CentOS vs Ubuntu: Choose The Best OS For Your Web Server

Linux is an open source operating system, which means it’s free to use.

If apps are Microsoft-specific, then Windows is what you need. Some hosting packages will even give you the option of choosing your Linux distribution. Games are usually optimized for Windows and their hardware. Top posts & pages, so while performance is pretty average worldwide, the actual results are not bad. You can opt into our turbo servers which can provide you with page loading times which are twenty times faster than competing Linux Hosting providers. Linux web servers make hosting extremely easy. So you want to a set up your website, but you don’t want to pay for web hosting.

When we talk about free WordPress host, Hostinger is generous enough to help you create a website without paying a single penny. These server applications (such as FTP, Web Server, DNS Server, File Server etc.) In this post, we’re going to define some of the most used hosting-related terminologies for your better understanding of what features to look for. Although it does not offer the same level of support and ease of use as other Linux server operating systems, it has effortlessly functioned as a viable server for more experienced administrators. This is done in an automated manner, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. It was first released in 1993. Cheap cpanel hosting with 40% off, since 2020, SiteGround has grown to a large network of over 800,000 domain names around the world. ClearOS has since added features necessary to define it as an all-in-one server.

  • First of all, they don’t provide the choice of data center location.
  • You can avoid unnecessary packages by installing the 'minimal' ISO from the CentOS website, which can fit onto a 90 minute CD-R.
  • Ubuntu server has a great deal of support for container and cloud deployments which makes it superior to CentOS in this domain.

All you need to know is that your website have to run 24/7 without fail. This will depend on the operating system you’ve chosen for your server. HostGator is an excellent web hosting service that's simple to use and offers an array of useful plans for consumers and small businesses. With people holding such strong feelings it can be difficult to find the Linux distro which is best for your virtual private server (VPS). Windows / mac / linux compatible, support for non-camera sources. Let’s recap our top choices once more: You can tweak and set up the operating system however you like, configure your own backup scheme, and more.

5% of personal desktops and laptops has no bearing on the quality or usability of Linux Hosting plans. Top 35 free & premium web hosting services, when you combine PHP and MySQL, you can just build any kind of website you want. For managing multiple shared hosting accounts, you won’t have to log in and out separately instead they let you manage at just one place which is time-saving. It is Debian-based and appears to outdo all its competitors because of its easy installation and excellent hardware. Because of the focus on stability, you will not find the latest software available in the official repositories. CentOS continue to offer community-oriented OS backed by a community of users which develop and use open source technologies on Linux server distributions. Bandwidth and data transfer are related in the sense that they both enable fast flowing of information on your servers. Small businesses tend to favor Linux hosting over Windows hosting because it’s affordable, more powerful, and has a variety of easy-to-use apps. If you want compatibility with all Microsoft products Windows is a good choice, although very expensive.

  • Linux web hosting isn’t reserved just for individuals and smaller businesses on shared hosting plans.
  • Ubuntu offers LTS (Long-Term Support) versions every two years, which are supported for five years.


It is the most dependable Linux Server distro at all. The benefit of using CentOS is that it is stable and seldom crashes. Make the most of it. NET Support , ASP Support, SQL Server Database, PHP and MySQL Compatible, Access Database Support, and IIS Web Server. Although it is a nice provider, there are some flaws in getting Bluehost. Modded minecraft server hosting, many hosting companies offer packages for this game. Windows hosting is not as common as Linux hosting, but it’s fairly widely available.

Do you want to have options in regards to what kind of software, script languages, etc.

Choose Your Operating System: Linux or Windows?

Three key pieces of software you need to serve a website alongside a Linux OS are all open-source - free for anyone to use and distribute. Almost all Linux component and various software are easily used on it. This open source Linux Server OS is a mix of CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. PHP is a server-side scripting language. Each tier offers different specs and features that you should take the time to analyze. It owns storage locations and has community support. Hausemaster, И тогда пустил своего знаменитого Арфана нарт Урызмаг. I can setup up a box from scratch in 30-60 minutes depending on what I want to use it for. With hardware in place, your next choice when deciding how to build a server for your website is choosing your operating system.