InterServer Review 2020: Features, Pricing, Discounts, Alternatives

InterServer is a company that we have worked with before, and everything that we say here is based on first hand information.

Such features allow InterServer to promise 99. In short, it means that you will never need to worry about a hosting price rise ever again. However, the truth of the matter is that they revert to around $7 per month after the first year, whereas InterServer’s prices do not change, as you will see below.

It’s not much of a problem, but other hosting providers do offer automatic backups – which can be a nice change of pace and peace of mind. Great customer support. Both offer a variety of options, based on your needs for CPU cores, memory, storage, and transfer caps. You won't need to go through all the steps of downloading software to your computer and uploading its files through SFTP. They offer excellent reliable and powerful hosting services. The answer is, I knew Namecheap a long time before Interserver, and they were the best option compared to any cheap hosting with excellent services out there.

Interserver provides 99.

The 12-month plan is $4. Furthermore, if you're new to the world of web hosting, InterServer's website and web hosting options might be hard to navigate. What do you think? InterServer only uses the best routing and switching equipment from Cisco, Extreme Networks, and Riverstone for maximum throughput. Cloud-based Linux Operating Systems are offered here.

InterServer Hosting Plans and Packages: It provides cPanel on Linux, and Plesk on Windows. But realistically, the reseller hosting plans are still shared hosting plans. The data centers have power backup, raised floors, fire and water protection system, manned security, and many other features. Due to their reliability and trustworthiness, they have gained much reputation and achieved a top position among web hosting companies. InterServer probably isn’t ideal for people who are unfamiliar with web technologies since they’ll struggle with a steep learning curve. 1, but sadly this isn’t the truth.

They are simply the best AVG.

What does InterServer have to offer?

From the requirement of WordPress hosting to cloud hosting, Interserver is one of the leading players in the industry. Since, they are no newbie in the web hosting industry you can see how they have evolved with the industry over the years. When you order a Quick Server you get access to the InterServer Management System.

Three different server configurations are available ranging from $39. Their SLA defines downtime as being “unable to send data to or receive from a server. What’s the Quality of InterServer’s Customer Support? The company fairs very well, garnering a rating of 4. And the kicker: Reliability (4. )BlueHost is also recommended by WordPress.

You cannot refer yourself. In addition, CPU mining programs cannot be used on VPS servers. ₹39/mo, fatCow provides Web Hosting for small businesses & individuals. Live chat support via InterServer’s website was answered quickly when I tested it. The site of the company might need some tidying up, but the fact that security is taken seriously is undisputed.

It also requires no coding skills since you can install your sales platform using the provided scripts and offers you the security you need.

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Speed like this is always necessary. Once your business clicks and grows, naturally your traffic and data needs may go up. Currently, there are over 100 apps that you can choose from, and InterServer’s Webuzo plans begin with the following resource allocation: First, they guarantee that the network will be available 99. You can choose any of these centers to host your sites.

InterServer WordPress Hosting Review

But that’s what I’m going to talk to you about here: The other type of support is from contacting representatives directly., and some WordPress hosts will even automatically update your WordPress software as needed. You can purchase or transfer a domain name for a small fee during the initial signup process. deluxe plan & lifetime domain, as you know, Hosting is very important in our online business. What’s good about InterServer?

The company also offers basic web hosting that lets you choose according to your budget and requirement. Solid business infrastructure. Money-back Guarantee Trial Period Shared hosting and WordPress plans don’t have a free trial period but they are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. What is InterServer’s top hosting plan?

  • Each varies in terms of the disk space allocated and the bandwidth supported.
  • The company use network equipment from top vendors like Nortel Network, Cisco, Juniper Networks and others.


InterServer hosting has been in business since 1999 – that’s 16 years and still going strong. If you need more privilege to control over your web hosting, you can choose Virtual Private Server (VPS) instead of being in shared hosting. 6 top real estate website builders 2020, some of those hosting providers pay from to 0 per sign up. Let’s continue on this positive note, yeah? It’s decent overall. Check out InterServer. For small mom and pop operations. So you are not forced to shell out a bigger yearly fee when you signup. Support tickets are usually answered in 2-4 hours, too.

I had been sent a couple messages, but nothing showed up on screen. NET site will run smoothly on their server. So even if something happens due to an attack or on your side - there'll still be a functioning copy of the website you can use to restore it. Interserver’s in-house security solution is already included with their starter plan, offering:

SitePad Is a Good Site Builder

What payment methods does InterServer accept? Overall, InterServer is a very solid company and I highly recommend that you use their service. So as it stands now, I have to be honest: InterServer is a very solid web hosting company.

The more features you want to include your hosting package, the more the plan will cost. Continued below user reviews. These rates are only applicable to the first bill.

However, all options allow you to create as many cPanel accounts as you’d like. Get domain names for only $1. With the purchase of a single domain name and a virtual hosting reseller account, InterServer was co-founded in 1999 by two ambitious, tech-savvy high-school students by the names of Mike Lavrik & John Quaglieri. Unlike the affiliate program, you need to know your geeky stuff well and put effort into running your own hosting service. USER RATING OUTSTANDING Features Support Performance Pricing this is the friendly price for good VPS, and this is what you need exactly here, good price, good service. NET, and email hosting, VPS and cloud solutions, as well as dedicated servers. The plan includes unlimited storage, unlimited data transfer, discounted domain, SSL certificate, Cloudflare CDN, one-click WordPress install, and much more.

Although the uptime isn’t good, the response times are fast.

InterServer Review in a Nutshell

Due to the differences in operating system, this package comes with the Plesk Control Panel, not cPanel. NET MVC 5 , ASP. Coolhandle hosting review, this is not a real establishment simply a front “business”. The same thing happened, but if you click one of the buttons above (print, or email) it jolts the rest of the messages into existence. 80 (10% Off) $122. And if you are a Host Advice user, InterServer offers the first month at a promotional $0.

InterServer has a variety of shared plans to meet your needs.


It is usually advisable to aim for datacenters located closer to where your business is based or targeting, but Interserver will serve well for anyone starting out globally. For instance, no single shared hosting account is permitted to use more that 20% of the server resources and the amount of inodes is limited to 250000 pre package. This plan includes free data migration, no setup fees, 24/7 uptime monitoring, and managed support. Added are well-trained security guards around to make sure every place is secured with competent datacenter specialists all 24/7, 365 days. Best cheap web hosting 2020 – for blog owners on a budget. Support options: They have a strong experience and providing high quality service and support at affordable rates.

InterServer’s shared options is a great deal in terms of features, and price. The following InterServer VPS hosting review snippets should help you narrow down the list of options to just those that fit the needs of your website. As with most hosting companies, InterServer provides several guarantees. InterServer offers some unique security features. All data is stored on RAID-10 disks. For VPS and dedicated hosting services, they offer an uptime guarantee wherein even if you experience a server failure just once in the day, you get your sum back. So today I decided to do InterServer review post for you. So clearly, InterServer isn’t just some nobody.

Days Money Back Guarantee & 100% Power Guarantee

Ease of use doesn’t always equate to lack of control (though it sometimes does). They are available in blocks of 15-minute-long intervals. VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting occurs when a large server is divided into a number of smaller virtual servers which each acts as an independent environment. BUT, InterServer is so strong in other areas that I think it should be given a chance. The knowledgebase is also strong and easy to understand. If for some reason, you want to cancel Interserver services, you can always ask for a refund within 30 days. 9 uptime guarantee, which is fairly standard.

For start-up bloggers who don’t want the hassle of migrations every time they have to renew their plan, Interserver is best.

Interserver Features

Before I get started showing you all the web hosting plans they offer I just want state that they offer small plans as well as larger plans that are suited for large corporate websites. It’s also a great platform for bloggers and first-time users. InterServer is an intriguing alternative if you’re looking to get more out of your hosting, without breaking the bank. You can get the operating system of your choice regardless of which VPS type you choose. 25/mo) $144 ($4. Employing cPanel as its main control panel, InterServer makes hosting easy for beginners and advanced enough for pros who need more advanced configurations. 43% is way BELOW standard, especially because this was just over a single week.

24*7 Dedicated Support:

Add-ons include: WordPress support: In other words, the coverage they provide is excellent for US-based customers. This is a rare offering, so if you are in the market for this service, InterServer might be a good fit for you. Interserver provides a lot of options to choose from in terms of web hosting packages. 20 best web hosting for wordpress website or personal blog in 2020. You should choose a good web host with better uptime record. Great server AVG. This is a really great precedent to set, and InterServer follows through with its other plans accordingly.

Online information is somewhat poorly organized. Alongside with the 50% server capacity utilization, InterServer also includes global caching and Cloudflare services. InterServer does have very good performance, though. When it comes to pricing, Interserver doesn’t stand out from their competition in too many ways. InterServer offers free hosting to nonprofit organizations and discounted hosting services for students. Overview of java hosting on a rimuhosting vps, released in 1999 by Sun Microsystems, JSP is similar to PHP and ASP, but it uses the Java programming language. Flow for buying domains and hosting is somewhat crude and difficult to follow, as I learned firsthand One-click add-ons can get pricey ($5/month) Although some of the pages on InterServer’s website look sharp, there are a good number of other pages that have some formatting and typo issues, including low-res images and out-of-date comparisons to other hosts, that make it seem less professional than some of its competitors.

Best ASP.NET Hosting

Lastly, from the research I have done, it looks like most webmasters are very happy with the customer support. It limits the number of new customers who can join a server each day. InterServer provides physical security to servers by deploying their hardware in a secured data center. This is where InterServer Hosting can be of a great deal. They’re also fairly accessible, as is the live chat. Vps hosting comparison: linode vs godaddy vps, a guaranteed server uptime of 99. InterServer hosting is suitable not only for small and medium scale websites but also for large eCommerce and online gaming websites. We regularly check the page loading speed in GTMetrix, and every time we get an optimal page loading speed.

Uptime is one of the most important things in hosting—after all, you’re paying to have a site hosted, meaning paying for it to be up and available. I have no complaints in this area. You can select the OS of your choice while choosing a VPS plan. What’s bad about InterServer? It also lets you transfer free files without any hassle. Most of InterServer’s web hosting options are Linux-based, so those using Microsoft technologies will find the ASP. The company thrives on its main principles of providing quality service and high-end support to all customers. Just another tech-savvy blogger on the plannet.

3 seconds when I first moved to them. They made a migration from Siteground to Interserver which has never worked for me, because the API that connects the plugins does not work, I cannot connect JetPack and therefore also VaultPress because it is a prerequisite. If a user selects a longer billing cycle, then the overall hosting cost will reduce. 20 popular web hosting services providers: who’s best for small business. Over its 18+ stint as a leading web hosting expert, InterServer has a solid reputation for it’s reliability and high performance. Cloud hosting is a good choice for small businesses that may need to scale up quickly and easily. This guarantee means that the price you pay when signing up is the price you pay during the life of your contract. Their vision led to the formation of a solid partnership and the beginning of InterServer.

For Agencies and Developers

Also, being an in-house team, employees actually care about the success of their users and are very well trained to solve any issue. The email service also comes with spam filtering and supports SSL encryption. I recommend them. It also has a database to store information about previous attacks in order to prevent them from happening again. OS install (Linux, BSD), system administration and cPanel/WHM VPS License. How good is InterServer’s security? That alone definitely makes it worth a look. Now, Interserver owns and operates two data centers located in Secaucus, New Jersey, U.

However, InterServer offers backup services that vary in price based on the type of hosting you have and how much data is currently in use. Also data centers for Windows VPS are limited to NJ and Equinix NY4 locations only(Los Angeles is not a data center option for windows hosting). Over the years their company has expanded its product offerings to include dedicated servers, colocation and other managed services. Fortunately, Interserver includes the free usage of CloudFlare, one of the most popular CDNs on the market today, rivaling the likes of Incapsula and Cachefly.

Interserver VPS hosting does not deliver a money-back promise, so be sure for what you ask before making your purchase, contrariwise, a shared hosting plan should be a favorable plan for you. It's nice to see the premium control panel included for free and without big pricing increases. Best web hosting for beginner’s business – top choices! While the basic plan boasts standard features, the Choice Plus package offers unlimited disk space, bandwidth and emails. So why is it still such a bargain?

InterServer has four datacenters in the United States, offering excellent coverage for customers in North America.

Hosting that I recommend

The other VPS plans follow this general plan. Right now you can get a great deal on InterServer. Features of namecheap hosting company, as you might already know, all web hosting companies are basically selling the same thing. Many bloggers start out with WordPress as it offers the bare essentials needed to get going. Keep this in mind if you are coordinating a project launch and want to use InterServer. You can manage your site through cPanel that provides integrated solutions for your web hosting.

It’s still easy to use. But what this REALLY means is reseller hosting. SitePad comes with 350+ themes that you can use to start building a website. All the servers are equipped with firewalls to protect them from hackers and DDoS attacks. USER RATING OUTSTANDING Features Support Performance Pricing Interserver Is The Best Hosting In The World , I Thanks Interserver You'r The Best Hosting I Hope You'r Hosting Will Up And Never Closed! It takes about​ 10-20 minutes on average for you to get a response to your ticket, however live chat is faster.

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75/mo billed $28. InterServer offers a variety of platforms that can assist with starting a blog as well as launching an e-commerce presence in support of it. You can choose Standard Web Hosting and install WordPress from cPanel that will correctly work like WordPress hosting. So in this part of the InterServer review, I tested how each of them works.

You must not compromise with backup. While you still have to do a fair amount of your own server management, these services make it easier to manage your website and server. I've been totally satisfied with InterServer. This service is also available for new customers. If you’re switching to InterServer from another web host, no need to do any of the work yourself. Security is a selling point, so the company has improved its security to another level, so there will no issue from a security standpoint.

You can see my page size is big enough to load fast. Some of these alternatives offer freebies that Interserver does not. As I said before, no hosting provider is without sin.

InterServer VPS hosting plans and details

Unlike some other hosting companies that offer low signup rates, InterServer’s shared hosting plan comes with a price lock guarantee which ensures the price you pay will remain the same for as long as you keep your account. InterServer provides everything else, including: An area where the InterServer platform stands out prominently is features. The limit is to ensure that the company can meet the needs of existing customers and new users.

The host has quite a few promises - top-level performance, affordable pricing, ease-of-use, and high-end security features. They offer 90 days of cookie period, and it means a user can buy hosting anytime within 90 days, and you will get the commission. You do have full root access, though, so you can customize your server with any Linux-based application or component. In this InterServer review, I found out that the provider is exactly what it promises to be. It offers simple features that can help you build a fully customized website according to your need. Their specialized server plan starts at just $55/month, which includes a lot of free features as well. 24/7 customer support available via ticketing system, email, live chat, and telephone Cons Hosting plans do not include domain names (though they can be purchased as an add-on — the company offers $1. )