2020's Ultimate Guide to Web Panels: cPanel vs. Plesk vs. Webmin vs. Other Popular Hosting Management Tools

Essentially its a hosting management tool. Hopefully, the overview of the above web panels will help you make a better decision about which one is best suited for your needs. They brag on their website about 40,000 downloads a month— and that’s certainly nothing to sneeze at. Or would you rather use your mouse to navigate around a graphical interface, clicking on icons and moving windows around? This control panel will give you exactly what you need in a very well organized manner while being free of cost and open-source. Written in Perl and support major Linux distributions. Inmotion hosting review: 6 pros & 4 cons of inmotion hosting, it has a niche Joomla hosting plan, and sponsors lots of Joomla events so we were intrigued. Ajenti is a Python-based web control panel system, which makes it stand out from all PHP-based panels.

It offers in-built support for Apache, MySQL, Sendmail, ProFTPd, Dovecot, and many more server utilities. And it can be considered a really good choice for new users on a budget. Its 4 distinct login levels are administrator, reseller, client and email-user.

The VPS panel also usually provides FTP management such as user accounts, password management, and quota settings for each account. Webuzo provides many features that you can use to build websites: ISPmanager enables you to install the firewall. It developed the GEvent framework which provides it a modular architecture. Unmanaged hosting, whether VPS or dedicated, basically means you’re on your own.

Below we offer a feature breakdown of the two. If you are running a Linux based web server and are looking for a control panel to help manage your webserver, cPanel may be the right choice for you. If your hosting company provides these services, they will be available from the control panel. Some hosts use their own custom control panels, or customized versions of cPanel, Plesk, and so on! Of course, you can do all of this directly by logging to the server. Dovecot email server and RoundCube email client bundled in.

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In my experience, once you’ve used cPanel, there is really no looking back. If you are utilizing cPanel , for example, the website you access will be similar to: Comes with a custom Command Line Interface. #yourhostmatters, if you have a small business site, a normal host is fine. Unfortunately, the CentOS Web Panel code is not fully open-source, but it’s a feature-rich cPanel alternative that’s completely free to use.

As you found this post useful. And it can also be translated into any other language. Almost two dozen languages are supported by ISPCongif, which is remarkable. Wikipedia describes Hosting Control Panel Software as "the interface provided by the hosting company for the maintenance and monitoring of the hosted website. Best wordpress hosting 2020 – siteground vs wp engine. "Note that you will need separate Plesk licenses depending on which operating system you choose. They are neither alphabetically-ordered nor based on quality. It comes with a few pre-installed tools such as text editor, code manager, terminal, and file manager.

It’s the most visible part of a web hosting plan, and its features and functionality will largely determine the quality of your experience as a web hosting customer. We’ll go over the top 10 web hosting control panels and discuss their pros and cons to help you understand what’s perfect for you. This application supports HTTP/2. According to ISPconfig, it has reached 40,000 downloads per month. IT features Mail & FTP accounts management, PostgreSQL & MySQL databases, Subdomain, and mail redirection, Directory password protection, Three payment gateways, Support tickets, Web statistics, and compressed backup available for the domain name including DB.

A Control Panel automates a large number of tasks such as controlling email boxes, FTP accounts, databases, web statistics and more, through an easy-to-use graphical interface such as your web browser.

Wrapping Up!

Just use ZPanel's Module Admin to add the functionality that you need to your control panel. Whether you’re running Ubuntu, Debian, or CentOS, the Webmin developers have a package and installation procedure for you. Ecommerce web hosting, it’s fastest to change the price of individual items. You can use the free VPS control panel to try out how the VPS works using the panel. Plesk comes with more than a hundred pre-built extensions designed for making large-scale web management easier. Let’s Encrypt: We’ve listed some of those companies before. So if you don’t want to spend days learning a complex control panel, cPanel is a great choice. That’s the beauty of the FOSS world—developers are both skilled and generous enough to create incredible alternatives and offer them free-of-charge, just to make the community better.

Common solutions include securing your SSH connections through the use and enforcement of keys and disabling the root user entirely. You can even make changes if you’re willing and able. This control panel has nowhere near the market penetration of cPanel, but many network admins swear by it. Ajenti V makes website setup easy – including app servers, database, and routing. You should be careful to select a web host based on their reliability, performance, customer support, features, and pricing.

In this guide, we will present to you some of the most popular open source hosting control panels. Best web hosting providers, top level security is one of the strengths of WP Neuron which regularly scans all websites for malware and, if they find some, they will clear your install for free. It can save different PHP-configurations and choose per domain which php. WHM is used for server administration while cPanel focuses on account management.

And on top of that, Baifox will function perfectly within most Linux distributions, even Debian.

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Two-factor authentication, certificate logins, brute force protection, and many other security features. You can use this app for creating and organizing shared web hosting servers. It comes with in-built support for MySQL and allows admins to manage their databases using PhpMyAdmin effortlessly. You want to find a web hosting provider that delivers strong uptime rates, high speeds, and enough resources to run your website.


Manager of Community Engagement benny Vasquez is firm in her commitment not to sell people on something they don’t want or need. You can run Plesk on Windows and more than a dozen Linux distributions including versions of Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CloudLinux, and Virtuozzo Linux. Several panels provide features for adding and removing additional plugins. Best web hosting for small business, they aren’t likely to match the performance of the hosts we’ve already discussed (at least not on their shared hosting plans), but they offer a trouble free route to getting your business’s website online, without significant expense, which is the important thing. This clean, modern control panel operates differently from cPanel and Plesk because it isn’t installed on each server it manages.

10 Debian Squeeze or Wheezy, Ubuntu 11.
  • The interface, which has large icons and is easy to use, is somewhat similar to Windows XP.
  • There is no one particularly outstanding facet of this web panel, but there is an active community around it.
  • If your needs are simpler, and you’re sticking with shared hosting plans, don’t think you’re getting free Plesk or free cPanel hosting.
  • CentOS Web Panel is an open-source web panel for the CentOS Linux distribution.
  • OpenPanel provides OpenSSH access to admins and offers compelling yet flexible Linux iptables configuration.


Only those users who know enough about hosting services are aware that control panels affect the performance of your website big time. A big list of web hosting companies, that's the best we've seen so far, and it removed just about all of the risk from any hosting experience. DTC is completely open-source and has also been recognized as the first web hosting control panel that has reached inclusion in leading distributions like Ubuntu (since 2020) and Debian (since Lenny in 2020) and FreeBSD, per Wikipedia. However, there were some catches too. Web hosting explained for everyday people, the phone number is broadcast at the top of the page and the chat support login is easy to find in your admin panel. Currently available for Ubuntu, Debian and soon for CentOS. Administrators, resellers, end users – the Zomos control panel’s easy-to-use interface is perfect for just about anyone. The modular architecture of OpenPanel encourages admins to enhance their system’s functionality using custom-made modules. Admins can quickly see all the user accounts and pinpoint any potential problems. Webmin is the most feature-rich cPanel alternative out there, and that’s why it’s our #1 recommendation for 2020.

It allows you to setup these servers for WordPress. Best web hosting services, mediaTemple has owned two data centers which are located in Ashburn, Virginia and El Segundo, California. Fastest web hosting: top 10 fast shared website hosts in 2020. And this control panel is completely customisable, so you can group features anyway you want, increasing your efficiency and control. Server management is made easier with the lightweight Froxlor control panel. Community built : It allows you to set the IP address for the server. It can be installed on many Linux distributions and other Unix-like operating systems. Internationalization: One major thing I like better about Plesk than cPanel is Plesk Site Builder.

This can be in the cloud but the backups can also be emailed to you.

Reviewing Our Options

We have written a complete step-by-step tutorial on installing WordPress using cPanel on the leading web hosting companies. One of its distinctive features is the variety of automation tools. With that said, the iPage VPS plans are very cost-effective compared to other providers out there. The best free image hosting websites, as long as your storage capacity is high enough, it’s also the most convenient and easiest choice. It allows site owners to manage their servers directly from their browser. Please follow and like us:

An upcoming extension release will allow WordPress hosting customers to entrust their security management to Plesk with one click. This tool automatically transfers DNS data between two machines. While most will implement some subset of these, there are a few that include them all. Easy to use web interface for administrator, reseller and client login.

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And that’s why you need a hosting solution that’s fast and reliable. Ajenti V adds the following features to your Web Hosting Experience: Many website administrators use this simple tool to keep the content of their website up-to-date if they’re not using a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress. DirectAdmin is another Linux control panel that has a bit of a cult following. One mistake – and the whole site may be broken. You don’t need to deploy an advanced Docker Swarm cluster on your first go—maybe try something easier, like EasyEngine’s WordPress auto-install? CGI, PHP (available PHP modes for Apache: )

It is distributed under the GPL v3. The platform comes in several editions and supports Linux (including Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat Linux, Cloud Linux) and Windows operating systems. Whether you’re using WordPress, Drupal, or other CMS systems and shopping carts, InMotion is an ideal solution for your website. You can do SEO for your website with the web hosting company as some of the web hosting companies train the websites that are hosted in the search engine optimization. So it won’t cost you too much for an upgrade to get cPanel included with your hosting. Here are top free & open source web hosting control panels to manage & monitor Linux hosting: The team behind Sentora also offers subscription-based, premium support. Plus, it readily integrates with existing services like Dovecot, Bind9, Courier, ProFTPd, and Apache2.

ServerPilot enables the easy and straightforward hosting of WordPress plus any another website that works using PHP in the cloud, including many popular cloud services. Kloxo-MR is the fork of Kloxo control panel with much-advanced features and capabilities. It’s quick to install and easy to understand.