World Break

Its visual nature hooks readers faster than written form stories. It also results in a wide range of quality. ” you might ask. This works for Kraust, but also against her. If you have no idea where to start, check out the daily featured comics on the homepage. 10 of the best wordpress hosting providers for starting your own website or blog. Nothing I’ve ever put online has been massively popular, but it’s been very beloved by its weirdo niche. Over time WebToon’s series have begun to include more western comic styles. As far as webcomic hosts go, BeComics (Beta?)

Of course you’re going to want to tweek out your site visually with custom header images, etc. Squarespace, no hosting fees. If you don’t care about customizing your website and have no idea about HTML or CSS, then The Duck is perfect for you. There’s a use for everything, and an exception to every rule.

  • You get the benefits of any vetted group.
  • They also advertise your comic on their main aggregate site.

If your primary reason for creating a webcomic is to make a living out of it, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. Maine web hosting provider, footPrints is a web based service management application for managing service desks and automating business processes. It even partners with Patreon so artists can get paid! The information and opinions expressed herein represent the independent opinions and ideas of the faculty and/or staff and do not represent the opinions or ideas of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division.

URL/DOMAIN NAME: While some folks will adore a well drawn joke, you’re likely to encounter plenty of trolling along the way. Readers might reblog them and share your work with other people. Grawlix has recently joined forces with Ink Drop Cafe an affiliate so that we can better serve the webcomic community. WordPress comes with TONS of themes that will change the look and functionality of your website. Another negative, image quality here isn’t the best – everything has a slightly-but-not-quite-90’s pixelated vibe. The forum here has a bit of activity, with plenty of lurkers at least. The trick is to understand how SEO works and format your images accordingly.

  • At this stage you might not be sure yet about investing some dollars to make your own website.
  • Here are a few basic tips.
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  • He updates it infrequently, so take the time to go back to the beginning in 2020 and read them all (or buy a book collection).

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Here’s the thing though… The majority of people just starting out in webcomics are going to see one of three outcomes: For now, I would suggest not using Comic Genesis if it doesn’t improve in the future. You get to know other people within that community, get involved in comic jams and group activities, all while working on improving your own comic.

Tag your post accordingly. There’s a section specifically for comics, so you’ll find some folks more interested in the art form. The artwork of World Break is easily its strong point, as it trumps most comics on the web. You’ll want to head back over to your domain registration site and make sure you enter the nameservers that point to your new hosting account. He's recently taken on pointing out what jerks Christopher Columbus and Thomas Edison were, and created a card game called Exploding Kittens, which broke Kickstarter records. Learn about search engine optimization Demystify SEO:

While it seems to be waning in popularity, Tumblr may still be a good place to publish your webcomic, if your content isn’t too NSFW (Tumblr have put their foot down and banned a lot of naughty content in recent years).

Congratulations! You’re now setup with your own hosting account… now let’s PUT SOME COMICS ON THAT SUMBICH!

As an educator, you’ll need to comb through them to find the sort of works that would fit your class’ subject, objective, and maturity level. WHERE TO START. In fact, the community is so involved that this platform has been community managed since 2020. It will allow you to manually transfer files back and forth, by accessing the “guts” of your website. Here’s how I’d do an install on Dreamhost…. It’s mostly set up so users check out as many comics as possible -> easier time attracting readership. The mods are almost never there. She's a woman who makes an effort to hide her gender, similar to J.

75% random obscure jokes (though still entertaining) 25% advice on making webcomics, dealing with conventions and other practical matters. Comarch managed mainframe services, mainframe outsourcing options include:. Do yourself a favor and use this! Limited web design capabilities, all you can really do is change the buttons and colors in your comic. You need to take responsibility, too. Also, anything that you post on MemeCenter will automatically be watermarked with their logo down the side.

In the case of World Break, that quality is really, really pretty artwork. This was in a GeoCities site before I even got my own hosting. What’s more, tumblr is generally receptive to the comic medium, so you can quickly establish a following. Students have papers to write.

Most of the top comics are from Asia and are translated.

The Duck (or Drunk Duck)

The next step is to make them yours. Unlike digitized versions of traditional comics, this makes webcomics perfectly suited for reading on smartphones — no zooming, squinting, phone rotating, or “page” turning required. To attempt to “win” on Tumblr, you have to drive your work down to the lowest common denominator, collect your “that’s funny”, and then, that’s it!


To be completely honest, I only clicked on this link because I was curious and was trying to google something else. Along these lines, reducing the size of your comic can also be of help, both in site performance and in your CDN bill. Just set your post per page ratio to one and voila!


He had been visiting Reddit on a near-daily basis for years. You can’t control when or how it will happen, so don’t bother trying to force your strips to go viral, but always include one-click share buttons for sites like Facebook and Twitter. Some early webcomics were derivatives from print comics, but when the World Wide Web became widely popular in the mid-1990s, more people started creating comics exclusively for this medium.

Overall, their audiences are younger and there isn’t too much of an arts focus, but if you strike the right chord in humor, you just might find a few more fans by sharing your work. Turn your Tumblr blog into a webcomic in just a few clicks. Latest deals, the server software will be used to do this. ” Zellman launched a regular strip in the newspaper he called Jody’s Drawings; it started with one strip a week but then extended to two a week after the election.