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99/month to acquire hosting services. It usually takes 2 minutes on live chat. They offer the shared hosting plans we mentioned above, but on the company’s WordPress page, it points out several WordPress-friendly features included in all plans. I’m happy I finally gave them a try. I don't know why but after my update page_2 css is skewed 1 Answer Asked 2020-05-09 11: If you want Web Hosting Hub to provide you with daily backups, you’ll have to add another $1 monthly to your plan. 99 monthly (paid in advance). 694 seconds, the fastest web host is:

It features drag-and-drop editor and a bunch of nice responsive themes. Best web hosting services for your personal website or small business [2020 edition]. You can cancel for any reason within 90 days of signing up and get a full refund. HostGator does free backups, but charges to access the backup. Usually, the allowance is very generous. And what about reliability? Personally I found that WebHostingHub's Spark package is one the best cheap hosting services for starters/newbies.

  • It’s likely good business development.
  • A shared hosting plan might fall short of your needs, but a dedicated server would be overkill.

Bottom Line

On their signup page, you can select to install WordPress as your website/blog content management system or Prestashop for eCommerce. It’s pretty simple — choose a theme, edit your website’s content and then publish. Asp hosting on windows hosting plan features, windows servers are ASP. As with any web host, there are some things that could be improved. At this point of writing, I have been with WebHostingHub for more than two years four years (under Spark plan). You will need to wait before logging in for the first time and using the account until after the verification process is complete.

  • For the Spark plan, this equates to 40% of CPU resources, 2 GB virtual RAM, 1 GB physical memory, and 40 simultaneous user connections.
  • WebHostingHub Uptime Record (March 2020) – 99.
  • What payments does Web Hosting Hub accept?
  • Unfortunately, they do not accept PayPal.
  • Thanks to this software, you can add hundreds of applications to your website at the simple click of the mouse.
  • At this point it's a less recognizable brand than a service like GoDaddy and some other bigger-name web hosts, but that will appeal to those who prefer to support smaller, independently owned companies over large corporations.
  • This could include adult websites or malicious websites, and in the long run, this could affect your site since the server you're hosted on could develop a bad reputation.

Review of the Control Panel

Still, comparing the hundreds, if not thousands of products available can be baffling. I was also told that while promotional pricing does go up at the end of the offer period, if you contact customer service, InMotion has a "loyal customer discount" that may bring the price back down. In fact, if you were to ignore those high-budget ad campaigns and simply punch “that” company into Google and into review sites, you will discover that Super Bowl commercials and testimonials aside, they don’t have the best reputation for quality, price or service. Jump to our most popular sections: You can lock into 50% introductory discounts on the plans by signing up for a one to three year contract. By now you probably have a clearer image of the specific pros and cons offered by Web Hosting Hub relative to other web hosting services.

It’s ok for a relatively new web hosting company, and with experience, the uptime percentage will only get better. Exchange hosting - configure outlook 2020 for exchange 2020, this provider's prices are reasonable too, with a single /month plan offering 25GB of mailbox storage. These posts are very useful as they enable you to keep up with the latest tech and therefore keep your website at its peak performance. You can also easily customize your shopping cart and showcase your products right in your store in an extraordinary way.

First, you will need a host that is PCI-compliant. Because the hosting plan is at a budget price, the provider might skimp on features that your website might need. Ssl security add-ons, forcing people to identify themselves before they can see your art is a horrible idea. 99/month with a 3-year plan. Dedicated servers starting at $169/mo. Charles has been building and promoting websites and services in New Zealand, Australia, the United States and China for nearly 20 years.

  • They can save a huge amount of hassle.
  • While many users may not make full use of these options, the free provision of these extra tools with the standard cPanel utilities enhances an already excellent set of resources for domain management.
  • This is at no extra cost to you and helps us maintain this resource for all webmasters’ benefit.
  • America’s GoDaddy has been operating for 22 years.
  • This data is calculated in real-time from verified user reviews or editors rating if there isn't enough data for user rating.


Using the cPanel for your existing web host, you simply create a backup of your website, download your backup, and upload your files to Web Hosting Hub. But if you want you can take manual backup of your website for free of cost, but it is recommended to pay extra to have your website backup on regular basis. All users will be placed on a high performance server and there are a number of features available as well, including the ability to backup your site and keep those backups stored safely. The state-of-the-art quality of both these data centers displays the commitment of Web Hosting Hub to provide the highest standards of service to customers. WHH offer the Softaculous tool in their control panel, which means you get access to over 310 free applications, tools, scripts and builders to create pretty much any kind of site you want.

What if I can't find my questions here?

The support staff is very active in the Q&A forums and answers questions quickly. It feels less like a good sales pitch (pay more and get [specific thing]) and more like an upsell (pay more and get better stuff!) I also try to find “proxies” that indicate whether the right culture and processes are in place. In many cases, sending an email to customer support will return a message along the lines of, “As this is a self-managed server, we are unable to help you”, although the better web hosts will point you in the right direction. There are subtle differences between the two, but one thing is identical – both brands’ commitment to premium quality hosting for all of their customers. It provides the industry standard cPanel, which is already known to many webmasters and is extremely easy to use. Their hosting package is especially great for those looking to host multiple websites. But there’s more good news:

Such a personal approach on signing up is rarely provided by any other hosting company. Price is the main reason why WebHostingHub, specifically the Spark Plan, is recommended to newbies. You can also look through its umpteen video tutorials to get the hang of functionalities and features. You get more resources and better performance than on shared hosting. Next up is a section devoted to website management tools. Perhaps you’re an existing website owner considering a move to a new hosting provider.

Subscribers of this service have access to a 24/7/365 "Guru Crew" support team that manages network, hardware, software and security. Their AMP > Billing > Change Term page showed that the current rate for my account type is only $55/yr. Then we monitored their performance for a year to knock another five services out of the running. It also means that you can handle heavy traffic to your web pages. Experienced web designers will be able to find their way around most web hosting services with little difficulty, but to the average consumer usability can pose a much bigger challenge. These are often labelled as “SEO Packages” or something similar, with the suggestion that by purchasing these extras your site will be placed higher in the Google search engine. The best cloud storage and file-sharing services for 2020, if you want to play your music and videos everywhere, you can sync your iTunes library to Dropbox. You can quickly access your cPanel dashboard via the AMP or by typing “/cpanel” at the end of your site’s URL.


However, compared to WordPress it is quite limited so we recommend starting with WordPress. Most providers also display their renewal pricing, but it’s not always totally clear. Simple, well-guided onboarding and migration services, ideal for the non-techies. In order to provide an unbiased review, we also cross-referenced a few other sources to do a complete ‘background check’ of what other users think. But once you look at the features they offer, you will see the high value they offer.

Plans range from 1 GB to 4 GB of RAM. Best web hosting for small business, if you choose Linux-based servers, you’ll also have access to the popular cPanel interface for your administrative site menus and tools. McAfee Virus and Anti-Spam Protection starts at only $1. ✔ Website Backup — Regrettably, website backups do not come for free with their web hosting package but you can have this feature as an add-on for as low as $1/month at the time of sign up.

Among the two data center, you can choose the nearest data center.

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As mentioned, the company WebHostingHub was established and currently managed by the same management of a well known premium web hosting company – the InMotion Hosting. Sure, we all like paying less for our services, but at the same time, when it comes to the provider, you will trust with your website, quality matters. It lets you have a chance to talk to their customer service personal, and determine how knowledgeable and helpful they are. Unfortunately, my old host was far too expensive. But how does it really stack up to other web hosting services?

When you purchase any of the above plans from Web Hosting Hub, you’ll first login to the Account Management Panel (AMP). We liked that we had the latest version of PHP to keep WordPress running quickly, and that we could easily add analytics and database tools through Softaculous 1-click installation. We liked how Web Hosting Hub describes its new customer process. Some providers state exactly how many visitors each of their services can support. The hosting provider offers a managed hosting service called HostGuard. From the beginning they were HUMAN, VERY friendly.

User friendly + No down-time site migration It is extremely easy to setup a new website on WebHostingHub.

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CPanel also has tools ranging from backing up your website, to managing sub-domains, to managing files, to analyzing web statistics. BrowserView is nice because it measures both server response time and page load speed. Customer support times can take several hours, though once you get through to an agent resolution times are speedy. When people sign up for Web hosting, they’re going to need support. For managed WordPress hosting consider SiteGround, Bluehost, or WP Engine. They have one data center facility on the East Coast that is located in the Equinix facility in Washington D.

You do not have to worry about purchasing the right add-ons to ensure that you can do what you want to do with your website. They do three transfers per plan. And because that’s the name of this site, because it’s in the domain and because it’s a keyword that features throughout this guide, there’s a good chance this will be the first site they see. (64 Per Month - Save up to 62% at HostGator) , PCMag's shared hosting champ. Free domain name.

The Good About WebHostingHub

There are plenty of Web Hosting Hub complaints around the web. Many shared hosting companies are infamous for slow performance and overloading servers. In addition this plan includes $250 marketing credits. Like domain names, web design is a complementary business to web hosting. Below are a few of the extras you might be offered and the reasons why you should and shouldn’t purchase them.

However, if you wanted to host your website on a Windows server, you will probably have a difficult time finding a budget hosting plan that will meet this requirement. Semi-dedicated servers starting at $49. The faster your website is, the better it will convert. But they are all the same. We have mostly good things to say about Web Hosting Hub’s customer support. It offers services and several hosting plans and affordable packages for clients to meet their needs and growing demands that are constantly changing. They’ve also done slightly better with performance comparing my most recent tests. We totaled up each service’s score and ranked them accordingly.

99 per month, VPS starts at $39.

This is one of the best web hosting in the industry, which is well-known for providing high quality hosting solutions at affordable cost. Check the details! GlowHost earned our kudos for its 91-day money-back guarantee. Beyond “domains, databases and disk space” – Web Hosting Hub does have several interesting plan features that make them stand out compared to other shared hosting companies. For e-commerce sites especially, uptime is vital, since downtime is a direct factor in lost revenue. BoldGrid comes with beautiful, free themes that you can use, so you do not have to start with a blank slate.

  • It also uses an AI-based system to monitor and apply fixes to all its servers dynamically.
  • Many web hosting services offer a low "starting price," but require you to prepay for two or three years of service to get that price.

Web Hosting Hub Plans and Prices

Here are some more helpful features and services from Web Hosting Hub: They are very quick and they are all yours, but they are also fantastic value for money. When I first signed up, I got my activation email, login details, and hosting account ready as soon as I completed payment. In the cPanel, you can get access to McAfee email security, with other options such as addon domains, subdomains, file manager, cron jobs, indexing or various other features. Other things we like about Dreamhost:

It purchases three times the energy it actually uses in wind energy credits, essentially putting energy back into the economy. 25s East Coast Load Time 1. NO REFUNDS on domain name registration fees, domain privacy plans, or dedicated IP addresses. The problem is that there's just no room to grow with Web Hosting Hub. It serves over 40,000 customers and employs over 200 workers in the U. Large icons make it easy to use Web Hosting Hub ‘s account dashboard. For example, you can easily purchase a dedicated IP address for your site or add the McAfee email protection service.

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HostGator also has short-term pricing. Resources like CPU, RAM, and storage scale up with each tier. Reseller hosting starting at $24. I try to simplify it to the 3 core “D’s” that you are paying for – domains, databases and disk space. Options on offer include a secure-socket-layer (SSL) certificate, anti-spam protection, McFee Virus, among others.

Users also receive $200 in marketing offers. The company is located in Montreal, Canada. The company does not claim to offer unlimited bandwidth, but low-end hosting plans generally don't require a tremendous amount of traffic capacity. This is a common practice for many web hosts and the control panel looks great. One of the best. Discount price with our 12 month coupon:, it offers integration with eBay and basic eCommerce features. There’s no sense paying for a plan that accommodates 100,000 visitors if you’re only expecting 100. Reports yesterday, my IP is blocked. Before you avail services from any hosting provider, it always helps to know where they’re coming from.

Well, not quite. Just choose the plan and you are ready to go. In particular, Web Hosting Hub uses BoldGrid as a site builder. The design is unique and modern. WebHostingHub use control panel with all hosting packages. Low price tag, good customer service, 90 days full refund policy, plus our exclusive special discount link – these are the key factors that put the Hub into my “Must-see Budget Hosting” list. Cheap web hosting! 80 when you take a 48-month subscription. One is in Los Angeles, CA, and one is in Virginia Beach, VA.

Paid Security Options

— This contains web storage space, transfer/bandwidth, Email Addresses, FTP accounts, Domains, Databases. Not much of big deal but still a con, is Web Hosting Hub’s limit of site add-ons for the Spark plan (their most basic hosting plan). What isn’t great is that when you use their email ticketing support system, responses can take over 24 hours.

Do I get a free domain when I buy hosting from Web Hosting Hub?

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It has 24/7 telephone customer support in addition to the ticket, email and live chat support options. “Web Hosting Hub is good for sites that will function well on shared hosting in the short- and long-term. The WYSIWYG interface allows you to put functional, professional-looking web pages together without writing a single line of code. I want a tabbed page where all my blog posts show up, that can be accessed from the home page.

Industry Leading Money Back Guarantee

Backups are on you. It's an ingenious way of ensuring all of their customers get the information they need to successfully set up their website. You won't even need any coding knowledge to build and manage your website.