Having them side-by-side makes it simpler to make any newbies understand how it all works.

10050 0/10 Frankfurt, DE MINECRAFT - world 173. 10050 0/10 Chicago, Illinois MINECRAFT - world 108. Once you have tools, Food, Armour and other items to help you along your way, You can start exploring the world, Go into caves for those elusive diamonds. The entry point for the Bedrock edition is just $1. I have been using Shockbyte for about 2 months now and may I just say, WOW! In case your Minecraft world ever gets deleted or corrupted, ServerMiner allows you to recover it in its entirety within 7 days, complete with mods, plugins, and everything else. In the case of Apex Hosting, they offer premium support for an additional $5 per month with allows them to upload new plugins, worlds, and mods for you, rather than you having to do it yourself. In all honesty, this should be a basic thing to look for in any hosting provider you choose.

ScalaCube’s support agents are generally very fast to reply and can be contacted 24/7 via email and live chat. Should you change your mind, you can migrate your server to a new datacenter from the control panel any time! If you wish to cancel your order for any reason, just contact our support team within 24 hours for a full refund. If you plan on adding mod-packs and such, you’ll be looking at servers in the $3+ price range in most cases, as they’ll have enough ram to support the add-ons. Shockbyte is great! Among other games, here you can find servers for both the Java and Pocket editions of Minecraft. With unlimited updates, mod-list changes, configuration fixes, crash assistance and monitoring for your server, you won’t find another host that can match our custom modpack expertise. As the person hosting a server, you have certain responsibilities, but at the end of the day it’s all about making the best experience for your players, and if you can do that – you’ll have people lining up.

  • This allows you to easily install mods and plugins as well as simply uninstall them.
  • They offer a variety of fun mods that are quick to get running, like the entertaining Pixelmon mod that turns Minecraft into a Pokemon hybrid, basically.
  • Theis quite a unique one.
  • NodePanel lets you easily install modpacks, install plugins, and make configuration changes.
  • What else do we provide on our modded Minecraft server hosting?
  • All plans come with unlimited slots and there are no premium tiers here so there’s no need to worry about important features being hidden behind a paywall.
  • Minecraft isn't just a game.

Included with All Minecraft Servers

Scalacube’s main drawback is that it only accepts monthly payments on its Minecraft hosting services, however, this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for most people. ScalaCube only offers virtual private servers (VPS) so you don’t have to worry about sharing your resources with other users. This pressure is the essence of the gripping nature of Minecraft as a world and game. Do I need a web hosting account to run a Minecraft server?

If you have a lot of mods or plugins installed, a RAM boost can be advisable. This could be a problem with the Mod pack or the way it was installed. 10050 0/20 Miami, Florida MINECRAFT - world 104. 10050 0/20 Dallas, Texas MINECRAFT - Paradisum 68.

However, bear in mind that some entry-level Minecraft server plans aren’t much better than improvised solutions – and unfortunately in some cases, they are not better at all. One of the most interesting features offered by ScalaCube is the ability to create your own Minecraft launcher from the control panel. 10050 1/10 Dallas, Texas MINECRAFT - world 108. You must spawn command blocks. 10050 0/16 Seattle, Washington MINECRAFT - world 104. Example template 1, but, in the past few years, Reddit's made attempts to gain more attention from brands. However, don’t dismiss ScalaCube if you’re an experienced user because there are some interesting advanced features here that you’re likely to enjoy. DDoS Protection If your server is attacked, we have you covered with DDoS protection FREE of charge. The entry point for a Java edition server comes in at $5.

  • The most important factor was that it was a good idea and somebody had the passion to get it built.
  • Setup of my ARK server was very easy and very quick.
  • ServerMiner uses a very unique control panel known as SMpicnic.
  • There are also versions of the game for several video game consoles and handheld devices.
  • You can also pay an additional $5 per month for premium support which allows the support to do more for you – we’ll cover that in a second.
  • A Minecraft game takes place in a virtually infinite three-dimensional virtual world made up of cubes and other block-like objects.

Unlimited Control

58 per month and comes with 1. MelonCube is a great place to rent a Minecraft server for a variety of reasons. Meanwhile, the Java edition is a bit more expensive, with the starter plan coming in at $7. Aternos is a popular portal that was created to provide free servers to those who want to run a Minecraft server. This blew me away, I was constantly opening the door for them to tell me I needed more than what I thought, but they never did they said you only need 'x' amount.

99, and it is the same all the way up to their Bedrock 6GB server for 200 players, where you will literally save hundreds of dollars in your first year.

Why Should I Host a Minecraft Server?

We are a driven group of individuals whose sole purpose is to ensure the best possible experience for everyone, from the features we offer, to the support we provide. No more files upload, just search and click and start to play ! In a 3D world, every player demonstrates great creativity as they explore, gather resources, craft the cubes and then combat. Dedicated hosting elite, automatic daily website backups. Paired with 2GB SSD & Fast Support, nothing can go wrong! Most providers allow you to use as much CPU as you need to (within reason). If you want to go for a managed dedicated server, be ready to spend at least $90 per month. Some mods also require other programs to install or run properly, which will also be mentioned in the descriptions (if any).

Not only are they versatile, but they also have some excellent hardware running on a gigabit uplink, and it only takes a few seconds to get your server setup. To connect to a remote multiplayer game, go to the menu and select “Multiplayer”. Free wordpress hosting: is it worth it? data gives us the answer. A new breed of games did have some success such as Terraria, Scrap Mechanic and Starbound. 10050 0/16 Sydney, Australia MINECRAFT - world 45. Inmotion hosting review 2020, the same can be said for cloud infrastructure and virtual private servers. The biggest problem here is the location coverage, though that shouldn’t bother you too much if you live in the US.

Type of CPU Load with Minecraft

Players can gather these material blocks and place them elsewhere, thus allowing for various constructions. With what started out as a one man summer project spawned into a massive team. MCProHosting has a reliable customer support team that can be contacted via ticket or live chat. Otherwise if you run your own server equipment (dedicated server, collocation, or a server in your own building), you probably have both the needed equipment and the needed technical skills to run your own Minecraft server. Custom JAR Support Want to run a custom JAR on your server? 10050 0/10 Los Angeles, California MINECRAFT - world 8.


24/7/365 Support We provide support all day, everyday, with a guaranteed response within 12 hours. The lack of live chat is a bit disappointing and there is also no Discord channel. There are thousands of plugins and modpacks available to add to your server, take your gameplay to the next level! Many hosting providers specialize in Minecraft hosting, with plans and features designed to enhance the gaming experience (including additional content and custom configurations). Installing mod packs can be very simple if one knows what they are doing.

You can do the same thing as well, but on Minecraft, it becomes very easy if you own the server because getting footage won’t be a hassle. BeastNode also offers discounts for people who pay for 3 and 6 months at a time. Review of the best website hostings australia, they also provide 36 premium themes that include built-in SEO and security so you can create a professional website in minutes. Need to add a mod or change a setting but don’t know how? But as you know every hosting has its own quality, with the triangle you can deploy your Minecraft within few minutes and they allow you to selected your preferred server location according to your need.

The fact that the company charges for unlimited slots isn’t exactly ideal but at least you get a lot of server locations to choose from, a solid refund policy, and quite a few good features, including automatic backups. (We wishes you a very good game on your Minecraft world, follow us on twitter to get our last news :) Namely, buying any of the available packages will get you a Mumble server with slots equal to those of your server, 1 month of Buycraft premium, and 13 days of Enjin Premium. The location coverage isn’t that great (only 4 regions to choose from) but it’s not the worst we’ve seen either. Minecraft software acts as both server and client, so you need to have a legitimate copy of Minecraft irrespective of you owning a server or playing on one. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

All Minecraft games, mods and launchers

That’s why we promise that every TRUgaming server is protected from DDOS, and other similar threats. From the moment I had begun to speak with them via LiveChat to the set up of my server was smooth sailing. 10050 0/8 Chicago, Illinois MINECRAFT - world 68.

0 control panel. H1>christian web hosting, design & domain registration, i'm glad that we had the opportunity to help you too if even for a short time. 10050 0/20 Cape Town, South Africa MINECRAFT - world 41. I've been using Withernode for quite some time now and have thoroughly enjoyed using their server. Yes, Multicraft is the most popular and most powerful Minecraft hosting control panel. Can I run Minecraft on a shared hosting account? Looking for a great deal on Minecraft hosting?

Aim for a dedicated server – the more RAM you have, the better the server. Being able to easily order more RAM for your server is a must. Although the prices at Nitrous Networks are a bit steep, you can get some pretty good deals by subscribing to the service for the long haul. Enough talk, let’s take a look at our top 10 Minecraft server hosting companies in 2020:

Reliable & Affordable

Also, for $4 per month, you can get a dedicated IP address, which is quite a bit more expensive than other Minecraft hosts, who charge just under $3 for it. We are the custom modpack specialists. 10050 0/8 New York/New Jersey MINECRAFT - world 68. The best hosted email providers for 2020, "Phishing" is a term applied to either websites or emails that pretend to be something they're not in hopes of getting a user to click on something they should have ignored. Having said that, we’re going to help you make the best choice right now. Mod packs are usually downloaded in a collective zipped archive.

10050 0/8 Miami, Florida MINECRAFT - world 104. There will be some unnecessary files that are added after running. Related roundups, websites are made up of Blocks— which are pre-designed collections of elements. The game does have blocks likebut currently lacks any survival elements. In addition, you can also add a few freebies to your package, including a 10-slot Mumble server, 45 days of Buycraft Premium, 45 days of Enjin Advanced, and a free MySQL database.

The company was established back in 2020 shortly after the game’s initial launch with the express purpose of offering quality and affordable servers for all fans of Minecraft. Most gamer’s know they want it based on videos and pictures as the game is pretty self explanatory. This includes basic setup, Linux administration, and commands.


At TRUgaming, we believe that our customers deserve the very best server hosting experience available. These are recommendations and will vary a lot based on what additional plugins you’re running at any given moment. Hosting a Minecraft server can be a fun, educational, exciting, and even profitable endeavor. There are not many errors, but there may be some rare crashes.

10050 0/5 Paris, France MINECRAFT - world 108. The servers come with a 100% uptime guarantee, so it should always be available for players. 44, that’s less than $1. If you are looking for an established game host who knows the games they offer then Havoc is the best choice. These players switch from survival mode over to creative. 28 per month, but again, you are limited to just 5 slots. Unless you plan on spending a lot of effort on maintenance and investing time in building your community, they may be a bad choice. 10050 0/5 Warsaw, Poland MINECRAFT - Utopia 173.

Numerous Global Locations

Some of them being: Multiple game modes and multi-player versions are available. More, you should see if gaming is allowed according to the hosting plan’s Terms of Service agreement since gaming is resource-intensive. We are not including any sub-par hosts on this list, there are all excellent choices with GameServers on-top. The following titles used elements but added to the end product in their own way.

At the end of 2020, the Minecraft player count reached close to 500 million players online. Making sure you don't fall into Lava (Unless you like being turned into crackling and losing all your items.) RAM is divided by the number of servers hosted on each machine into dedicated lots. Simply create a folder and label it “JAR. 10050 0/5 Cape Town, South Africa MINECRAFT - Tokens World 41. There are also forks of existing server mods like “Spigot”, a fork of Bukkit.

  • Players can interact with each other in a multiplayer setting if one of them has a powerful enough hosted server.
  • The features aren’t exactly anything to write home about but at least you can expect excellent performance because Nitrous uses high-quality network hardware and includes SSD storage with all plans.
  • 10050 0/20 Atlanta, Georgia MINECRAFT - wankaland 108.
  • Following the above steps should see to it that the mod packs are successfully installed and running.
  • 10050 0/20 Montreal, Canada MINECRAFT - No_Mistakes_Happy_Accidents 108.
  • First things first, unless you plan to actually install a giant server in your basement and have somebody sitting next to it 24/7, then you’ll want to rent that Minecraft server from a professional, which frees you up to actually manage it and play the game and do all that fun stuff.

Easy-to-use VPS Hosting Control

Mod packs usually come with the different installation process. No additional fees *, a simple upload and transfer system and ongoing aftercare. If you’re looking for additional ways of getting in touch with support agents or members of the MCProHosting community you can also try reaching out to them on Discord.

With multiple globally optimized locations available, you can reach more players while offering distant connections better pings. If you plan on having 10, 20 or 30 different users online at a time (referred to as user slots), you’ll definitely want to pick up something more powerful than a $1 Minecraft server. The company motto is “Minecraft servers – Free – Forever,” so you can expect that they will exist until the end of the game. You may need it moved due to you relocating home or the fan base you acquire live in different areas worldwide. The company already provides very reliable servers at an extremely cheap price, but it doesn’t stop there. Why you should trust us, for more significant projects, GoDaddy offers VPS packages that provide you a guaranteed amount of resources. There’s no Discord or any other additional support channels but you can find a good amount of useful articles in the knowledge base. This is most probably because most gamer’s don’t need to read reviews of the game. Well on your demand we are here with Top 3 Free Minecraft server 24/7 hosting providers.

There were a couple of questions I had but Jake answered them quickly and got me set up with no issues. Essentially similar to Survival mode, but constantly on a ‘hard’ setting, with one single life. Louis, Missouri MINECRAFT - 108. There’s also a 100% uptime guarantee. One of the things we like most about BeastNode is the fact that they separate their packages into ‘premium’ and ‘affordable’.

Now let’s take a closer look at some of the features you’ll find here.

Our Featured Minecraft Hosting Plans

The memory allocated to a server is GUARANTEED. These plans cost between $25 and $40 per month but come with a lot more resources. 10050 0/24 Moscow, Russia MINECRAFT - world1 173. Sometimes you can spawn in a world with a weird map that you will want to reset once you have explored it a little. While players can move freely across the world, objects can only be placed at fixed locations on the grid. MinecraftServer.

It depends on whether you have a powerful and fast enough desktop computer and a fast enough internet connection. You’ll notice that with the budget options you get considerably more hardware and users for the price, but that’s not the full story. As they are created by us, they are updated very often. 10050 0/10 Sydney, Australia MINECRAFT - TAG's Minecraft World 108. They provide you with the best free servers, which are usually limited, but they offer a premium package.

SSD Storage SSD storage is standard on all services. Their servers are fast, easy to use, and their support has always got your back. 5 GB of RAM and support for up to 15 players. The download should commence automatically. Top 6 best wordpress hosting of 2020 (compared), if they get a spike, your server can simply start using other servers. You’re in luck! We provide affordable and quality Minecraft server hosting in North America and Europe.