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This straight-up pissed me off. In 2020 they announced they were adding a minor boost in their algorithm to favor sites with an SSL. Windows users can now rejoice with Easy CGI. Because anything can go wrong at anytime, you need a company that can step up whenever problems arise. My top 10 minecraft hosting review (update soon), the big thing that Liquid Web offers is “heroic support,” which is available 24/7/365. What development languages does easyCGI support? EasyCGI is a US-based web hosting company that claims to be one of the top 10 hosting providers in the world.

  • 99 plan, unbeatable.
  • The company aims to be a one-stop shop for everything you would need, reducing the need to work with multiple vendors.
  • They have 2 data centers that are located near Boston, MA, which has more than 800 servers in a pooled server environment that allows each and every server to access any and all website files when deemed necessary.
  • They also provide a broad range of add-ons services which comes with extra charges in addition to the basic cost of hosting package.
  • All equipment is kept in locked network and data cabinets at all times.
  • You can ask them anything about the packages and they will answer promptly without hesitation.

Doesn’t offer Linux/Unix environment. The best wordpress hosting companies of 2020 (real reviews, no b.s), it has a bit of a learning curve, but making a page or post is completed within a few clicks. EasyCGI gets it just right, with a service that caters to no one specific, yet suits almost everyone. That said, keep reading to find out what this host offers and how it can help you launch your next blog.

There is a useful tutorial available for their customers to familiarize themselves with EasyCGI’s control panel. This is especially true if you are specifically looking for a host which offers a windows server environment. EasyCGI has designed a platform that enables the flexibility and scalability companies need to survive in today’s fierce business economy.

You can opt to order with either Windows 2020 or the recently added Windows 2020. EasyCGI does have VPS plans which range from $39. You can get 500 POP3 accounts for $4. EasyCGI offers many levels and varieties of hosting options. But you get that with: Added layer of security brought to you by SiteLock’s trusted security experts. It comes with 3 GB of space and 50 GB of traffic. Professional web design and marketing services are also available under a service called My Marketing Services.

  • 99/month or $3.
  • Simply put, their hosting plan isn’t cut out for bigger websites that require more robust features.
  • Even in a disaster recovery scenario, a server can be completely restored within two hours.
  • I am a very satisfied customer!

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It can hold 256 megabytes of memory and 512 megabytes of burstable memory. 2nd/ Tue, 17-Mar-20 easyCGI, Daily Uptime = 0 % , easyCGI Response Time = 0 s. They are a NIGHTMARE! Through various partnerships of leading companies in the software and due to hard and professional work EasyCGI has evolved as a central source for solutions in the hosting field. You can work with 500 GB to 2 TB for this type of site. These include site backups, SSL Certificates, a SiteLock and professional SEO services. This enhances company’s ability to offer new features and technology in this cutting edge competition. 96 per month and runs on your choice of Linux OS.

Easy CGI VPS strives to be on the leading edge of the web hosting industry through superior technology, competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Click on the live chat link in order to talk with a customer service representative any time of the day or night. Your support helps keep the site running! 96 Advanced X2 Windows 500 GB 5000 GB 1000 $15. 56 per month ($258. )

Their control panel is developed completely in-house, giving them the ability to wrap new and existing features around their users’ needs, the Windows OS, and its applications. We are pulling out despite probably losing money. You’re not getting anything unique, but you are getting a solid, quality option for hosting. With that said, there is nothing that makes EasyCGI’s control panel stand out.

  • After logging into your EasyCGI control panel, select the sub-menu called ‘Billing Central’.
  • By clicking on or navigating the site, you agree to allow us to collect information on and off Facebook through cookies.
  • How would you like a hosting company that allows your website to go down nine times in sixteen days?
  • These errors can be configured to be unique for your website.
  • One of the most important factors in choosing a web hosting company is how easy they make it to use.
  • This is done via PayPal payment services.
  • After the first term, each of the plans automatically renews at its regular rate.

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Most web hosting companies have Linux as their default system. 5 secure web hosting hacks for scaling successful social media campaigns. 9% uptime guarantee with all packages. Their control panel is very basic, in that it only includes mailbox editing, and billing information.

Their offerings are almost on-par with BlueHost’s VPS hosting plans, but EasyCGI have placed quite a hefty price tag on their packages. Starting at less than $37 per month, these VPS options use Linux operating systems and provide an excellent contrast to the windows based shared hosting servers. 9% uptime guarantee, boosted by such measures as Hot Spare servers and high-availability RAID array storage. Easycgi is a web hosting provider specializes in shared Windows web hosting. The first time I laid my eyes upon the Easy CGI website, I was struck by its incredibly basic appearance.

  • The plans allow customers to host unlimited domains and FTP accounts.
  • There aren’t a lot of complaints regarding EasyCGI’s customer support, but I went ahead and tested some of their support methods myself.

EasyCGI Key Features:

2 million square foot campus in the same facility as their corporate headquarters. A nice thing is that Easy CGI supports lots of databases (MySQL, MsSQL, ODBC). Boosting your local traffic. What’s bad about EasyCGI? EasyCGI VPS is committed to making your web hosting experience the best it can be. A ticket system for customer support is also provided. 9% of the time. I also greatly appreciated that their power was derived from renewable sources.

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While not as feature-rich as other software, it has received many improvements over the years and covers basic website management. Best free web hosting sites – 2020 – ten of the best. Will easyCGI help me transfer my existing domain? It’s a Windows hosting environment with a 99.

The monthly data transfer, for example, starts from 3. There just isn't any point taking a risk with companies like EasyCGI when there are cheaper, better-established options out there. SSL Certificates with Extended Validation – EasyCGI supports SSL-EV certification at a very low price ($159/yr at this time of writing). This is mainly due to the costs that are often associated with processing payments made by other methods. Related roundups, 98% operational time and load times under 450 ms. (EasyCGI is another hosting provider that is owned by the Endurance International Group EIG), which operates dozens of other hosting companies including iPage, iPower, BlueHost and a small orange.

No need to go out and buy your own where costs can be substantial.


There are other plenty of web hosts that provide similar features and reliability at a much lower price (you can check out iPage and SiteCloud). The system is entirely graphical, so it is as simple as pointing and clicking - whether you want to upload a new file or check out your site stats. Many people prefer to contact customer service via a support ticket, which is essentially the same thing as sending them an email. All customers who sign up with their web hosting service are provided with a 30 day money back guarantee for the amount they paid for their web hosting services. I received an e-mail from my own address claiming to have "control of [my] account. "

3rd/ Wed, 18-Mar-20 easyCGI, Daily Uptime = 0 % , easyCGI Response Time = 0 s. The web site hosting company quickly gained popularity shortly after starting business, offering only quality shared hosting services during the first 16 months of operation, and became recognized as a reliable host. The monthly data transfer is 500 gigabytes and the disk space holds about 20 gigabytes. If you want to enjoy a discount web hosting at Easycgi, you can visit our Easycgi Coupon page. You can even make changes to the user information, as well as view billing information and pay invoices. Fantastico is also available through their control panel.

There is no indication on how customers would qualify for a refund of any unused months service, so it’s probably safe to assume that the full term payment would be due. So are the uptime promises. I wasn't running any applications. They offer the most comprehensive Windows web hosting package we have ever seen. Php hosting, as expected Infinityfree offers a cheap paid for hosting (Infinityfree Ultimate Premium) that offers unlimited everything for . 96 per month and Advanced X4 for $21. Also, be sure to check your order total before submitting as some boxes are automatically selected for purchase when placing your order. 96 a month and has a monthly data transfer of 2,000 gigabytes. (96/month) is ideal for websites that require just enough disk space and bandwidth.

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Sharing is caring! Outstanding backup policy – According to the officials, EasyCGI’s backups on network storage make data recovery highly accessible; where even in a disaster recovery scenario, a server can be completely restored within two hours. Best video hosting sites for course creators (in 2020), or, you can embed videos directly onto your site. Whether you’re looking for a new web host or are planning to switch from one hosting provider to another, the control panel is one of the most important factors to consider before signing up.

EasyCGI Uptime/Downtime

0 which allows you to develop your web site with the fastest and most advanced web development platform available on the market today. Their sales and service pages are almost identical, it's actually easy to confuse the two. While it’s not exactly visually stunning, it does work.

Server Locations:

EasyCGI is a company that provides web hosting services. (56) Disk Space 350GB 500GB 750GB Bandwidth 3. Wrapping up: what’s the best for startups?, therefore, with such sprouting startups all over the world need a reliable hosting. Access to an expert team of support agents who are trained in all things WordPress.

All of these plans come with unlimited domain hosted and unlimited FTP accounts creation capabilities. New customers are given EasyCGI’s eXtreme guarantee. But if you’re newer, a service more tailored to inexperienced customers would be a better fit. Bulletproof hosting - it’s a type of service that allows to host almost any type of content, even the restricted one (adult content, warez, spam etc). For these reasons, do not hurry and pay for well-publicized popular applications. From above review, we can say that EasyCGI is one of the best Windows hosting plan provider.

While the staff will usually respond within an hour or two, you may choose faster attention through their toll free phone line or 24/7 live chat services. I feel bad recently because after I did some extensive research on many low cost windows platform web hosting service providers, most of the results are disappointed. Not all website hosting companies offer services to bring your websites to life. So if you’re looking to host an ASP. I hope they lose all of their captive x-webstrike customers and the deal goes so bad that they have to sack all of the staff that made such a mess of it all. Their starter plan, Advance X, is only $7.

Need more power?

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Testing your site’s performance. Easy CGI is by most standards, a fairly large host. A lot of hosts say they offer 99.

Additionally, the Control Panel is packed with a FREE website builder tool that allows you to build sites without touching a single line of code. Based on those reviews, our short conclusion is: I don’t really have any issues with their uptime. Buy the cheap cpanel reseller hosting, you also get a 30-day refund. EasyCGI, an established New York web hosting provider, founded in Year 1998. But before choosing to sign up with them, you must first consider the following pros and cons in deciding to go with their services: Take note, however, that if you register a free domain name through this web host, there will be a non-refundable $15 domain fee if you’d like to keep it.

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TOP 500 EasyCGI is one of the top 500 Hosting Services products If you are considering EasyCGI it could also be a good idea to check out other subcategories of Hosting Services listed in our database of SaaS software reviews. Cheap web hosting!, you’re still sharing a building with other people but you have your own private space with extra security and autonomy to make changes. Then, a couple of weeks later, something truly bizarre happened. I am surprised to see some companies have so many complaints out there on the net, but if you just go to their home page, everything looks so promising.

It offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, email hosting, Web forwarding, and other products and services. Fantastico, a popular tool for easy, one-click app installations, is also available through the Control Panel. EasyCGI also chooses to use Windows 2020/2020 for the following 3 web hosting plans because they believe that it offers the most advanced hosting server platform and accordingly uses it for their shared hosting plans. But what do other customers have to say? I like to use isitdownrightnow.