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They do a lot more than that – like provide analytics, WordPress integration, support, and other tools. Whenever any user subscribes to your podcast, the podcast host sends audio files to the platforms directly. Top hosting offering - cheap and best domain hosting in india - limited time offer. Now that we have reviewed and compared the best podcast hosting services, it’s up to you to decide which is right for your podcast.

This article would contain affiliate links that I receive a small commission on at no cost to you. Blubrry is a podcast hosting provider with WordPress integration using PowerPress plugin. Even though most podcast hosting platforms either have free versions or free trial, podcast hosting over an extended period of time is never free. She only found out about the show in 2020 – roughly 4 years after the first episode was released.

You also need to engage your listeners.

Once you have chosen a website hosting service for yourselves, it’s time to decide which WordPress theme would be best suitable for your Podcast website. They have a good customer care program to help podcasters handle any issues they might encounter. What that means is that although you don’t get charged for using more storage and bandwidth, your site will be suspended if it uses too many resources and starts affecting other peoples sites. While most hosting platforms are pretty plain-vanilla when it comes to direct engagement with the listener, Spreaker interestingly enough offers an audience chat feature for direct interaction with listeners as they stream your episodes. Podcasters like to talk, that’s likely one of the reasons most decide to start a show. Arguably, an essential aspect of the need for podcast web hosting is ensuring and providing speed. Avoid making these mistakes else there are chances that you might end up losing subscribers.

If you upgrade to their Professional plan at $20/month, you get unlimited guests and recordings, a live editing soundboard, and 10 hours of automatic post-production every month. Okay – That’s a lot of information. Conclusion – The Best Podcast Hosting Platform? For more on podcast types, podcast strategy, news, and more see these online resources: Spreaker offers an impressive $7/month basic plan, but also stands out because of how seamless their mobile platform is. Ensuring the software can support your current and future needs from the start will allow you to grow your show without worrying about switching providers later on. While your shared web hosting account may boast unlimited storage and bandwidth and may handle the demands of a podcast with a small audience, it won’t handle the demands of a large audience. The most popular directories are Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes), Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and TuneIn.

  • If you are searching for a platform that places no limits on your storage space or the bandwidth then you shouldn’t look much further than Castos.
  • Their embed code allows you to easily add each episode to your WordPress posts and pages.
  • Free users get access to basic podcast stats with more detailed data reserved for paid users.

Podbean App Audio Recorder

They also provide rank history & reviews for different countries and platforms: You may upload multiple video, audio and image files. Privacy; confidentiality, sLAs can be of many types and for multiple industries. You need a good webcam for streaming in at least 1080p.

Our approach is not security by obscurity. But they also offer some key things others don’t. It helps you design and make your podcast website look professional. Looking to get into this expanding and potentially lucrative medium? Finally, click “Publish Podcast” and wait for the approval. With a customer-first approach and user friendly dashboard, Blubry is one of fastest scaling and expanding podcast hosting platforms. It also has a simple import tool that you can use to easily import your shows from other hosting platforms like Blubrry.

However, it’s a little bit more expensive than other solutions. You also get two free hours upload time and can host your podcast on their server for 90 days. A piece of free advice – if you want to save the battery of your phone, listen to audio files rather than streaming videos. When you have multiple voices that you're interacting with on each episode, be sure everyone is comfortable with the process and with how casual or detailed the script needs to be. Monthly storage starts at 100MB, and increases to an unlimited capacity.

Maybe you can charge the audience by taking up classes for self-motivation and how to open up feelings in public or how to initiate a conversation.

How to Tell It's a Podcast

We also uniquely track “listeners” which provides a clear answer of how many listeners you have in the first 90 days of an episode. A podcast host would provide you with a podcast RSS feed that you would submit to Podcast directories like iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. Others charge you extra. Maybe you are a show that would benefit from automatic transcription, so a hosting service that integrates directly with a place to do that will be helpful. Spreaker has a “free speech” hosting plan with 5 hours of audio storage and 15 minutes of live streaming. When you stream or download a podcast episode to listen to, Apple and Google do not have the audio file; they tell the app or browser where to get the file from.

As you research and compare podcast hosts, keep these 5 pieces of criteria in mind. You could do some extra research to find the right transcription service but we prefer one-stop-shop softwares. Every podcast host does this? The core of the platform is mobile podcasting, but you can also use their web interface to edit and manage episodes.

I connected with Rae Palermo, part of the Business Development team at Megaphone, to get more insight into what the Megaphone brand and team uniquely offers to podcasters worldwide. Such license shall survive the termination of your Account or the Services. And we also knew they offer tons of apps to transform your site based on your needs. These aren’t ideal podcast hosting options. If you want to host your podcast for free with a well-known brand, SoundCloud could be a good option. Embed code is provided on their site.


Buzzsprout is my number one recommendation for any podcaster that is just getting started. How to grow podcast subscribers? The theory is that anyone using these rules are working their figures out in the same way, which is good for advertisers, and good for you if ever you switch podcast host in the future. Do research to find the best price for the quality and features you need. You can connect with industry leaders, and tie up with radio stations to spread the word at a reasonably lower cost. Unlike most hosting sites who can only broadcast your RSS feed to all of the directories, Libysn offers the ability for you to publish your content to specific directories which enables you to appeal to specific audiences.

What we offer is fairly comprehensive. There's also a really long tail of other feed generation tools—1,741 of them, to be exact, from “A-Infos Radio Project” to “yada yada productions. You will need to copy the podcast feed URL provided by your podcast hosting service. Truth be told, anyone can just pull arbitrary details and numbers from a webpage and throw them into a blog to call it a day. If you can spare a little more, then you can purchase the Rode Podcaster Kit which comes with a boom arm and a shock mount. We used to host our podcast on Anchor but we now use BuzzSprout as a host for the sole reason that we’re big on interactivity, accessibility, and straightforward analytics. Your own domain and branding.

However, there are no limits to the number of listeners which enables you to grow your audience continually. This is the best podcast hosting solution for WordPress websites. 27+ best web hosting of 2020 (biggest guide + pricing), there’s nothing more annoying than 24/7 support that requires you first unearth the contact methods on your own. All you have to do is go to their website; sign up for the 14-day free trial; install their WordPress plugin; and when you are ready to host your episodes, add them into the podcast section of WordPress: It is most known for its simplistic interface, easy RSS link generation and customizable information for iTunes. Compared to the other free hosting platforms, Buzzsprout offers the best features.


This means that you don’t have to worry about quality any longer. Check out PodBean: Simplecast lets you choose from a variety of themes that are optimized for mobile devices and search engines. @asmallorange just sent you one! thanks so much! talk soon., blogging is a great way to bridge the gap with your customers and personalize your company's voice. Related reviews, depending on the plan, you’ll get access to inventory management, accounting, checkout, abandoned cart recovery, and eCommerce reporting. See all templates.

  • Make sure that you are promoting your podcast on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – and if you don’t have an account, make sure to create one.
  • There is an in-built ad platform to help you monetize your podcast show.
  • They were built specifically to fit the needs of podcasters and bloggers, unlike some of the other, more popular names in email marketing.
  • You get some buddies, set up some mics, and discuss what 80’s synth pop band has the best vocalist while drinking craft brews on your new show, “Tears for Fears and Beers.

Ready To Make Your Own Podcast?

Here’s how it works. Test our service, we provide the best game servers for Minecraft with DDoS Protection, Live Support and No Lag. But you know what? If you already have a personal website that is run through WordPress, Blubrry and Castos automatically stand out as front runners.

Choose A Template (player):

Most of these free podcast hosting platforms also have low-cost packages with added features. You get up to 3 hours or storage free. Megaphone focuses on the business of podcasting and is designed for publishers managing complex podcast networks and large teams. After you’ve chosen a podcast host and know where you want to publish your show, it’s time to start recording your audio with podcast software. Analytics to track your progress and audience. Simplecast offers new podcasters with an unlimited storage space, unlimited uploads, social media sharing clips, and a customized themed show website. You can change your plan, cancel it, or move at any time you want. How the dashboard looks, and how modern their website is, are also very important in judging whether a hosting provider’s interface will be easy for you to navigate.

Some podcasters record more than 5-10 podcasts in one go, while some believe in producing one podcast at a time. (00 at Walmart). So if someone is listening to your podcast player and you want them to join your email list to move them down the sales funnel, set up is a breeze. However, if you also need a place to host your blog, Squarespace could be a really decent choice for you.

Last, when you're recording in the field or on location, a portable audio recorder is very useful. It’s important to make sure the podcast host is capable of hosting each of your shows on a separate RSS feed and you’re able to manage them within one dashboard. Web hosting selection, 99/mo (click to visit). And coming very soon: This would not only help you promote your show but also help you come to know what else can you cover on your episodes.

  • The podcast host comes with a lot of features to improve the productivity and efficiency of podcasters.
  • This is where you need to get creative and market your podcast to reach your target audience.
  • To say that the world of podcasting would not be what it is or where it is today without Libsyn would be an understatement.
  • Like a handful of others in the hosting space, they have a long history of helping podcasters get their content out and distributed in an easy, reliable way.
  • Make sure that all of your text and artwork looks ready to go.
  • With millions of podcast listeners around the globe, it is important to pick the best podcast hosting platform which can widen reach and maintain quality of podcasts.

The "Be Wary" Hosting List

RSS feeds alert subscribers of new episodes and give a description of each episode. And surprisingly, only 10% of all cyber-crimes in the US are actually reported. This means from uploading to publishing on my blog is about a 5 – 10 minute process! It’s simple and easy to use.

These are all important elements that people find real value in.

These numbers are remarkably constant over time—the graph for podcasts launched in the last 6 months looks essentially identical to the one above for all podcasts. These will include: Once you upload your podcast, Libsyn will give you the ability to upload your podcast to over twenty different podcast platforms such as iTunes, Podcast Addict, and PocketCasts. Things like the usability of the interface, difficulty unsubscribing from free service, and songs that were free are now listed underpaid plans only. But I want to provide you more than just a superficial overview. There are different plans that podcasters can pick as per requirement after using the free 14-day trial. It’s free to add to your site, but keep in mind that it’s only a player. Making your show available to more people is a cute way to grow your audience.

Since audio quality is one of the most critical aspects of your show, a good pair of headphones can listen for p-pops, distortion, feedback, and other issues. 2Upload your podcast player files Upload the media files you would like to broadcast into Cincopa's cloud-drive, using Drag-and-Drop method, and organize them in folders. Listeners will not stick with a podcast that doesn’t have super high quality audio. You’re welcome.

Web Hosting: Bluehost

Secure HPTTS site and RSS feed. This article contains affiliate links that I receive a small commission for at no cost to you. SoundCloud actually integrates nicely into all social media platforms. But the branding of the podcast is what is first and foremost in everything we do. Historically there have been two growing niches in podcasting: Libsyin features powerful scheduling tools, which enables you to choose the exact date and time when the next episode of your podcast is going to be published. How to find the best deal? Of course, you shouldn’t choose to not use BigRock because the company failed to use a period a few times. You get to create the podcast episodes you’re interested in producing, buy shiny new equipment, record audio, and share your very own podcast with the world. We’re also proud of our straightforward onboarding process.

Also when you signup using this link, Buzzsprout will give you a $20 Amazon gift card. This means at ANY time I can login and see where my listening audience is from, what machine they are listening to me on and what episodes they liked best! Restricted episode time.

Add Your Intro Music.

Take a look… ONE – Podbean Podbean allows you to create, manage as well as promote your podcast and offers you unlimited hosting. My recommendation would be A2 hosting who have the quickest and most reliable servers, to always allow your viewers to listen in. It’s not a good idea to serve large MP3 or AAC files from your website. With their free plan, you get two free hours of upload time, hosted episodes for up to 90 days, and a complete podcasting dashboard. All podcast hosting platforms let their users store their podcasts online and create an RSS feed for them that is used to add podcast to different podcast directories. With those figures in hand, you will be better equipped to select a plan that will provide the storage and bandwidth your podcast will need.

This gets you: Using a web server for your website, and a media server for your podcast hosting may seem like overkill when you first get started – and may not be necessary if you don’t ever plan on building a large audience (if that is the case be sure to check with your hosting provider before uploading your podcast). Backtracks claims to have “the world’s most advanced podcast analytics and hosting platform”. You shouldn’t have to be a tech guru to get your podcast online. Podcaster, Audio Influencer, and Podcast Brand. Libsyn offers a handful of different plans, each increasing in features as you go up. Professional podcasters can subscribe for the PodBean Unlimited Plus Plan for more options on video storage and audio hosting. All the themes on StudioPress are built on the Genesis Framework, which means they are SEO-friendly, stable, fast, and always up-to-date.

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Other well-known directories include Spotify, Stitcher, and TuneIn. This is the main reason why there are servers specifically configured and dedicated to hosting large media files. For one price you can:

It comes with an advanced algorithm that would allow you to estimate how many people listened to your show within the first 90 days. There are different plans for both audio and video podcasts, but all Podbean plans come with your own website and copious bandwidth. Most of the time, and especially for newer podcasts, the same company performs all of these services—only around 15% of podcasts use different services for one or more of these pieces, but they're an important subset of all podcasts.

But most importantly, Buzzsprout has no limit on audio hours. You want a place to send your listeners that you own. The platform features the world’s largest library of live, on-demand and original audio. I use one of their VPS servers to host several websites and get great performance. Before planning out your podcasting schedule, you should determine how your podcasts are performing. Many podcast hosting providers offer unlimited downloads, uploads, storage, and bandwidth.


They offer one-click publishing to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever your audience listens. It is free, though, so many people choose it for its ease of use and availability. This service takes our top pick for podcasting beginners due to its ease of use, and how it can get you up and running almost instantly. Always make sure you know what features are on offer before choosing a hosting platform – pricing, advanced features, how much storage etc. You might have chances that the number of your subscribers reduces, you might not be able to keep up with the topic, and a lot more.

Do you need advanced analytics (probably not) or is ease of use more important? But, if you are starting a podcast for your company and you already have a large audience, this is one of the best ones to choose. What can I expect to pay for podcast hosting? Things get a bit more interesting when we filter to shows published in the last 6 months with 10 or more episodes: If you’re a beginner, you will most likely find what you’re looking for between the first two paid options. For more tips, see our guide on how to increase website traffic and more visitors to your site.


This will store the files as well as all the information about your podcast. Soundcloud is not optimized for podcast hosting and does not support the new Apple podcast categories. Why can’t you host your podcast on your own site? You want a podcast host that ideally has IAB Certified statistics, and if not, IAB Compliant statistics. Best vps hosting providers in 2020, 100% Uptime Guarantee. This includes hosting, SEO optimized directory listing, automatic subscriber updates, unlimited everything, easy iTunes integration, and Google Analytics integration.

How to Submit Your Podcast to Google Play. But as the saying goes Less is More. Podcasts take a lot of time and effort, so don't be discouraged if you've created your dream podcast, but no one's listening yet. And that takes time to find.

So subscribe to my YouTube channel or get my video podcats from iTunes for the upcoming video review and comparison of these Electro Voice mics and the Heil PR40, Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB (Amazon. )Furthermore, Podbean provides excellent monetization opportunities, either through advertising, crowdfunding or premium content. But audio files can require a lot of storage space and bandwidth to be streamed. Do you want to manage your show from WordPress? If you are looking to monetize your podcast, Megaphone has the framework and team dedication to get your podcast to start making money once you solidify your audience. It allows you to send two hours of content per month and store files for 90 days.