10 Best Photography Website Builders

You can look through the comments people have made about the themes before purchasing them and get some idea of if they are quick to respond or not. Always display high quality photos in your site. I actually found that over the past year, my site hit an average of 99. Best e-commerce hosting providers in 2020, how important is e-commerce? You choose from a managed host, which generally cost a bit more than the unmanaged hosts, but in exchange for that extra monthly fee they’ll manage various aspects of your WordPress website. Lack of SEO Tools – With a custom website, there are more SEO, marketing, and analytics tools available to help in marketing and growing a website. All are equipped with an army of features, elements and extensions for crafting mobile-ready and high-performing photography websites. You can easily customize your template via preset controls to match your style.

Before you make your choice, look into what educational resources the website builder provides to help you learn the product. However, as you might’ve guessed, there are only a few we’d recommend. With this in mind, here are the best web hosting options for photographers, at different prices and needs. These website builders are drag and drop, with plenty of out-of-the-box theme options. Most of the photography templates come with at least one of these pages already built and ready to be customized with your own text and branding. It’s like the foundation and inside frame of a house that can be built in various ways and can have various looks applied to it, and you can do almost anything with WordPress.

Their dashboards are beautiful and I really like their company and offering overall. Check out the Ultimate Photography Website Guide with tips on how to get more clients, how to get more traffic, and all sorts of other things you’ll want to know. Bluehost vs. godaddy: who to choose for web hosting? That includes content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Either way, you can create a website that provides accessibility to all of your visitors without having to figure out any additional complicated tech.

The standout feature of Semplice is its purchase-once-own-forever approach to pricing.


And when that happens you don’t have a customer support team to call, though there are lots of resources out there to help. Starter plan are set to set up only one photography website or blog for new beginners and starts with 2. Monthly plans tend to be relatively cheap, unless you are looking to sell products or prints, and you’ll even receive a discount if you pay the annual cost up-front. If you are a business who do not want to deal with the technical side of running your website, then WPEngine is the solution for you. They lead to anything outside your portfolio, such as your store or blog. One is their Proofing feature, which allows you to set up private collections that can be shared with clients. Review your website on smaller Windows screens vs your 4K Mac. Screen resolution was also all over the place, with the highest concentration at only 15.

Once all set and you have added all your changes, you can make your site live by clicking on “Publish” at right most top corner.

Made to Impress

Clients can view proofs and purchase images directly from your Pixpa website. – If you value simplicity and you’d rather minimize the time you spend on your website, Format, Squarespace or Wix are better options than WordPress. And one of the flagship reasons to opt for managed WordPress hosting is the presence of real WordPress experts when you contact support. While you’re still sharing server space, it’s with a lot fewer people, so you have more resources and more control over the server settings. For a monthly fee, you get customer support, beautifully designed themes, SEO features and more. Aside from themes, plugins and a domain name, the most important thing you need to choose when building a WordPress website is the web hosting.

Unlike many leading website-building platforms that are more general in their outlook, Photodeck caters solely to photographers. I quickly realized I needed out of that relationship. Eco webhosting www.ecowebhosting.net reviews, there’s plenty of research showing that if your site loads in more than 2 seconds, you are losing readers and buyers. You will get Cloudflare CDN, Intel SSD, SpamExperts, cPanel etc.

My top two choices would be Namecheap and Google Domains.

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Having unlimited hosting space with Bluehost. If you are just staring out, then you only need shared hosting. Now there are over 600 vanity domain extensions available. As you’ll undoubtedly be featuring images, don’t forget to optimize these too by using keyword-appropriate file names, adding captions, and assigning alt tags (the alternative text that displays if your image doesn’t load). She uses that curiosity, combined with her experience as a freelance business owner, to write about subjects valuable to small business owners on the HostGator blog. All three of my recommendations check all of these boxes! If so, how does your current web host perform?

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Supplementary features let you decide which pieces of work you will avail to the public. Below are a list of the best Website builders for photographers, updated annually. For example they have hundreds of themes to choose from with a multitude of WordPress plugins that give your website added functionality. Best wordpress hosting for photography websites | 3 easy options. For online portfolios, web stores and art management, EZZL is a software that combines all three together.

Photographers will also have to optimize their work for the internet. In addition, since the domain is going to be a subdomain of each of these sites, you don’t have to register a domain either. VPS stands for a Virtual Private Server. A photography website can start of small and grow together with your craft.


Pixpa is the best website builder for photographers and other people in the creative field. However, you will need to read on to find out why! Photographer websites are extremely image heavy, as every page, post and category will be designed to showcase your work. Not only an online portfolio, but with Pixpa, you can also start a blog and even create an online store. Currently they are running a promotional link for new customers with 65% discount on regular price.

You also have a high chance of having “bad neighbors” on a shared host that is literally as cheap as it gets.

To ensure visitors can find the images they want, the platform automatically imports IPTC data as image captions. The big advantage of using BoldGrid is that it provides the benefits of a website builder like Wix or SquareSpace, yet gives you the power of WordPress plus better control and ownership of your website. You have the option of designing your own template if you are familiar with coding or you are using the services of a developer. The best web hosting services for 2020, this shared hosting plan is a veritable package deal that includes free domain registration, unlimited storage space and scalable bandwidth, unlimited domain names allowed, unlimited MSQL databases, and a plethora of designing and building tools (e. Please understand that I have experience with all of these companies, and I recommend them because they are really helpful, not because of the tiny commissions.

Not every website builder can give you what you need to build a high-quality, stylish photography website that stands out in an exclusively visual industry. How to choose the best hosting for your travel blog (4 key elements you need to know). All this can add up to multiple gigabytes of storage space in just images alone, even if they’re web optimized. A Pro plan is also available for $50 a month and allows unlimited cloud archiving for your images. Not all hosting is created equal, however, as you will soon learn. Pixpa also helps photographers boost their bottom line through handy price lists that allow customers to purchase images as downloads, prints, and other products.

Choosing a Web Host for your Photography Website

This is important if you want your website to show up in search results, as Google gives better rankings to sites that are mobile-friendly. You might have heard them being recommended by a lot of other web hosting reviewers. They also have been voted by users as America’s number 1 web host company for several times.

Added to that, they have 7 different data centers on some of the most important parts of the world.

Best Web Hosting for Photographers

Well, you’ve made it to the right place! Here, photographers can submit their work and license it for use as stock photography. Third-party logos and marks are registered trademarks of their respective owners. You can test out the legendary WPX Live Chat ‘under 37 second guarantee’ right here on their homepage, but to suffice to say, there’s a dedicated WordPress expert ready to help you within seconds, at any time of the day.

You don’t have to learn to code at all, and you don’t even have to build your website from scratch.


You can easily select themes and plugins for your site to create a professional look. It is fit for websites with users totaling to 1. Announcement, never go for that. Perhaps, it’s a photography website then how much disk space you required for your uploads? Wix has some of the best looking templates for photography websites that you can select from.

We will discuss how to build a photography websites using the auto-installers in Bluehost control panel below. Register.com awards, wondering how reliable your host will be? And for most basic photography websites, you should be good sticking with the low end of that range. They are being used by some of the most influential companies all over the world such as Slack, GitLab, Docker, HashiCorp etc. You can head to start your photography website start with no time. Using custom nameservers is the complete approach, you pass all domain functionality to the other hosting company, including the email service and the ability to create sub-domains. Make sure your hosting provider is based in the US.


Where are you located in the world, and will having a server closer to your physical location make a difference? So put your photography website on a quality hosting service from the beginning, it’s the foundation that everything else sits upon. Whether you’re self-hosting or hosting it on X3’s servers, your portfolio site is customizable. You can find apps to help you create beautiful digital flipbooks, add social sharing icons, and build custom pricing tables.

Some photographers, however, want the creative freedom to craft their sites and opt for popular sites like WordPress. While 300GB will be enough for now, if you expand your business, you will eventually need to upgrade. Here are the top considerations for any photographer on the lookout for hosting: Photograph a celebrity wedding? All in all, you can make a website that covers all your ideas and turns them into a destination. Support representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via virtually any contact method you can think of:

  • Wix will launch its own sophisticated and user friendly editor.
  • Don’t believe me?
  • How to create a photography website using wordpress?

WordPress Hosting Fundamentals

You can also rearrange these templates, or build your own pages entirely from scratch using placeholder image and text blocks. PhotoShelter is designed specifically for photographers — it’s a platform that offers relief from the file size limitations and complex setups of the one-size-fits-all website builders. If you want to turn your passion into a business , you need to start somewhere. Having a professional online store or portfolio allows your work to spread globally, as people no longer need to meet you in person to see your work. If you choose to upload and share your photographs through third party photo album sharing sites, your photographs works would be hosted with photographs from many other photographers, it facilitates the communication with other users who share the same interest. Many photographers fall behind on portfolio updates because of the time involved, but the integration will likely make those updates happen more often. Usually your new hosting company will even offer to move your site for free.

Most people understand that fact of internet life; however, when it does happen, I want is straight talk and answers. It has a guaranteed uptime rate of 99. Many wedding photographers will include boudoir upsells with their client bookings, such as they would offer an engagement session to the happy couple.

However, photographers need more. Zenfolio is one of SmugMug’s biggest competitors because it uses a similar gallery-style website builder with the ability to sell prints online. As with virtually all of the big website building companies, Photodeck offers a good range of templates for you to get started with, along with plenty of customisation options. Free plans provide limited storage space, which gets eaten up fast by large, hi-res photographs. There is a lot to go through when it comes to the offerings on Wix. They have plans at $8, $12, $25 and $38 per month. Would you like to step it up and take things to an entirely new degree? GEMSofSouthWes, SW USA Hosting Photography - Web Hosting for Photographers I have had my website with Hosting Photography for many years.

It’s Affordable.

I hate to sound like a cheesy TV commercial, but when I switched over to WPX Hosting at the end of 2020, it was like a huge weight taken off my back. Is support included with the base plan, or does it require a premium plan? Dolphin asks you a set of pretty basic questions to help it get familiar with you and your project, and then structures a page around that. Refund policy?, we're Akliz and we host game servers. A poorly designed website will discourage potential clients from contacting you for an estimate. Unfortunately it’s not possible to host a WordPress site on Wix. Collections of different themes are available for customization with the majority focusing on how to properly display image content. So glad we chose Hosting Photography!

Best WordPress Web Hosting for Photographers

Website builders sometimes offer social sharing features that both make it easier for you to share links to your newly published photos on your own social media channels, and to encourage your visitors to share photos they like on their profiles. This is where customers or readers get a chance to evaluate/see your work. The average server response time is a fast 22 ms. Domains and the hosting service can stay with different companies.

You would have to learn to code, and laboriously get the coding right for each element of each page. Long gone are the days when building a photography website was a time-consuming and expensive undertaking. Here are the factors you should consider: Now click on the nice images you see and click on “Settings”. And last but not least, 8b costs nothing. It is very important that the website builder you choose places minimal restrictions on the type of file size or dimensions of the photographs you can upload.

The package includes six different options with their own pricing. Free or affordable migration services when moving your WordPress site to their hosting. WordPress can be installed on your Bluehost site in one simple click. Solid, 100% reliable and great value with a personal and professional service that is second to none.

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Just 10 years ago, building a beautiful and functional photography website took specialized knowledge or a substantial investment to hire designers or coders. So many people do much of their web browsing on their phones now that online mobile use has surpassed desktop. Sites that are based on ALLYOU software are mobile and Retina-ready, as well as cross-browser compatible. 95/month plan comes with 30GB. Once you start paying the full price, you might as well be paying for an even better host. It is so simple and quick anyone that can do it; there are no ifs, buts or maybes. WordPress can be installed on your Bluehost site in a single click. Elon musk & justin roiland's meme review appearance was a stroke of genius. I spent about two years with WP Engine, a company that provides hosting only for WordPress websites.

What is the Best Website Hosting for Photographers Using WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most widely-used website builders in the world, and when you see the level of customization it offers, you’ll understand why. Just make sure you are committed to staying with them for the entire period. But while the combo package is limited to 2GB storage and 3GB bandwidth (enough to share a small selection of your work), the unlimited plan offers 10GB storage and, you guessed it, unlimited bandwidth. How much bandwidth can I get from my photography website hosting service? In the Managed WordPress Hosting space, there are two companies that stand out above them all. When you’re still sharing server space, it’s with far fewer people, so you have more control over server settings and more resources. Also available with this plan is 200GB SSD storage. Zenfolio is another well-respected website creation and hosting company that caters specifically for photographers.

These two options have a free trial period plus something extra to make your photography website really stand out. The first is the ability to connect an Amazon S3 account for scalability without increasing your WP Engine plan. How much do I have to pay for the photography website hosting? This is one of the most popular photography websites that can offer features and tools required by both professional photographers and those treating this art as a hobby. Unlike most of its competitors, Wix offers a forever free plan that displays ads on your website. Those who are interested also have the option of paying $165 a year ($13. )Wix also puts ads on free websites, which can definitely ruin the look of your work and your brand. Artists can choose from more than 40 types of galleries to display their imagery.