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You can either go for VPS hosting or shared hosting for your ASP. By innovation and leadership, DiscountASP. NET Packages and Prices Bisend offers a free domain name for the first year and free SSL certificates. Best web hosting for photographers, if you take the time WordPress is a very powerful option too. 60 for 1 year, $33. I can't tell you how much I enjoy being hosted by you guys.

  • NET is object-oriented and allows for an inheritance, as well as for template-based page development.
  • I highly recommend them.
  • In addition to the ample demands on storage, bandwidth, and memory, ASP.
  • I have used your support several times and your personnel are great!
  • NET web hosting empowers.
  • NET hosting is quite cheap.

Here are a few pointers to guide you. (14/month) – Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Databases, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Transfer, Plesk Onyx 17. NET hosting options that are currently available. Microsoft also provides regular updates for Windows, ASP. NET customers and partners. It allows users to create a unique package and only purchase what they need. The features offered are as follows:

NET, they offer hosting service to support all the possible ASP. A Microsoft Partner - GOLD Hosting Competency Achieved. By the way, this was my first support call and I have to say that your support is pretty awesome. In terms of its services, DiscountASP keeps things really simple with its packages, while delivering a vast array of IT functionality. Libraries, (Source Code) GPL-3. Besides, they can also ensure that users do not send the viruses to other accounts. It promises customers 99. Our team consists of industry veterans that have owned and operated successful and profitable hosting companies, Microsoft Certified Professionals, System Engineers, and Database Administrators that have worked for some of the Top 10 hosting companies in the world, and others who have worked at webhosting startup companies. NET web pages.

99/mo and $14. You wouldn't think this would be such a big deal -- but other hosting companies make it much more difficult. Basically, if your current host specializes in LAMP plans and offers a few Windows plans on the side, this may be a red flag. ASPHostPortal has been providing ASP. On the contrary, GoDaddy offers Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate plans with $6. I'll have you know that I have not yet contacted DiscountASP. Their tech support is fast and they go the extra mile to help you solve problems.

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Therefore, for this type of situation of abandoned site, we will cancel the account. In a word, DisountASP. Web hosting for wordpress – the beginner’s guide, however, it is the cheapest option and everything you need for a small business website is included in the plan. These guys rock! NET hosting, including shared hosting, VPS and reseller hosting. He gets 10 gold stars. NET for their World Class ASP. My bottom line recommendation is to examine carefully the independent reviews for each company you&’re considering.

NET include development frameworks available, like Ruby on Rails, Django (Python), and Zend (PHP). NET hosting account then you have to fill the form in which you can give your feedback and reason for cancellation. Besides this, DiscountASP. Coolhandle hosting review 2020: cool web hosting or not? read this, 95 per month with my link below. What are the best alternatives to ASP.

Or people can browse solutions in Knowledgebase and the community forum.

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They also have their servers built with the latest Microsoft Windows technology. What operating systems does ASP. It means that webmasters have to find other places to look for their management applications and then install the management application by themselves. Best web hosting singapore 2020 (coupons!), they have hosting plans for shared hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS hosting in case you need a lot of resources. It is a trusted online hosting company. Net, there are three major development models i. NET hosting providers in the industry. Based on the information discussed in this comparison, both ASPHostPortal.

  • You do not need to wait an hour or a day to begin uploading your web applications.
  • To ensure uptime and speed, ASPHostPortal owns 9 data centers whch are located in Amsterdam (NL), London (UK), Washington, D.
  • 0 or above, you can rewrite URL without any performance lost (IIS6.)
  • Quality of Tech Support Good tech support is equally important.
  • There is some open source control panels are also available for Windows hosting and some hosts offer them with their hosting plans.
  • Learn more about InetSolution, Inc.
  • Would definitely use them again!


However, unlike ASP. USER RATING OUTSTANDING Features Support Performance Pricing Just set up my first account with them, and I have to say I'm very impressed. NET, I have literally thought I died and went to heaven! NET 4, MVC 3, Razor View Engine, WebMatrix, and web deploy. NET in 2020 as its successor. Being able to use the Remote IIS Manager is awesome!

NET hosting packages and pricing: 99/mo A2 Hosting A2 Hosting for ASP. Once customers need help, they can click the contact email address in the homepage. 14 per month is the best option from A2 Hosting. A2 Hosting Packages and Pricing When it comes to picking the fastest shared windows hosting provider, then the “Turbo” plan for just $8. NET is an entirely new (in 2020, that is) web development framework built on their. NET 4 hosting, you can take advantage of the new features and enhancements in Visual Studio 2020 and Visual Web Developer 2020 and you can also enhance your site using Silverlight and ASP. Net is a server-side web application framework.


00 for 6 months, or $8. DiscountASP and GoDaddy are two big web hosting provider. GoDaddy enables 2 communication channels, including phone and email for people who wish to chat with the support team. To figure it out is not an easy job for most of the people, thus we make out this comprehensive but easy-to-understand comparison between the two companies from the aspects of editorial rating, price, features, control panel, speed and uptime. It basically streamlines the development process. And speaking of price, DiscountASP. Minecraft servers to mod and play!, although instructions on the site are straightforward, there are still a few hiccups in installing the server that may take a bit of troubleshooting to get resolved. NET to focus on efficiently delivering the best value in Enterprise-Class Shared Windows hosting through innovation and knowledgeable customer support, while avoiding all the pitfalls they have experienced at other hosting companies. NET hosting solution.

What is MVC in ASP. NET hosting plans. By the way, this company supports 30-day money back. 10 tips to host your web apps for free, the amount of traffic that you get has a huge impact on the hosting that you need. Finding the right hosting plan and provider for ASP.

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Couple that with the good videos from your partner LearnVisualStudio,net and I'm a happy retired old fart again. NET to reveal why it is recommended for people to create websites on Windows platform. NET MVC framework. NET hosting companies who provide quality ASP. Pricing for web hosting with DiscountASP is rather straightforward.

NET is regarded as the most outstanding ASP.

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Best for the money, they support SQL Server and the tools are all there. NET developers has built our own robust ASP. Their network infrastructure is designed to by-pass transit networks and shortens the network path between the websites. NET Web Hosting for them to run their websites. They have 2 pricing structure, the quarterly plan will cost you $30. With what I have seen so far, I couldn't imagine a better hosting company. Best web hosting for small business, websites, and blogs. Points to Remember When Choosing an ASP.

NET framework, the latest version is 4. You guys at DiscountASP. 0 Servers and between US or UK based Data Centers. Night before Thanksgiving and you resolve a fairly prickly issue in fantastic time. With regard to the control panel, DiscountASP. You will find a list of feature-rich ASP.

NET hosting plan, but the price is quite expensive for ASP. I pay over $2500 a year between all my domains, and all they offer is to read my emails. It should be said the issues I was contacting support about were not run of the mill issues. On the other end of the spectrum, dedicated servers are available, usually at a price range between $150 and $400. Ease of setup, Control panel useability, Site useability (my site runs better, as if DiscountASP. )On the other hand, Windows hosting or ASP. Godaddy is cheap for ASP.

If you do decide to go with DiscountASP, then you would have to pay $10 a month for their base subscription.

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Support experience was by far the best I have had with ANY hosting company. NET is an Open Source web application framework for developing dynamic websites, services, and apps. DiscountASP has only 1 ASP. If you would need any assistance, visit the Discountasp website where you’ll find an extensive knowledge base with answers to the most frequently asked questions. Even their basic service plans are equipped with standard service level agreements for 99. 5 SP1 Hosting- asp.

The speed in which this was handled was quite impressive. Generally, you should consider the following factors: We’re unbiased while review the web hosting so that you can take a right decision but still we encourage you to scrutinize the companies listed on this website.

  • ASPHostPortal’s aim is to offer the best web hosting value to their clients by offering products and solution in an efficient and effective way.
  • Both types of web hosting are equally good.


NET is proving a leader in the growing Windows hosting market. There were frequent downtime issues happened to their users site in the past thirty days, which usually lasted for 40 minutes and above. More on hosted TFS SLA terms & conditions (including details of claiming money back in case SLA is not met). NET, which we launched when. They have invested in powerful solid-state drives (SSD) shared and VPS hosting packages. Siteground review – as good as they say? So if you’re running a business in northern Europe, the UK or Netherlands datacenters are going to prove fastest for them. All of these plus others we not mentioned here ensure a high level of security.

However, there is one additional point to consider: NET was to gain market share from competitor script-based frameworks by delivering superior performance benefits. Network and Infrastructure Connection Speed: What is Microsoft Silverlight used for? They seem to be the one of the best Windows 2020/ASP. NET hosting is no different. The current version of ASP.

USER RATING OUTSTANDING Features Support Performance Pricing Once we moved to discountasp. NET and the express packages, that I just can't stop smiling with the ease of setup at DiscountASP. Classic ASP (Active Server Pages) was Microsoft’s first server-side scripting language. NET for about a year now, and have never had any problems. NET technologies, ASP/. I'm very happy with their services and can say that they addressed everything one would expect from a hosting service:

For more hosting features and their.
The plan comes with free months free if you pay upfront for a year.


Com to find more web hosting providers for small business. Best blogging sites comparison guide 2020, wordPress displays ads on free blogs, but provided you can live with that, it’s a top-notch solution for a free blogging site. Once again thank you for your help. We have to say that DiscountASP. 0 (MS Deploy) on Windows 2020 platform. NET Our staff has over 150+ combined years of experience in the website hosting industry. AND up, AND restoring from the backup! Moreover, customers will benefit from DiscountASP.

NET hosting at Low Trust or Minimal Trust as they restrict the websites seriously and your application even could not call the service out of process, such as database, network, etc. All the headache is gone. With all the available add-ons to DiscountASP’s service, you can get quality web hosting as you would with premium subscriptions with other companies. You can find some specialized ASP. Afterall the article title did say “more than just IONOS”. USER RATING OUTSTANDING Features Support Performance Pricing I hosted 2 sites with DiscountASP.

GoDaddy is the biggest domain registration provider. My wife is just shaking her head, and smiling. I've been learning a lot from the forums and knowledge base. But I do enjoy your slick tricks that you post [in the community forum]. NET are able to update frequently, ensuring the latest tools are ready and available for customers to use. If you want to cancel DiscountASP.

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HostGator HostGator for ASP. NET AJAX Hosting- asp. NET is a Web application framework developed by Microsoft. So you can give them a go and you ‘ve got nothing to lose. I love discountasp.

We still cannot ensure whether GoDaddy outsources its support service to other third-party or not. We prove our technical expertise by using and applying innovative. Net or SQL Server.

5 webhosting. I teach Microsoft classes and have always referred all my students to them. NET hosting should be able to offer enough features to smoothly run ASP.

  • For more information please contact them via email at [email protected]
  • If customers sign up with a longer term, for instance, a 1-year plan, they can get up to 20% off, reducing the price to $20/mo.
  • NET and other Windows-based services can be harder to find and more expensive to acquire.
  • Item ASPHostPortal DiscountASP.
  • Beginners can learn many basic skills there.
  • The trust level that will be available to you will depend on the type of hosting services you choose.

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Although free anything sounds appealing, trust us — take that code and apply it to an affordable hosting plan from a reputable provider. It sure does bring customer service to higher level. (Hope I help you save time :) NET-based hosting automation system that technologically leapfrogs the competition. It offers 2 hosting solutions in total: NET hosting plan. NET technologies available. 10+ best wordpress hosting services for 2020, unlike VPS or shared hosting, if something goes wrong on your dedicated server – it’s likely going to be up to you to fix it. Nobody likes a site going down frequently and loading slowly.

ASPHostPortal has been offering ASP. If paying by the year, customers can get three months free, bringing the total down to $7. NET MVC hosting package. Not only are you are clear about the services you provide, but you publish instructions even a fool could understand. Great service, simple control panel - data transfer rates are very good too.


Surprisingly, thanks to the Open Control Panel framework and the control panel API, customers are able to develop their own creative web, desktop or mobile applications as required. This is how it should be — DiscountASP. I started learning ASP through them and they helped me iron out the kinks. I am on the bleading edge and need the latest stuff. The regular price of Base is $10/mo, but subscribers ordering through the promotional link can get a special price of $5/mo, 50% off. NET only releases one plan called Base Web Hosting Plan which can be billed quarterly or annually at the price of $10/month.

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1AJAX, MVC, Silverlight hosting, URL rewrite module, and tons of ASP component libraries. 2020 version is the best while 2020 and 2020 is the latest. Bisend is a company that specializes in ASP. NET/Windows hosting, I would strongly recommend DiscountASP. Any quirks that I have come across (usually due to my own mistakes) have been quickly resolved by DiscountASP. 0 hosting IIS7 Hosting- asp. The latest iteration of ASP.

NET has received trust and popularity from thousands of webmasters. Thank you so much. But realistically – they are fantastic at what they do. Business ($13. )Please check out at www. NET specializes in offering professional ASP. Linux hosting is a type of web hosting service that uses Linux server as an operating system. NET is the best hosting company that I have found for.

The magnitude of the DDOS attack was on a scale that security experts we consulted with had never seen before. They had the site operational within minutes and provided easy to use tools to maintain all the essential aspects of my site. My previous personal and professional experiences have always left me in need of some type of resolution. I use FTP all the time and it is fast enough. NET technology solutions in every aspect of our web hosting system. Great service AVG. You guys rock! NET only runs on Microsoft servers, so if you start down the road with it, you’ll be tied to paying for your operating system and web server forever, which is expensive.

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NET (and any other language you can think of) veteran, and your services are great for both the developer and the production minded! You can check out their Knowledgebase and Community Forum on their website. NET itself is not a programing language. NET framework, meaning it is compatible with ASP. Their base plan includes 1 gigabyte of space and 80 gigabytes of bandwidth for $10/month. Windows hosting is a type of shared hosting service that uses Windows server as an operating system.

Other concerns such as sales, marketing and billing have their own email addresses. Vbulletin hosting, chances are you will need it at some point — if a forum provider trivializes technical assistance look elsewhere. USER RATING OUTSTANDING Features Support Performance Pricing Used Discountasp. For better ASP.