getting to the point where you want to manually edit your site’s theme, I recommend CodeAnywhere. Keep in mind that this takes a lot of effort. Privacy options, customer support, and customization options are all linked to the plans as well. How big is your sales operation? But the best website portfolios do more than just showcase a buffet of screenshots. A video website builder made exclusively for video content.

It’s powerful and easy to use.

Thousands of creatives use Pixpa to create their own website

No need to look elsewhere if you are in search of a service that will bring your dream page to life. It would probably make sense to title this page “About Me” or “About ”. The video slider is where you can showcase the content of your choice. How did your contribution improve their bottom line, productivity or other aspects of their business? The basic package begins at US$5. To make her testimonial page really pop, she starts with a dynamic hero image and then continues with the customer testimonials below it. For all the criticisms they receive, website builders actually offer pretty good SEO (search engine optimization) tools that can improve your site to help it rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).


SSL Security All Pixpa websites are secured with a 128 bit encrypted SSL certificates. The only downside is price – it’s not cheap, with the average customer paying $150+ per month. Secure file hosting, regardless of the drawbacks, IDrive offers satisfactory performance for regular security and backup needs. Other features on the platform include logo maker, lead capture forms, website analytics, eCommerce, and more.

There are a number of great plugins you should be using, but we’ll get to those a little later. For inspiration, you can also take a peek at numerous example portfolios that were built with Crevado. Godaddy reviews, 99 per month Developer:. If you want to utilize 500px’s portfolio service, it will cost $6. The paid plan costs $7/mo if you upgrade and that comes with unlimited pages, 1000 images max, plus goodies like extra themes & plugins.

To show that your creativity crosses borders like nothing else, take a look at this example from Germany. You’ll learn what features they have, and what visual aesthetic they work best with. There’s a reason most websites are powered by WordPress, but it may be overkill if you only need a portfolio. A favorite choice of artists, designers and photographers alike for its slick, stylish interface. We’re also able to offer a 5% discount for anyone who signs up to Portfoliobox from Concept Art Empire. You might already be sharing your videos with the world via social media channels.

  • Choosing the perfect website builder depends on the purpose of your portfolio.
  • Non-developers can take advantage of databases, data bound UI components and end user custom forms and input controls with an easy drag-and-drop method.
  • Producing a new website with lots of style, aesthetically pleasing demo homepages and loads of endlessly adaptable functionality, this theme furnishes you a fluid site for introducing just about anything.
  • You simply cannot ignore Wix.
  • However, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of portfolio websites to choose from.
  • Start with the most essential – with yourself.


Free demo, $150 one-time license for “professional” users or $14 a month with Flamepix hosting. On top of that, you get neat extras like Dropbox and Instagram syncing, and Google Analytics integration. What is the cost of hosting a website on amazon aws? They also offer live chat and telephone customer support for technical assistance, so you can easily get started.

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Wix's editor allows you to tweak almost every element of your portfolio, while it also gives you the option to add meta tags and metadata to your images to get them noticed by the search engines and boost your online visibility. From hosting and domain name to stock images, SEO readiness, mobile-friendliness, ready-to-use samples, you name it, Moonfruit misses nothing. Although hosting videos on your website can be somewhat challenging, it’s the only solution that allows you to maintain complete ownership of your creation. Once you have added all of the content, take a look at the preview by clicking on the Preview Portfolio option. It’s not the cheapest web hosting service around, but you get a great deal for your money and there’s a 90-day money-back guarantee. Thankfully, there’s no need to bang out – or slowly, stutteringly trudge out – lines of code anymore. I want to be very clear that there are definitely other good choices for your domain and hosting out there. For example, you can have a portfolio showing off the videos related to Product A, while having a separate portfolio for Product B or Service A.

Here’s the section you came here for—your portfolio. While there’s a cap on storage with Jetpack Premium, the Professional has no such limits. Website builders are also engineered with web best practices in mind.

  • Make sure your work is presented to its best possible quality with over 15 extremely helpful portfolio creation websites, picked out by us.
  • For the CSS masters out there, we allow you to change any CSS on your portfolio pages.
  • You can use an email address or fill out the “Request a Proposal” form to get an offer straight in your inbox.

The Core – Video

Also, the editor's freedom and range of options can be overwhelming for folks who don't have the time or inclination to make lots of little decisions, and the design flexibility means you'll need to be more hands-on with the format and layout, as opposed to more structured or limited editors where you can't draw too far outside the lines. Online marketers are increasingly using videos to promote brands and disseminate information, as the medium is among the most engaging methods of interacting with consumers. If you had the budget for it you could run paid ads in (visual) social media channels like Instagram, Pinterest or Dribbble.

Select the type of media you wish to make a portfolio for, which should be video in our case. Be as invested in, and excited about the work you’ve done, and be proud of your accomplishments, whether it’s building a brand, building an app, or anything in between. And I still think that’s the best way to launch a new website online. The best web hosting, however, GoDaddy has many “upsells” that will likely make you pay a bit more. I did this on my previous personal site’s sidebar; it was a cool way to build a visual network of student entrepreneurs. The most expensive plan costs $15. What you need to know beforehand: