Marketing Strategies to Become a Successful Web Hosting Reseller

49/month and they have discounts available.

Simply follow the link below and you'll have instant access: It is then possible to book your domain based on your requirement and budget. Usa’s dedicated server, there’s no way around this fact, but dedicated hosting providers will always charge more than shared hosting providers. Healthy margins will help make reselling a main drive of recurring revenue.

  • The cPanel/WHM platform helps you manage clients’ accounts and resource usage, and InMotion Hosting will give you unlimited cPanel licenses to give to clients.
  • Estimate how many customers you think you can bring on to start the business.
  • The reseller focuses on marketing and sales while leaving all of the heavy-lifting to the larger hosting service.

It’s easy to set up, virtually hands-free, and allows you to set your own prices (and therefore, profit margins). You want to build your income in many ways online, but the best way to do so is to have a plan. 99% uptime over the last three years is more reliable than one who came into the business a few weeks ago. Again, features that most providers use. They will feel you are working with them and not against them and will stay with you forever. 99 a month initially ($29. )Aside from the additional profits you can make from your current client packages, reseller hosting is a great way to retain your customers for the long term. Web hosting: the basics for beginners [plus the best reviews], it’s more than enough to maintain and run your website(s). EIG has a bad rep in the hosting world, but it’s undeniable that HostGator displays decent results even after the acquisition.

Security is a high priority for InMotion Hosting. Before you begin, you just need to know the primary domain for your business. If you look at our Website Transfer Checklist, you will see that we just need some basic information from you before we perform the transfer for you. As your business grows, you may find this system restrictive, compared to other hosts that give you complete control. SiteGround — Best for managing small sites. You can also check out our deals on shared hosting accounts. Best web hosting services for 2020, liquidWeb is beneficial to agencies and developers also because it offers iThemes’ Sync Pro plugin for free (you save 0/year on the smallest plan). Each time you send a lead, you receive money.

You can now see the results and make a decision for yourself. Instant setup, some 3rd party will require a bit of work, but it is not time consuming, and honestly, it is very easy to do. It’s a rarity for hosts to support resellers with their own customer support staff. HostGator is another provider that has opted for the WHM reseller panel paired with cPanel. How much should I charge for hosting? Known for it's ease of use and wide configuration options cPanel is the best choice for your Reseller Hosting. All the end-user interfaces are also white-labeled, of course. GoDaddy has strong servers, so an offer like this is expected.

  • Sounds too good to be true, right?
  • Are you satisfied with this guide?
  • Did you know that InMotion Hosting has green data centers?
  • When choosing a reseller host it can be tempting to go with a free reseller account, however, this will only lead to trouble.
  • The bottom line is this, hosting with WPE may be more expensive, but you know that your website will never let you down.

Reseller Hosting Plans

These include: If you’re ready to grow your agency, reselling hosting is a natural next step. Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting in which the account owner uses his allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to hose the websites of third parties. This price is forced on you since it’s tough to run a web hosting reseller business without white labeling. Best web hosting 2020, – Java programs, whether apps or web servers, run on a Java virtual machine (JVM). While you can set your own prices, you’re also responsible for the way your customers use their space, and you are ultimately answerable to the ‘parent’ host. Each account includes all the features available with our Standard Web Hosting package. Make sure that the system you choose is reliable, then, so that you have more “up time” than “downtime. Listening to and solving your customer’s problems personally.

For full details, view our Migration Policy. This is regardless of how much your customer actually uses. We have you covered. Web hosting companies rating, does these WordPress hosts offer a money-back guarantee? Ideally you go for a mix of traditional marketing methods such as SEO , PPC and affiliate marketing and other non-traditional promotional methods, such as creating Facebook groups, influential marketing, collaborations.

  • Email is not free with GoDaddy, while other providers offer it as standard.
  • I’m nitpicking here—the platforms actually tie for the best reseller CRM.
  • If you'd like to earn generous commissions through referral sales from your website visitors and email recipients, check out our Affiliate Program.
  • This is because you can easily move from one plan to another as you start to scale up your business.
  • These add up quickly and can turn into a tidy profit if you can get customers on board right away.


Am I saying that GoDaddy is a bad provider? Then you must prepare your plan about what exactly you are going to sell, who are your potential customers, find your competitors and see what they are doing so that you can do better than them and make customers choose you instead of them. How does reseller hosting differ from shared hosting? A tax license, occupational license and incorporation papers. 99/month, $64. Quickbooks cloud hosting: enhance your business with fast & secure hosting services. One nice thing you can do is outsource your customer support to Brixly. Server location: Reselling is when a company utilizes the resources of a parent web hosting company and sells it as their own.