Namecheap Shared Hosting Review

They failed to show me a a breakdown of my old plan in comparison to the new one. 88/Month or 15. Great presence in europe!, wordPress & over 150+ apps installation in a click. 98/month, while the annual billing comes out to $17.

Namecheap is a well-renowned company with a rock solid reputation. Being in business for this long and having so many customers (so they say) means that they have to be doing a few things right, so we should highlight the positive aspects that come with getting a cheap domain and website from Namecheap. This intuitive website builder also comes with: If you decide that Namecheap isn’t the right hosting service for you then you are entitled to a money-back guarantee. EasyWP's uptime is decent, but isn't perfect.

The Bottom Line

VPN Privacy Services and Additional Security Options. This only gets you 20GB storage, but that's enough for many sites, and there are plenty of other highlights: Unfortunately we haven’t used Namecheap shared hosting plans on any of our sites yet so commenting on how useful their hosting for you isn’t a good idea. Expert review — Get the straight scoop from our expert, Danielle Antosz. That is an irregularity in our current reality where a bunch of companies claim about all hosting brands. You can get a free month of Office 365 with most hosting plans and then continue to use it by paying a monthly fee.

The process is easy and manageable.

Key Features: Robust email, backups, and more

So, how does Namecheap stack up? They don’t offer anything spectacular, or innovative, but, they appear to be reasonably reliable, and they offer superb value. Namecheap goes beyond what is expected of them to ensure that all customers receive the assistance that they need when managing their accounts or web hosting services. Once you have verified all the details now can click to confirm Order.

Once you upgrade to the second package you get a free month of Office 365 mailbox along with a spam expert to help you manage it. Putting the time in to learn cPanel can also be extremely useful as many other web hosts use the console. Namecheap offers a choice of four shared hosting plans: Lots of sites speak highly of them. As one could conclude by its name, Namecheap is a leading provider of affordable domains and hosting services, and the preferred choice of many website owners and startups worldwide. Hosting servers have databases consisting of pieces of software that their websites are allowed to run. What is Namecheap?

If you buy any of their more costly hosting plans, you will obtain priority support. But make sure this is for first signup user only not for those how have taken hosting first than stopped than taken new subscription, so read conditions first. You list your domain, as well as the price you want to charge. Whether you are looking for a cheap way to host your personal website or want to start a white label hosting company, Namecheap has a plan for you. Protects your site from brute force attacks. Can this host keep my site live the vast majority of the time? Next, they provide a free website builder that was surprisingly robust with over 200 professional themes, and they provide a high-end SSL which you can easily set-up from inside your cPanel.

  • If you live in Europe and want to pick the company’s UK-based data center in order to get better performance, it will cost you an extra $1 per month regardless of which tier you choose.
  • Here are few important questions around Namecheap services for 2020 that might help you whether it’s right for you or not.
  • When I first saw Namecheap’s shared hosting prices, I balked.
  • Is this budget web host the right choice for your website?
  • Good and I will explain why.
  • They are based in Phoenix, Arizona, where a team of more than one thousand employees provides their customers with low-cost domain registration , hosting, SSL certificates, and more.
  • If you want to create a solid store, though, you’ll need to look somewhere else.

Expert Overview

It is amazing you have full flexibility to chose to host based on your budget. 88 for the first year and then renew it for $12. Also, the data center of your hosting can be selected as either US or UK as per your preference. And let’s not forget that Namecheap offers a very generous 30-day money back guarantee! The short version:

And, as it happens, Bluehost and Namecheap have some of the best offers on shared hosting right now so you’re getting a good deal regardless of which option you choose. Installation of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc.) Nonetheless, this is what the site has to offer. The two best indicators I’ve found are availability across a range of support channels and investment in DIY customer support. They are one of Endurance International’s main brands and have a solid balance between cheap long-term pricing, good support, and good performance.

Backups & Datacenter Choices

Namecheap clearly displays its monthly and year prices, and renewal fees, all on the same simple page. My experience was good with CIPL so far, might be because in initial time I did not require much from hosting. With a 100% uptime guarantee, an updated cPanel, and a new Website Builder, creating a standout website from the ground up and managing it has never been easier. Find best domain names, all plans come with a generous 45-day money-back guarantee. I know large companies can have instances where bad customer support happens or even fraud as a result of a bad hire, however, it’s a red flag if they don’t rectify their actions with the customers.

– scans of your id document. And for each one, we typically sign up for the most basic plan to set up our test website. Additional certificates can be added through cPanel if necessary. That’s why all top website hosting providers promise an uptime of 99.

When customers experience downtime, they are eligible for a cycle extension provided that they submit a ticket within 10 days and meet certain conditions. Unfortunately, their customer service and reliability leaves something to be desired, especially if you are wanting to host a business or otherwise high traffic website. If you have the plan to start a new website in the future then go for Stellar Plus which has all that you need for. You are susceptible to interference from overextended resources and noisy neighbors. Hosted exchange, exchange 2020 Unlimited Mailbox Size 100MB SharePoint Site (per account, not per mailbox) Month-to-Month Contract. I already made report in police. If you are starting a very small website, concerned more about price than plan limitations, NameCheap will work very well.

Compatibility with CMSs

This makes Namecheap a truly affordable shared hosting option even after the renewal price. Is crucial on a shared platform because you can set usage limits on the CPU usage and RAM. If you are still interested in Namecheap, consider yourself warned about the uptime! Unlimited bandwidth. If any web hosting company is offering 99% or more uptime guarantee then you can consider that the sites hosted on their platform will rarely go down which is a good news.

Though the company does not offer backup services, it does make copies of customer websites for “restoration” purposes only. Namecheap may position itself as a budget web host but the company delivers real value to its customers along with some helpful extras. It includes all of the Professional plan’s features while adding unlimited disk space, the ability to host up to 50 websites, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited PostgreSQL databases, unlimited subdomains, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited e-mail forwarders, and unlimited autoresponders. Uptime simply tells you how long the system or hosting environment has been running. That's still a very good deal. The reason it’s so important is that speed has been directly correlated with visitor happiness. Namecheap started as a domain registrar, and its strength is in that service, but that does not make it less of a web host with over 1.

Low Prices

There's even support for hosting up to three websites, a real surprise (most starter plans restrict you to one.) All shared plans, but the Business, have yearly billing. In this section, users can find tons of useful information about the services that are provided and find answers to commonly asked questions. You’ll get a confirmation email with your login details. 88/year (renewal price is $129. )The VPS Lite – Xen is Namecheap’s entry-level VPN plan that starts at $19. Those open to a little self-study can research Namecheap’s vast knowledgebase that offers help on a variety of topics (Getting started guides, SEO, cPanel management, DNS settings, MySQL, SSH access, etc.) Another thing to consider is that Bluehost has three tiers of VPS hosting (read more about their VPS plans in our extensive Bluehost review) while Namecheap only has two.

There are a lot of plugins that end up being installed on a WordPress website, with caching and optimization plugins being some of the most sought-after ones. One of the main changes is our pricing policy. When looking at customer reviews, there seems to be some discrepancy with the support system. Support is of good quality. They have invested in SSL certificates, WhoisGuard and PremiumDNS. It costs you just $26. You must be thinking – how come the mid-tier plan comes with more space than the most advanced one? Namecheap has two datacenters located in the US (Phoenix, AZ) and the UK (Nottingham, in the Midlands).

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Real-time analytics. Let’s get started. This is what makes it the hosting service of choice for developers on a tight budget or without the benefit of abundant professional consultation. The built-in caching solution handles page, object, and database caching so you don't have to.

To get started with Namecheap, you would have to: Bluehost does not publish CPU allocations for each package, but their website does indicate that you may need to buy additional CPU and RAM resources if you exceed the usage limitations of the Plus plan. In my opinion, this is not great at all. No contracts. So if you are choosing Namecheap don’t expect them to notify you when they change your plan. You can currentlyon Namecheap plans.

9% uptime might sound good, but it also means your site could be down up to 8 hours a year (43 minutes a month) — without any recourse at all. For stand-alone Domains, Namecheap is for sure the better Alternative to Bluehost, but this only if you are not interested in hosting at all. Each plan varies based on the CPU, RAM, Hard Drive spec, and bandwidth. Roughly speaking, Namecheap’s hosting is definitely worth checking out for its lower-end options: 44 per month if you pay for a year in advance. Of course, sometimes it really is necessary to talk to a live person. If you go for a different type of hosting, you’ll need to build your site using a different platform, such as WordPress for example. Side note about InMotion – they also own a starter hosting brand called Web Hosting Hub that offers better unlimited pricing than InMotion with great performance.

One Stop Solution

A lot of different plans to meet your needs. 2020's best " hosting" providers, (Note that cPanel doesn’t come standard with Linux plans, and no panels come with Windows plans.). Just be sure that the plan you select offers the features your site requires. 88 per year ($10. )Their shared hosting can cost as low as $9. These applications are even organized into categories such as Blogs, Forums, Calendars, e-commerce and more to make it easier to find the app you’re looking for. Domain organizations ordinarily don’t have the ability or assets to run a world-class hosting framework. After reviewing dozens of web hosts, you can see my top 6 recommended web hosts for small businesses here.

88 per month if you pay monthly. If you are more confused than ever – then take my BuzzFeed style hosting quiz here or use my website setup guide here! Their VPN network operates in over 40 countries. There are a lot of Namecheap reviews that can confirm these words. 49 on renewal. Who is Namecheap For? You can also expect features such as a free SSL certificate, routine site backups, and over 100 built-in apps with one-click installation. If you still don’t see DNS change after 48 hours, you can reach out to Namecheap customer support and they will take care of everything else.

You can register hundreds of domain extensions like. 83% is not all that trust-inspiring. While the time it takes for the first byte to be sent back from the server is not that bad, the page loads fully in a full second. She spends her days writing and her nights planning her next trip.

Unlimited shared hosting packages include the Ultimate plan, which costs $29.

Namecheap vs. Bluehost Overview

First, look at their features. The resources allocated to the VPS plans aren’t bad, but there are other providers that have higher quality VPS options for similar prices, or at least prices not significantly more expensive. Overall, we love the idea of a ‘Concierge’ department at a company. Weebly has solid uptime and fast page-loading speeds, but their notoriously non-responsive technical support and limited amount of plans to choose from prevent them from being a top-tier web host. Depending on how many issues you encounter, it’s entirely possible to actually end up paying more per month than what Bluehost charges. The cheapest web hosting: compare 50+ cheap web hosting plans. December 2020 average uptime: You might be interested in several types of services from Namecheap, but the primary services are related to domain and web hosting.

These SSL certificates give you protection in 3 layers which are listed below. So the uptime guarantee strikes me as misleading and, given the wording of that second quote, very unprofessional. They may need to be more transparent in the customer onboarding process about spam policies. The renewal rate is $38. All shared hosting plans from Namecheap come ready with the CloudFare CDN which can be enabled through the cPanel interface.

What Can Be Done Is Super Easy to Do

88 per year after the first year so this is a jump of almost 4 times! And their plans are quite affordable, although substantially more than Namecheap. Some of the links in our review are “affiliate links” from which we may earn commissions if you follow them and make a purchase. NameCheap has 3 shared plans currently on offer; the cheapest Stellar plan costs $2. But the responses were slow and scripted. Namecheap offers a free domain for 1-year and free privacy protection with all its hosting plans. NameCheap has reliably given cash and assets to Internet flexibility and security.

DNS Hosting

Customers can browse through dozens of services, including domains, hosting services, WordPress, VPNs, Business Card Creation, Domain Transfers, and more. Backups can not use more than 25 GB. The best web hosting, let’s look at the different types of server plans you can choose from below. 75 and for $5.

Why is this bad? Where are Namecheap’s datacenters? Namecheap does not. He wasn’t able to stop the fraud activity without cancelling his credit cards and treating the issue as identity theft. Namecheap does run weekly backup of all stored data, but accessing their backups is neither automatic nor free. We recommend that small businesses opt for domain privacy. Yes, Namecheap supports a number of features that allow customers to setup stores on the web. I have been reviewing different companies for 6+ years and seen a lot of host offering SSD hosting.

Namecheap offers a reliable and low priced web hosting service. 32, closer to the price you'll pay elsewhere. The speed of Namecheap is OK, but it is far from the fastest hosts out there. Looking for more? One of the main downsides of these servers is that they only allow you to pick between two regions – France and Canada. Once on board, the dashboard is extremely easy to navigate. As we mentioned above, Namecheap is only good for anyone who doesn’t need a lot of features or functionality to their page. Namecheap takes SSL certificates very seriously.

  • Web hosting providers are extremely competitive and closely matched across the industry.
  • We’ll go over more on that when we discuss NameCheap’s cons.

Namecheap Review

This exchange didn’t leave us with a lot of confidence – if our site went down and we did have to rely on their customer support team to bail us out, where should we turn to? FTC Disclosure: Namecheap charges sellers a flat 10% fee for each domain sold through the Marketplace.

Bluehost has three VPS plans on offer, with the cheapest one starting at $19 per month. This barrier is one of the major reasons why it is a more affordable product than a fully dedicated server. All web hosting companies have issues. My results are divided. Within seconds of submitting our order, the PayPal receipt, Order Summary, and “Welcome” e-mails arrived simultaneously in our inbox. The web hosting industry has been moving towards SSD hosting for many years now.

Before we dive into the numerous issues that come with Namecheap Hosting (unfortunately there are quite a few), let’s start off by looking at the things that they do well. SSL certificates help protect your sensitive data (including credit card information) from being stolen. It provides you the flexibility to chose the data center and chose a plan for a month or yearly basis. By comparison, GoDaddy’s is labyrinthine, Dotster’s hasn’t been updated in I’m fairly sure 15 years, and HostGator’s only works when its developers are paying attention. It also offers you 50% OFF for 1st year or 1st Purchase. We signed up for their hosting service, purchased the least expensive plan, and even set up a test website.

Fair Pricing Policy

If you lose your data, Namecheap will attempt to recover data for free on most plans. I bought Stellar Business package for my site. WordPress for eCommerce Online stores require unique capabilities in terms of security and functionality.

This makes them a great choice for non-US customers who are serving web visitors closer to the UK than the US. Tech support is offered via live chat. Namecheap was the only company besides DreamHost to guarantee 100% uptime and offers compensations whenever the promise is broken. Namecheap’s basic plan costs $1. It will usually take an hour at maximum to see your subdomain online. My cPanel was never slow, SSH and FTP were fast, and my test website loaded quickly. However, you won’t get the same level of functionality and performance either, so you should keep that in mind as well.

In addition to acting as a domain registrar, they also offer a slew of hosting packages that include shared web hosting, WordPress, VPS, reseller hosting, and dedicated servers. The smaller website can run better on basic hosting plans but as traffic will grow may cause increase issue with performance. They offer support via Live Chat and Ticket. I know this because I used to do the same thing before I learned my lesson. Out of the most well-known web hosts that I’ve used as a customer or consultant, here’s how NameCheap Hosting compares directly to each. After that, the load time was consistently under 500 ms, with an average of 419 ms. This easy process prevents novice site owners from making mistakes, speeds up the site-building process, and sets a good foundation from the start.

Other Hosting Options from Namecheap

NameCheap hosting provides you to upgrade plan any moment you won’t have to wait until your current subscription expires. Namecheap offers ticketing system where you can simply login to your cPanel account and contact their support team to upgrade or downgrade your shared hosting plans. NameCheap issues account credits should it fail to meet its 100% uptime SLA; Money-back guarantee: I mentioned how Namecheap promises 100% uptime and yet my site has never enjoyed uninterrupted service. How to choose a web host (criteria for choosing a web hosting company) (extordomain). After the uptime, the second most important criteria is speed. 88 for one month ($9. )Prices range between $79. Namecheap’s shared servers are located in the AtlantaNAP/GNAX and PhoenixNAP datacenters, both known for their reliability and high speed fiber connections.