Reseller Hosting Plans with SSDs, SSL & WHMCS

But you need to understand that this is just a promotional rate for new customers. We also offer you modules for easy integration with WHMCS, for free, to put you in complete control. However, you must be wary of issues with reselling hosting packages of unreliable firms.

However, if you’re an entrepreneur in the tech space, you might see an opportunity here to earn some extra money as a reseller.

Better yet, call them at 3am on a Saturday and see if they answer. Their different plans also include Cloud Hosting, which is their version of a VPS. Kamatera doesn’t have any preset plans.

There are only two different options: We’ve done the research to give you an in-depth look at the five best reseller hosting companies and what they have to offer. Reseller hosting allows you to create packages and sell them for whatever price you like.

19/month, $37. You’ll need to be tough when someone flouts the rules, and bear the brunt of complaints if things go wrong. The biggest difference is that InMotion doesn’t stop there. With VPS reseller hosting, you can offer your customers higher levels of reliability, root access, and fully-configurable backups. If you’re going to do it, make it worth your while. Aside from the additional profits you can make from your current client packages, reseller hosting is a great way to retain your customers for the long term.

  • E-commerce optimization not available on shared plans.
  • As a web hosting reseller, you’re only responsible for maintaining websites of your clients and focusing on web hosting reselling.
  • A GoDaddy reseller is also hard to beat, yet again, their reputation has not been great.
  • For instance, did you know that you don’t need extensive technical knowledge to have a web hosting reseller business?
  • If we continue the math, at the end of 24 months, you could be easily looking at a healthy income level of $4,000+/month, and even if you’re unable to generate consistent orders, you’d surely be earning in the range of $2500-3000/month by then.
  • One advantage of InMotion Hosting is the seamless transfer to VPS.
  • With 6 years of experience in reseller hosting, Brixly isn’t exactly new.

Can You Turn a Profit?

Their most expensive plan tops out of 200 GB storage and 2020 GB transfer. Jeroen compuned. You as the reseller will be responsible for providing support to your customers. You get to decide upon your disc space usage and the bandwidth limit. That’s exactly why Flywheel created the Agency Partner Program. One that understands both the reseller and agency model, and will help you achieve your revenue goals. If you want a reliable host that also has great servers, HostGator fits the bill.

  • With the right strategies, you can make more money in the long run than you’d earn as an affiliate.
  • You can pay at shorter intervals as well, at a slightly higher price.
  • With that said, every business today needs a website, and a web presence, so there will be no shortage of customers who will need your services.

Reseller Hosting FAQs

The best option is to go with a cheap reseller host that has a track record of stellar service. To avoid using numerous hosts, select one that can accommodate your projects, big or small. Managed wordpress hosting: the details, if you began reading about WordPress hosting you have definitely heard about them, they have a great blog that I often read that’s up to date with the latest in online marketing news and tactics. The control panel is the standard cPanel/WHM with Softaculous. Many hosts offer load speed below one second. Granted, the restriction may annoy some users, but if you get too many clients, it might be time to upgrade to a more powerful solution anyway. You can customize your control panel and send out customized invoices by default.

ResellerCluster makes marketing efforts easier!

The plans you can resell are quirky, to say the least. What control panels do hosts provide? Reseller 40 — $2. InMotion offers reseller web hosting plans and VPS hosting which start from only $27. However, you likely want to quickly launch a professional website; that theme may come with a price tag. You should look for these whatever type of hosting you get, and the best reseller hosting plans include them for free. In my A2 hosting review research I found that A2 Hosting is committed to a 99.

This also allows you to make a profit on your own customized hosting packages. The final thing to keep in mind is utilizing an add-on domain reseller account. Probably the biggest mistake anybody makes when they are trying to make money online is they don’t treat what they are doing like a business. If you choose the wrong plan, do not hesitate to contact us and one of our reseller hosting specialists will be happy to help. For end users, reseller hosting is good if you are an experienced webmaster. Your plan includes discounts.

Before you choose a reseller hosting plan, it’s vital to understand what factors you need to consider beforehand. Support is something KnownHost prides itself on so you can rest easy knowing we've got your back. About the Author Author: Shared hosting has one owner and comes with one cPanel. They pay you for this service, usually monthly or annually.

  • With the GoDaddy reseller program, you can offer your customers so much more than just web space.
  • All hosts have downtime and it’s important that your clients realise this.

What are the Benefits of Reseller Hosting?

The extra charges drive up the price by almost 50% with the cheapest plan. Basic reseller hosting tends to be set up on a shared server environment. Web hosts' data center operators are responsible for that type of troubleshooting. I suggest giving Brixly a go if you’re based in the UK or North America, but give it a good test run before making any firm commitments. It will add a green bar on the browser and also show your company name. After that, you just need clients.

I’ve been offering hosting services to my clients for years and this is NOT an easy way of making passive income. Most users never read ToS and are taken by surprise when their CPU or RAM usage hits 100%. Reseller hosting can be a terrific fit for different types of people.

You can allocate server resources whichever way you want. The best reseller hosting provider for most people is definitely HostGator. If you are going to sell web hosting you will have to store the personal details of your customers such as names, addresses, e-mails, credit cards in your billing system on your server. Both control panels can be fully white-labeled. There are different features available for reseller hosting depending on the host company.

Liquid Web (

You will also have access to our extensive Knowledge base, video tutorials & more. 60 GB Bandwidth : One needs to note, that Dynamic Edge has their own dPanel software (a different custom-developed control panel) built from the ground to their specifications, which is used manage and improve the panel as it grows. Web hosting customers love one-click installers like Softaculous, Fantastico, and Installatron. Is reseller hosting profitable? Still, my gut feeling is that the company might become one of the best reseller hosting providers in the UK and North America:

Vendors who have come and gone include some of the biggest players in the industry: For the resellers themselves, subletting bandwidth and disk space to other people allows them to potentially make a profit by charging slightly more than what their own provider is charge them. 6 top online photography portfolio hosting options, once you have uploaded a photo, you can edit it by cropping and tweaking colors. Who is reseller hosting for? Andrew adaptovations.

The Hosting Matters with a Web Hosting Reseller Business

When you resell web hosting, you get to act like your own agency is the hosting provider (even though you’re secretly working with an actual hosting company). So, it's important that you buy web hosting packages only from a reputed firm as a reseller. Look for the services you can legitimately offer your clients that make your business a better option than what they currently have.

First off, the amount of money that you make totally depends upon your marketing tactics, and the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns (if you decide to invest any money on Pay-Per-Click marketing), conversion rates, and then the margin at which, you decide to operate. ” Each credit is worth one year of hosting for a website. That’s a big reason why InMotion came out on top – it doesn’t offer the cheapest plan, but it does offer the best value for money, with the highest disk space and very high bandwidth levels. For example, you can choose from their wide variety of landing page templates that you can install on your website. Starting at $39. They’ll also have four different server locations to choose from.

For the most part, reseller hosting is for web developers, web designers, and agencies. Difference between hosted exchange vs office 365, it lacks fancy features but does the job of email hosting with guaranteed privacy at the cheapest plan of /user/month. Average features, all in all. What hosting types can I resell? Go above and beyond when helping your clients and they recommend your hosting services to their friends.

How Is Your Reseller Hosting Different From Your Shared Or Business Hosting?

GreenGeeks reseller hosting is 100% white label. Again, this is a quality software, and it’s a standard solution for reseller hosting. Most reseller plans offer you the ability to add domain reselling to your list of reseller services. You must find an accountant or hire a company to do the legal work for you. The best one largely depends on your needs. Am I saying that GoDaddy is a bad provider? They’ve been in business for 11 years, and offer eco-friendly web hosting solutions.

Do you need it for fun and testing? They are going to be valuable assets in your campaigns and everyday promotion efforts. 9% is unreliable.

19 per month Website: All in all, standard features. With 10GB disk space, CPanel account and SSH Access, free daily backups, free email accounts, free SSL, unlimited domains and unmetered data transfer, the setup has all you need. It also comes with a complimentary WHMCS Starter license and a dedicated IP address. You can also request a private name server for free. Even the cheapest plan gets you 80Gb of storage and 800Gb of bandwidth. You can sell any type of account that is made available for reselling at your provider.

  • What’s good about InMotion’s reseller hosting?
  • For this limited price range, we offer a massive disk space ranging from 40,000 to 100,000 MBs along with monthly bandwidth of up to 1,000,000 MBs.
  • That’s why it’s key to pick the right hosting reseller program, and it’s why we did extra work to ensure our facts were solid.

Who's Best for Reseller Hosting?

That way, you won’t have to get used to a new panel if you change providers. The account is instantly created and your customers can start using the account by accessing their own separate control panel setup just for them. The 8 best video hosting sites for businesses in 2020. You can sell domain names, business email, website builder packages, SSL certificates, and so on.

Hosting and Servers

If you have thought of becoming a web hosting reseller, then you had better understand what you are getting into before you actually go through with it. The way to apply this for reselling is to charge your clients a fixed price per month, with a significant markup, let's say $25/month (meaning with a single client, you are already profitable). You also get out of the box email and anti-spam integrations, unlimited free SSL certificates, weekly off-site backups, and more. I’ll discuss some of them below. ResellerCluster makes marketing efforts easier! Unfortunately, ResellerClub support is not available via live chat, and there have been complaints that other support avenues are too slow. A hosting provider that compromises on speed can sabotage your business’ reputation.

With this, you can have peace of mind knowing that your machine receives protection from a highly secure place with greater levels of bandwidth, backup generators, and even fire and theft protection. 95/mo and has ten cPanel accounts, while the largest tops out at 50. There’s nothing wrong with it, but many providers offer SSD. Kamatera is primarily a cloud hosting provider, so its solutions are insanely flexible. HostGator makes white labeling a simple matter. Providers owned by GoDaddy or EIG often underperform in the post-acquisition period because the hosting behemoths “optimize” everything for profit, not performance. Though there are other factors to consider, these are some of the crucial issues to keep in mind when shopping around for a reseller hosting plan.

During the year when EIG acquired BlueHost, HostPapa donated $5 to Save the Elephants for each customer that moved over to them.

Here’s how it works. It’s wise to research a hosting provider before picking an account. If you’ve used beginner shared hosting in the past, then you’ve probably seen or used the feature that lets you register a domain at the same time you create your hosting account. Every user gets 10GB of disk space and cPanel site management, and there's unlimited bandwidth, email addresses, databases, and FTP accounts. Due to the nature of the client plans, the price only depends on the number of clients you have. The best web hosting services in 2020, the company now includes a bunch of freebies, even in its lowest-priced plans. Just open a support ticket, and the HostPapa support team will handle it for you.

Get A White‑label & Brandable Control panel

There are no commission rates or fixed margins – you can set your preferred price for anything in the range. Finding a great domain name is easy, – When we started using Media Temple, our sites were lightening fast. If your hosting company doesn’t offer landing page templates for building your web hosting pages, you might want to create it by yourself or get a template from a third-party vendor. So the more accounts you manage, the cheaper it is per account.

Or, take a look at our Hosting Reseller Program page to get started reselling today. This great low-risk model eliminates one of the most significant pitfalls of running a web hosting reseller business. Bundle in your website maintenance with the hosting fees. The reseller splits the bandwidth and the drive space that is allotted to them to be able to sell to other people. Web hosting - students, with a company named MochaHost, you'd expect some quality Java support and it has it. However, be sure to check whether your hosting service of choice offers email support for technical assistance because not everyone offers it.

What Is Reseller Web Hosting?

To benefit from bigger discounts, you’d need the Pro plan, which almost doubles your initial costs for a 12-month term. Does it offer white label reseller hosting? We use affiliate links to earn commissions from the products reviewed and recommended on our pages. We can set a start or renewal date to any day of the month you would like. To learn more about A2 Hosting, read our in-depth review.

Why choose Linux Reseller Hosting

That means your hosting company manages the servers and hosting infrastructure, but you run the business. 64 per month (renews at $54. )95/month, $49. This all begins by selecting one of our reseller hosting packages built on top of our high-speed cloud.

Do you have a flair for sales? Such a service actually implements significant technology optimizations in the hosting infrastructures which make businesses hosted on their service incredibly, fast and incredibly safe. Keep up the high standard. Do you want to upgrade from your existing email hosting plan? Alternatively, the lack of centralization may give users less control on where their data is located which could be a problem for users with data security or privacy concerns. Do I need to be a hosting expert to be a reseller? You also get a 90-day money-back guarantee, which is way more than most providers give. Will my host back up my customers’ websites? InMotion Hosting also offers a Reseller Advantage add-on service that allows you to get into the domain reseller business easily.

InMotion Hosting

The service is free for 1 site on GrowBig & higher plans. Severino savantcoder. Who is responsible for providing support to my customers? This makes it tricky to choose the right reseller hosting plan that fits your entrepreneurial ambitions. How many customers do you realistically expect to bring on board at the beginning? This has been a bit of a mixed review.

The best way to promote your web hosting company is to specialize in a very particular niche. GoDaddy, HostGator, SiteGround. Get a billing system such as WHMCS and start looking for a hosting reseller plan. In general, we would typically recommend that you start with a VPS, but as you grow, you can opt for dedicated hosting servers, or if you're happy to make a significant upfront investment. PRO Priority Support $20. Order a white-label cPanel reseller account from GlowHost now!

Have A Support Plan

In fact, website visitors expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less. You can run promotions (such as discount sales) directly in your store, or via advertising platforms, for however long you’d like. Since A2 Hosting discontinued its Windows plan, this is the best Windows reseller hosting provider around. Disk space and bandwidth, however, are limited. We got the hosts who use reseller plans to put in their two cents on each hosting provider. Or, they may include the cost in with your other services so in total you get a good deal. With the Basic plan, you only get a 20% discount — which limits your profit margins.

Protect Your Clients' Websites

We have you covered. Since it offers a public cloud infrastructure, you can offer highly scalable plans to your clients. While we’re on the subject, the free WHMCS starter package for the Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans is suitable for up to 250 clients. Truthfully, several providers have better features. Why offer free SSL certificates if you don’t have to, right? That ends up being $18.

The reseller control panel is WHM with Softaculous, and billing and CRM are handled through WHMCS. In our reseller hosting reviews, we’ll compare some of the best reseller hosting services available and also show you how to evaluate your needs to find the best reseller hosting provider to meet your budget and business goals. To really succeed, however, you’ll want to spend the time learning about the tools and technologies that will help you on your journey and develop a business plan that outlines the steps to lasting profitability. Plus, it’s their only plan that doesn’t come with Free WHMCS, which is crucial for client management. It is one of the biggest names in the website hosting industry and serves millions of clients.

You can even migrate your existing project from another reselling hosting provider for free.

Should You Get Into Web Hosting Reselling?

That may keep the price low, but the lack of features will also make it more difficult to sell the plans later. What is a Web Hosting Reseller? There is a limit of 30 cPanel accounts under our free service. Well, for most people it is. A2 Hosting offers other useful features like SSD storage, Cloudflare CDN, free SSL certificates, backups, email integrations, free ad credits, and a few awesome e-commerce and security solutions. Both companies are owned by EIG, and they’ve partnered up to create the ultimate reseller hosting platform. There is a discount period if you prepay for a longer period. Rameez nipdectenders.

If you use it to sell hosting it becomes different because problems with the hosting service and your reseller account will affect the business of other people and they may take legal action against you.

Choosing the right reseller hosting is the most critical part of your hosting business. Kinsta is also a managed WordPress hosting company, so their prices do reflect that somewhat. Whether you’re a solo developer, large enterprise, or anywhere in-between, reseller hosting is only suitable for you if you’re planning to manage at least 10 websites or more.

You are also likely to encounter WebHost Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) software that lets you manage many customer-related features, including sign-ups, automated billing, and account termination.

Reseller Hosting Plans Are Right For:

Website hosting comes in all different shapes and sizes. Many hosting providers understand that reselling isn’t always smooth sailing. Yes, InMotion hosting is a good hosting company. The plans come with SSL certificates, email, high levels of security (including reinforced DDoS protection), and 24/7 support. Otherwise, you should check out the next entry on the list. While reselling WordPress hosting is an easy addition to your agency’s existing packaging, there are just a few things you’ll need to do first.

Hosting Is a Crowded Field

With a great knowledge base, you don’t have to waste your time with live chats because, in most cases, you can get issues sorted out on your own. This article was originally published 3-2-2020. And if anything ever goes awry, our world-class WordPress support team provides help for both you and your clients. If you manage to do the same next month as well, the profit margin in the second month would be $200-400 from the second month’s customers plus at least $100-200 from recurring billing. Unlike other hosting solutions that have their own dedicated data centres, Cloudways uses third-party cloud hosting to provide its web hosting service. Spoiler alert:

Without a fully-managed service provider, you would be responsible for a much larger portion of the security pie. We have custom built our managed cloud platform and use only the best components available, to ensure maximum performance and stability. Conversely, with affiliate marketing, you earn a one-time referral fee by recommending people choose a third-party hosting service. In both types of hosting, end users manage their hosting account with the use of cPanel control panel. Accordingly, the price is reasonable with the most expensive plan. You don’t need a degree in computer science to be a reseller host.

  • Low-cost Whois Privacy Protection.
  • Whether you’re trying to make ends meet, looking to make the leap into full-time, or you’re just looking to scale your business dramatically, there is an incredibly simple add-on that you can tack on to your client services.
  • Other advantages to Reseller Hosting include being able to install WordPress, build your site using Weebly, or choose from hundreds of one-click applications through Softaculous App Installer to meet the demands of your customers.
  • Our virtual machines are constructed so hardware failure doesn't take you offline - things get routed around problems, all behind the scenes.
  • How many customers at $10/month do you need to break even?
  • Again, this is the usual solution among reseller hosting providers.
  • Sell powerful, CentOS-, Debian- and Ubuntu-driven dedicated servers with gigabit network cards and a free CP.

What You Can Do

The first step towards building a blazing fast website is to choose a web hosting account that doesn’t slow down your clients’ sites. In other words, you'll need to demonstrate patience and understanding when dealing with irate customers. 24/7 support is a standard feature offered by almost all popular web hosting providers. Still, it’s something to test out for yourself during the 30-day trial period. The more clients you have, the more cost-effective it is per account. Find out more about how to run your own web design business from home in my e-book.

The recurring payments are charged at standard rates. Or, if you are looking for a way to manage all of your customers websites and clients, with one dashboard and a family of integrated tools, check out our GoDaddy Pro Program. A bundled eNom Domain Reseller account allows selling top-level domains and SSL certificates, and white labelling support allows you to create custom hosting packages, use anonymous name servers and apply your own branding via customizable themes. Plus, with five different datacenter locations, you can help your customers reach a worldwide audience. Other plans give you 200/250/350/500Gb of storage across 75/100/150/250 cPanel accounts. While other providers I’ve reviewed deserve a place on the list of top 10 reseller hosting companies 2020, it would be a bit of a stretch to put GoDaddy there. Some resellers may also lessen the features you may get or may increase the cost of the hosting. Tsohost's Reseller Hosting plan aims to help you sleep easier by providing unlimited storage and bandwidth for up to 100 sites.

It’s a shame it is extra since it’s practically essential. So why become a hosting reseller? Web design companies can now have a value-added service and keep all aspects of their client sites “in house,” privately branded, and fully managed.

24/7/365 Guru Crew

While this isn’t hassle-free, it’s arguably less time-consuming than running your own hosting company. If you’re a masochist — and extremely experienced in the world of web hosting — you can stop there, for a theoretical investment of less than $30 per month. Except for the Bronze plan, all plans give you WHMCS Starter for free. So you really need to do your homework and ensure you've covered all the technical requirements. When you own a web host service, it provides you with the access of setting up, managing, administering, and operating the back-end technicalities of websites, domain managements, and emails not only of your company, but of others as well. If you’re offering SEO services, speed becomes crucial. But the Pro reseller plan offers a 40% discount for only $14. You get full control over how you sell your hosting service to your clients.

Free White Label Solution

Because of all these features, most Resellers will start with this package and then add the others as their business grows. SSD is way faster, and it helps once your client base grows more demanding. SiteGround allows purchasing plans in much smaller numbers – five to get started, 11 or more to get the best price – and these are only activated when you sell them. That resulted in an increase in the number of companies providing web hosting services as the demand for such services was rapidly growing.

Industry’s Best Support

Easier than you would ever think! A reseller is responsible for interfacing with his or her own customer base, but any hardware, software and connectivity problems are typically forwarded to the server provider from whom the reseller plan was purchased. A2 Hosting offers 4 reseller plans—Bronze at $19. You’ll get multiple PHP versions, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, support for Perl and Python, and access to the latest developer tools like WP-CLI, Git, Drush, and lots more. It’s time to give another little guy its share of the spotlight. HostPapa also uses “enhanced SSD drives” for storage.

As things stand, Brixly has a great offer, but this review could become completely outdated within a year. We’ve compiled a list of the best overall hosts below to give you a good starting point. It can handle anything from midrange solutions to enterprise-grade stuff.

SiteGround support propose getting around this by purchasing one of the shared hosting plans and splitting it up across several domains. It also comes with a complimentary WHMCS Starter license. 99/month, $64. It’s a decent solution, though not as comprehensive as WHMCS. Of course, Brixly offers full white labeling for free and guides on how to enable it. Clients need server resources to host their websites. Read more about their hosting services in my complete SiteGround review.