Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Services 2020

I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable web host. You can view the full details of the Flywheel pricing plans here. Quickly create a copy of your site so you can do a test before pushing the changes to the live website. TMDHosting comes with a pre-built WP environment, so there is no work required upon installation. I tested it out myself and had a website set up in under two minutes.

They also have excellent uptime, reliable customer service, and high-end custom plans for the enterprise.

If you want the same sort of power and are comfortable getting into the guts of a hosting solution, it's a great choice. With SSD servers, Bluehost promises faster website performance. 5 affordable web hosts under per month, 95/mo after first term. Cloud hosting is similar to VPS but instead of having space on once server, you get space across multiple servers. In fact, SiteGround is one of our top picks for cloud hosting. That plan lets you create one store with 100 GB of SSD storage and unmetered bandwidth.

With SSD cloud hosting, the multiple servers within the cloud network are equipped with SSDs, which enhances site performance, regardless of the server being used or the number of resources it’s consuming. Coalesce the best of aws, azure & alibaba cloud. They also just upgraded this plan to include a free domain name, which used to cost $9. That's plenty of room for even multimedia-heavy sites, and having unlimited bandwidth means the hosting package will have the ability to cope with unexpected spikes in web traffic. As I began to explore my options WordPress managed hosting came up time and time again. Option to monitor and alert. Using our first-hand experience, we waded through all the hosting options and narrowed it down to the best web hosting providers.

SiteGround do not offer a free trial but do have a 30-day money back guarantee. When a web host is optimized exclusively for WordPress, three key things happen. It is generally better to pay for hosting, but you don’t if you don’t want to. So it’s possible for your site to go down at no fault of your own.

Final Thoughts

Your cloud instances will be running on modern SSD drives at data centers that have multiple redundancies for both storage and power. Kinsta was just recently named top tier once again in Review Signal’s annual 2020 WordPress hosting performance benchmarks. Whether your site gets a hundred visitors a month or a thousand visitors an hour, Kinsta can easily handle your website’s load. It offers users a more robust, wider range of tools for developers and businesses. Automated file and database backup systems can be included as part of the stack software utility set offered by a web hosting plan, or set up through third-party plugins in WP administration. For a step-by-step guide, you can check out how to start a website with WordPress. You also get tons of general features like unmetered bandwidth, 100 GB SSD storage (unlimited storage on higher plans), and more. So as you can see, the test site loaded in less than a second which is quite impressive.

So much so, they’re happy to assist you in migrating your site or even better, do everything themselves without you lifting a finger. Cost – VPS hosting is more expensive than shared hosting. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) requires the use of a code received by the user via SMS, phone call, or email. But truly, you can’t go wrong with any of the top WordPress hosting companies that we have mentioned above. Up to five WordPress installs.

The additional features, such as managed backups and updates, as well as easy staging, help to make WP Engine more attractive too. Ability to choose between 15 different datacenters to place your server in the closest proximity to your site visitors. SiteGround’s annual uptime compared to last month’s. Despite being on the same physical server, these containers — or virtual private servers — don’t share any resources with each other. Site5 provides unique support as experts are available via email and chat so you can work through any issues by the mode of contact that is preferable to you.

The best hosts go even further, optimizing their servers to boost WordPress performance, and sometimes throwing in extras like a content delivery network (CDN) to deliver great speeds worldwide (hopefully).

WordPress History

This earned it a performance grade of 75%, better than 94% sites tested with Pingdom. WordPress has tens of thousands of plugins but most of the best ones are paid. WP Engine promises to focus on the top-level performance and delivers. 15 at checkout, and save $252. Kinsta offers the best WordPress hosting in India.

  • However, such highly-calibrated service has a couple of drawbacks.
  • The only significant issue is InMotion's suggestion that the plan works best for blogs with up to 20,000 monthly visits, and even that won't be a problem for many smaller sites.
  • Going for a cheaper option that is on the other side of the globe will affect your site’s speed.
  • Keeping in mind that the test site wasn’t using any performance optimization plugins, this result is very good.
  • If you ever require support regarding your host, you won’t be disappointed with the support team.
  • But when things begin moving upward performance is all that matters.

Pay-as-You-Go Plans That Adapt to Your Budget

They all offer strong uptime, fast page loading times, great customer support, and low introductory prices. Just one problem: But for example, if you already have a free domain name with GoDaddy and want to host with Bluehost, you’ll have to change the DNS records. Mdd hosting review: 10 solid reasons to switch to them. They also guarantee that all cloud computing resources for your cloud-based system will be dedicated solely to your server. Excellent customer support – you might think what it got to do, but when things go wrong, or you don’t have time to fix, you can always rely on their customer support. 59/Month for 36 Months. They keep up to 30 backup copies which can be restored quickly. At $14 per month, Flywheel also offer one of the most affordable WordPress VPS hosting services.

– With shared hosting, you often don’t have root access, some files are hidden from view and you may not be able to access advanced settings. This is a wonderful choice for all non-techy people, be it bloggers or freelancers, small business owners or creatives of all kinds, since it is extremely easy to set up and use. A number also provide Windows systems, and their numbers will grow as Microsoft continues to move aggressively into the cloud platform space. Advanced features You can do whatever you want with the WordPress site you build, but you’ll find the processing power and bandwidth will hold you back from building anything more than a basic blog. Lots of experienced users tend to look down on their hosting plans, but they’ve now come out swinging with a strong offering for WordPress users – their WordPress Cloud Hosting plans. Happily, CloudWays compensates by giving you control over additional resources and a dedicated IP address.

95 a month for up to ~100k visitors and goes up to $71. Similarly to other hosting providers, Site5 offers free Cloudflare CDN, 24/7 live chat, and site transfer(s). Some managed WordPress hosts clearly offer more than others but their price-tag might not be worth it.


That effectively guarantees you won't run into technical problems while installing WordPress on your Bluehost cloud hosting account. It’s scalable – VPS hosting typically provides instant deployment, low startup costs, pay only for services that you use, and easy upgrades. Two free WordPress website migrations to Pagely. Thanks to the scalability of cloud computing, quick and easy access to more server resource is never more than a click away. Its servers are ultra fast and extra secure, and SiteGround is constantly deploying new updates to keep them that way. Fully managed prestashop hosting, hostGator is a great choice if you want to build a PrestaShop online store. In the article, we’ll compare the best managed WordPress hosting companies and help you to choose the right service for your website. Don’t expect them to be quite as good as other hosts but the value per dollar is unbeatable.

So it’s very important that you secure it.

Build And Manage Multiple Sites

Can your server handle a giant traffic spike during a marketing promotion? Even a professional server architect might require assistance at some point and for this, so one needs to make sure that they have hosting provider’s assistance ready to help them out. It is merely a VIP option for WordPress users that takes them to the next level of web services.

For one, SiteGround absolutely blew away the competition by responding in less than half a minute, and promptly answering our question.

Compare All WordPress Hosting Plans

Our cheapest server averaged at 148ms response time. Perhaps the most important aspect of dealing with a good WordPress managed host is the safety and stability that you gain. Novice users can try out its service for a nominal $1($0. )As a result, overall uptime is improved, partly because there’s no need to take a server offline while it’s resized. Unfortunately, their basic plan doesn’t include a free SSL nor a free domain but comes with unmetered disk space and bandwidth, 24/7 support and backup recovery. Best of all, VPS is scalable meaning your hosting provider can adjust the amount of server space allocated to your site as your need evolves.

This offers you benefits like reduced latency, improved DDoS defense, greater site speeds, and better SSL certificate control. The 10 best web hosting services of 2020, in this evaluation of the best web hosting providers, we're featuring commercial web hosting companies that offer WordPress, VPS, shared hosting and many more web hosting services, along with a variety of annual and monthly plans. They offer Automatic WordPress install and updates, Free SSL certificate, Free Domain name registration for 1st year, automatic updates and secure configuration of login credentials. 5x Faster Get up to 2.

Siteground keeps your website backed up every day, just in case. WP Engine is the best example, they’re a managed host for WordPress. All of their WordPress plans (Shared, Managed, and VPS) offer a WordPress website builder, free SSL, and SSD storage with unlimited bandwidth.

Amazon EC2 (

Another unique feature is the BoldGrid website builder. As with other hosting companies, this won't cover any domain registration fees, but it's still a better deal than you'll often find elsewhere. Needless to say, this test provided us with some surprising results. There is some nuance with site speed. An always available and fast website has the best chances to succeed. However many you can stuff into an account you can get for $51 per month. Used by companies like Whirlpool and The American Genius, Pressable takes pride in offering a service that is more than just hosting. Custom domain No custom domain, but you can use a fully qualified domain name for free.

Lack Of Control

But although Pagely does power very very fast websites with very high uptimes, let’s be upfront about it: It took 2776ms with Developer Tools, however. While it’s a lot easier to get started with shared hosting, there are also a lot of downsides: I personally think they are a great company. Which data center location I should select for my WordPress host? If you want a high-performing WordPress host along with a knowledgeable support team to have your back, then consider trying out Pressable.

Number of WordPress instances or domains supported - how many sites do you want to run on the plan?

With the best WordPress cloud hosting, your website will have access to all of the resources it needs if it suddenly experiences a spike in traffic. Similarly to SiteGround, they also don’t own their server park, instead they are partnered with Amazon and rent servers from AWS. How do I migrate my WordPress site to my new managed WordPress hosting account? From $49 a month billed monthly. Also, you will find the Google Cloud Platform to be a little less expensive option than Azure. Lightsail virtual servers form the base of all the AWS Cloud offerings as they pertain to web hosting. Best ftp server hosting options – our top 5 picks. Managed hosting is a great option for you if you are not a techie and are reluctant towards making server-level changes and updates to your website.

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This obstacle can be surmounted by hosting your site with a web host that uses Google’s Cloud Platform servers. For a landing page that won’t get a large volume of traffic, is purely informational in nature, and won’t consume a ton of bandwidth. Send us message, managed dedicated servers starting at 9. 80 plan, you get one website, one email address, 1 MySQL database, 10GB of disk space, and tech support. In this chart, the blue line indicates number of active virtual users on the website, and the green line shows server load time. First, we measure the website speed across multiple managed WordPress hosting companies. A slow website can negatively affect your sales, conversions, and user experience, but speeding things up manually takes a lot of effort and skill. Here is a rundown: So for a very affordable price, Hostinger can offer both reliability, performance, and great features.

Best WordPress Hosting Comparison (2020)

Powered by Amazon Cloud Infrastructure, WPOptim is known for its heavy-performance cloud servers. Although both offer the same services, Google’s platform is more oriented towards business owners and Amazon Web Services is more geared towards providing advanced services and APIs to developers. SiteGround also has the shortest trial period of all our other shared hosting our top picks: Resources are also limited so if something breaks, the owner has to fix it themselves.

GoDaddy Pro

Shared, VPS, Dedicated or Cloud Hosting? If you don’t know what cloud computing is then it is the technology that allows computational resources to be rented and consumed on-demand over the internet on the pay-per-user basis. SiteGround is one of our favorite all-around WordPress hosting companies. Try for yourself. 36 premium themes. However, there’s one important disadvantage: IMH have been offering cloud hosting services for many years now, and their feedback speaks volumes about the services they provide to their clients. They are super reliable, have an easy control panel, and offer a money-back guarantee if they don’t meet their uptime benchmarks.

Support may not be as responsive – One of the key differences between shared hosting and the other types described below is the level of dedicated support you can expect to receive. 95/month (plus a $14. )It’s not precisely hosting, but dedicated services to keep your WordPress site live.

Free WordPress Migrator Plugin

WordPress is pre-installed, drag and drop builder, unlimited bandwidth/storage Website: Those are just a few of the criteria you should look out for when you’re shopping around for the best WooCommerce hosting. Magento hosting, we provide free Cloudflare CDN with Railgun to make both yours and your customers’ experience with Magento really fast and enjoyable. And like most hosting providers on our list, SiteGround takes daily backups to make sure your data is always safe.

Packages aimed at agencies and developers, marketers, and enterprises. The vast majority of core updates address security issues and having your site patched quickly, without lifting a finger, is always nice. Here is an overview of the best free web hosting with the most popular platforms compared and reviewed. These plans have many additional features like unlimited everything, malware detection and removal, JetPack site analytics, business review tools and more. Three datacenter locations, with an additional three available for an extra fee. Huge companies and institutions such as Netflix, Airbnb and NASDAQ use cloud hosting.

Final evaluation and report – At the end, after checking pricing policies, special features, ease of use, support, and performance I craft these data-driven WordPress reviews. Most web hosts offer some form of WordPress-specific service, be it an optimized or a managed environment. Since there’s redundancy across multiple servers, server uptime gets a lot better. Before you make your decision, consider the price, features and level of customer support that best fit your website. Beyond hosting your website, the providers also offer WordPress-specific experience that will help you optimize your web presence in many ways: Make sure that you download it from wordpress. The best choice for you depends on how much traffic your website might receive and how much control you want over deployment and maintenance. Which hosting is best for WordPress – Linux or Windows?

Best WordPress Hosting (Quick Recap)

95, the fully managed plans boast great speed performance under traffic for all geographic regions and include free SSL, one-click WordPress install and staging environment, and 24/7 customer support via tickets, chat, and phone. 10GB disk space. Not to mention their 24/7 support staff that’ll be available to you at any given time.

This means you can be paying as little as $21/mo for a Windows Server VM. 999% of the time. Thousands of customers trust Liquid Web, and some of the world’s leading brands are FedEx, GM, Xerox, Fila, ESPN, etc. The most basic plan will work for site owners who don’t receive much traffic and simply don’t want the hassle of managing their own WordPress hosting and keeping their site up to date. Digging through use reviews doesn’t always give you a conclusive answer on the quality of support at a particular web host. Hosting plans Shared, WordPress, WooCommerce, VPS, Dedicated, and WP Pro hosting plans available.

Hopefully, they’ll work on resolving the issue soon. If you’re looking for specialized eCommerce web hosting, then you may want to look at our comparison of the best WooCommerce hosting. Ability to easily give collaborators access to your sites. Companies like Reddit, Twitter, Spotify, all experienced downtime.