How to understand website hosting & domain names: FAQs for confused authors

These are things that appear in your sidebar, like an email sign up form or an image of your book cover and link to your book’s Amazon/Barnes and Noble page.

A contact form. Best web hosting providers, as a content management system, WordPress offers one of the easiest and quickest ways to set up your own blog or website. If you are new to blogging, WordPress hosting is unlikely to be suitable for you. This article has everything you need to build the perfect author website. It means people are finding the content they like enough to keep them on your site, and you are likely achieving reader engagement. I’m going to talk a little bit more about how important dedicated WordPress hosting can be in the following section. My page is customized a bit with a unique background and some other elements you won’t find out of the box. It also lacks the sleek user experience and plentiful, modern themes that other options offer.

The prices are good and the customer support is solid. However, as the user scrolls down they will see additional pages they can navigate to, such as links to stories and other work. This theme is highly optimized for speed and performance. Beginners, or even people who just don’t want to have to do all the upkeep on a WordPress site, should probably stick to a more traditional website builder. Top 10 best web hosting for india websites in 2020 (selective only). The customization options with Wix are strong – as one would expect at a higher monthly price point.

Start by writing a blog, and then use your blog as a tool to promote your ideas to book publishers. Blogger also allows you to use your own domain and doesn’t charge. In other words, make any words or buttons that you want people to click on all the same color. GoDaddy Website Builder impresses with simplicity. Some people recommend setting your website email here, such as [email protected] The problem I've found with this is that if your site gets hacked or goes down, then it is hard to access the email.

Something like this, from author Pauline Jones: Here are 5 steps that cover the bases, doable by anyone. Yet almost no-one builds their first Author website with that in mind and it can take quite a while for them to clarify what they’re doing with it.

However, if you regularly speak (or would like to) or have a book tour coming up, it’s important to have this information on the website.

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And if you don’t feel like storing the physical books yourself, services like BookBaby will print and distribute them for you. Updatedreviews - top 10 best web hosting companies 2020, you can build up your website for free with using drag and drop website builder software; you can choose 1000s of professional-looking templates absolutely with no extra charges. All of the basic free and cheap web hosting services use shared hosting. The imprint has its own look-and-feel, and all the brand materials that go with that. You and I then rent some of this land through an account with them. Burning questions or additional thoughts? When it comes to choosing a website builder for authors, simplicity is the key. You can do this, too.

Their drag and drop option makes it simple to add your own content, adding to the appeal that generally it is an easy site to use. An upgrade at WordPress. Are you branding yourself or a series? ’ But gone, gone. We recommend including a link to your author website on your Amazon author page.

You can customize your home and property, but you’re also responsible when something goes wrong.

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Spend time testing every link on your site. Just remember a few key principles: Yes, Bulgaria. Offers themes, split testing and lots of other options. It’s that simple.

Self-hosting means you have complete control over and access to your website environment, platform and files. Overall, Squarespace's website is a good analog for what you get with its products: In order to follow these directions, please make sure that you are logged into your WordPress Administrator Dashboard. Let's break down this process in a little more detail. Rackspace expands managed multi-cloud offerings with datapipe acquisition. Contests are another way to entice readers to subscribe to your email list, and the prize can be as simple as an autographed copy of your latest book.

It must be mobile-friendly. He continues by explaining how he finalized and promoted his book: — A content management system, email service provider, social media tools, SEO tools, and more, all in one platform — but very pricy ($200 per month). A web search is the first place people go when looking you up and you want to make sure they find a website that you own and have control over. – Share your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc links for everywhere you are active so people can connect with you on these platforms. All the money is in the “other stuff” you buy – like fries, drinks, sides, etc. Thousands of plugins have been developed that you can access for free to add customized functionality to your website.

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Ensure that your lead magnets offer people a concrete reason to sign up. 20 best dedicated server hosting of 2020 reviews. One of the biggest benefits of hiring a website designer is that you’ll tell them about your vision and they will bring it to life. And if you have further questions, or are interested in a more in-depth approach, remember to check out our free online class that walks you through how to set up a mobile-friendly, cost-efficient and beautiful website.

Don’t always rely solely on your social network. Joomla — A free and powerful open-source platform for authors who are more tech-savvy. If after considering the different e-commerce features you're still on the fence, we recommend you calculate the total cost of additional add-ons and transaction fees based on your sales, and then compare with competitors like BigCommerce, which offers more product variants and combinations and lower fees. If you are using a different content management system (CMS) than WordPress, this is the better plan for you.

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Contently portfolio: All the security fixes and updates will be taken care of by their team while you can work on what you do the best, i. I applied again in 2020 once site traffic started climbing again, and was accepted. It is best for writers who want to create a personal website and attract their online audience using captivating content. I have, enter a hostname and select a domain for your website. The bounce rate is the percentage of people who see one page and then leave the site or “bounce” off the page. Nothing too crazy, right? You don’t need any design experience to use these platforms, and you certainly don’t need to know how to code. However, I don’t think they’re offering a best practice that everyone should follow.

❌ We’ve saved the best part for last.
  • First, you have to choose an email newsletter provider.
  • To make the page more visually interesting and appealing to visitors, include pictures of book covers alongside the publication information.
  • SSD are 4x faster than traditional hard drives, which means that websites hosted on Siteground are now even faster than before.
  • Don't worry, it's not hard and only takes a minute!
  • You don’t need to set up a blog at all.
  • If you’re an established author, chances are you have already created and are managing an author website.

Hi, I’m Maura:

This guide goes through some of the issues people see with the Twenty Seventeen theme, such as the height of the header on the home page, removing the page title and the resulting gap and removing the “Proudly Powered by WordPress” message. You may need to refer to your welcome email you received from your hosting company to get the name servers to point your domain name to. She's an expert in inbound marketing and lead generation.

Some even offer a free domain name and Google Analytics integration. Backup system, games have become a powerful industry over the years with games like Fortnite, Minecraft, COD, Counterstrike, and many other popular games. In a little bit I’ll show you how to get your website setup on the host, but for now, just know you have to get a web host. “Titles” should be renamed “Books”.

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Build an author website, connect with your readers, and start selling more books. Authors can use it to display their books beautifully. You need a website. After you sign up, they will typically send you a welcome email with a control panel (CPanel) login web site address.

You have a long writing career ahead of you.

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Don’t forget to keep your website up to date! This article requires that you have Jetpack installed on your WordPress site. Mssql hosting: which brand is best for ms sql database hosting? Remember to consider what we’ve learned about what doesn’t work with website design.

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Congratulations! For example – if I used a free host my site address or URL would be: They can be very good in convincing potential readers, and media, that you are a great writer, not just a one-book wonder. See our beginner’s guide on how to install a WordPress theme. If you already have a popular blog or website up and running, publishers know it will be a tool that makes it easier to sell your book.

There are also hundreds of beautiful free or inexpensive themes to choose from. 00), and Business (which is priced at $18. The number of navigation levels, for example (which you can think of like file folders (or Inception): )99 per month and includes a custom domain, responsive mobile design, and 24/7 support. You can display the articles written by each author.

This is the most important section of the site, since your email list is the main way you develop a relationship with your readers. JaneDoeAuthor. 20 best free file hosting websites | 2020, the service is ad-heavy, too. You’ll also find a diverse range of how-to tutorials, forums, free design themes, and plug-ins to add functionality to your site in seconds. There are so many themes to choose from. The company forms the connecting link between journalists and media houses as well, you get noticed and recognized for your work faster at Contently.


If the name isn’t available as yourbookname. Bluehost is huge. It’s important to give a great WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?) Copy-paste customer support answers. Mix and match our tips to create your own unique site. I chose to add a little flair to mine with WordsByEvanPorter dot com. Your managed linode hosting, here’s where the diversity in plan comes in handy. Following is what happened, as I detailed in this guest post on Meryl. You’d tie in your social media to your website by adding links to the social media pages on your website pages and so on.

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She’s all ears! How big is your site? Whatever you may think of her writing, E.

GoDaddy offers 1500+ design and template options, all broken down into categories based on the site you want to create and if you don’t like it you can just switch to another one.

Another good option with some nice features, including the ability to use your own domain name and get Google Analytics stats (if you buy a Premium package.) And that means readers are going to struggle loading up their new ebook properly – as the methods used to get an ebook file onto the right device vary hugely depending on what device or app the reader prefers. Now it’s time to set up your domain on your hosting account, usually in the control panel (CPANEL). VPS hosting is like shared hosting but a little more private. Build a portfolio page? GoDaddy’s isn’t quite as intuitive as Wix, but it’s still decent. Readers, agents, publishers, journalists, TV producers, bloggers and podcasters will all visit your website – and they can tell a free site instantly. Don’t worry, if you mess anything up you can always start over with a clean slate by uninstalling it.

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Not possible to buy them separately. Those without a lot of technical know-how would do well with the single shared website builder hosting plan for. This is not just expensive but slow too. Squarespace sites almost look and feel custom. Some vendors offer free domain hosting for the first year on some plans as well. So, I immediately transferred my main over.

At minimum, you should be providing an email sign-up form on your front page to pick up those contacts. Keep the voice and tone of your website distinctive and consistent, so people immediately recognize the relation to your work. Hiring a Web Developer?